Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sasquatch Catching Salmon Yellow Pine Idaho


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Danielle Stem posts on RMSO's Idaho Bigfoot Sightings Page
So... let me set the stage... 
Camping in yellowpine Idaho... 1998ish...

3 famlies... about 25 people... chinok salmon were running thick this year... at least 3 per foot of surface on the river...

 My husband and I arrived late... decided to sleep in the bed of truck til daylight when we pitch our tent... 

 As we bed down, neck a bit... we doze off.. out of a died sleep I wake up to a blood scream...like a cross between a baby, young child and a murder...

 As I peeked over the side of the truck bed, I am frozen watching  what I then thought was a bear... I flashed my maglight his way... 

 As I watched, trying to catch my breath, he continued to slip one hand in the river, grab a fish, switch hands and throw the fish just caught on the shore... He repeated this for what seemed to be forever... I woke my husband up and he too thought it was a bear... 

 We went to the same area the next day... it was probably 100 yards away from camp, only to find a pile of mostly eaten fish... all but the heads n bones were gone... 

After years of thinking about it...I believe he was a swatch... the size he was...the way he moved fish from one hand to another... didnt use his mouth to catch the fish like you see in the majestic photos of bears catching fish... 

 His body was more upright and each movement was made with purpose... we had a weeks worth of food for 25 people in camp... and he never entered camp to make mischief... I never thought to look for foot prints but over the years have seen swatch huts in the general area...
So, what do you think... did I see a swatch or what... ready go...

RMSO responds
Hi Danielle. Appreciate hearing about your experience.

 Agree with you. Bear don't grab fish with their hands, they use teeth to catch fish. Or hold them down with paws while they tear the fish apart. During the salmon run they will eat the brain and fat of the fish 1st and move on to the next fish when catching is good.

Leaving the head on every fish would be unusual for a bear.

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William B. writes RMSO
I'm from Missouri and I've seen a Bigfoot while I was deer hunting.

RMSO responds
Hi William. When you have time please message us the details of your sighting.

William B responds
 I was a deer hunting and I saw this big black hairy thing walk up and he was standing in between some bushes and pine trees and looking around.

  Then he walked up this logging road that we have, that we deer hunt. And I was sitting in my deer stand, when he walked up he's about 40 yards from me and saw me grunted at me through Rock at me. 

 I picked up my rifle and pointed at him and looked at the scope and he looked just amazing.  

 He turned and grunted and ran. I watched him and he stepped over a fence and disappeared.
 I've seen him periodically and my friend that lives down there permanently, he sees him quite often 

Next time I'm down there I'm going to video tape it so I can send it to you all

I believe there's Bigfoot cuz I saw what I saw it looked similar to a human with the black furry coat on and it was at least 9 ft tall it was huge

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Monday, November 29, 2021

The Crypto Files Yeti Video


Screen shot from video below

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The Crypto Files - Is this a Real Yeti?

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Sasquatch Canada

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Glenn on social media 
posted this amazing photo of what appears to be 
bigfoot from a cell phone photo at the bottom of this article stating.

" Another cool pic !
Sorry about the lack of info,
Just some interesting content.
I'm not saying it's real, I'm staying it's definitely interesting."

Breakdown Video of Bigfoot Photo

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Scare Canyon Sasquatch McKinnon Mountain Bigfoot


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(Written report below video)
Hideout Sasquatch in Scare Canyon

Scare Canyon Sasquatch McKinnon Mountain Bigfoot

Trent Nye writes RMSO
I have been working on a project in the Monte Cristo area at the Hideout the top of scare canyon the last few months.

 Thursday night about dark something was watching me dig. I couldn't tell what it was and I didn't see it leave the sagebrush. We shut down the trackhoe and after awhile of silence we saw it bounce back and forth like it was playing with us.

 We ran to the truck and started it and took off, it ran across the sagebrush along  side of us then it took off into the cliff side above porcupine reservoir. 

 It was not any bigger than us...I  have been in the mountains   all my life that was enough for me..haha but I got to go back up to finish the work tomorrow we will be looking for the tracks to make sure we are all there 😀

RMSO responds
Hi Trent, thanks for letting us know.. We found a couple dozen bigfoot tracks near McKinnon Peak Wednesday. They were near powerline easements, so they were probably traveling to lower elevation when they made them.. 16 inch long and around 8 at the toes

Appreciate hearing about your experience..  I google measured from the tracks we found on Wednesday location to approximately where you had your deal is 10 miles strait line.. And the tracks I found had been wind swept a little so they were probably made on Tuesday.. Plenty of time for it to travel to where you had your deal.. Tracks were headed that direction too.

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on Mt McKinnon in 10 Months

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Naked & Afraid Contestant Bigfoot Encounter Trent Nielson


Cover from next video below
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This is why the TV contestant has 
a healthy fear of the wilderness

Naked and Afraid's Trent Nielson's Bigfoot Encounter

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on Camera by Tennessee Man

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Bella Coola Sasquatch British Columbia Bigfoot


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Sasquatch & Timber Wolf tracks along same path

Bella Coola Sasquatch British Columbia Bigfoot

Richard Edgar writes RMSO
 These pictures I took a year ago by our school in Bella coola British Columbia Canada and there were two Bigfoot walking with a big black timber Wolf u can see the wolf footprints in the picture

Stride length from foot 👣 to foot was 5-6 ft away from each other and there was a big Male Bigfoot and a female Bigfoot walking with a big black timber Wolf along the side of the highway here in Bella coola British Columbia Canada

RMSO responds
Who saw the two bigfoot, you? Is there a link to the sighting or can we be messaged with details of the bigfoot sighting?

Richard Edgar responds
No one reports there sightings to anyone here .... because everyone just keeps there sightings to themselves .... everyone knows they live around here in Bella coola BC Canada because people have recordings of the Bigfoot yelling ....there is a family of Bigfoot around here about 4-5 Bigfoot of them ....they walk through our village and on the river banks

RMSO responds
Interesting. Most don't report their sightings, I do agree.

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Riverton Sasquatch Evidence Wyoming Bigfoot Sighting


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Justin Myhre Bigfoot Sighting
"A giant sasquatch stood-up & locked eyes with me"

Riverton Sasquatch Evidence Wyoming Bigfoot Sighting

Justin Myhre writes RMSO
  I wanted to give an update on some news from my encounter near Riverton, WY. I have since moved back, just tired of the big city, but my wife and I visited that area, and since my last time there, there are about 8 or 9 new ponds, and new trails. Nothing like it was years ago. 

 I haven\t gotten down to the the Big Wind River near there, but as we were walking one of the trails, I decided to make some calls, no responses, then I decided to clash two rocks together a couple of times and sure enough, I got a response with rocks clashing off in the distance from the direction of where the two rivers meet. Oh, as I made the calls, there was a small herd of cattle there and we saw them look around and they started running. They didn't see us as we were behind some brush, but the calls sure made them nervous. 

 Then recently, we returned and went south near this wooden fence behind the first two ponds and I wanted to walk out onto this trail and I stopped, tried the rocks, no response, but I did hear something back in the brush, maybe 30 feet away, and I got the feeling of being watched, a very gut wrenching feeling. I got out of there to say the least. I know that I know exactly what was watching me. 

 As we were walking back to our car, we were watching the fish in the one pond and I started to scan the area, and across this pond, next to this tree, I saw one poking its head up watching us. It was about 150 feet away. It seemed that it was laying or squatting just behind some light brush, but we saw slight movement as we walked, we watched and it shifted around the brush and was turning its head. It was all black, we could make out the head and movement. 

 I'd love to show this area to you guys if you ever want to. There are about 200 acres in the area, not including what's on the other side of the two rivers, which is Reservation. We are personally going to visit more often and see what we find. I have to get a new phone as my last one landed in some water, so we have no way to really document anything on video/audio. And I will keep you guys updated and hopefully soon, I'll have a phone to share videos with you guys. Thank you for your time and any ideas that you want to share. Keep Squatchin'!

RMSO responds
 Currently on the road for the next week or so Rogue River expedition in Oregon. 
Right on.. Happy to hear about your area in Wyoming.
Hope you get some good photos or videos of the activity you are seeing and experiencing

Justin Myhre writes back three months later
 Hey, how are you doing? Well, I'm ok. Been looking around that Rendezvous area that I was telling you about, and I've gotten some good pics of some things they have done with trees and branches and of course there are those mysterious events where one tree is up hanging in another tree or a big branch twisted and snapped off at about 8 feet up. 
  But I've gotten more than that my friend, as one example there is a fence line that runs thru there and the hinge on the gate (???why is there a fence and a gate there in the first place, I have no idea???) but the piece that falls onto the post is all bent straight. (Pics included). 

 Then as I was walking the river bed downstream, I came upon a bend (and at every bend, I would stop, trying to stay behind any brush to scan the area) and bending down were, I think was, an adult female and next to her was a juvenile. They were maybe 200 feet away, then all of a sudden the adult saw me and as I came into full view, it and the juvenile bolted back up into the shrubbery. I had to back out to get up to higher ground otherwise I would have had to wade about 4 ft of water, and as I made my way to where they were, I was watching for them, they were gone. 

 The shrubbery I should have gotten a photo so you could understand just how much area it covered and it was about waist high and I'm 6ft tall and it was full of thorns, and just a large area. A perfect hiding spot for such things. Prior to this back in Sept, me and my wife stayed down there in our car and we saw the cattle herd come running past us, it was about 11 PM and up on the bend of the dirt road we heard what sounded like a yearling calf being carried away. The sounds it was making were loud and in distress, the mother cow couldn't get past the fence and she too was mooing in desperation for the calf. It only took less than 10 minutes before the calf was definitely carried away when it's sounds had stopped. 

 Even local mountain lions can't carry away a yearling calf, and there are no bears in the area! I've been very hesitant in going down in that same area since that night. Not to mention a few nights after that I heard what sounded like a juvenile making sounds that were that of a juvenile and then one loud grunt from another direction then the other sounds stopped. And where we were parked on the farthest dirt road where we heard that calf, there are two ponds and the closest one, on two occasions at night, sounded like large rocks being thrown in the water a few times, maybe 4 or 5 each time, from at about midnight to 3 AM. But in a nutshell, that's what we have encountered over the last 5 months here. I'll first include the pics on that gate then some others as well. You guys have a nice Thanksgiving and hope to hear back from you soon my friend

Justin Myhre Bigfoot Sighting
Giant Sasquatch Stood-up & Locked Eyes with Me

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Minerva Monster | Full Bigfoot Documentary


Cover from next video below
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Paranormal cryptid horror documentary & 
the latest Minerva Bigfoot footage & sightings

From Small Town Monsters YouTube
Minerva Monster: Infamous 1978 Bigfoot Case 
(2015 paranormal cryptid horror documentary)

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Video Large Bigfoot Hand On Display at Expedition Bigfoot


Screen shot from video below

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From Legends Beware YouTube
New! Tom Slick Exhibit at Expedition Bigfoot

Video Large Bigfoot Hand On 
Display at Expedition Bigfoot

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Shasta Skull Redding Ranch

Bigfoot Hair From Smokey Mountains Tennessee

Sasquatch Family Filmed by Sledders


Cover from next video below
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Utah family filmed three bigfoot crossing ridge line
 noticed after they watched the footage of themselves sledding.

Three videos of the event below
Bigfoot Family Sighting in Utah 1 of 3

Bigfoot Family Sighting in Utah 2 of 3

Bigfoot Family Sighting in Utah 3 of 3

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Bigfoot Captured on Video then 
Helicopter Goes to Location & Films Sasquatch Trackway

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Were These People Abducted By Bigfoot?

Bigfoot Abduction Video
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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mystery Image Is Mother Bonobo & Infant


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Anyone seen this image around? Viewers messaged RMSO with following
(Update a photo source found)
Mother Bonobo & Infant

One of our viewers name Paul sent this to RMSO stating.
Not sure if this is photoshopped or not. You’re my favorite bigfoot people so I thought I’d send it to you. Again. Someone passed it along to me, I’m passing it to you. Maybe photoshopped.

RMSO responds
Be nice to know who this belongs to and the story behind it.
Edges of the subject and back ground are pretty crisp including showing individual hair with the subject against the back ground. If it was photo shopped they did a great job.

Michigan Sasquatch Carrying Infant Bigfoot

Michigan Bigfoot Video Crossing Cass River

Logan Canyon Bigfoot a Closer Look

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Coyote Man Encounter (Skinwalker, Werewolf, Bigfoot, Dogman?)


Screen shot from video below

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From Beyond Creepy YouTube

'Coyote Man Encounter' | Paranormal Stories

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Box Canyon Sasquatch & Skinwalker Investigation

Brian's Skinwalker Sighting near Vernal Utah

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7 Feet Tall Nantahala Female Sasquatch North Carolina


Cover Photo Link:
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Appalachian Bigfoot Encounter

7 Feet Tall Nantahala Female Sasquatch North Carolina

Jay Country Boy writes RMSO

So back in late September this incident occurred. Let me backtrack to the beginning of how this all unfolded. 

 I was living in Hayesville North Carolina in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains managing a small restaurant called the Huddle House in town. Well things were going great and I was promoted up and over the mountain to Waynesville North Carolina and was offered to have my expenses and the move all taken care of I just needed to find a place. 

 Well it took some time but finally we found exactly what we wanted nestled in Nantahala National Forest right outside of Franklin North Carolina. Just for perspective there were maybe nine homes Within I don't know couple thousand acres sprinkled about the Mountainside. 

 Anyway the first day I spoke to the landowner, an elk literally came to walk on the deck as we sat there and talked about the amenities of the house and what it would cost to rent Etc. So naturally this was Paradise this was a home with 13 semanas acres to use at our disposal double-wide Log cabin in the middle of nowhere our nearest neighbor being Maybe quarter mile to a mile away. 

 So we move in and the very next night to come home from work after a long day probably 9:30 p.m. and as I made my way up onto the deck I noticed 3 crystallized rocks stacked on top of each other I think much of it kind of looked at it for a second and then kind of went in the house and Ill thinking.

Separated and living alone.  Fell asleep one night and felt like I was going to fall off the bed....as I opened my eyes to readjust myself I heard a noise outside the window that bed was upagainst...saw movement and there stood a female like ape person.  With a sad look on her face...startled her and she ran away. It happened so fast I couldn't even react. That night I slipped in and out of sleep...honestly thought maybe it was a dream. 

The female was a blonde color...human nose just wider...brow ridge ....thin lips and wide mouth. She looked like a native american...she also had these light brown eyes...or maybe it was just the motion sensors light making them look that way. 

 She was tall...probably 6.5 to 7ft slender athletic build...4 to 6 inches of hair on arms a tad longer on her head but looked like dread locks or matted hair. Was not  the typical patty type or barrel chested bigfoot ....she was shaped like a human just muscle...could tell she was a female by her breasts and thinning hair on chest. She looked young...vibrant. 

 Anyway I wasn't sure what to think...I even thought with all the stress I was experiencing, maybe I was having a breakdown...maybe I was losing it so to speak.

  Anyway went to work the next morning tried to be normal, end of day hit and I headed home...pulled in the drive way and on the deck were three more crystal rocks stacked on deck. Now that's where it had me like what's going on. 

 I'd say it was about 6pm I grabbed a beer 🍺 and sat on the deck just trying to get a handle on my emotions when I heard a call I'd never heard before ...sat there a moment trying to listen and heard it again. At the time I had this app that did animal hunting calls, so I'm there sitting scrolling through different animal calls trying to figure out what it was. 

 Then I heard a tree crash probably 100 yards away from me. That's when I felt a little concerned, thought maybe a black bear was close so I went in the house.  

Hour or two passes and I hear what sounds like two people talking but I couldn't make what they were saying out. Gibberish is the best way to convey what it sounded like to me. High and low pitch with mashed together words. I thought maybe the x was here to puck up things or brought the kids and jumped up and went on to the deck....but no one was there.  

RMSO responds

Hi Jay,

Appreciate you taking the time to write to us about this.

Jay responds

It was the scariest thing to ever happen to me...so much more to that encounter just not enough to write it all out 

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Minerva Sasquatch Spotted Twice Eating Chickens in Ohio


Cover Photo Link:
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Ohio Bigfoot Captured on Camera & 
Minerva Sasquatch Taking Chickens

(Written report below video)

Minerva Sasquatch Spotted Twice 
Eating Chickens in Ohio

Josh Ritchey writes RMSO

Me and my family have seen a all black figure twice now on a fence line coming from a pile of dead chickens from a chicken farmer. It crossed a 300 yard field very fast...first time my kids told me they saw bigfoot I just blew it off until me and a neighbor farmer seen it middle of the day with our own eyes!!! 

We are located in Minerva Ohio sorry forgot to mention that! Outskirts not alot of homes around.

RMSO responds
Hi Josh,
Middle of the day? Lucky.
Do you recall any details, how the sighting began,
What color was the creature? Were you able to estimate the height or width? 
Do you recall seeing the face and or eyes?

Appreciate hearing from you

Josh responds
Whatever it was, was 500 yards solid dark in color like black. And seemed to be walking like a robot. Second time it's been seen here...I was never a believer but I am now...couldn't see eyes or hair nothing like that. Seemed to be decent size I'm 6 foot 300lbs was definitely taller and bigger. Crazy thing is I have a thermal and coyote hunt alot here and have never seen nothing! But idk definitely saw it that day.

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Ohio Sasquatch Growls Showing Canines

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Ohio Bigfoot Vocalizations 
Recorded by Sasquatch Witness

Monday, November 15, 2021

Terrifying Audio Recording of Sasquatch


Screen shot from video below

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From Sasquatch Central YouTube

Audio Recording Of A Bigfoot!

More Bigfoot Vocalizations Below

Twin Sister Mountain Bigfoot Vocalization

Sasquatch Vocalizations at Three Different Bigfoot Hot Spots

Eye to Eye Bigfoot Encounter Mt St Helens


Cover Photo Link:
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Bigfoot Sizes Up Mt St Helens Hiker Then Yells at Him

Eye to Eye Bigfoot Encounter Mt St Helens

Matt Fischer writes RMSO in comments on YouTube

Southern West Virginia Bigfoot Howls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKKmVyl31o8

I had the most terrifying encounter back in 2017 hunting in big timber around Mt St Helens. I was always kinda skeptical but not now. They are here for sure and when you Encounter one, it may be the scariest thing you’ve ever had happen. 

 I was so scared to go back in the woods but I do and am always on alert. They are huge, can move fast. The tree knocks they do are terrifying when it happens 30 yds from you in dark timber. Every hair on my body stood up, within a second, I processed anything that could’ve possibly did the tree knock and there is no animal that can do it so then I was really nervous. 

 I flipped my gun on fire and was praying that no one was out there messing with me but I knew there was no one, I was in the middle of no where and there are no roads within miles of where I was. 

 It took me a good 4 hours to hike in and then it walked out in front of me and just stood there watching me. I couldn’t even pull my gun up I was so nervous just looking straight eye to eye. He turned and just walked away slowly and when he got out of sight which was maybe 30yds in the timber, he yelled so loud, it freaked me out and I ran up the mountain for like 1000 yds until my heart felt like it was going to explode.

Eye to Eye Bigfoot Encounter Mt St Helens

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Bigfoot Found in Washington Video


Famous Washington Sasquatch 911 Call


Washington Sasquatch Video Running From Witness


Fisherman Loses Catch to Bigfoot Family Mt St Helens

Harley Sasquatch Video Muscle Definition on Bigfoot


Cover photo from next video below
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Bigfoot Captured on Video in British Columbia, Canada

Real Bigfoot Video Exclusive (Harley Hoffman)
Harley Sasquatch Video Muscle Definition on Bigfoot

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Sasquatch Vocalizing in Tree Grove near 
Woman's Home in British Columbia

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 Recorded by Hunter in BC

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Including Midtarsal Flex

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Camouflage Master Sasquatch Hair Scatters Light Video


Cover from next video below
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Unlocking secrets that help Bigfoot melt into the shadows

Camouflage Master Sasquatch Hair Scatters Light

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Two Giant Sasquatch Dry Bread Hollow

Top 5 Bigfoot Photos

Large Wads of Hair Near Bigfoot Tracks

Logan Canyon Bigfoot Video Closer Look

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Payson Sasquatch Video Zoomed & Stabilized


Cover from next video below
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Bigfoot Sighting in Utah Captured on Camera

Payson Sasquatch Video Zoomed & Stabilized

More Utah Bigfoot Videos Below

Lone Peak Sasquatch Video

Sinks Sasquatch Video

Louisiana Sasquatch Encounters Duck Hunter


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"It was huge and covered in hair and it stood like a man!"

Louisiana Sasquatch Encounters Duck Hunter

William Ole School Arendt messages RMSO
I'm new to your channel and may I say that I'm enjoying your videos!

  I'm 57 years old and had my only sighting at 8 years old duck hunting with my father! Back then the only person I told was my mother whose father used to trap back in the day! After I told my mother she told me about a conversation she overheard between her parents!

 My grandfather had something stealing from his traps! One morning he found the thief in action. He told my grandmother that he had no idea what he seen but it was huge and covered in hair and it stood like a man!  He said that he backed away slowly because all he had was a small caliber rifle that would not stop what he was looking at!

 My mom asked me after a week of me waking up with nightmares what was wrong and that's when we had that conversation! A few years later she told me that we were going to the movies and we went to the old drive in theater and we saw Legend of Boggy Creek!

 That was the first time I knew exactly what I saw that morning! The crazy thing is that my father was paddling back to his duck blind and his back was to the creature so he never saw it!

 My father was a ww2 navy man and a no nonsense man so I was scared to tell him what I saw! Besides he was the type to tear your ass up if he thought you were lying! Anyway just wanted to share! Btw this happened in Louisiana! Stay safe and peace out!

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