Sunday, September 30, 2018

Skull Crack Bigfoot

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Skull Crack Canyon is surrounded with a 
history of Bigfoot sightings

Brody & Jenny found what may of been
Bigfoot tracks in the mud at
Skull Crack Canyon almost 20 years ago
during the salmon run.

RMSO hikes back in during the salmon run to search for Bigfoot

Skull Crack Bigfoot Expedition

Below are over a dozen
Bigfoot sighting reports surrounding
Skull Crack Canyon & expeditions to the locations

East of Skull Crack

Twelve Inches from Bigfoot's Face

West of Skull Crack

Trout Farm Raided by Bigfoot

Bigfoot Leaps Road North Ogden Divide

South of Skull Crack

Two Elk Hunters Surprised by Bigfoot Thousand Peaks Ranch

Boy Craps Pants After Seeing Bigfoot

Curtis's Bigfoot Sighting Lost Creek

North of Skull Crack

Boy vs Sasquatch Staring Match

Pissed off Bigfoot

Elk Hunter Terrified by Bigfoot

Beaver Creek Bigfoot Camper Abandons Camp

Bigfoot Paces Four Wheeler Ant Flats Road

Bigfoot Spotted in Wellsville

Trey's Bigfoot Sighting

Golden Pencil's RMSO Bigfoot Expedition Art & More

RMSO Bigfoot wants to 
thank Golden Pencil for 
painting & sending us 
the beautiful painting featured above.

He painted a screen shot from one of our 
Monte Cristo game-camera videos.

Right away we recognized the spot where this game-camera sits.
Amazing & beautiful artwork 

You can view his art work & 
buy original paintings 
from "Golden Pencil"
Damian Gerard Bland
on Facebook

You can also view his original paintings on Art Finder

The following are RMSO Bigfoot research videos & 
game camera results from majestic & wild 
Monte Cristo Bigfoot sighting hot spot.

Game Cams in 6 Time Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot

Pissed Off Bigfoot Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Bigfoot Investigation Winter Conditions

Monte Cristo Fall Upload Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot

Bigfoot Expedition Trey's Sighting Monte Cristo

Drone Footage a Day Before Trey's Bigfoot Sighting

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Nose to Nose Bigfoot & Frog Hunter Georgia

Artist Rendition
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Frog Hunter Crawling Through the Swamp
Comes Face to Face with a Skunkape

Nose to Nose Bigfoot & Frog Hunter Georgia

Lakota writes RMSO
Greetings Mountain climbers! 
Just thought to share a, Wonderful story of one of my nephews’ experience with a, Bigfoot with you! We, are Cajuns from south La. I’m living here in Ga. due to work reasons! 

Every time we go home to family and when my baby brother and our youngest nephew had come over to eat  dinner with us! We’d been staying at our Daughters’ home! As I’d done every yr. I’ve asked each if while hunting and or fishing etc. Every yr. for these last 25-30 yrs. I’d ask if any has ever encountered a, Bigfoot! Their answer was the same: “No Sis, No Auntie, you know those creatures do not exist!” They’d laugh at my believing in these creatures existence!  Yet, I’d ask any way!

I’d been so shocked and surprised at both of their encounters! Their encounters are different and it’s too long to go into it all! I’ll just speak of my nephews’ for his was exceptionally Fantastic! 

My bros’ was great for he’d heard the earth shattering movement as this Bigfoot about 10’ from him when he’d yelled at my bro to run! He’d run away scared to death! 

My nephew, Co, and his buddy had decided to go frogging this particular Saturday ( I’d not asked him when this had happened for I’d been so excited from their stories!) He’d been lying on the carpeted floor in the Den playing with his grandson!  He’d begun to smile that gorgeous sexy smile began to come over him as he’d risen to his heels bringing his baby back to his wife. 

He’d raised himself up onto the Queen Anne chair,  looked at me and smiling saying: “Auntie, you’ll be happy to know I’ve not only seen your Bigfoot creatures I’d come nose to nose with him!” I’d jumped up with excitement and yelling Yes, finally both of my loving men have shown to justify me!”  Now, what and how this happened and remember, I’m so pleased you’d seen one! 

He’d smiled and began saying: “My buddy and I, had nothing planned one Saturday and decided to go frogging for ppl buy these!” “As the lateness of the time was to go home I’d asked we, go down this small circled part of the swamp!” “I’d seen one giant frog  sitting opposite the side we’d been on so, I’d slowly made a, circle to reach him.”  “I’d handed the wheel to my skiff to my friend and ask him to slowly move forward as if crawled toward the bow with his arms outstretched to cup the frog when I’d seen two large Red Eyes staring at me and I’d sort of frozen for what do those eyes’s belong to!”


“Then as I’d next thought to myself, my nose was touching the nose of the ugliest Face I’d ever seen!”  “I’m looking over this stinky face and realized I’m facing my Aunties’ Bigfoot!” ( yea, my Bigfoot) Ha! Ha! “I, then brought one arm behind me trying to tell my buddy to back up slowly!” “Then as I’m backing up upon my heels this creature followed suit!” “As I’m frozen in shock as (well my friend) this creature begun to stand straight up to at least 9’-10’ tall monster!”

“Silently I’m praying for God To Help Us Live Through Encounter!”  “Auntie, I, swear, this truly is a, giant monster and he’d been able to grab me at time as my nose was so close to his!” “ We’d both watched as this monster backed up backwards without looking as to where he’d gone and not falling, stumbling, just straight backwards as he’s watching us as we’d slowly backed away from that section of the swamps!” “With my frog in his hands he’d turned and went out of sight!” 

“I’d taken over the wheel driving as fast as I’d would be able to go just to get out of there!” HÀ, HÀ! He’d said his buddy asked him: “Co, how can your Auntie own this Bigfoot?” HÀ!  So funny! Apparently, Co, had repeated over and over which his buddy heard his say: “MY AUNTIES,’ BIGFOOT IS REAL!” “MY AUNTIES’, BIGFOOT IS REAL!” Co, just explained to him how I’ve been asking him yearly if he’d seen a, Bigfoot! 

I’m so happy he’s ok and wasn’t harmed or killed by this monster for, here this beautiful young man; = who he’d never believed exist came nose to nose and face to face with this giant and he’d survived! No more frogging for these young young me! Yes, I’ve always called him young man for he’s a, 40 yr. old man! His buddy too! Apparently, the ones he’s told about it they asked why not take a, video and pictures! As he’d stated he and buddy were so frozen into shock and unbelief never ever even thought of a, picture! They’d been afraid they’d not pee and crapped on themselves! Ha! Ha! So funny now! He’s still upset he’d lost the giant big frog he’d so wanted! 

So, guys be Careful! These two boys had their rifles and never even thought of attacking this creature for he’d not done any harm to them! They do not kill to be killing! They eat what they kill or sell their catch to ppl which love frog legs! Yucky! Not Auntie! No Frog for me!   

Sincerely, Lakota

PS: Thanks for your Video enjoyed it!

The following video is what prompted Lakota
to share her nephew's Bigfoot sighting
Stalked at Night Sasquatch Canyon

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Juvenile Bigfoot Photographed Stalking Michigan Fisherman

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 BigfootEvidence received some compelling photos from a Michigan Fisherman claiming he took photos of what maybe a juvenile Bigfoot stalking them while they fished.
Watch the video below & see what you think.

Details Included on Michigan Sasquatch Captured on Camera

Juvenile Bigfoot Photographed Stalking Michigan Fisherman

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Michigan Bigfoot Captured on Video 
near Cave & Waterfall

Indiana Bigfoot Captured on Camera 
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Michigan Sasquatch Crossing Cass River Carrying Infant Bigfoot

Many Fisherman from around North America report 
spotting Bigfoot while they fish.
Perhaps Bigfoot is attracted to fish as a food source 
or just come down to the water daily like any other animal.

Here are a few fishermen Bigfoot sighting reports 
from around North America

Three Bigfoot Retrieve Fisherman's Catch Mt St Helens

Fishermen Observe Very Large Hair Covered Bipedal Figure Burney Creek

Kelly Creek Fisherman Spots Bigfoot Near Devils Bend

Whirly Mountain Bigfoot Walker Lake California

Manitoba Bigfoot at Little Limestone Lake

The famous deadly Bauman Bigfoot encounter 
Teddy Roosevelt writes about happened on the banks of a river.

Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Encounter

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Rogue Bigfoot Enters Home

Artist Rendition
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Video Below Written Report
Face to face with a Bigfoot
that entered woman's Rogue River Home

Rogue Bigfoot Enters Home

Darcy Writes RMSO
Hi Kelly, I enjoy your posts. I have had a couple glasses of wine, so I feel brave enough to talk to you. :) First of all, we are somehow related. My grandmother was a Shaw. Maybe we can figure that out sometime. The reason why I am sending you a message tonight is I have a dear, old friend from high school who has quite a story.

 She lived in rural Rogue River Oregon in the early 90's. She told me about MULTIPLE experiences with Bigfoot. To make a long story short, it entered her mobile home (a door didn't lock), and they sat and stared at each other down the hall while she held a shotgun.

 I have encouraged her to document her encounters. She said that she wanted to, but just hadn't gotten around to it. She is a professional woman and I think that she isn't quite sure that she wants to share. I am one of few people she has discussed it with. I am a lifelong believer. I spent my Summer's up at Shaver Lake as a kid. I grew up listening to and seeing my Aunt show and talk to us about it. I was an Adult when I realized that not everyone though the same. Thank you for your time. I am not quite sure where to go from here, but am open to suggestions.
Best, Darcy

Wow! Thank you for relaying that to me.
Did she describe in detail how it looked?

 Yes. She had quite a few experiences. In the beginning it was about her walking her dogs. They were large dogs. She knew something was following them. The female would split, but the male would stay with her. Herds of deer would huddle right up next to her trailer, she felt as if something was stalking them.

 She was alone a lot, as her husband was gone at work. Then one day the chains she had her dogs on were broken and they were gone. She would often get an uneasy feeling and told (her then) husband that she felt she needed protection.He got her a gun.

 She woke up one night, and couldn't sleep. She started towards the hallway and it was standing at the other end of the hallway. She slowly picked up her gun, and that they just sat and stared at each other. He was massive, and would have had to turn sideways to get down the hall to her.

 She wasn't sure how long it lasted, but I am sure that she got quite a good look at him. Even though she was scared shitless, she said he didn't seem threatening. She felt more like he was curious. She felt that if he tried to come at her a shot from the gun would not have brought him down. Eventually he turned and left. She moved.

I hope that made sense. She got the gun before the dogs were taken. I suspect he didn't like the alarm system.  She is an honest, sweet woman. I believe every word. Something that I noticed was it seemed that he was quite loud sometimes, , but very quiet others.

Its the kind of thing that we would talk about on a night like tonight. 2 old girlfriends chatting on the phone with a couple of glasses of wine. I got the feeling she wanted to share, and knew that it was important to do so. But at the same time, I think that she was worried about being judged.

She is quite successful in her field of work and well some people would think that you are nuts. I personally wouldn't care. I am 48 years old, screw em. But I think that she cares quite a bit what people think of her. I live in Southern California and have had plenty of people laugh in my face when I talked about it.

OK wow I would of crapped my pants. Interesting encounter. This is only one of a small handful that I have heard about a Bigfoot actually coming inside a home! Amazing.

Reminds me of the following Bigfoot sighting report in Oregon. A woman home alone & Bigfoot standing right at the door.

Myrtle Point Woman Sees Bigfoot From 10 Feet Away

Rouge Bigfoot Enters Home Frightens Woman

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Soldier Searching for D.B. Cooper Punched by Bigfoot

Artist Rendition
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Written Report Below Video

GI ran over & slammed by Sasquatch
 during search & rescue mission

Soldier Punched by Bigfoot Hunting for D.B. Cooper

Ran Over & Slammed by Sasquatch
on Search & Rescue Mission

DL Writes RMSO
Hello, I do not know how to start this account, but here it goes.Back in 1972 I had just return from Vietnam and was station with the 3rd Cav at Ft Lewis,WA.I arrived in Oct 27,1971. About a month later the D.B.Cooper case happen (you know the guy that jump from the airplane with some $200,000). 

Well in February of 1972 we were(3rd Cav, 3rd Squadrom) assign to the FBI and we were taken to the mountains in southern Washington state along the Columbia river. We spend a little over a month searching those mountains for this guy(D. Cooper aka D.B.Cooper).
 Well during the 3rd week we were around the 6500ft to 7000ft altitude searching, during our search we had found some some dead bodies in different state of dis composition at different location in our search area. During the 3rd week my squad was assign to the far left side of the line we were about 4 to 5 meters apart it was foggy that day. We had started to search around 8 AM and had been transported to an area around 7000 ft, I was the squad leader and during our search that day I found some strange structures in the forrest, weird logs that had been place in very strange position some broken small trees about 4 to 7 in in diameter which had been broken at about the 7 or 8 ft high.I did not mention anything because it was not relevant to our search.

 Now we continue searching and moving west along the top of a cliff which was running almost parallel to the Columbia river. It was close to 11 am and it was very cold. The fog had gotten a bit heavier and there was a lot of brush and small trees from a few ft high to around 12 to 16 ft. Then there was a moment that I had to walk thru some heavy brushes and we got kind of separated to about 5 to 6 meters apart from the next man to my right. As I fought my way thru the brush and small trees I came to a small opening about 20ft wide I could not see my right hand man but we could talk to each other as I cross the opening.
 I notice to my front left a dark section on the vegetation in front of me, but with the fog I could not tell what it was and I just continue, as I approach the dark area I started to smell something rotten and nasty, I thought it was probably a dead body and move closer to take a look, the closer I got the stronger the smell became. I mover to the left some and started to approach the dark spot when suddenly I notice it move and step in front of me.
 I look and that thing was huge I could see dark brown hair but did not see the head until I look up I mean up. This thing was about 11 to 12 ft tall and had a human face, I froze in place and tried to call for my companions but I could not utter a sound. This thing suddenly move with such speed forward and hit me with one arm and send me stumbling about 10 or 12 ft to the left, I try to  get control of my body but I was to close to the cliff and fall down some 30 or 40 meters. I scream as I fell and was lucky that the rest of my squad heard me. It took them some 2 hrs to get me up from the lower section I was hurt, damage my back and left leg, and was send to Ft Lewis, military hospital.
Pls do not mention my name.PS. I send and earlier msgf but could not finish it so this is part 2 of my story.

RMSO responds
We feel these reports are an important tool in learning more about these elusive giants.
I know it was a long time ago & so if you dont recall some of the stuff I ask then I completely understand.

What color was the face & hands?.. What did the face look like? How about the eyes?
Did it make any kind of a vocalization as it knocked you over and retreated?
Did anyone else see or hear anything unusual on your patrol?
Appreciate you taking the time to send us your report.

DL responds
As I mention in my email it was foggy that day and got much more foggy by the time the incident happen. We were on line from left to right about some 200 soldiers and about 3 to 4 meters apart. By the time this happen I think that my closer soldier on my right was probably about 6 meters away, we had reach a patch of terrain which was heavy with tall samplings and brush. So I can really tell you if anyone else so the thing.

To my best recollection as I started to get thru the patch of heavy brush I notice a foul smell something like rotten eggs or trash that been expose to the sun for about 6 to 8 days. I saw something dark to my front and a bit to the right but I thought nothing of it. I did not feel scare for I had soldiers to my right and I could hear them and talk to the closest one but could not see him.

Now as I recall the smell suddenly got so strong it make me feel nauseated, I made a comment to Tommy who was next to me on the right and just as I finish saying I saw the thing move toward me very fast I had no time to react. What shock me the most was its size and muscular build, if I do not mistake it was kind of brown or dark brown with some streak of grey hairs on his upper torso by the time I raise my head up to see him all I could see was his black eyes and teeth which to this day remind me of a person, I cant recall more of his face for it was a complete surprise and foggy. As for sound all I heard was like a hard breath as he hit me and passed by my side. As I fell down the ravine I did not pay attention to nothing else except trying to keep my body from been hurt more than it did.

But the impression of his eyes and his muscular features is what has stay with me all my life as well as that smell. I have never smell anything like it ever or since. If I'm not mistaken his hair was kind of long like some 3 to 4 inches and his arm at least the one he hit me with had less hair, his hand was huge and very little hair and the skin tone was much lighter kind of light brown something like that.

But man, that body was huge I'm 5'9" and he tower over me for at least 3 feet and was easily double my size at the chest. His punch if we can call it that was so strong that I lost my ability to breath normal for a few minutes plus add to that the fall it was at least 10 to 15 min before I was calm enough to start processing what had happen. I know it was not a bear for I have gone hunting at MT Rainier , Mt Hood, Spokane, Yakima and many time fishing and hunting at Mossirock (excuse my spelling) by the damn and in the mountains. So I know what a bear can do and not do.

I know that this happen very fast and just a few seconds, but after been trained as a Long Range Recon or Field Intelligence at FT Benning and having spend 16 month in combat in Vietnam my observation skill were in tip top shape at that moment ( I had return from Nam just over 5 month earlier). Now you ask about the eyes as I said they were black by that I mean I did not notice any white on them like we human have.

Ah yes I almost forgot I think he had a scar on his right side of the face which went from the side of his right eye to almost the chin for I can visualize that part of his hair in the chin had a separation. (like when one have a scar that crosses the bear. and it was not fresh. As far as if someone else saw or hear anything I cant say for I never mention it to anyone and no-one said anything to me not even Tommy who was the closer soldier to my right!
Well that is all I can recall at the present. If I remember something else I will contact you again.

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Fisherman Tracks Bigfoot near 
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Dark Bigfoot Shape Following Hikers Mt St Helens

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Grand Mesa Bigfoot Mud Springs Sasquatch

Bigfoot Screams Scare Hunter on Grand Mesa

Grand Mesa Bigfoot Mud Springs Sasquatch

Guy M writes RMSO
 I'm 61 years old and retired a month ago.
One of my goals is to spend much time on Grand Mesa.  I also get to see my children and grandchildren in grand junction when I come here from Nevada.
When I was 23 years old I was in a place called Mud Springs which is a place that I would hunt in quite a lot

 In September I would go spend a few days camping and I would track deer and elk for the upcoming hunting season.
It was getting dark and I was looking for a place to camp so I turned down this dirt road and saw a meadow off to the right.

 I was driving down this road and suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  I felt like something was wrong and I stopped my truck in the middle of the road and put my brights on so I could see down the road a little more.
I shut the motor off but kept the lights on and grabbed my .357 pistol and slowly stepped out of my truck.
I walked to the front of the truck and noticed that everything was silent.

 As I stood there I heard something start to go from a low growl on the right side of the road to a high pitched scream.  When the low growl started on the right side suddenly another one came from the left side of the road and also became a high pitched scream.
These screams became so loud that I couldn't tell whether they were coming from in front of me, the sides or behind me.

 I got so scared that I walked back to the drivers side of the truck, got in and backed out of there as quickly as possible.
I completely forgot that I was holding my pistol until I placed it back on the seat next to me.
This encounter scared me so bad that I drove back to town and didn't step back into the woods again for 20 years.
I completely stopped hunting.

 I also didn't talk about this until about 15 years ago when I just happened to hear a scream on a Bigfoot documentary and realized that those screams on television is what I heard that night.
Those Bigfoot I believe were a family passing through the area.
They started screaming about 40 yards ahead of me behind a huge boulder about 6 times the size of my truck.
Why am I going out there now?
I need to know what's out there...

RMSO responds
Thank you for reporting this suspicious like Bigfoot activity to us Guy. We expedition to the Grand Mesa of Colorado twice a year because of reports like yours. We have received numerous vocalization & sighting reports from that area. Including campers & hunters that claim a hidden animal will throw sticks or rocks near them being careful never to show itself.

We just returned from a Grand Mesa Bigfoot expedition a couple of days ago. One of the evenings just as the sun was going down near Lost Lake an owl vocalization seemed to start a chain reaction of vocalizations that sounded like monkeys whooping back and forth. I turned on a shotgun mic & may of captured the end of the eerie vocalizations. If so will put them in a future video. 

After the sun went down, no more vocalizations. Wasn't as intense or terrifying as what you heard. 

Please keep us informed of any sightings or anything else that is out of the ordinary if you dont mind.

Message me when you get a chance to watch the video below & let me know how the vocalizations compare to what you heard? No growls in this video but want to know if at any time vocalizations were similar etc..

More Colorado Bigfoot

Investigating Sighting & Vocalizations

Structure found on Carson Lake Bigfoot investigation

Camper Hides From Sasquatch Twin Peaks

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hunters Harassed by Sasquatch Diamond Lake

Email your Bigfoot sighting to
"This is first time hearing them talk to 
one another and having them that close"

Hunters Harassed by Sasquatch Diamond Lake
JD writes RMSO
 Friday night parked 11:09 pm at rest stop on hwy 230, to get some sleep, pulled out cots, and sleeping bags. Put them up next to truck, before heading on at 5 am to beulah unit to scout out deer hunt. 

 Went to sleep but woke up to heavy foot steps, than tree knocks, hearing gibberish vocalization, starting with deep to high sounds and fast. Totally freaked me out. I grab handgun an racked a live round and turned flashlight on. Could not see anything. But as I turn off light, could feel ground vibration as they moved off and hear them moving. 

 15 minutes later could hear them calling. Figured maybe someone else might have encountered them as well, they were headed west toward Diamond Lake, having come out of Crater Lake side. Hunting partners showed up on time and we headed out.

 P.s. did not get much sleep afterwards as moon came up and was very bright. Have heard tree knocks, screams, and howls, and smelled them before while hunt guiding in Skylakes Wilderness in the 90s. Heard first bigfoot scream in 1978 Elk hunting Saddle Mountain unit, and tree being pushed down behind tent, scared the crap out of my hunting partner Dan and me then. But this is first time hearing them talk to one another and having them that close. 

 Have not shared my encounters, sightings, or finding huge foot prints  with very many people in my lifetime, for the ridicule would have had a financial impact on my earnings. Never have I carried anything to make a cast with me, as my pack is already heavy enough, wish I would have thought to turn on phone recorder this time, but I was more concerned with personal protection and using it as a light. I am 60 now and Don't care what people think, I know they are out there. Witness this time by my older brother Steve. Thanks for having this up to share with, it helps to realize others are coming forward as well.

Roseburg,  Oregon 

Appreciate hearing about your experiences in that area. I was at Diamond Lake & Crater Lake last year investigating some Bigfoot sightings. So I do know it is a hot spot for Bigfoot activity.
Was last Friday night August 31st 2018 you heard the vocalizations?
Another question. Your brother Steve saw a Bigfoot in that general area?

Yes, it was.  Steve heard them as well, but could not see them.

Appreciate the information.

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Bigfoot Harass Hunters Diamond Lake

Sasquatch Enters Home Rogue River

Three Bigfoot Suttle Lake

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Shasta Skull Redding Ranch

Email your Bigfoot sighting to

Rancher Looking for Answers Regarding
Strange Skull Found on His Dairy Farm

Shasta Skull Redding Ranch

Sam L writes RMSO
 I have a story about a family of sasquatches that I've known that lived on my property for the last four generations. My family owns a small Dairy Ranch in Northern California between Shasta and Redding. CA. my family and my coworkers have never been bothered by the family of 9 Sasquatches that are living on our property we own close to 3000 acres up here take you 2 days to walk it. Plus we have two waterfalls on the property. Second waterfall we made it a gift in area because it's on the Southeastern part of the property and nobody goes down there. Plus we have no trespassing signs everywhere on our property. 

 We don't allow hunting up here we do have a lot of Wildlife. Elk dear Fox mountain lion another word Call Puma and once in awhile you might get lucky and see a black bear. We know the Bears are here we just never see them they're very elusive just like the mountain lion is but they hunt on our property so we know they're here. I've seen a lighter videos on your research. And the reason why I'm trying to get ahold of somebody I thought of you. And I was wondering if there was some way to communicate with them because here comes the hard part. I don't think you're going to believe anyway. My daughter 16 years ago befriended a female Sasquatch I know that's hard to believe but it's true. The Sasquatches that we have on our property like I said Forest dwelling people have never bothered any of her cattle any of our other livestock that we have here never bothered any of the coworkers. So we never had a problem with any of them and and that's why I thought I'd reach out to your organization and see if he can tell us how to communicate with these people so we can understand them more. On any given day you will at least have one siding if we took you up to the gifting area on any given day. I appreciate it very much if somebody in your organization can get back with me so we can talk about it a little bit and I will discuss more on how my daughter befriended a Sasquatch 16 years ago when she went on a hunting trip with her brother and she was 16 at the time also

RMSO responds
  We rarely wood-knock or vocalize when out at Bigfoot hot spots. We will respond if they vocalize or wood-knock near us. We don't speak the language & so let them initiate communication first. Feel it makes them less nervous & doesn't scare them away. I really believe if you try to initiate communication it scares them away. May get a quick response sometimes, then they leave the area.

Sam L
Okay well let me put it to you this week because you're not understanding the situation first of all we have two types of I'm not sure how you would say it I know we have Sasquatch on our property but I have something I'd like to show you a picture and you tell me what you think it is we found it it was a dad my son's very body but we kept the head we have a a zoologist coming here from San Francisco University to see you this skeleton that my son and his brother found hunting on our property on the Southwest gate 

Sam L
We sent a picture to Jeff Meldrum he's a professor of anthropology going to have him check it out and tell me what it is. 

Unique looking skull. Never saw anything like it in North California. The eye sockets are in a primate like position. The teeth on that thing is long. The canines look bigger than what I expect on a wolf. Interesting specimen.

Sam L
Yes I would have to say that's a very interesting species that I've never seen anywhere in the northern California. But I am going to send out samples to different people that it's going to check out what it is it's very concerning since I do have a Dairy Ranch but in the last 20 years we haven't lost one cow or one calf due to any type of situation on his Mountain. If you give me an address I can send you something for DNA process if you want. Well I'm going to go ahead and sign off for the evening I do get up at 4:30 to milk cows so hopefully I'll be able to hear from you again 

No need to send me a sample. I have to send my personal samples to labs for analysis. The hair I collected along side Bigfoot tracks in 2013 were analyzed at Weber State University then sent to two more Universities & the Museum of Cryptozoology. All received generous 100 strand samples September 2013 & as to date no confirmation on a match. Still a mystery. I hope you get results on that skull. Interested on what is discovered about it.


Here is the video of the hair we found & collected
Large Wads of Hair & Cast of Bigfoot Track
 Yellowstone Canyon

Sam L
 First of all I like to tell you who I am my name is y.y. meaning y.s. I'm an elder son of the Hupa reservation. So please let me tell you this first in order for you to do what you're asking I need to go to the Elders of the tribe and the talk was a shaman and get permission for you to do this so that way there will be no evil in any way spells or demons on my property. I know that might be hard for you to understand but in the Hoopa tribe includes..Nabiltse,Natano,Trinity tribes. So we're not just talking about the Hupa. And each one of them has a Sharman so I would have to go speak with them first and get permission before you do this.

If you can give me a few days get off my property and go speak with the sharman's of the tribes that I just spoke about. You probably won't understand what I'm talking about but it will be really bad medicine. If I don't get permission first for me my family my land and the co-workers that work on this Dairy Ranch.. thank you..Y.Y..

I understand completely.

Sam L
Thank you ill have answer for you in three day's and let you know how they would like to proceed on this Quest. May I ask who I've been speaking with during this time. I'm sure the Sharman are going to request a name? Myself and on behalf of the Hupa reservation would like to thank you for the respect that you are giving us enough time to talk with his Sherman before proceeding on with this Quest. Y.S..

Three Days Later...

Sam L
To (RMSO) I went with my son and his friend that found the skull and the body of this creature. To speak with the Sharmans of the Hupa Indian nations which includes.Nabiltse.Natano.Trinity Tribe's. They all decided since it was found in Hoopa Valley were the two men were hunting. There was also a sacred burial ground really close by. They decide to do a ceremony and dig up where the body was buried at and bury the head with it so that way it will go back to its creator as a whole knowing that we did not discrete the body at all. And by doing the ceremony it will ward off any evil spirits demons or any such evil spirits. Plus Kelly Shaw we will chanting your name as this ceremony will be going on for the fact that we want to make sure that nothing evil will be coming your way. Tonight when my family gets back home. I will have my son and his friend sit down give you what they call a Reader's Digest story on how they found this creature. How they told me it was a very amazing story one that will scare you out of the seat of your pants. But it's all true and tomorrow morning when you have your first cup of coffee you can look and see what you'll have your story. Once again myself and on behalf of the Hupa Indian Nation would like to thank you Kelly Shaw and RMSO. For giving us the opportunity for a ceremony before you publish this Quest..Y.Y.. Y.S. 

Appreciate you, your family, tribe & tribes in the area taking the time to address this situation with the crypid found & helping to protect everyone involved with this mystery.

Another Day Later..

Sam L
Yesterday afternoon one of my sons friend is a zoologist that came up and that works at the San Francisco Zoo. And once he walked in the house and looked at it the first thing that came out of his mouth he said it was a baboon. So I'm not sure what to tell you now apparently maybe somebody had this as a pet and they got too old and they let it go and it died out in the forest. So I have to apologize for the inconvenience I put you through but at least we did a ceremony last night before coming home and finding out the truth about this species. Y.s..

Looks rather monkey like for sure. Is still a very interesting situation even if it is a baboon. For the fact it ended up in North California. Thank you for the information. Very interesting

Although this primate skull is more than likely Baboon. I am interested on how it ended up on this 3,000 North California property? Did the baboon escape from a zoo, wildlife preserve or personal pet?
Was this baboon attracted to the Bigfoot living on the property. Did the Bigfoot bring the baboon to the property. Did the Bigfoot help the baboon to escape captivity?

Interesting the relation or coincidences of this situation.

Keep on watching we will keep on squatching!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Bigfoot Harassing Hunstville Land Owner

Artist Rendition
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Bigfoot Harassing Hunstville Land Owner

Huntsville Sasquatch Terrorizing Horses & Home Owners

G.L. writes RMSO
 Can I speak with someone who has enough information re Bigfoot?  We are experiencing something that I suspect is just that.  I think it or they or something is moving through here. Very concerned.  Thank you.
Ogden Valley

Thank you for the email. Is this Ogden Utah. Did you or someone you know see a Bigfoot?

 I’ve not seen but heard a fight ensue in my forest and was rushed by a huge bipedal something.  We’ve had an attack to one of my colts and a neighbor had on two horse riding occasions in our area came upon an area that freaked the horses out and they heard what they said sounded like a man - bipedal.  There is more - strange killings.

We could come look around for tracks and other signs

 I’m worried about pi**ing it off.  I think one (or it’s clan) has been here all this time we have lived here peacefully but something else that is malevolent has encroached.  I’m new to the whole idea of Bigfoot but there is no other explanation.  I really don’t want this new thing that has moved in to be confronted.  I want to know if it will move on or if it is planning on staying and what to do.

Sometimes they move through. Other times they stay in an area for a year or two.. Let us know if you ever want us to come look around for tracks and other signs. Sometimes if they feel like they are being tracked they will leave the area.. Put up a game camera or two. They seem to avoid the IR trigger on the camera and may stay away from your animals if a game camera is near by..

Okay.  Thank you.  That is all I am looking for is answers.  I will try a game camera and see if it gets this thing or things to move on.

 It’s a bit complex because when I first moved in 9 years ago, I had huge banging on my house as if from a giant.  It happened every morning until I went into our forest to try and make peace with it.  I expressed how much I love and would protect this land and so forth.  Now why would I think that the banging is coming from something inside the forest?  Because I believe whatever it or they are, has intelligence.  It was as if I just knew.  I am not interested in those who think they are just animals.  They aren’t.  Again, whatever THEY are.  After I made peace, the banging stopped and for 9 years I have felt being watched - we’ve had strange structures placed and replaced around the dense forest, but we had no idea what they were and never considered a squatch.  

 It is ironic because when we moved in, my girls and I would suddenly do silly squelch movies.  Strange how we things are put into our minds.  Anyway.  About a week and a half ago, I was outside trimming a tree by my driveway when I heard two things fighting.  It was about 10am.  I couldn’t make out what they were - and tried to put it in a box of my mind thinking it was some gigantic raccoon fighting something else.  I ran down the forest path with a shovel to break up the fight.  As I got to the sound which was occurring behind dense trees and brush, the sound stopped.  Suddenly I was rushed by what sounded like a 15 or more foot bipedal giant rushing at me.  I didn’t stay to look, I ran like hell.  The sound of the rushing feet was like out of Jurassic Park.  I was so afraid for my life and that of my family that I ran to get my gun after I gained my wits.  I ran back down with the gun ready and started screaming at whatever.  I was freakin scared but the gun made me feel a bit more brave than a shovel.  Nothing.

 The next morning, one of my colts (I have a breeding farm) was attacked.  Claw marks and big puncture.  He is recovering.  I didn’t know there were Utah squelch people so I contacted whomever I could find.  I talked to about three people and they all think I have a benevolent Bigfoot - which we have made a truce of sorts where I just don’t go down in the forest at night, which we don’t - ever.  And then they think we have a dogman or dogmen.  Really nasty things.  The question is inter dimensional - not inter dimensional.  This is where we differ.  

 Three days later my daughters found a baby doe in the forest with its genital ripped out - it was left there to die - whatever did it was not hungry, but playing with us.  It did not go for the jugular.  I was gone from the house when it happened and told the kids to go indoors and I would kill it when I got home.  I rushed home and it was already dead by then.  I felt horrible.  We left it in hopes that whatever did it would come back and eat it for food.  3 days later, nothing.  I checked on it and it was full of maggots so I went up to the house to get a shovel to bury it.  When I got back, it was gone.  Then just yesterday, my husband sees it again - that or another one.  He went to get a shovel to bury it, and when he got back it was gone.  What it going on?  

 In the middle of that, one of my daughters as they were tucking the horses in with treats and such, saw several eyes lining the mountain side across the street from my colts.  She started screaming at them and they backed up and disappeared.  She was freaked.  We have a very tough dog who will defend us but we know the thing or things are around when he is terrified to the point he won’t go outside.  We have neighbors whose horses were freaked out on two riding occasions and they heard bipedal sounds - like a big man walking. 

 We bought a night vision game camera but it came without the sd card so we are sending it back to get another one with an sd card.  We have kept motion detector lights on and flood lights to keep whatever from attacking my horses. 

 I believe I have two sets of things - one that has been here all the time, the other just came here and they are fighting as the new guys are very mean and encroaching on the ones who have been here.  I want the new ones to move on.  But if they are dogmen, what then?  They are highly intelligent and not looking for food but to wreak havoc.  

 Do you have any knowledge of dogmen?  Do you know of any sudden surge of sightings lately in this area?  The valley I hear has some livestock attacked and people seem to think it is cougar.  I went on our normal running spot 20 min from our home and found trees knocked over the path that should not have done so and a lot of huge poo, larger than coyote.  Mountain lion are here but stay away from my herd - they won’t take the chance on getting a kick and they are afraid of dogs, which we have two.  We’ve never been bothered by cougar.  I can try to dismiss all of this as just strange weirdness but my colt was attacked and I heard something huge and big rush me in my own forest that had two feet.

I will continue the lights and get the game camera, but I don’t want to piss it off.  Any other ideas, please let me know, and I will have to give it some thought about your coming.  Our forest is on the east of our property and the mountainside where the horseback riders and the eyes were seen are on the west side.

Thanks for any thoughts and advice,

 Forgot to mention that my other daughter woke up in the middle of the night bolt upright and went to the window and saw a huge black, blue thing crawling just inches above the ground along the colts’ fence line.  She said is was like something out of Lady in the Water.  Spikey long hair and dog like.  She noticed we forgot to turn the lights on near the colts and ran downstairs to turn them on.  Something is going on here and I just want it to go away.

Do you think it is the fires in CA that are pushing things here to collide?  I wonder.

They live here year around in North Utah.  Over 60 sighting reports surrounding where you live. Last sighting report near you was in January a day light sighting North of Pineview

If you think it would push them away by your coming here, what exactly do you want to do here?  I can show you our forest and then the area where the horse riders heard them.  I have to ask my husband as he said yesterday he doesn’t want any attention drawn here and strange squatch people here. You have to understand him, there are some strange enthusiasts in this realm.  I’m sure youve met them.  I just want them gone.

Can I send you some photos of structures in our forest for you to give me your input on whether they are natural or bf structures?

Yes I would like to see photos.. If we came to look around we would keep your exact location confidential.  We would like to look for Bigfoot tracks in order to document them if we happen to find any. We take measurements etc.. Plus look for structures and where the Bigfoot may be traveling or eating.. We are a no harm group and keep most the places we study Bigfoot confidential.. Sometimes tracking them makes them nervous and they move on

These are just a few.  Let me know if you think these are natural or something else.  Thanks.

I want no disrespect to whatever is here that I feel we have a respectful understanding.  However I believe that whatever has been here is now being encroached upon by something or things malevolent that is a danger to everyone.  THAT I want gone.  I will have to talk to my husband about this and yes, would be good to remain anonymous.  

Let’s see if you think what these photos are of.  The other Bigfoot people I talk to have no debunking filter at all which means that I feel I could have said that I saw them walking holding a balloon and wearing a dress and they would have believed me.  I just want the truth, and a rational but not closed minded opinion.  

Thank you for your time.

Some of these look like they may have been twisted when broke. Bigfoot sighting hot spot structures are often found. Cant say any structure was actually made by a Bigfoot however we find many of them in hot spots

And some are bent unnaturally around other trees.  Weather wouldn’t do that either. 
So an unbiased opinion going through your bs filters, in all honesty, do these look like bf structures to you?

 I spoke with my husband about your coming here to track and he said he would defer to me as to what I felt is best.  I am weighing out what is best.  I am concerned about the dogman possibility that two so called experts are convinced we have in addition to bf.  The way it seems to be toying with us in regards to this doe; having us find it and then taking it away when we try to bury it is not characteristic of bf if that is what we have lived with here. When the doe was alive, my daughter held it and felt that whatever did it felt of pure evil.  She could feel it.  This is not caused by the one that I felt has been here all these years.  I believe something very bad has encroached on its territory and is why I heard the fighting.  So I have to be careful not to provoke it by having you come.  On the other hand, I don’t want it to stay and feel afraid all the time.  I want the bad thing gone- whatever it is.  What are your thoughts on possible dogman?

It has been pretty quiet here the past few days.  I don’t know if that means they have moved on or what.  I went in the forest two days ago to remove temporary fencing that we put up so our mares could graze during the summer.  I could only take a few down and had to hold them as they did not like being down there.  My other herd of mares refused to go down.  This is not like them - it just happened this year.  They used to go down every summer, and this year, no.  But when I was down there, things felt pretty good, but I felt we were being watched.

We never receive dog man sighting reports from this area you are in. We do investigate skinwalker sightings in mid and south Utah though. Skinwalkers do take on wolf forms etc.. This far north never received a skinwalker report. However we get a lot of Bigfoot sightings from around Pineview and all the mountains surrounding Pineview... So odds are you may have a curious Bigfoot coming onto your property.

We would like to look for tracks and see how the creature is coming on to your property and leaving your property.

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