Thursday, February 28, 2019

Sasquatch Action All Day Long Pacific Northwest

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Active Bigfoot Location in Coastal Forest of Pac West

Sasquatch Action All Day Long Pacific Northwest

Bigfoot sightings below that motivated
our search into this location

Bigfoot Smashes 55 Gallon Barrel
Like a Beer Can

Myers Flat Bigfoot

Two Days of Bigfoot Encounters Pacific Northwest

Woman & Bigfoot Face to Face Pacific Northwest Trail

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Something Killing Goats in Cleburne County Alabama Gamecam Photo

Feet of Unknown Creature in Alabama
Creature on Game Cam Purportedly Thinning Goat Population

Something Killing Goats in 
Cleburne County Alabama Gamecam Photo

More Alabama Creatures

7 to 8 ft Tall Dark Hairy Thing Making Weirdest Noise
Terrified Woman Runs From Alabama Bigfoot

Alabama Bigfoot Filmed Out In Open Then Hides Behind Tree

Face of Alabama Bigfoot Video

Sasquatch Canyon & Epic Bigfoot Expedition

Above is One of Seven 
19 inch Bigfoot Tracks Found
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Epic Bigfoot Expedition
79 Minutes of Bigfoot Evidence Found

Les Stroud Sasquatch Canyon Expedition
 Post Interview with RMSO
Link below to find 
Les Stroud Bigfoot Expedition Sasquatch Canyon
Season 1 Episode 6 Survivorman Bigfoot

RMSO Follow Up of Les Stroud
Sasquatch Canyon Bigfoot Expedition

Highlight Below
October IR Eye-shine Sasquatch Canyon

Full Length October IR Eye-shine Video Below
Tracking Bigfoot Tracks, Eye-shine & Vocalization
Sasquatch Canyon

Sasquatch Canyon 17 inch Long Bigfoot Tracks

19 inch Bigfoot Tracks on Bigfoot Highway

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Two Bigfoot In Osage River

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David B messages RMSO

 I grew up on the Missouri/Arkansas border {read Hillbilly}
In September of my 16th year a friend and me were hunting in the hills just above the Osage River.

 We stopped at the cliff above the river and saw 2 bears playing in the water below us. One was huge and the other about our size and after watching them for awhile it occurred to us they couldn't possibly be bears by the way they moved and played around. They were gorillas, had to be.
 My friend stood up and yelled at them and they took off running back into the woods.

 When we got home we reported it to the Conservation Commission and the local newspaper about a couple escaped gorillas....boy did we catch hell....for years.

 Years later we knew we has watched a BF family for at least 30 minutes from 50 yards away. The year was 1960. 

 To add a little more info - the big one {mother ?} was dark brown and the small one {kid?} was more black than brown and the reason we though they were gorillas is because that is what their faces looked like and they walked on 2 you have it.


More Missouri Bigfoot

Missouri Woman Observes 8 to 9 Feet Tall Eolia Sasquatch

Sasquatch Throws Rock & Grunts at Hunter in Tree Stand

Biologist's Missouri Bigfoot Encounter

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Incredible Dinosaur Tail Perfectly Preserved in Amber

Perfectly preserved in amber is a 
dinosaur tail found in Myanmar.

 This unique discovery gives a clearer picture of a group of dinosaurs that roamed the earth more than 160 million years ago.

 Over 99-million year old amber was polished for jewelry. The person selling it thought it was part of a plant. Closer inspection revealed it to be the tail of a feathered dinosaur about the size of a sparrow.

 Dr Mckellar said the tail anatomy showed it belonged to a feathered dinosaur, not an ancient bird.
There are signs the dinosaur still contained fluids when it was incorporated into the tree resin that formed into amber. Suggesting it could have been trapped in the resin while still alive.

More photos & findings of this 
Beautiful fossil below

Friday, February 15, 2019

Jogger Killed Mountain Lion After Being Attacked

Colorado Man Fights for His Life
 With Horsetooth Mountain Lion
 Travis Kauffman details his encounter with deadly predator & how he turned the tables on a natural born killer.

 He describes protecting his face & then wrestling the lion into a position he could step on its throat.

 Travis had to have about 20 stitches from lacerations on his nose and cheek during the fight for his life with the cougar.

 More details including his video press conference below

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Living Dinosaur Found in Takla Lake Canada

Mosasaur Skull Found in Cederedge Colorado

A large aquatic monster up to 40 feet in length 
spotted in Takla Lake, British Columbia, Canada. 

Witness descriptions of the Takla Lake Monster lead
experts to believe these sightings may be the prehistoric 
Mosasaur. A relative of reptiles that lived along side 
dinosaurs commonly thought to be extinct by many scientists.

More on Mosasaur below

2nd Bigfoot in Provo Bigfoot Video

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Breakdown of 2nd Bigfoot in 
Provo Bigfoot Video

RMSO Investigation Provo Bigfoot Video

  During our investigation we found what appeared to be two separate tracks of Bigfoot size & shaped footprints. Because we also found size 8 human boots at the suspects video location we deem the video inconclusive.

 However the video keeps on giving. Two sets of tracks & now two dark Bigfoot shapes moving around in the video. The 2nd dark Bigfoot shape is moving around on a large boulder just above a home.

Original Provo Bigfoot Video 
Posted on Reddit

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Orange-Brown 8ft Bigfoot-like Yowie

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Woman Shoved by Yowie that 
Roared like a Lion & Bear Combined

Orange-Brown 8ft Bigfoot-like Yowie

 Orange brown hair & a roar like a lion & bear rolled into one described by witnesses
in Australia.
 A woman reported being physically struck in the back & pushed down a hill by a Yowie.
Cairns Queensland woman claims the human-like beast shoved her after she surprised it out in the bush.
 More on Australian Yowie Research in below article

More Yowie, Yeti & Sasquatch Below

Video of Side Stepping, Hopping Yeti

Aboriginal Shares Photo | Australia Yowie

Thermal Video of Hinterland Yowie | Australia Sasquatch

Gippsland Yowie Waiting to Ambush Men

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Hell Cat Bigfoot Wasatch Mountains

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Searching for Bigfoot at
Seven Time Bigfoot Sighting Hotspot

Hell Cat Bigfoot Wasatch Mountains

Pissed Off Bigfoot Monte Cristo

Trey Bigfoot Monte Cristo

Game Cam Project
Bigfoot Sighting Hotspot

Beaver Creek Bigfoot

 Partially submerged footprint photographed by RMSO
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Bear River Range Sasquatch Encounters & Tracking the Creature

Beaver Creek Bigfoot

 Jenny & Kelly were shocked that there was not a single footprint leading up to this single track or after the track. This section of the creek was around 15 feet wide & this mud bar was nearly in the middle of the creek.

 It appeared to cleanly leap to the mud bar only leaving one footprint and then cleanly leaping to the other side. We did not think it had the right shape or instep a human would. And could not imagine anyone being able to cleanly leap to this mud bar and then clear the other half of the creek without leaving at least one more footprint.

 Heard what may have been a Bigfoot vocalization camping in Beaver Creek Idaho the night before finding this footprint in the middle of the creek.

Around 1 AM in the morning a long scream that sounded like a woman in distress. Yet knew it was not a human voice making the scream. Plus no other people camping back there.

 The next night around 1am the same eerie scream again. The four nights camping back there only heard the scream two nights in a row and only one time each night.

 Screams & unusual shape footprint in a strange location.

Bear River Range Bigfoot Activity Below

Logan Peak Bigfoot Traversing Wasatch Ridge

Beaver Creek Sasquatch Captured on Video

Camper Abandons Camp After Bigfoot Activity

Beaver Creek Bigfoot Sighting RoundTable

August 17 2012 photo of footprint in mud on cover photo.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Kit to Casting Bigfoot Tracks in The Field (How To)

Making the Casting Kit

15 Inch Bigfoot Track Cast in The Field

14 Inch Bigfoot Foot Print Cast in The Field

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Weird Beastly Creature

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Shoshone warned of a Weird Beastly Creature or 
Monster that lurks in the Canyon

Bigfoot sighting hotspot Jarbidge Wilderness
Shoshone meaning for "Jarbidge" 
(Weird Beastly Creature or Monster that lurks in the Canyon)
 Shoshone formerly called the area "Tsawhawbitts" 
meaning (Cannibal Giants)

Monster Lurks in The Canyon
Weird Beastly Creature

Video Series of Bigfoot Sightings & Investigations

History of Bigfoot from Shoshone to Modern Day

Shoshone Legend of Cannibal Giants in 
Jarbidge Wilderness

Most Recent Bigfoot Encounter in Jarbidge Wilderness
Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of
Sasquatch in Jarbidge Wilderness

Doctor Leslie Bigfoot Encounter in Jarbidge Wilderness
Nine Foot Tall Bigfoot Observed
Pulling Branches from Tree

Night Investigation
Shoshone Legend of Cannibal Giants

Three Track-ways Found
Cannibal Giant Bigfoot Expedition

Weird Beastly Creature
Cannibal Giants Bigfoot RTD 
Jarbidge Wilderness

Cannibal Giants Investigation Tsawhawbitts