Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Stop Action The Hunt For Bigfoot

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A lot like old school King Kong Movies.
May be entertaining for some.

The Hunt for Bigfoot
Stop Action The Hunt for Bigfoot

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Sasquatch Outpost is Must See for Bigfoot Enthusiasts

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The Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey Colorado is a must see for anyone interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon.

 The museum is full of local & national Bigfoot evidence along with a comprehensive history of Bigfoot sightings in North America.

 The museum is set in the middle of a Bigfoot sighting hotspot known as Bailey Colorado.

Our team at RMSO came to Bailey to hike in a reported Bigfoot sighting location. 
We were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this gem of Bigfoot history in this cozy town.

 The Sasquatch Outpost is not only a museum but a convenience store filled with Bigfoot souvenirs & memorabilia. 

 The museum displays maps of local sighting locations of this elusive giant near Bailey.


Bigfoot Sighting Investigation Below 
Near Bailey

Amazing Bigfoot Expedition
Bailey Colorado

Mad Mountain Sasquatch Stirs Campfire


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cave Location of Aggressive Sasquatch

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After investigating an aggressive Bigfoot encounter
eyeshine captured on video in a cave zoomed in on with a powerful camera.

1st video is a recent investigation of the day time cave eyeshine. 
2nd video is the aggressive Bigfoot sighting report.

Last video is a break-down of the day time eyeshine
 captured during the Bigfoot investigation.

Manti La Sal Bigfoot Cave Investigation

Sasquatch Whirls Log at Hunter Mani La Sal Forest

Eyeshine In Cave During Bigfoot Investigation

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Colorado Bigfoot Lost Creek Wilderness

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Jaylene Radestock comments in 
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Sightings

My second experience with Sasquatch
Segment 4, Colorado trail.
June 2019

 My son and I decided to go do an overnight hiking trip. I was training to hike the CT as a through hike in the next few months. I had checked out the segment 3 a couple of times, so I wanted to check out 4. Seemed great according to the book.

 My son and I started in on a nice trail, which soon turned into a old jeep trail that lead to lost creek wilderness area, you have to sign in at a check box. After my son and I continued to hike in, I started to get very unsettling feeling. I didn't say anything to my son as I didn't want to freak him out (11 at the time) He was a little behind me at times, which made me a little frustrated cause I knew he could keep up and I'd turn around and he'd be forever down the trail. I was like you have to keep up, Mtn. Lions like kids, easier to catch.

 He got the hint soon after I said that. Anyways, as we're walking, we start to see huge trees laying over the trail, first I was like okay that's gotta be from the snow fall we just had. Then I'd see that the base of the tree had roots, however the hole to the tree was no where around., these were huge trees. No way human could carry these nor why would they do this? Then another few feet up we start to see many X trees, I knew then we were in Sasquatch territory. The next huge tree had been cut down at some point, however the stump again no where in sight. My son started to say at this point, can we turn around? I feel funny. I said no were fine. Your just paranoid.

We see trees shoved in other trees that went over the top of the trail that we had to walk under, the forest go really thick with trees at many points and very eery like, I wanted to turn back, however didn't  cause it was getting late and I knew there wasn't anyone nearby as we hadn't passed anyone in a while, I didn't feel comfortable to go back. There was a couple in front of us a few feet with a dog, I kept seeing them every so often. 

 We got to camp, things seemed not as intense there, still got a creeped out feeling though. The people with dog, camped near us, then we got some more neighbors about 3 hours after settled in, came in from the same way we did. They camped by us, I think they felt the same creepiness I did, I could see it in their faces.

 That night, was spooky. There was a haze in the distance, tree knocking all over the place and close by, howls, and something came into the camp area, you could hear it walking around. I had to pee so bad and was like nope, I'm not getting out! The dog was going crazy barking at that point and didn't stop for a few hours. I just laid there wishing I didn't come out here.

 The next day, it was cold from rain, we packed up and hiked out. The neighbors left before we did and in the other direction. We headed out about 8 am, I didn't want to leave earlier, just cause animals tend to still be out! Lol I was absolutely scared out of my mind.. I didn't like the feeling I had at all.

 On our way back, we saw a few other campers along the route, which was kinda nice.. However I started to feel like, something was watching us walk, I kept scanning the area, stopped and listening, I'd hear knocks, told myself they were I saw a few times black shadows in the near distant trees and would just look, my son was really scared at this point, He asked if sasquatch was in the area.. I said most likely and we just need to talk and keep moving.

We had a bear bell in case there was a bear in the area. We tapped out trekking poles very so often. He got so scared he started to cry. I said, if its sasquatch, they're not going to hurt us,  they're just as interested in us as we are in them. If it's a bear or lion, they most of the time want nothing to do with you. However we need to stay alert and keep moving. I also got a feeling that there maybe spirits in there, possibly a burial ground near by?

 The vibe in that area is just creepy. Once your out of the wilderness area, the feeling goes away. I took photos and I got tall dark images in them, yet weren't there when I took the picture. I heard them, I felt there presence, not entirely sure if I saw them or not. Definitely heavy with markings. 

 Out of all places I've hiked, this is the only place I have ever felt so uncomfortable. I recently posted on the CT Facebook page. I have gotten about 40 people that say they felt the same vibe and some have heard the same sounds I did.

 If you go to this area to look for them, take some buddies, don't go solo.. 

RMSO Response
Colorado boasts the most reported Bigfoot sightings in all of the Rocky Mountains.
These sighting reports motivates our team to search for this elusive giant in these bigfoot sighting hot spots.

 Our team did a bigfoot expedition roughly 7 miles Northwest of where you had your experience.

RMSO Colorado Bigfoot Expedition

More Colorado Bigfoot Below

Miner Spots Bigfoot near Silverton

Women Terrified by Bigfoot Animas Forks

Lime Creek Colorado Bigfoot

Friday, November 15, 2019

Legendary Bigfoot Tracker Tim Fasano Passed Away

Rest in Peace Tim Fasano
9/13/1956 - 11/14/2019

 According to reports Tim Fasano the legendary Bigfoot tracker in Florida passed away November 14th 2019 from a heart attack.

 Tim is known as a no nonsense Florida Bigfoot researcher.
He started his YouTube Bigfoot research channel on January 5th 2007.
His successful Florida Sasquatch channel has over 12,100 Subscribers with 8 million views.
It's entertaining watching Tim and his team search for Bigfoot.

He spent the majority of his Bigfoot research time tracking the elusive giant in Florida also known as Skunk Ape or Sasquatch. 

 His exciting no nonsense approach in the jungle, forest and everglades tracking Sasquatch will be missed. Rest in Peace Tim Fasano.

Tim describes himself as "I am a film maker, hiker, Bigfoot hunter, and photographer. I love camping and the outdoors. In the last ten years, the wilderness has become my friend."

 Tim had a special interest in the Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape video. He is one of the few Bigfoot researchers to actually explore and research that area because of the credible quality Bigfoot video filmed there..

 RMSO did a break-down of the Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape video over a year ago and pointed out the money shot as the creatures face looks toward the camera before it disappears into the swamp.

 Tim recently did the same type of break down. His passion for the video, location and his research area was evident through-out his dissection of one of the top Bigfoot videos to date.

Prayers go out to Tim and his family. 
I would like to honor Tim by honoring his passion in life. 
The search for a modern day mystery.
The search for Bigfoot.

Tim Fasano Break-down of Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape Video Below

The Face Of Bigfoot (Lettuce Lake Video)

RMSO Break-down of Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape Below

Skunk-Ape Florida Bigfoot

Doctor Documents Bigfoot Trackway Southwest Montanta

Email your Bigfoot sighting to
Full Written Report & Photos Below Video

Surgeon Plans Science Expedition After Finding Evidence
 Near Famous Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Location

Doctor Documents Bigfoot Trackway Southwest Montanta

Dr. Mike Johnson writes RMSO

 Email me and I'll send you some very clear photos of tracks - 9400 on top of rugged mounting
in Montana, clear toe impressions, EXTREMELY heavy, 6 ft stride, no drag out of deep impressions in snow - except 1st 2 toes which corresponds with Dr. Jeff Melrdum's - and other scientific assessments of stride/gait. No surface distortion of tracks whatsoever as they were broken through crusted snow with a clean, shape edge. 2 day old tracks made 2 nights before I found them. Headed towards EXTREMELY rugged, rocky canyon that cant be hiked without equipment - trees, rock and near vertical to vertical.

RMSO responds
Yes we would like to view the photos of your bigfoot tracks.

Dr. Mike responds
Annotated photo: Red - Deer tracks with leg breaks in snow. Yellow - Sasquatch tracks. Blue - My normal stride leaving 3 tracks. Purple - My maximum stretch stride at 6'0 tall and long legs for height.

The snow when the sasquatch walked through was more fresh and then the surface froze preserving the exact size of the tracks with no distortion at the surface.

NOTHING ELSE could've made these tracks - 3 very clear tracks in stride - identical with opposing left to right hominid foot and clear toe impressions on 2 of the tracks. One track show evidence of Dr. Meldrum's description of the "mid-tarsal break" and all tracks imprinted much heavier at the heel vs forefoot demonstrating flexibility. The toe impressions were MUCH more clear than the photos - lightening the photos may help.

Feel free to post with credit.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line.

RMSO Responds
Thank you
Some follow up questions.
What par of Montana & mountain name if you wouldn't mind?
Did you get a measurement of can you give an estimate of the creatures foot print?
It appears to be 15 or 16 inches in length estimating it next to your boot.

Dr. Mike responds
I didn't measure them, based on my boot and the image I'll do an estimation. They were at least 16".
The boots in the image are 11s. The gait was at least 6 feet, My stretched gait is around 5 ft. It possibly could've been running or a faster walk pace.

It was in southwest Montana at over 9000 feet near the top of a mountain. Tacks crossed 4wd road. I don't want to disclose exactly where, but I'll think about it and get back to you. The direction the tracks were headed was toward 3 steep canyons - near vertical to vertical - with rocks, cliffs and trees - impossible to hunt.

I'm a semi-retired Surgeon and have scientifically studied the sasquatch phenomenon for over 12 years. I've studied Bill Munns digitally restored version of the Patterson-Gimlin film frame by frame. You can CLEARY see specific muscles flexing with the gait. And those muscles and many anatomical features of "Patty" are IDENTICAL or nearly identical with a western land gorilla. 

 It sure as hell isn't a man in a suit. Looking at all of the technical and scientific studies of film and hair samples there's scientifically no doubt the species exists - and I'd be happy to debate (and have online with several) any doctoral scientist regarding the existence of the species. When I get the time I plan on writing a book and challenging any "disbelieving" (belief is a religious experience) scientists to an open forum debate of specific evidence.

Many claim there are very few sasquatches. Even Dr. Meldrum state a very low number (6000) for a breeding population. People apparently have no clue how big Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta and Montana are - as well as Eastern Canada. There could be 50,000 sasquatches in Alaska alone and that would be a density of one sasquatch per 13 square miles! Family units could have 1,000 square mile range in Alaska and never come within 100 miles of a road of any kind.

 There are a helluva lot more than anyone (besides me) has ever suggested. They're 99.9% nocturnal. possess acute hearing, smell and I speculate a vibratory sense through their feet, as well as eyesight. Sightings are only under extraordinary conditions for them - and that's why nearly all legitimate film clips are of mothers carry infants or actively lactating like Patty.

ANYWAY :) , Thanks for your efforts. I ask all sasquatch enthusiasts to keep their observations and assertions 100% scientific - and seems you are 👍

RMSO responds
 I really appreciate you taking the time to document your findings & emailing us with the details.
Our team has done many expeditions to Southwest Montana because of sighting reports there.
What initially sparked my interest personally in that par of Montana near the Idaho boarder was the famous deadly Bauman Bigfoot encounter Teddy Roosevelt writes bout.
Bauman Deadly Bigfoot Encounter

Took a couple of years of research and visits out there scouting around to find the actual location he wrote about. After finding the location we like to try and visit it once or twice a year.
We also actively search for sighting report locations near the Bauman location so that we can visit them to search for the creature and or evidence.

 Excited to hear from you & see track in the Southwest part of Montana. Seems to be an active location for sightings presently and historically..

Dr. Mike response
   I know the general location of the Bauman story. Thee are places in that area we call "windfall jungles". Lodgepole pine windfall with new growth trees so thick you cant walk on the ground for 50 square miles. Have to wither crawl or walk on the trees. Guys (me included have accidentally drifted just in to the fringes of these and it takes a day to get out. 2008 in the Scapegoat wilderness my son and I had to go through just a couple miles of this crap and it took us 8 hours. Several "old timers" I knew growing up in Dillon MT said they both saw sasquatches and found "nests" on the fringe og these area with  hair and scat. Many other while hunting the fringes of these jungles reported the classic strong musty rotten wet dog smell and tracks.

 There's only one pass from Idaho in to Montana - and if recall correctly they had crossed from Idaho in to Montana. The description given of the terrain perfectly fits this area.

 An even more direct and "scientifically sound" account is David Thompson's 1811 account from the Athabasca River in Alberta CA. He was an experienced hunting guide and tracker, and the Indians with him were scared shitless and refused to go any further. He openly stated he'd heard reports of such a creature but dismissed it as "fondness for the marvelous so common to mankind" - until he saw 100 yards of fresh tracks. Amazingly he describes a "small nail" at the end of each toe. LOOK AT MY PHOTO - couldn't believe I was seeing EXACTLY what he described in 1811 - a small nail at the end of one toe.

 Thanks again - I'm busy but will get your more info ASAP. Eventually I'm going to have the funding to do a recovery expedition. I'll  hate to do it, but think one must be sacrificed to finally confirm the reality of the species. I'm confident I can find one using my own hunting techniques. There hasn't been even a reasonable hunt for one yet recorded - bunch of BS and nonsense like wood knowing and whooping - although in the dead of winter up Blacksmith Fork canyon out of Logan UT at 2 am Finding Bigfoot team got a response from up on the canyon wall - impressive but wont convince anyone who doesn't already know they exist.

Take care - Dr. Mike

More Bigfoot Activity in Montana Below

9 Feet Tall Bigfoot Steals Tripe
From Montana Cabin

Chief Joseph Bigfoot

Bigfoot Attack Near Bear Mouth

Crazy Bigfoot Big Timber

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Minnesota Sasquatch Carrying Deer Like Grocery Bags

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Full written report below video link

Minnesota Sasquatch Carrying Deer Like Grocery Bags

Dale Olson writes RMSO
 In MN I had my closest encounter with Bigfoot I believe. Depends on how you choose to work it I guess.
Anyway it was winter during tail end of deer hunting and I was on my cousins property. It was an abandoned car lot. It had a ravine , or was behind it with a steep bank, on the other side of the ravine was low area we had tilled up and planted corn for crop land and used it for pheasant and deer hunting. Also we planted 3 rows of pine 20 years prior from saplings that had filled out pretty well. I will draw a picture on here. 

 Anyway it was like last chance hunting last day and I wanted a deer. I had already got my buck and doe. I was on an extra doe hunt I had put in for. My cousin had decided to not go for his, because he was being a puss as it was cold. I figured I might get lucky and fill his tag as well.

 This is getting long for an email OMG.
Anyway I went out very early. I figured with the wind and dark I could be out there sitting long before they moved through to the neighboring field that they would go lay in, to be in the day time sunlight. So I was sitting in my spot 2 hours before sunrise.

I had good insulated coveralls and sorel boots with neoprene socks, so the cold wasn't really an issue even with the wind. I figured I would button up my face mask for an hour and then well before day light prepare for a shot and I could ride out the last hour in the cold with face mask off and one glove with one hand in pocket till I saw something.

 Any way after I got in my spot I was concealed well by pine trees from direct of travel. I would hear them even with the wind long before I saw them, as the snow had a real good ice crust on it from past warmer days.
After about an hour I heard some crunching and I thought maybe it was later than an hour as I wasn't expecting them to move yet. But I thought well they are probably just snacking some corn before laying down. So I undid my face mask and moved a bit to get some fresh blood to my legs as I needed to sit tight for now till after my shot.. 

 Then I heard and noticed that what I was hearing was more deliberate and was a bipedal walking.. I was oh crap my cousin is coming in from the carlot side..ruining my hunt.

 I was ready to pack it in and give him hell..then it paused and moved in a different direction.. I thought WTH. I told him exactly where I would be.. I was getting more pissed because it was like he was insuring I wouldn't get a shot. cause he was walking thru the corn and would take long stops and then would go again for a ways. I couldn't see him or anything I was just assuming by the sound of it. Then it came back to where it had been for a minute. Back to where it had been before going into the corn. And stood there a while.. I was about to yell "over here dummy" when it started to walk again.

 It was still a good half hour before the first thread of dawn would show, so when I looked straight in front of me. I could see the tops of the trees across the rest of the field. I could see the last pine tree on my left from the pines we had planted. It was about 10 to 15 feet away. The field rose up to my right and there was a tree line there as well, but it pretty much just looked like a black wall at the time.

 The wind was whipping cold from right to left at about a 45 degree angle. I heard it walking towards the end pine on my left and I was thinking, well if this isn't my cousin it was a perfect set up to take a shot if I could see anything of it at all because there would be no way it could scent me with the wind picking up like this.

 Now I know it would have been an early shot..too early, but I had it in my mind that if a nice one could be seen I would take the no houses for like a mile and with the wind and the time it was no other fool was out there or anywhere near earshot but me.

 So I sat and waited. I kept hoping for the sun to hurry and rise lol as I could barely make out this side of the pine tree on the left, let alone the other side of it. As I waited for the deer..or my cousin..I had my shotgun pointed up now. I figured if it was a deer I would just drop the barrel and..drop the deer.

 Any way it hesitated at the pine tree. I figured it could be my cousin looking for me or it could still be a deer as it was the last cover for about 60 years till the next tree line. I knew even though I was only like 20 to 30 feet away, it couldn't scent me on the wind. So I just sat still.

 Then it stepped out from the tree. I saw movement but I couldn't see what it was yet. I just saw black movement against black tree shapes as it was a little farther away from the last pine than I had thought I had judged by the sound.

 The tree line on the other side of the field was about 4 or 5 trees thick with under growth. I could see a little difference between the trees, but not much so I could see something move but that was about it.. Then I notice something real odd. So out of norm I couldn't understand what I was seeing.. It totally freaked me. I was frozen. But more like out of confusion than fear. I was baffled. 

 What ever was walking in front of me just a mere 25 to 30 feet away, it was carrying at least 3 deer. As I could see their heads and necks above the tree line from the other side of the field. Silhouetted on the night sky. From where I was where I guessed it was my angle of vision would put the tree tops at about ten feet. I don't know how tall it was. The thing carrying those three deer like a brown bag of groceries. But I could see the neck and head of 2 does and one buck. The buck with its head sitting very oddly on the neck being carried across the field. 

 I was this another hunter carrying decoys. Then I was like. WTH, that hunter would have to be 9.5 feet tall. And why is he carrying them up in the wind like that. Most anybody would be using a sled if they had that much gear to carry. Otherwise they would need to make 3 or 4 trips.

 I was thinking I gotta shoot I am letting these deer walk right in front of me, but at the same time I was thinking crap its another hunter with decoy. My hunt is done, and I was thinking this make no sense. Nobody is that tall. Then it stopped. Midway between the last pine tree on the left and the tree line on the right. 

 I started to feel fear then because I was trying to convince myself it was just another hunter with decoys and I was losing that argument. It had got to the point where I could no longer see the 3 deer silhouetted against the sky. They as well as the carrier had melded into the darkness of the woodline on the right.

 I knew it hadn't seen me or smelled me, but I had the feeling it realized something was in the area. IDK maybe it could see me. But with the wind blowing as it was, I could smell it.. As well as the blood.. I assume from the deer. It was a bad smell. In my mind, I was still trying to convince myself this huge fellow hunter had just killed 3 deer and was carrying them in the dark across a field. Which is ridiculous to say or think now, but my mind was grasping at this point. I knew what it was, but I didn't want to accept it.

 It did a yell growl. And in my mind all I could visualize was big teeth. As soon as dawn started I could make out everything inside the tree lines. I was up and out of there and didn't hunt again until I moved to Az. Never have I gone alone since and never out in the dark hunt. Just couldn't pay me enough for that.

Thanks for your time. This occurred in the area between New London and Sunberg close to Willmar area.

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Motley Sasquatch on Video in Minnesota


Thursday, November 7, 2019

Black Mountain Sasquatch

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Desmond Writes RMSO
Hey I just saw your black mtn Video

 I live in Brigham and I got some pictures of a track that I found up there and I think I still have a tree break pic and some weird scat that I've never seen up there before. But mostly every time I hike that trail I get a feeling that something is watching me and by that time there is no birds or anything around.

RMSO Responds
Right on. Had a hunch some of the sightings in and around Sardine Canyon me be from a Bigfoot that comes through for resources on and around Black Mountain. 

Desmond writes
Yeah! I've been up there my whole life I've been all over those mtns. And I've looked on BFRO and there was a sighting there by some grouse hunters.
Me and my dad thought it was weird. Here are some of my pictures.

Desmond continues
We were grouse hunting and we came to this clearing its on the north side of the mtn. At the end of it there were a bunch of aspens. To the left of the aspens there's a trail that goes up further. On our way up it looked like a lean-too was built in a weird spot right off the trail. We looked around for anything out of the ordinary because my dads on sherrifs SAR. We didn't find anything. We continued up the trail and found a spring with a pond. And it looked like on a pine tree there used to be a tree stand. And to the right of it there was a aspen with the top half snapped in half.

We went back down a little and to our right was another trail we took it and found the run off from the pond. And there were a bunch of animal tracks there and looked like a foot print of a heel but mostly looked like a boot with no tread. And to the right of that was a very small clearing and with it looked like a apple tree, And that is where I found the print with the toes and I don't know I didn't believe it so I took a picture.

And to my Right was some white scat. I got a closer look and it was pretty big comparted to the coyote scat that I've found in the past. And it was white color..(my dogs would make scat like this after we would let them have bones.) as of right now I'm looking north and the mtn is on my back side. And we got the weirdest feeling and it only starts when we are near that mtn.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Wasatch Bigfoot

Cover Photo Link:
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All Wasatch Mountain Bigfoot Encounters
 including cover photo

Bigfoot Staring Match Wasatch Mountains

Hikers Scary Run In With Giant Bigfoot on Jardine Juniper Mountain Trail

Grouse Hunters Frightened by Bigfoot

Wellsville Bigfoot

Friday, November 1, 2019

Timpanogas Sasquatch Utah Bigfoot

Cover is an example for Bigfoot reported below
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Thomas M writes RMSO after watching the video clip from below report.

 I had one walk within 50 feet of me September 27, 2000 on the front side of Timpanogas while I was muzzle loader hunting. I was sitting on a shale patch just above a group of short scrubby aspens.

 I had just come though this patch of aspens and I had made a lot of noise. This stand of aspens growing at that altitude and area do not grow over about 15 feet high and are very close together, so much it is very hard to move through them.

 I had come out of the trees and sat down on the shale about 15 feet higher than the trees and maybe 20 feet up the hill from them.

 As I sat there I heard something coming from the South to North through the trees, it was making a lot of noise and I could tell it was big. I thought it was a moose.

Once it got closer I could tell it was on two legs, then thought it was a person. When it got about 50 feet in front of me I couldn't see it because of the leaf canopy but I called out, "hey are you another hunter?" It froze and didn't move, I called out again and it didn't respond or move.

 I glassed  and glassed the spot where I knew it was but couldn't see anything. I called out many times over 10 or so minutes and it didn't move or respond. 

I couldn't figure why if it was a hunter he wouldn't respond, I know if someone called out to me I would have yelled back not to shoot.

I continued up the face of Timp and didn't think anything else about it. Years later I got thinking about it and realized what it probably was.

I also had rocks thrown at me up rock canyon back in 91-92 and I've heard wood knocks in that canyon.

Most recently my mother in-law told us she was woken up by wood knocking at her cabin at 2-3 AM one summer morning. Her cabin is up by Smith and More House.

Video Below is near Thomas's Bigfoot experience. He messaged us after watching it.

Lone Peak Bigfoot Video