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Exclusive Evidence of Bigfoot's Footprint | Expert Analysis Sasquatch Documentary


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Dr Meldrum remarks...
..."Graphics don't always correlate with what I am saying,
& we weren't afforded the opportunity to review the animations prior"

From HISTORY YouTube
The Proof Is Out There: 
REMARKABLE EVIDENCE of Bigfoot's Footprint
(Season 2) Exclusive
Exclusive Evidence of Bigfoot's Footprint
Expert Analysis Sasquatch Documentary

More Bigfoot Evidence

Fisherman Tracks Bigfoot near
 Washington Canada Border

Lare Bigfoot on Video Crossing Texas Road

On The Heels of Mt Adams Bigfoot Tracking PNW Sasquatch

20 Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters That Will Keep You Out of The Woods


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Twenty Sasquatch Photos, Videos & Encounters on One Video

20 Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters
That Will Keep You Out of The Woods

Full video of cover photo & #3 video featured
Sasquatch Crossing Cass River
Carrying Infant Bigfoot

#19 Listed
Window Peeking Rocky Mountain Bigfoot

RMSO Bigfoot
Top 5 Sasquatch on Camera

Skookum Captured on Camera More Details on Olympic Forest Bigfoot Included


Original photo at bottom of the article
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 This photo was purportedly taken in the Olympic Forest of Washington.
The state of Washington is number one in the world for reported Bigfoot sightings.
The Olympic Forest in the Olympic Peninsula is number one for Bigfoot sightings in the state of Washington. Because of the reported location the photo was snapped, it is of interest.

 The foliage appears to be correct for the Pacific Northwest
After some digging and follow-up.
The person whom posted this photo publicly on social media was not the person who took it.
And has not answered questions about follow up photos, or who actually snapped the picture.

 Bigfoot media groups often are provided reports, photos or videos from people that want to remain anonymous.

If you took this photo please contact us at , we will keep you anonymous if you choose. We have a few questions about your experience when you snapped this amazing photo..

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Tracking Skookum Olympic Mountain Bigfoot

Three Bigfoot Walk Upon a Fisherman & Take His Catch

Fisherman Tracks Bigfoot Near Washington Canada Border

National News 
Washington Bigfoot Thermal & Utah Sasquatch Video

Bigfoot Vocalizations at Three Bigfoot Hot Spots

Suiattle River Sasquatch on Camera Washington Bigfoot

Original Olympic Forest Bigfoot Photo

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Marshal Family Encounter Pakuni a Small Bigfoot-Like Hominid in Land of the Lost


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1st Episode - Land of the Lost - Marshal Family Befriend Chaka
From Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures YouTube
Land of the Lost- Cha-Ka (season 1, episode 1)

Pakuni is a tribe from the series below depicting Paranthropus.
An extinct hominid that lived approximately 2.6 & 0.6 million years ago.
Cha-ka & his clan of Pakuni were created depicting these extinct hominids.

Marshal Family Encounter Pakuni a
Small Bigfoot-Like Hominid in Land of the Lost

Real Bigfoot Encounters Below

Hikers Scary Run In with Giant Jardine 
Bigfoot on Juniper Trail

Hiker Faints as Bigfoot Reaches to Him

Skunk-Ape Video Florida Bigfoot

Three Bigfoot Encountered in Indiana | Cornfield Creature, Dog-Snatcher & 'Cartoon Monkey'


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A String of Bigfoot Occurrences Plague a Section of Indiana

From Bob Gymlan YouTube
Three Bigfoot Encountered in Indiana
Cornfield Creature, Dog-Snatcher & 'Cartoon Monkey'

More Indiana Bigfoot

Hoosier Sasquatch Captured on Camera in Indiana

Indiana Bigfoot Captured on Camera 10 Miles from Michigan

Michigan Sasquatch Captured on Video

Over 8 Feet Tall Sasquatch Smelled Like a Whole Family of Skunks


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Several Bigfoot sighting reports
A Monster Mania

Over 8 Feet Tall Sasquatch
Smelled Like a Whole Family of Skunks

More Bigfoot

Hikers Scary Run In With Giant Bigfoot
on Jardine Juniper Mountain Trail

Sasquatch Harasses Hunters
in Colorado Mountains

Woman Stalked by Sasquatch
Captured on Camera at Pine Barrens

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hikers Capture Bigfoot on Video in BC Canada


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Sasquatch in British Columbia on Camera

Hikers Capture Bigfoot on Video
in BC Canada

More Bigfoot on Camera

Sasquatch Captured on Video
in Jasper, Canada

Trucker Captures Bigfoot
on Camera in Coldfoot

Giant Bigfoot Captured on Video
Crossing Texas Road

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Uinta Mountain Fisherman Discovers Bigfoot Trackway | Several Photos Included


More photos of trackway below
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Posted in Utah Anceint, Spanish, Historical Symbols, Burial, Mines Page

Sasquatch Trackway Discovered in a
Hotbed Location of Bigfoot Activity & Sightings

Uinta Mountain Fisherman Discovers Bigfoot Trackway

Several Photos Included

Ben P comments on his post

 So my buddy went backpacking in the Uintas over the weekend. He head off trail to a little known pond he discovered fishing years ago. These tracks show up around the shore. Defined toes with a mid tarsal break. The gait was 42” approximately. What the hell?  He seriously came across this in the primitive area. This isn’t a hoax with someone making prints.

Uinta Mountains & surrounding areas of Utah 
have the largest concentration of Bigfoot sightings reports in the State

More Utah Bigfoot

Sinks Sasquatch Captured on Video in Logan Canyon

Lone Peak Sasquatch Captured on Camera

Provo Bigfoot Captured on Video

Florida Bigfoot Skunk-Ape Video Slowed & Stabilized


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Swamp Sasquatch Florida Skunk-Ape Captured on Video
Florida Bigfoot Skunk-Ape Video Slowed & Stabilized

More Bigfoot on Video

Skunk-Ape on Video The Florida Bigfoot

Georgia Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Giant Bigfoot Captured on Video Crossing Texas Road

Monday, September 26, 2022

Fly-In Only North Ontario Community Keep Spotting Two Bigfoot Individuals


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(Written Report Below Video)
Residents around Fort Hope, Ontario have been spotting
two & sometimes three Sasquatch along with Bigfoot shape tracks

Fly-In Only North Ontario Community
Keep Spotting Two Bigfoot Individuals

D.R.A. writes RMSO

 Hello , I’m from a small community from Northern Ontario, about 350 km north of Thunder Bay.

 I myself never seen one but we have a lot of sightings here around my community, just the other day a couple of the community members seen two , big one and a small one ,, even my sister seen one , they say they are spirits that is all , my friend smelt where the odor was so bad ,, the sightings go back way back , just info for you that they are here ..

 It’s been 4-5 days ago couple community members seen two big and small one, not far from our community

That’s the second time in the same area

Lots of sightings, mainly on the east side of our community, where there is hills

And I’m not pulling your leg on this info

RMSO responds
Sounds like a family of them are in the area.

D.R.A. continues
Watch this video
And see what you think

This is up in Fort Hope Ontario north of Thunder Bay
And we call the area Thomas bridge sand hill

Now here is the video and what do you think of it
That was this morning

Wow that 1st track was really nice.. Appears to have a long stride too... 

I’m not the one who took this video but it was a local man that did
North of Thunder Bay
Fly in community
In your own word that’s Sasquatch foot print or human

D.R.A. sends a map of the area

Where I circled in white is where all the sightings are of it. The bottom left side of photo where the X is we call that area pioneer ridge. At the top on the left side of the X is Thomas bridge of the photo.. you see how close our community is.

RMSO responds
 That 1st track he films is indeed bigfoot shape. Looks nothing like a human. Its a good looking track
I see in the comments of his video, he states the track was a couple inches bigger than his shoe size 9.5... A 9.5 shoe is around 12 inches long and so this track must be 14 to 15 inches in length and my personal estimate now that I know this, it would be around 7 inches wide at the toes.

The video witness D comments on his original post of the video has a lot of great answers to some of my questions.. he states the strides are 5 feet apart and in straight line..

D.R.A. continues
 We do have slot of sightings here
Most sightings happen after spring and this time of the year
It’s like they migrate through here, never hear of any sightings in the winter.

People are seeing them more around here .. just last night a couple lady’s were out camping at the pioneer Ridge and heard cry’s in the early morning hours.

RMSO responds
 I have heard black bears cry and then I have also heard on a couple occasions with some of my team in Sasquatch Canyon what sounds like a human child crying in the woods..

 For a couple of years we kept finding one with 19 inch tracks that traveled with one that had 14 inch tracks and once in a while we would find 7 inch bigfoot tracks next to the one that leaves 14 inch long tracks. The following year the infants tracks had grown to 8 inch... So we believe the human like cry was that infant.

Comments of Interest on D's
Local Community Video Post

D writes on his video
Idk...human or something that has long and straight strides..this morning at the sand hill Thomas bridge...

I tried to make tracks beside those tracks..I can't even see my shoe tracks..couple inches bigger then my shoe size 9.5...where it must be Juvie

the strides are 5feet apart and straight..
the sand was just to hard to see..bigger than my shoe size anyways

April comments on D's video
That’s about the size of the prints we saw at pioneer a couple years ago. Long strides

Derek responds to Aprils comment
 One was size 19’ and the smaller was 15’ keep, keep in mind that 2 was seen just before the bridge last week, a huge one and a small one, so that’s probably the small one running around, exploring the area , they must live in the hills or have a cave somewhere close by.

Isabelle Comments
 We were there last night we seen somebody standing by the pow wow ground looked atleast 6ft -8ft tall almost as tall as those benches.

D comments to Isabelle
 Not sure when those tracks were made..was there this morning around 8:30am...I went there cause I heard someone was seen in that area..

 Isabelle responds
 Yeaa I was gonna go check where we saw that person too thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but my passenger saw it too.

More Canada Bigfoot

Ontario Sasquatch Captured
on Video near Lake Shore

Face to Face with a Prehistoric Man-Like Creature
it began to Sniff at Her

Manitoba Sasquatch at
Limestone Lake Bigfoot on Camera

Giant Aggressive Bigfoot
Charges Family in Nova Scotia

Alberta Sasquatch Captured on Video

Trucker Captures Bigfoot on Camera in Coldfoot

Friday, September 23, 2022

Alabama Bigfoot Filmed Out In Open Then Hides Behind Tree


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From Jonathan Odom YouTube
Analysis of Bigfoot on Video in The Chest Thump

Alabama Bigfoot Filmed Out In Open
Then Hides Behind Tree

More Bigfoot On Video

Bigfoot Captured on Camera
near Georgetown Railroad Tracks

Adygea Bigfoot Captured on Video
Yeti, Sasquatch, Yeren, Yowie Bigfoot

Jasper Bigfoot on Video

Logan Canyon Bigfoot Video

Canada Sasquatch Captured on Cell Phone

Fuji TV News Hibagon a Deceased Bigfoot-Like Creature Discovered


Cover photo from next video below
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National News
Deceased Sasquatch Like Creature Discovered in Asia
Species Unknown to "Science"

Fuji TV News Hibagon a
Deceased Bigfoot Like-Creature Discovered

Bigfoot Captured on Camera Below

Sasquatch Captured on Video
Exhibits Four Bigfoot Moves Including Midtarsal Flex

Large Bigfoot on Video Crossing Texas Road

Umatilla Sasquatch Captured on Video

Sinks Sasquatch Captured on Video

Georgia Sasquatch Captured on Game Camera

Surveyors Harassed & Confronted by Mean Posturing Bigfoot on Mogollon Rim


Cover photo link:
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Surveyors Confronted by Bigfoot
Posturing with Intimidation on the Mogollon Rim

Surveyors Harassed & Confronted by
Mean Posturing Bigfoot on Mogollon Rim

Rick G. writes RMSO on managed page
 I'm a land surveyor in Arizona. Had a sighting near Mogollon Rim close to strawberry Arizona in 2012 while setting panels for a topography flight. Never had bigfoot on the mind, never imagined they would be in Arizona.  It totally messed me up for the better part of a year. Classic ptsd , nightmares, panic attacks you name it...really sucked. Like every other time in my life I've been knocked down i got up and faced it .. I've been back to that area several times hoping to see one of them again.  They're there..

We saw the same one multiple times. I say we because there was 3 of us on the crew all 3 of us saw the same thing the closest point that we saw him was probably about 35 as you ran by us

RMSO asks.
 Hi Rick, we are familiar with the Mogollon Rim, our team actually camped near Strawberry one year for a week long expedition.. We received a bigfoot sighting report from the outskirts of Pine last February 2022. A woman saw the creature move along the fence line at the back of her yard while she was standing at the kitchen window.
7 Feet Tall Mogollon Monster Walking Behind Garage Pine Arizona Bigfoot

If you don't mind could you describe the Bigfoot as best as you recall.. Height estimate, width, color or face description etc...? How did the sighting start, what happened, how did it end?

Rick continues
 I'm telling you that area is HOT!! I've gone back with one of my coworkers and camped for two nights last April we were hearing some crazy stuff we were on the south side of the highway. Literally a 20 minute walk to the rim

 We had driven back to that area to work about 3 times from Tucson that month. Typical there are survey problems with this type of job. Associates couldn't see one of the panels on the fly over , an elevation was busted , etc etc.

 The clients who met us at the Dennys in Payson had bought the property to make it into a Christian retreat or something like that it was about 50 acres of some pretty rough, nasty terrain that was going to be worked out near the Rim. Work was pretty scarce back then so when I got a call to help I was pretty happy, you pretty much took whatever you could get back in those days ,2012. It was cool for me and the other guys because it was going into its 3rd weekend. Being that it was the 3rd time that we were there, so we absolutely needed to finish.

 It started getting dark and that's when things got crazy. I'd say at about 7:15pm August 19, 2012. There was discussion amongst us about the best way to get to the GPS base and break it down. All this has relevance because we ended up turned around out there as it was getting dark.

 The guy we picked up in Phoenix to help us was lagging behind and he kept saying he could hear something behind him. Honestly I thought he was full of crap and was being paranoid because all he did was complain the last couple of hours we hiked.

 I guess the circus started when we heard and felt steps run by us in the trees that felt heavy. He yelled out it was a bear. I saw it really quick and thought the same. None of us had ever seen a bear EVER in the wild. So assumed, oh crap it's a bear. Didn't see it to good at that point but it felt close.

 No more than 5 minutes later the other guy Carlos pointed and told us to look, and there it was about 50 feet away standing next to a tree looking right at us. From the little bit of natural you could make out his size and that he was covered in hair. He had a mean looking posture and you could see his body breathing. It didn't look like it was standing straight up but even then it was well over 6ft....easy. It grunted a couple of times and just like that was gone.

 No words can describe the absolute crippling fear that comes over you. The three of us just stood there. In that moment i could see his face reflecting light , he looked kinda shiny, other than two big black eye sockets I couldn't make out any other features. Its hair was definitely black or really dark brown.

 We eventually started moving toward the base and picked it up. The entire time we were moving it moved with us, just out of sight. You could hear it. I couldn't smell anything. At one point I stopped and looked into the trees for about a minute and sure as heck there he was just standing and watching us from about 60 feet. It was like he was trying to hide and be stealthy but wasn't making an effort to do so.

 Longer story short it all ended when we got back to the truck and it must-have known we were scared because he let out some kind of yell as if it was telling us to get the hell out of there.
 Totally insane.

More Arizona Bigfoot &
Mogollon Monster Below

Bigfoot News from Mogollon Rim
to the Tallest Mountain in Arizona

7 Feet Tall Mogollon Monster Walking Behind Garage Pine Arizona Bigfoot

Mogollon Camp Host Scared Sh*tless by Bigfoot

White Mountain Sasquatch
Arizona Apache Bigfoot

Scout Wakes to Bigfoot Standing Over Him

Campers Harassed by Monster Knoll Lake Bigfoot

Screaming Monster Terrifies Camper Mogollon Rim

Troll like Bigfoot in Arizona

GPS of Bigfoot Encounter

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Hiker Captures Bigfoot on Camera at First He Thought It Was a Bear

Original Size Image Below
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Cameraman Runs Away from Sasquatch
when He Realizes It's Not a Bear
Found this photo from 2018 purportedly sent to NvTv

  A hiker captured what appears to be Bigfoot on camera stating they thought it was a black bear & snapped this photo. When they got closer they realized it was Bigfoot & quickly ran away.
 Location & witness remain anonymous.

More Bigfoot Captured on Camera Below
RMSO Bigfoot Top 5 Sasquatch Photo Selection

Woman Takes Several Photos
of Bigfoot Following Her

Large Bigfoot Captured on Video
Crossing Texas Road

Cover photo source:

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Three Sasquatch Save Man's Life


Cover from featured video below
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From Bigfoot Case Files YouTube
Three Sasquatch Save Mans Life | Classic Native Bigfoot Legends

Three Sasquatch Take Fisherman's Catch

Logan Sinks Sasquatch on Video

Amazing Bigfoot on Camera Captures by Scott Carpenter

Cover from next video below
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Sasquatch Captured on Camera Video Analysis
Sasquatch Short - Yep Its Crazy
Amazing Bigfoot Camera Captures by Scott Carpenter

More Bigfoot Captured on Camera Below

Indiana Sasquatch Captured on Camera 10 Miles from Michigan

Michigan Bigfoot Captured on Video near Caves & Waterfalls

Cass Sasquatch Crossing Michigan River Carrying Infant Bigfoot

Monday, September 19, 2022

Giant Bigfoot in Kanab | 45 Bigfoot Reports Included


Kanab Utah 09-18-22
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Forty Five Bigfoot Sightings Reported
on This Post Included in The Article

Giant Bigfoot in Kanab Utah
45 Bigfoot Reports Included

Charles D posts the following photos
in a public Bigfoot group & states
"Found another track boys! Location: Kanab, Utah"

Another Bigfoot found near-by

St George Sasquatch Tracked

Posted the following question on RMSO FB page

Was the Bigfoot you saw large & bulky? 
Thin & tall or did you see a smaller one?

People made the following comments & statements in response

Laurie L
 I think I encountered one in a wildlife refuge here in Northern California but I didn't see it. I had to pass by a large pond to get back to the entrance and something threw a sizable rock in the water from the tall grass growing in there to scare me off. I know it succeeded because I ran as fast as I could away from there and didn't look behind me.

Joel P
 I only saw it’s face looking through the window at me.
The eyes were black and I could tell it was extremely intelligent the way it looked in at me and my sister.

Andy H
Tall with bulk. The other tall and slimmer

Alex S
 3 different types/colors all in one area. Also found 3 different tipi structures in a 30 yard area. I've seen 5 in my life. 4 in the last year and a half. I believe the 3 different tipi structures represent 3 different clans

Matthew S
 I've never seen one, but my dad was out of town back in 79 or 80 in rural KY doing a paint job when one night they all heard one yell very loudly. The reason it yelled is because it bumped into a stop sign and hit it full forearm right down the middle. They said the stop sign was bent in half from the force. For it to do that it had to be a big one.

Shawn T
Tall and thin waist but looked strong and healthy. Looked like a big teenage guy.

Frank S
Saw a gray one peeking from behind a tree above me in the distance while I was rock hounding in a dry creek bed. I would venture to say tall but could not judge girth from that vantage point.

Sandra M.W.
The one we all saw was tall and rusty lite brown,he or she just bent down on one knee and w/his hand he scooped water and drank it,it done this about 3x then we all forgot about playing and got the heck out of their

Anita M
I think mine was a juvenile watching me through my glass doors. Was very bulky on top but the legs were thinner. Reddish brown in color and under 7 feet tall.

Charles D.B.
I don't know how tall I was moving quick grab my shotgun ! Quick as I turned back it was moving back in woods rapidly but watching me too !! Crazy but it knew a gun right off ! I have always called it a wild boy. I certainly would not fire my shotgun unless my life felt threatened !! I believe in live and let live. But I will defend. Nam thought me that for sure !

Jon S
Large, roughly 9 feet. 1200 pounds or more

Orange red. 8 feet tall. Ono California 2001. Standing along the road at 10:30 pm.

Susan G
Average. Not real tall.

Nicole H
Tall and athleticly thick lol not sure if that makes sense.

Brian C
The one i saw was large and bulky in 1982 in oregon

Greg F
It was large. Saw it on Larch MT. Oregon .

Ross E.P.
Large and bulkie near the Big Muddy River in Illinois.

Sandy S
Big very big about 9 ft tall and very wide

Manny M
I was fishing in the Berkshires in Plainfield I live day with my son he was 15 at the time ..we had 2 pitbull girls dogs with us...I just finished catching my limit and was pulling it in when a rock as big as my head landed 1foot from me ..I looked up and saw red haired son and dogs was already looking at it ..and all of us froze from fear grab a small tree and pulled it up roots and all them thrown it at us ..dogs took off after it and this thing out ran my dogs looked like a man cover head to toe in red hair ..but it's forehead look like cave man high ridge..his teeth was so big as it bear it's teeth at my dogs ..I reached for my weapon but it was already running away..I don't think it's a ape seemed to be angry we was taking his fish or we was to close to it's home? Not sure why it throws things at us .but I reported it..20 minutes later black helicopters in the area ..that was 6 years ago..I haven't gone fishing in that area again

Dean M
One bigger than the other, large and all black.

Kevin R
The clan leader was somewhere between 12 and 14 feet tall (I went back with my son in law and measured) and he was massively built. It was truly awe inspiring when I realized how big he is. The young woman Sasquatch who showed herself to me twice was much more slender, but still very tall. She was somewhere around 7-8 feet. The clan leader let me see his face - although he was irritated about it. The young woman hid her face both times.

Stan K
Unbelievably bulky. Wide.

Craig M
He was huge 800 to 900 lbs back in 1974.

James H
8 foot tall redish brown in a marsh. Something you would never forget

Betty W
Baby Bigfoot when I was about 8 years old my mom seen the momma Bigfoot.

John F.M.
Big and bulky. Big male

Michael W
Large and bulky

Katheen R.M.
Large and bulky

Peter C
All 3 encounters were large and bulky, 9-10ft tall and large muscular build.
Northwestern Ontario

Becky M
All of the above.

Paco P
The one I saw crossing the road (about 100m away) was tall and thin

Roger W
Thin and tall, like a fit basketball player.

Steed A
The one I saw was absolutely MASSIVE. About 8' tall and 3 1/2' across the shoulders. Very thick chest, legs, arms. Very imposing.

N Anthony M
A giant, same size as a big bull elk and the same color.

Tim G
Very large 14 to 15 feet tall and I was 1 of 11 to see it cross and opening 100 yards wide

Robert R
 I live in the middle of a clan's territory and I assure you that the clan leaders are enormous in a lot of cases. Our local clan leader is between 12 and 14 feet. I measured after the fact and had some really great landmarks for reference. It isn't even debatable.
Western Washington in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains.

Sterling A
Tall and on the thin side, lots of gray got impression he was quite old.

Eric W.H.
Had a skunk ape around a cenote in Mexico. Stunk like skunk & even jumped in a cenote, which we all heard but never saw someone come up. Skunk ape

Kenneth R
Large & bulky. I drew this from memory, he was just watching a 5 year old, (me) as I was wading in water he was very big.

Brian R
The first time I seen one ,she must have been 6'2 around there I was hunting in my usual spot this is before I started setting up tree stands there was a freshly Fallin tree , leaves were still on the branches great for ambushing deer as they come by well I heard some loud stomping coming from behind me and then I heard other hunters talking coming my way all of a sudden I hear something to the right of me trying to take cover, still hearing the hunters I move then she moved not even ten feet I froze she froze with a terrified grin on her face then the tother hunters getting closer I yelled out hey iam hunting over here to ward them off and it worked they started going the other way I lifted my hand in a gesture its ok when she finally jumped up and hopped some huge branches that were in her way and there was no way any human could do this before she disappeared in the bush she looked backed at me like did that really happen she was gone one thing I did noticed she had wild garlic in her hands so every year when I set up I take in a hole jar of garlic and set it down by the dead tree that still sits there and a way to say hey iam hear and iam a friend , her face eyes wide apart her cheeks looked more like a chimps cheek bones vary long bone and thick eyebrows brown eyes her hair darkish brown with hints of red in it , they move gracefully when they want to fast if they need to and I couldn't imagine if one got mad and charged heaven forbid lol but in all after ten years I still set out the garlic and apples for a treat sometimes it gone sometimes nothing touches it accept for an occasional nibble from a deer on the apples 🍎 other years as I move off after I set my stands up leave some treats behind I'll get a little yell from something which I think it's a thank you I want to belive .
And still to this day I think she comes back for I think Michigan is a place where they have there young , and it even historically written from other people like the old loggers that used to get branches thrown at them from the trees and juveniles like climbing trees plus a recent sighting from the cass River area which is days. Hike from where I hunt at so it's possible we have more Bigfoots in the area than what people think we have vary dense woods here in Michigan so thick its hard to see through well thanks for asking us for our thoughts on this and my first ind depth description about my sighting soon it will be time to head out and lay my stuff out for another hunting season is getting ready to kick off in less than 20 days

Rob B
Big and bulky

Károly L
Tall thick and bulky, hands past the knees

Karen R
Large and bulky!1976

Rocky V.D.
The one my wife and I saw was only about 5-6ft. It wasnt big at all.

Thomas H
Large and a field between Mt St Helens and Mt Adams in Washington State..seen one twice there in the early 90s.I haven’t been there since.

Rudy R
One big SOB

Brian O
Bigfoot Videos in Utah
Kanosh Bigfoot Throws Dog On To Campers Tent

Sinks Sasquatch Filmed in Logan Canyon

Lone Peak Bigfoot Captured on Video