Thursday, December 2, 2021

Suiattle Sasquatch Concrete Washington

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Howard Lusk writes RMSO
Hello, I have a few pics I would like for you to look at. I used to live in Bellingham WA and had an area near the town of Concrete WA about an hour and a half from my home. A very active area, lots of great and some scary hikes with my adult kids over the years. 

 I still have friends that go to the area but never alone. No real vocalizations oddly enough but loud stick breaks and tremendously loud wood knocks very close by, but we could never see what made them. We had a gifting area too. Lots of "glyphs", footprints and pool cue sized sticks shoved in the ground. Caught some peepers too. 
 Recently a couple guys a friend of mine knows were chased out of the area by two large males. Rocks and logs thrown their way! This is secondhand info at best, but they did snap a pic as they were getting out of there.

 Been watching your channel you seem like straight up people. I used to be good friends with Mark from Cascade Bigfoot. He mostly frequented the Darrington-Suiattle area. He got some really good and scary stuff. They are the big ones out there. 

 My daughter and I have had weird experiences out there, wouldn't recommend visiting the area alone and unarmed. Would love to chat and share what I have. My son got one on video watching us. 

 I'm an experienced outdoorsman and have been having "things" happen to me my whole life, have lived in Idaho, Washington and Montana. I'm not looking for fame and fortune but just to share what I have and have experienced with like-minded people. 

 I live in Oregon now and get out every chance I get. I have been down the rabbit hole with this whole thing but have come to realize they are real animals, and some are to be feared.

Cheers and let me know what you think, would be happy to share what I have found.

RMSO responds
 Appreciate hearing about you and some of the experiences and sightings in those areas.
We would like to see your photos and or video when you have time to email them.

Hello Kelly. This is a still taken from a video my son shot on his iPhone. This was the crazy day we had. Loud wood knocks very close, things thrown at us, big branches being broken out of sight, some glyphs were found as well. This was our second day hiking off trail in this area. May 2, 3 years ago.

We also stumbled on an abandoned camp in the middle of the woods, there was even food, beans I think, in one of the cooking pots. Weird area for sure. Lots to tell from our trips to this place. 

Second is a random pic my daughter took. We heard "voices" from this area. Off trail again.

Structures in the area. 

Don't know what this means but we find them on the ground big and small.

"Glyphs" found in various areas. This is a great pic. In the background upper center right there is one watching from back in the trees. This was from the Suiattle River Valley.

Hi Howard,
The screen shot of the Bigfoot is amazing. Did that Bigfoot move, hide or run in the video?

No, we didn't find it until we got home and were looking at the video. I about hit the floor. Plenty of other stuff was going on as we moved our way up the mountain. I have on video, small rocks being thrown at me. We heard movement but they are sneaking little guys. The tree knocks were so loud we ducked down a couple times like we were being shot at. 

I have a bunch more pics, if you ever want to go to this area let me know. Would be willing to make the drive back up. Spring is the best time. But then again I have gone up in there several times without seeing or hearing anything. So it's hit and miss. 

 Taken by a couple guys that were being chased out of the area by two big Males, they claim, I guess they were scared enough to shoot and try to scare the Squatchs but it backfired. They had rocks and logs thrown their way. They hauled butt out of there but did manage to get a pic. It irritates me that they would shoot, I found this area and kind of feel protective about it but whatever. I personally would never shoot one, I don't think you would ever make it back to your vehicle.

Appreciate the follow up.
Amazing area, this would be a great place to investigate.

All I can add is that in the video my son took he actually zoomed right in on the Sasquatch then zoomed back out. Guess he didn't know what he was looking at or something. If I had seen it, I would have walked at it, with his camera on it.  I'm sure it would have took off or I would have been attacked. 

 I think it was a small one that got caught out in the open. Which speaks to the things I have had happen to me up there. It's like you see something, then your little voice tells you it really is nothing when it is really something, then you give up on it. Or maybe the Squatches are playing mind games. Odd thing is up there I know when they are around because I get that high pitched buzz in my ears. Infrasound? Who knows? But it always happens. Anyway, it was great Father and Son time. 😁

I really miss that place.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sasquatch Catching Salmon Yellow Pine Idaho


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Danielle Stem posts on RMSO's Idaho Bigfoot Sightings Page
So... let me set the stage... 
Camping in yellowpine Idaho... 1998ish...

3 famlies... about 25 people... chinok salmon were running thick this year... at least 3 per foot of surface on the river...

 My husband and I arrived late... decided to sleep in the bed of truck til daylight when we pitch our tent... 

 As we bed down, neck a bit... we doze off.. out of a died sleep I wake up to a blood a cross between a baby, young child and a murder...

 As I peeked over the side of the truck bed, I am frozen watching  what I then thought was a bear... I flashed my maglight his way... 

 As I watched, trying to catch my breath, he continued to slip one hand in the river, grab a fish, switch hands and throw the fish just caught on the shore... He repeated this for what seemed to be forever... I woke my husband up and he too thought it was a bear... 

 We went to the same area the next day... it was probably 100 yards away from camp, only to find a pile of mostly eaten fish... all but the heads n bones were gone... 

After years of thinking about it...I believe he was a swatch... the size he was...the way he moved fish from one hand to another... didnt use his mouth to catch the fish like you see in the majestic photos of bears catching fish... 

 His body was more upright and each movement was made with purpose... we had a weeks worth of food for 25 people in camp... and he never entered camp to make mischief... I never thought to look for foot prints but over the years have seen swatch huts in the general area...
So, what do you think... did I see a swatch or what... ready go...

RMSO responds
Hi Danielle. Appreciate hearing about your experience.

 Agree with you. Bear don't grab fish with their hands, they use teeth to catch fish. Or hold them down with paws while they tear the fish apart. During the salmon run they will eat the brain and fat of the fish 1st and move on to the next fish when catching is good.

Leaving the head on every fish would be unusual for a bear.

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William B. writes RMSO
I'm from Missouri and I've seen a Bigfoot while I was deer hunting.

RMSO responds
Hi William. When you have time please message us the details of your sighting.

William B responds
 I was a deer hunting and I saw this big black hairy thing walk up and he was standing in between some bushes and pine trees and looking around.

  Then he walked up this logging road that we have, that we deer hunt. And I was sitting in my deer stand, when he walked up he's about 40 yards from me and saw me grunted at me through Rock at me. 

 I picked up my rifle and pointed at him and looked at the scope and he looked just amazing.  

 He turned and grunted and ran. I watched him and he stepped over a fence and disappeared.
 I've seen him periodically and my friend that lives down there permanently, he sees him quite often 

Next time I'm down there I'm going to video tape it so I can send it to you all

I believe there's Bigfoot cuz I saw what I saw it looked similar to a human with the black furry coat on and it was at least 9 ft tall it was huge

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Monday, November 29, 2021

The Crypto Files Yeti Video


Screen shot from video below

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The Crypto Files - Is this a Real Yeti?

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