Friday, August 7, 2020

Ural Mountain Bigfoot ThinkerThunker

Russian Bigfoot or Yeti

Ural Mountain Bigfoot ThinkerThunker YouTube

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Grandma SLAMs Bigfoot With Car In Redwoods

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Matthew Grammer writes RMSO

 I was young it was when I first came to America. I had heard stories about Bigfoot and I never though in a million years I would see one the first time I went into the Redwood Forest in Northern California.

 I was driving with my Grandmother to Oregon to meet my cousins. It was 2am on this dark road and we came around a bend, and he was standing in the middle of the road. I saw his red eyes and his face. He was enormous and covered in hair and SLAM!!!

 Grandma hits it with the car, destroying the whole front of the car and the big guy ran down the mountain side off the side of the road. Grandma get out of the car and she is saying. "Sir, are you alright?" and I'm yelling, "GET BACK IN THE CAR!!!"

 I'm scared to death and I was 12 years old. She finally got back in the car and we limped the car another 1/2 mile to a gas station which was really old and only had one read gas pump. The place was closed till 6am. 

 Grandma told me to try and get some sleep, so I put my pillow up against the window of the car and as I'm laying against the glass I look up and see a Giant Bigfoot looking over the building down into the car at me.
 I freak out screaming and crying to just realize it was part of the building and it said, "Welcome to Bigfoot Country" on the building. I finally calm down, but never slept.

 The next morning the old man opened the sote, he as inside the whole time and we told him what happened.
 Grandma said it was a large man, but I saw it clear as day when the bright lights lit up his face. She had real thick glasses and the old man said to her, Ma'am that late at night out here and he ran down the side of the mountain?? The young man is right, that was the big hairy guy, there are several families of them around here and I can tell by the front of  your car that it was not a human you hit. Cuz with that much damage the man would be laying dead in the road. 

 He pulled all the hair out of the frill of the car. He said he was gonna put it in his collection in the store. He had plaster casts of Bigfoot prints and other stuff he collected over the years.

So thats my story, it scared me half to death and I can still see his face plain as day in my memory.

RMSO responds
Appreciate the details of your encounter. If you recall anything else please let us know.

Matthew responds
 I cant confirm the exact location of my sighting as I was 12 years old and my Grandmother was driving. She went to heaven decades ago.

 I do remember the gas station that we stopped at after we hit the Squatch. The top of the building had a large wooden sign with a squatch peeking over the roof looking down and it said "Welcome to Bigfoot Country" and it only had one little old style red gas pump. I don't remember the actual name of the station/store.

 I do remember that we were in the Redwood forest on the main highway that goes through California to Oregon, as our destination was Rogue River, Oregon.

 The one thing that really stands our in my mind was the look on it's face when we hit it. We were in a very small Peugeot car and we were going very slow due to the fog and Grandma's vision.

 The look was a wince of pain, or anger I'm not sure which. But he looked back at the car like he got bit by a large bug. When he saw the car at the last second he tried to run off the side of the road and Grandma actually swerved the same way. If she would have swerved the other way we would have missed him all together.

 We only hit his leg as he took the next step toward the hillside that went down a very steep hill, it spun him around. He gave that look and down the hillside he went. She got out of the car yelling down the hillside, "Sir are you alright?" and I'm freaking out because I looked him right in the face and I knew right away that it was.
 I had heard stories back on the island where I'm from about Sasquatch and for some reason I believed the story straight away because when you look at the evolution of man you see there is a missing link. Our teacher told the story that Sasquatch was the missing link, not some campfire story to scare little children. I was taught that Sasquatch was the missing link who was very evasive and wanted not part of mankind due to our violent nature and the fear of being killed by hunters.

 So the idea of actually seeing one in the Redwood forest fascinated me, but when I actually did see him I was scared half to death. Just the overall size scared me, I thought  he would be a hairy man with large feet. Not that he was almost ten feet tall and super scary looking. And when you are a child things appear much larger than they actually are. Like the BigMac!! When I was small a BigMac was huge, now its two bites. Anyway God Bless You and Good Luck in your continual hunt for proof of our large hairy friend.

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Monday, August 3, 2020

Kannah Creek Sasquatch Carson Lake Bigfoot


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Kannah Creek Sasquatch Carson Lake Bigfoot

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Girl Shrieks At White Oregon Bigfoot

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L Bella writes RMSO
After watching the following video.

White Bigfoot Spotted Boulder Utah

L Bella writes
The white bigfoot I believe is an extremely elusive  creature. I would not believe it if I hadn't seen one with my own eyes.

 It was in Washington county, Oregon around 1978-1979.
I was 6 yrs old at the time. It was mid day and I spotted it walking down a hillside around 100 ft away I'm guessing.

 It had to be 7 to 8 ft tall and walked fully upright, covered in inches long white hair from top to bottom. I let out a shriek when it registered in my brain what I was looking at.

 It turned to look at me and we both looked at each other for a second then it turned back towards its direction and continued walking.

 I jumped on my bike frantic with my friend who I later found out had not seen it. The experience of witnessing something like this is profound and it has stayed with me. What was it?! Why didn't my friend see it? 

 Then again, if it is such an elusive creature, I'm certain that it has a good reason to be, as us homosapians have the worst track record concerning how we treat other species. When you think about it that way, I hope we never find it. May it forever stay hidden in the wilderness.

RMSO responds
Appreciate hearing about your sighting and experience.

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