Monday, October 15, 2018

Bigfoot Roars then Chomps Teeth at Two Hunters on Chalk Creek

After hearing the roar Dustin captured at a well known 
Bigfoot sighting hot spot in Colorado.

We recognized the same roar we heard & captured 
on two different Bigfoot expeditions to Montana & Utah

I recall Clint Richins Bigfoot sighting report near 
Thousand Peaks Ranch along Chalk Creek.

The Bigfoot did a guttural growl at 
Clint & his hunting partner then chomped its teeth.

Clint told me about his Bigfoot sighting personally & answered all my questions.
He also submitted a report to BFRO.
I will include a link to the BFRO report below video.

Two Elk Hunters Surprised by 
Bigfoot Thousand Peaks Ranch

BFRO Report

Best Example of Roar 
Hunters & Bigfoot Investigators are Hearing
Bigfoot sound in forest, roar in the woods

RMSO Best Capture of Roar
Bigfoot Vocalizing Near 77 Sighting Location

Lost Creek Bigfoot Sighting Investigation
With Clint Richins & Todd Strong from BFRO

After Clint Richins Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter
He became a full blown Bigfoot researcher joining up with 
RMSO & BFRO Todd Strong on Bigfoot sighting investigations

More about 
Clint Richins & his Legacy in the Bigfoot Community

RMSO Podcast Discussing 
Colorado, Montana & Utah Roar With Dustin & Shawn

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Dr Leslie Observes 9 Foot Tall Bigfoot near Mine in Jarbidge

Dr Leslie C. Writes RMSO

Hi Guys, I am a 56 yo medical doctor born and raised in Northern Nevada. My husband was from Elko and an avid hunter.Our roommate was a geologist and he wanted to go check out an old abandoned mine up in Jarbidge (we always pronounced it JAW BIDGE) and we set up a camp off a dirt rd way up the creek and then hiked a few miles along the creek to this old mine.

  Both my husband and our roomy were very familiar with this area. After we got to the mine I became upset because the roommates dog was chasing ground squirrels and killed one. Biting flies were swarming at that time (dusk) so I set off alone back to our camp (I think it was a hike of 5 miles along the river.)

 I'd camped all my life and had seen it all many times...bears, moose, elk etc. so when I saw this 9 foot hairy "thing" pulling branches down from an aspen across the creek I was shook up. I ran the rest of the way to camp which was 2 to 3 miles away.

  I honestly did not believe what I saw and never really mentioned it..all the while I was trying to rationalize the creature was something known but looked like a hairy bipedal thing...I even did my own internet research and never felt satisfied that was some odd looking bear etc. I was watching YouTube and saw Jarbidge and got excited having been in those canyons! burst out crying when I saw your videos in Jarbidge...this was my truth after all of these years and I had been denying that truth. Whew it was REAL!

It was great seeing you guys in that area and hearing the stories of others experiencing this. It was the summer of 1983 and I do not believe there was much of a town then and nothing Bigfoot was associated w the area as far as I can recall. I was 21 and a biology major and nothing wild scared me until that day. Just wanted to tell you guys my your channel and watch it regularly.

Dr Leslie C

Thank you for sending us your sighting report Dr Leslie
We have been studying the long history of  Bigfoot sighting reports in Jarbidge Wilderness for many years. Camping there a couple of times a year searching for Bigfoot. 
Very exciting to hear another sighting report to add to the long history of sightings that date back to the Native American legends about this creature. 
They named this area Tsawhawbitts "Cannibal Giants"
 & warned early settlers to stay out of the area because there were a race of hairy giants that were known to capture & eat people.

Below video is about 
Native & Settler history of Bigfoot in the Jarbidge Wilderness

History of Jahabich & Tsawhawbitts Bigfoot Phenomenon

Shoshone Legend of Cannibal Giants in Tsawhawbitts Jarbidge Wilderness

Most Recent Bigfoot Sighting Report

Hunters Encounter Aggressive Group of Sasquatch Tsawhawbitts Mountains

More RMSO investigations Jarbidge Wilderness

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Podcast of Rocky Mountain Roar Captured at Three Bigfoot Sighting Locations

Conversation with Dustin on a Podcast.
 He was out Rock Hounding in Colorado & 
captured an intimidating roar that reminded us of
a roar that we have heard & captured in 
two different Bigfoot sighting locations.

Rocky Mountain Roar Captured at 
Three Bigfoot Sighting Locations Podcast

All of the videos mentioned in the Podcast below

Dustin's Vocalization Video

77 Bigfoot Sighting Location Roar Video

Bauman Bigfoot Location Roar

Derek's Drone Footage 77 Bigfoot Sighting Location

Epic Bigfoot Expedition

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

77 Bigfoot Sighting & Structure Vocalization Similar to Bauman & Platte River Roar

1st time we heard the T-Rex type roar was at 
Utah's Sasquatch Canyon at 
the 77 Bigfoot sighting location & structure complex

2nd time was at the famous deadly Bauman 
Bigfoot sighting location Teddy Roosevelt writes about.

And most recently was in Colorado along the 
South Platte River on YouTube Channel
Finding Treasure in Colorado

Vocalizations are in each of the three videos below

Bigfoot Vocalizing Near 77 Sighting Location?

Bigfoot sound in forest, roar in the woods

Montana/Idaho boarder
Expedition to Bauman's Deadly Encounter Location

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Colorado Vocalization Same as What RMSO Heard at Famous Bauman Bigfoot Location

We listened to the following vocalization on YouTube channel
Finding Treasure in Colorado

Reminds us of what we heard camping at the famous deadly Bauman Bigfoot location.

A herd of elk were bugling across the river where we were setting up camp.
We decided to time-lapse setting up camp so that if the 
elk continued to bugle we could capture the amazing vocalizations.

Just a few minutes after setting up the camera there was some kind of an ominous roar that seemed to come from up high on the mountain. The birds went crazy right after the roar & the elk herd evacuated the area & quit bugling.
This happened just before the sun went down. 

That night Jenny kept waking me up because she could hear something pacing back & forth opposite side of the river from camp.
I kept getting up to feed the camp fire & spotlight the opposite side of the river.

In the middle of the night from inside our tent we heard it step into the river & 
wade across to our side.

We stayed up the rest of the night keeping the camp fire high 
& spotlighting for what ever it was.

Never did see what made the roar or what paced the river across from us. 
Tracks weren't definitive enough in the tall grasses to identify what kept us up all night.

Our time-lapse camera doesn't have a powerful mic 
& what it captured does not do justice to the roar that we heard.. 
However you can still hear it if you listen carefully or turn your volume up

The vocalizations happens within a few minutes at the beginning of the following video.

Expedition to Bauman's Deadly Encounter Location 

The following video from 
Finding Treasure in Colorado YouTube
Reminds us of what we heard that evening setting up camp.

Bigfoot sound in forest, roar in the woods

More on the deadly Bauman Bigfoot encounter location.

Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter on Location

Recent Expedition to Bauman Location
Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Location

RMSO version of a Podcast.
Round Table Drive Through Bauman Bigfoot Location

Theodore Roosevelt RTD Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Encounter Location

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Search for Bigfoot in Skull Crack Canyon during Salmon Run

Skull Crack Canyon is surrounded with a 
history of Bigfoot sightings

Brody & Jenny found what may of been
Bigfoot tracks in the mud back in 
Skull Crack Canyon almost 20 years ago
during the salmon spawning run.

RMSO hikes back in during the salmon run to search for Bigfoot

Skull Crack Bigfoot Expedition

Below are over a dozen
Bigfoot sighting reports surrounding
Skull Crack Canyon & expeditions to the locations

East of Skull Crack

Twelve Inches from Bigfoot's Face

West of Skull Crack

Trout Farm Raided by Bigfoot

Bigfoot Leaps Road North Ogden Divide

South of Skull Crack

Two Elk Hunters Surprised by Bigfoot Thousand Peaks Ranch

Boy Craps Pants After Seeing Bigfoot

Curtis's Bigfoot Sighting Lost Creek

North of Skull Crack

Boy vs Sasquatch Staring Match

Pissed off Bigfoot

Elk Hunter Terrified by Bigfoot

Beaver Creek Bigfoot Camper Abandons Camp

Bigfoot Paces Four Wheeler Ant Flats Road

Bigfoot Spotted in Wellsville

Trey's Bigfoot Sighting

Golden Pencil's RMSO Bigfoot Expedition Art & More

RMSO Bigfoot wants to 
thank Golden Pencil for 
painting & sending us 
the beautiful painting featured above.

He painted a screen shot from one of our 
Monte Cristo game-camera videos.

Right away we recognized the spot where this game-camera sits.
Amazing & beautiful artwork 

You can view his art work & 
buy original paintings 
from "Golden Pencil"
Damian Gerard Bland
on Facebook

You can also view his original paintings on Art Finder

The following are RMSO Bigfoot research videos & 
game camera results from majestic & wild 
Monte Cristo Bigfoot sighting hot spot.

Game Cams in 6 Time Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot

Pissed Off Bigfoot Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo Bigfoot Investigation Winter Conditions

Monte Cristo Fall Upload Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot

Bigfoot Expedition Trey's Sighting Monte Cristo

Drone Footage a Day Before Trey's Bigfoot Sighting

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Georgia Frog Hunter's Nose to Nose Encounter with Bigfoot


Greetings Mountain climbers!

Just thought to share a, Wonderful story of one of my nephews’ experience with a, Bigfoot with you! We, are Cajuns from south La. I’m living here in Ga. due to work reasons!

Every time we go home to family and when my baby brother and our youngest nephew had come over to eat dinner with us! We’d been staying at our Daughters’ home! As I’d done every yr. I’ve asked each if while hunting and or fishing etc. Every yr. for these last 25-30 yrs. I’d ask if any has ever encountered a, Bigfoot! Their answer was the same: “No Sis, No Auntie, you know those creatures do not exist!” They’d laugh at my believing in these creatures existence! Yet, I’d ask any way!

I’d been so shocked and surprised at both of their encounters! Their encounters are different and it’s too long to go into it all! I’ll just speak of my nephews’ for his was exceptionally Fantastic!

My bros’ was great for he’d heard the earth shattering movement as this Bigfoot about 10’ from him when he’d yelled at my bro to run! He’d run away scared to death!

My nephew, Co, and his buddy had decided to go frogging this particular Saturday ( I’d not asked him when this had happened for I’d been so excited from their stories!) He’d been lying on the carpeted floor in the Den playing with his grandson! He’d begun to smile that gorgeous sexy smile began to come over him as he’d risen to his heels bringing his baby back to his wife.

He’d raised himself up onto the Queen Anne chair, looked at me and smiling saying: “Auntie, you’ll be happy to know I’ve not only seen your Bigfoot creatures I’d come nose to nose with him!” I’d jumped up with excitement and yelling Yes, finally both of my loving men have shown to justify me!” Now, what and how this happened and remember, I’m so pleased you’d seen one!

He’d smiled and began saying: “My buddy and I, had nothing planned one Saturday and decided to go frogging for ppl buy these!” “As the lateness of the time was to go home I’d asked we, go down this small circled part of the swamp!” “I’d seen one giant frog sitting opposite the side we’d been on so, I’d slowly made a, circle to reach him.” “I’d handed the wheel to my skiff to my friend and ask him to slowly move forward as if crawled toward the bow with his arms outstretched to cup the frog when I’d seen two large Red Eyes staring at me and I’d sort of frozen for what do those eyes’s belong to!”
“Then as I’d next thought to myself, my nose was touching the nose of the ugliest Face I’d ever seen!” “I’m looking over this stinky face and realized I’m facing my Aunties’ Bigfoot!” ( yea, my Bigfoot) Ha! Ha! “I, then brought one arm behind me trying to tell my buddy to back up slowly!” “Then as I’m backing up upon my heels this creature followed suit!” “As I’m frozen in shock as (well my friend) this creature begun to stand straight up to at least 9’-10’ tall monster!”

“Silently I’m praying for God To Help Us Live Through Encounter!” “Auntie, I, swear, this truly is a, giant monster and he’d been able to grab me at time as my nose was so close to his!” “ We’d both watched as this monster backed up backwards without looking as to where he’d gone and not falling, stumbling, just straight backwards as he’s watching us as we’d slowly backed away from that section of the swamps!” “With my frog in his hands he’d turned and went out of sight!”

“I’d taken over the wheel driving as fast as I’d would be able to go just to get out of there!” HÀ, HÀ! He’d said his buddy asked him: “Co, how can your Auntie own this Bigfoot?” HÀ! So funny! Apparently, Co, had repeated over and over which his buddy heard his say: “MY AUNTIES,’ BIGFOOT IS REAL!” “MY AUNTIES’, BIGFOOT IS REAL!” Co, just explained to him how I’ve been asking him yearly if he’d seen a, Bigfoot!

I’m so happy he’s ok and wasn’t harmed or killed by this monster for, here this beautiful young man; = who he’d never believed exist came nose to nose and face to face with this giant and he’d survived! No more frogging for these young young me! Yes, I’ve always called him young man for he’s a, 40 yr. old man! His buddy too! Apparently, the ones he’s told about it they asked why not take a, video and pictures! As he’d stated he and buddy were so frozen into shock and unbelief never ever even thought of a, picture! They’d been afraid they’d not pee and crapped on themselves! Ha! Ha! So funny now! He’s still upset he’d lost the giant big frog he’d so wanted!

So, guys be Careful! These two boys had their rifles and never even thought of attacking this creature for he’d not done any harm to them! They do not kill to be killing! They eat what they kill or sell their catch to ppl which love frog legs! Yucky! Not Auntie! No Frog for me!
Sincerely, Lakota
PS: Thanks for your Video enjoyed it!

The following video is what prompted Lakota to share her nephew's Bigfoot sighting
Stalked at Night Sasquatch Canyon