Saturday, April 27, 2019

Boulder Mountain Bigfoot

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Boulder Mountain Bigfoot Expedition

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Mt St Helens Bigfoot Amberish Red Eyes

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"they had to slouch down in their seats 
and bend their necks to look "UP" at the creature!"

Written report below video
Mt St Helens Bigfoot Amberish Red Eyes

Witness & Brother wanting to remain anonymous write RMSO
 I do enjoy watching your bigfoot stories! I would like to tell you of my brothers experience as he too was a logger, or lumberjack. 

 This took place back in the late 60's. He and his buddies had finished up their jobs and were loading up all the equipment for the day of cutting trees. It was in the Mt St Helens area in Wash state. 

 They all jumped into the truck started making their way down the mountain when a big black thing jumped out unto the dirt road. It stood there with amberish red eyes looking at them for some odd seconds then took one step out of the road in to the tundra. 

 Now my brother told me they had to slouch down in their seats and bend their necks to look "UP" at the creature! I to this day will never forget that story. I am 63 and my brother is 69, and from time to time he and i discuss that night he saw sasquatch he believes it was he also shakes when telling that story.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Grand Mesa Bigfoot High Elevation

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Grand Mesa Bigfoot High Elevation

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Tall Scrawny Bigfoot Grants Pass

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"seemed like an "offshoot" man like wild hominid of sorts"

Tall Scrawny Bigfoot Grants Pass

Jimmy O writes RMSO 
Greetings,  how you doing?  Hey, just to let you know, i actually saw a tall scrawny juvenile Bigfoot, I think.  It definitely wasn't human btw, but they DO seem like an "offshoot" man like wild hominid of sorts. That said, I think the reason i saw it was that I wasn't looking for it - it happened by chance.
Anyway,  if you are interested in hearing my story - get a hold of me. Ps: i remember the EXACT location where i saw the creature dashing across the hwy. What an experience! Jim

Okay,  here goes. I was driving south on i- 5 freeway way at approximately 7 pm, i had to get gas and i got off an exit for gas something like a hr from grants pass Oregon.  Anyway,  i was driving my mom home from wa heading so bound we we're arguing about why i got lost and headed north around a mile. Then i found the right on ramp and i was driving again so bound on i- 5. Anyway,  i said why don't we have a cigarette as we calmed down. Then mom was looking for a misplaced lighter and there i saw a large dark colored creature dashing across the freeway north east as if in hunting mode. Atleast that's what i thought.  But i think it was investigating me! It was looking,  or dashing towards my van diagonally across the freeway!  I was really trying to see it but all i noticed was it had a short 'no neck' feature, also,  it was scrawny and i geuss a bit over 7'+ TALL , but it was extremely coordinated.  Or in had a total graceful run... i was yelling, " mom, mom, look Bigfoot is running across the hwy!" Sadly she did not see it. Oh, and i damn near hit it! I swear to God I saw it's thigh and torso,  but it's head must have been taller than my gmc safari van as i braced for impact - it barely cleared my bumper! And get this,  Bigfoot actually must have strided right over a concrete median! !i swear to God strike me dead i tell you the truth - Bigfoot is for real -period.  I could take you to location if interested,  but I'd like some compensation for info. Or appearances k. Upfront,  i know the EXACT LOCATION. - Jim
Yes it must me. I think i got lucky seeing it! I also believe - reason i got lucky was because i wasn't looking for it. It was a chance exp / encounter.  But it definitely cleared any doubts i ever had of Bigfoot being a hoax.  Honestly,  it was sort of frightening!  Jim

 I think i might go back to location to see if there's any tracks, hairs or any evidence i could find. It was near a creek I do know that for sure. Well, i had jotted down land marks, sign posts etc...Anyway,  i told my story to a gal smokin a cig- just to clear my head. Anyway,  she believed me and also told me her son claims he saw one pick up road kill  ( dear ) throw it over it's shoulder and go back into the woods at or near Oregon caves. Wow! If ever I'd go there I'd bring my 30/30 as backup as i definitely would feel safer. But i definitely would not want to harm bf at all. But i might if it attacked. I'd do a warning shot first to scare it away. If this doesn't work i would have to shoot it dead. That being said,  i don't want to kill Bigfoot so i haven't gone out yet. I'm sorta busy right now with my own life -otherwise I'd possibly be checking out that creek i saw Bigfoot dash across hwy.
Anyway,  i was amazed at Bigfoot's graceful dash, i was amazed at it's scrawny but coordinated fitness, and - the hair! It was sorta shaggy,  dark,  but had either lighter brown,  or reddish hairs as my vans lights made it look so. Jim

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Friday, April 12, 2019

8.5 Feet Tall Book Cliffs Bigfoot

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Massive Gorilla-Like Sasquatch in the Book Cliffs of Utah

(Written report below video)
8.5 Feet Tall Book Cliffs Bigfoot

Ron Johnson writes RMSO
 Here is our Bigfoot sightings you requested from a comment I made on your post 
"Over 50 Utah Bigfoot Encounters Listed With BFRO"

 Doc 1 is the first E-mail sent to me from Phillip Jensen telling me about his sighting while driving home from work on 05-04-2012. He works for the West Ridge Coal Mine located in C-Canyon as a truck load out boss. The mine is now closed.

Doc 2 is a detailed account of Phillip Jensen's two sightings on 05-04-2012 & again on 10-16-2013 while driving home from work at the West Ridge Coal Mine.

Doc 3 is my sighting (Ron Johnson) & my cousin (Kevin Allridge) who was with me on 05-12-2012.

I included a photo of the location of Ron (myself) and Kevin's sighting location. Phillip and myself have been setting out "gifts" of different fruits and vegetables for the Sasquatch near where my sighting was, with positive results. Phillip has a photo of some thing black watching him from the trees close by. The photo is very ambiguous just showing a black spot in the trees, but I did try enhancing it and it does look like has a mouth, nose and eyes on it. I will dig it out of my archives and send it to you if you would like me too..

DOC - 1 E-mail sent to Ron Johnson from Phillip Jensen
Copy of Email sent to Ron Johnson from Mr. Jensen

Phillip Jensen writes
 Hi Ron - On Friday, May 4, at approximately 4:30 pm MST, I had my own sighting of  "something".

  It all started on my way home from work. I had just left the West Ridge Mine, where I work, and I was driving along. I happened to look off the side of the road and "something" was sitting nest to a large rock. I say "something" because I had no idea what it was. 

 My first instinct was a gorilla. But it was the wrong color. It was reddish-brown color, but its shapes was close to a gorilla. Its back was to me, but I could see that it had shoulders and hair that was about 4" long. The hair was blowing in the wind. It was sitting up. I wasn't able to see anything of its face or front.  I should have stopped and gone back to look at it, but I had to get to town to pickup my wife. 

 I came back about two hours later with my wife. I wanted another set of eyes and a witness in case we found something. We crossed a fence and went to where I thought it had been, but we couldn't find any good tracks or much sign that something had been there. When we couldn't find anything right away my wife wanted to go. I wanted to look around some more and maybe do some calls to see if anything responded, but my wife was impatient and insisted that we leave. So, I didn't get any evidence. But know I saw something. 

 I've been trying to think what else it could be, but I haven't had any luck. I thought it might be a bear, but it had shoulders, and bears don't have shoulders and I have never seen a bear that color before. I thought maybe a cow, a horse, a coyote, a wolf, a llama. Nothing matches the body shape. We watched "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" on Saturday night and what I saw was a lot like the back of a gorilla, but the color was different, the fur was different, and the build was a little different. I really don't know what it is that I saw, but I know what it wasn't. I am keeping my eyes more open than ever now as I travel around the area.

 My sighting was very short, only a few seconds long, but it is really sticking with me. It was on the 'C' Canyon Road, going north from Highway 123 from Highway 6 to East Carbon, at approximately mile marker 8. It was on the west side of the road. If I hadn't looked right at it, I would not have seen it. It blended in well with the surroundings. I just wanted to let you know what happened to me. Thanks ,

"Location where Ron Jonson and Kevin Aldridge had their sighting"

Doc - 2 Phillip Jensen (PJ) 2 sightings 05-04-2012 and on 10-16-2013

Phillip Jensen writes
 Hi Ron-

 This is the account of my sighting of an unknown animal from May 2012. To date, the closest animal that I have seen that is close to what I saw is the subject of the Patterson Gimlin film from 1967. Here is my story:

 On Friday, May 2012, I left work at approximately 4:15 pm (MST) as usual. I was driving southbound on "C" Canyon Road at approximately 60 mph. The wind was blowing strongly that afternoon so I slowed down. As I reached the stretch near milepost 9, I noticed at a distance what I thought was a dead tree. It was about the right size and color. I didn't remember seeing a dead tree there before, so I kept looking. 

 As I approached the figure, I realized that I could not see through the figure, as you would a normal tree. This thing was solid. As I got closer I also realized that the form was not that of a tree, more like a gorilla sitting upright. That was my first impression. The shape was approximately correct, but the proportions were different. It did have a conical crown on its head, and the trapezius muscles were enormous. They reminded me of a Cardassian's neck from Star Trek. As I passed the animal, I noticed that the hair blowing in the wind. The hair actually parted and I saw what I thought to be pale pinkish skin, like a long-haired dog's skin but lighter. I did not see an undercoat, like on a long-haired dog. The hair was approximately six inches long. The animal was sitting next to a large rock that went just below the arm pits of the animal. It had shoulders and two arms hanging below. The animal was sitting or crouching. 

 I then rounded a bend in the road and lost sight of the animal. I was not able to see it in my rear-view mirror due to the direction of the turn. The closes that I got to the animal was approximately 60-70 feet. It was directly beyond a barbed wire fence on the west side of the road. My sighting lasted approximately 6-7 seconds. It took me a few moments for my brain to comprehend what I had just seen.

 My first instinct was that I had seen a cinnamon-colored massive gorilla, but my brain could not believe what my eyes were telling it. I have lived in this area most of my life and I have never seen anything like that before.

 Later that evening, my wife and I returned to the area where I had seen the animal. We searched all around and could not find any sign of it, no footprints or hair. Nothing. We left after about an hour of searching. 

 The following Monday, May 7, I returned to the site after work to search again. This time, I found what could be a footprint, but it was severely degraded. I measured the rock by which the animal was sitting or was crouched.

 The rock measures 4.0' to 4.5'. By my estimation, that makes the animal 6.0' to 6.5' to the crown of its head,  while sitting.  When standing on two legs, I estimated that would have been in the 8.0 to 8.5' range. 

 I also found where three branches had been broken from a pinion juniper tree and placed in a "C" formation below. I took some pictures that I still have on my phone, but I don't know how to retrieve them.

 While looking at the "C" formation, I suddenly had the feeling that I was being watched. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I became very uneasy. That's when I heard a cow "moo" from some bushes approximately 75-100 yards away. What I find very peculiar about this is that I hadn't seen any cows for several weeks. I honestly thought that they had been moved to their summer ranges. Then I remembered something that I had read about sasquatches imitating wildlife in the areas.

 I immediately gathered myself up and left. I did not see what made the sound and I did not see any cattle in the area until the following autumn.

After my sighting, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I had seen.
I tried to determine if I had a misidentified known animal. I picked up a book by the Audubon Society that describes animals that are native to the area. I carefully considered each large mammal to see if that is what I had seen. Nothing else matches the description. 

 Then, in July, I was watching a program where the Patterson Gimlin film was shown. When the subject of the film turns its back on the camera and walks away I jumped up from my chair and shouted, "That's what I saw!!" And it was. The proportions were correct, but the color was not. The subject of the film most closely represents what I saw that day.

 I have also had another possible recent sighting of the same animal that I have not mentioned to you yet. It happened on October 16, 2013. Again, I was driving home from work down the same "C" Canyon Road. This time, I was farther down the road, closer to Highway 123. 

 I looked to my right and noticed what looked like a cinnamon-colored animal standing on two legs trying to hide behind a tree, but the tree was way too small for him. Then, I saw the face looking back at me. It was a face halfway between human and gorilla, in my opinion. It had a strong brow ridge and the eyes were lost in shadow. The nose was wide, but I could see where the nostrils were. The sighting was only a couple of seconds, so I didn't get as much detail as my first sighting. It may have been the same animal that I saw in 2012, or a completely different specimen. I'm not sure.

 I thought about turning around, but there is not a safe place to turn around in that area and I didn't want to risk getting hit by a coal truck. I went back to look for evidence the following day. I didn't find much of anything. I did find what could be a track, but it was degraded to where the details were gone, but the general size and shape were correct. I haven't reported this to you or the BFRO because I am unsure about the exact location of the tree where I was standing, and it was such a brief sighting, lasting only 1-2 seconds. But, I am convinced that we have something roaming the Book Cliffs area that closely resembles sasquatch. Attached is a picture that I found on the internet that most closely resembles what I saw in October.

This is the actual image added 5/10/19

 Both sightings happened at the same time of day, approximately 4:30 pm MST. Both sightings were on the west side of "C" Canyon Road. The lighting was good for both sightings. In both sightings, the figure was massive. I cannot think of any other animal that matches the description of what I saw in either sighting, except a sasquatch. It is the only animal with the correct size, shape, color and mass of the animal(s) that I saw.

 Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else. I can be contacted at the address below.


Doc - 3 Ron Johnson and Kevin Allridge sighting 05-13-2012

Ron Johnson and Kevin Allridge Sighting

 On 05/07/2012 I received an e-mail from Mr. Phillip Jensen (PJ) in Utah stating that he might have seen a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) on the side of the road below the West Ridge mine where he is employed. This is located at the east end of Carbon County, Utah in the Roan cliffs on the west Tavaputs Plateu. I told him in an e-mail that I would go there and look for evidence. On 05/08/2012 I went to C canyon an parked at the gate to the mine and walked down the west side of the road approximately 2 miles then proceeded back up the road to my truck, looking for tracks, hair or anything unusual that might be around. I tried some calling with no results. 

 The coal truck traffic was quite heavy that day so I decided to drive down to a dirt road that parallels the mountains just below the mouth of the canyon and continued my search at that point. I stayed on the west side of the highway since that is the side Phillip had his sighting. I crisscrossed back and forth looking for some kind of evidence but still found nothing. It was getting late in the evening so I decided to go home then come back at night to try some calling. 

 I came back around 11:00 pm and tried doing the calls in different locations with no results. The next day I did the same thing but farther to the west from the highway with no results. The next day, I tried the same thing but on the east side of the highway, not seeing anything. There is a high bench on the east side and I came back at night to try calling and again no results. Friday and Saturday I looked again with no results. On Sunday 05/13/2012 I was in Price, Utah and stopped at my cousins house Kevin Allridge.

 I asked  Kevin if he would like to go up C canyon to see where the Bigfoot sighting was and he agreed to go. I didn't have any of my equipment with me and decided not to spend much time there.
This turned out toe a big mistake not having my cameras with me. We arrived at the dirt road at the base of the Book Cliffs and I showed him the general areas where the sighting occurred. We then drove about one mile west on the dirt road and looked for a moment. While driving back to the highway at approximately 1/4 mile before reaching the pavement I saw a very tall dark colored animal standing in a small clearing. The area is mostly pinion pine and juniper and is very rocky. I stopped my Jeep and backed up to where I could get a better look at it. I pressed my chin against the steering wheel and watched it. Kevin started to get a little excited telling me do you see it! Do you see it! I tell him yes, I do see it. We sat there for a short moment and then I told Kevin to get out very slowly. I got out but when I looked it was gone. Another short moment goes by and Kevin asks me if we should walk down there. I tell him not yet that I'm getting a message telling us to stay back. do not approach, and feeling very apprehensive about this. 

 After a few minutes, we started to walk towards where it was standing and about half way to where it was standing, Kevin drops down onto his knees looking under all the trees telling me that there are two other ones. I could hear a loud grunting noise and thumping as if a heavy animal was close by and running away but never seen what it was. Kevin told me that it was standing upright when it ran off. We continued to where the first one was standing and by looking at the trees in the area, I knew it had to be at least 8 foot tall. I went back the next day and measured a branch that was next to its head and it had to be approximately 8 1/2 foot tall and was about 90 feet from the edge of the dirt road. 

 We started walking over to the edge of the trees and again a message come into my mind saying, stay back, do not approach. After a short time went I felt better about proceeding, we could see 3 unknown animals going over a hill. When I noticed them they were almost entirely gone behind a hill and couldn't identify them. They were headed southwest, away from the mountains towards the lower valley. 

 What I saw was approximately 8 1/2 foot tall standing still on 2 legs. It had a dark reddish black matted hair from its head down to it feet. The head was a very large and wide looking as if it didn't have a neck and looked as if it was attached to its shoulders. It had a large brow bones that were very noticeable and the nose was very wide and flat. The top of its head had to look like a crown but wasn't real high. The lips where very large or fat and could see teeth sticking out. What's odd is that it had long scraggly gray colored beard that went down almost to its waist. For some strange reason I knew that it was a male and it was very old. There were streaks of gray hair that could see on its torso, arms and legs that made it look old. The shoulders seemed to be wide with very muscular arms hanging straight down. One bicep looked bigger than my 2 legs put together. The hair I'm guessing would be about 3 to 4 inches long except on his cheeks was longer but sparser. All the time it stood there watching us, it never moved, seemed like a statue. To me some of its features seemed more human like and not so much primate, but that's only my opinion.

Ron Johnson

RMSO Responds
Hi Ron
 Appreciate the detail on all of these sighting reports. Intriguing.
We investigated a Bigfoot sighting location late last fall roughly 40 miles South West near Huntington. 

Sasquatch Hurls Log at Hunter Manti-La Sal

Cave Eye-shine Bigfoot Expedition Manti-La Sal

Searching for Bigfoot Its Watching from Cave

RMSO continues
 April 6th 2012 we had a terrifying Bigfoot encounter North of where all your reported sightings happened. Same type of terrain too. Below is the deepest footprint it left behind after it jumped over 15 foot wide river. Then hid in the tree line above the river. It stomped around, breaking branches in what felt like an attempt to scare us away.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Craziest Bigfoot Expeditions

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Mike Hansen RMSO Bigfoot Experience

Several Crazy Bigfoot Expeditions With
Mike Hansen/RMSO Below

Mike Hansen Bigfoot Investigation
& Witness Interview Evidence Found

Cave Search for Bigfoot Lost Creek

Sasquatch Canyon Bigfoot Eyes

Bigfoot Eyes Full Sasquatch Canyon Expedition


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Treasure Hunter Encounters Bigfoot

Cover from next video below
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Forrest Fenn Contestant Intimidated by Sasquatch 
Abandons Search for Millions in Plunder

Treasure Hunter Encounters Bigfoot

Written Source:
Treasure Hunter Eerie Bigfoot Encounter

More Bigfoot near same Sasquatch Hotspot

Giant Sasquatch Stood-up & Locked Eyes with Me

Large Leather Face Sasquatch at Sunlight Basin

Elk Hunters Glass Large 
Dark Bigfoot in Sunlight Basin

Two Black Bear In The Tetons
Two More near Cody & One Grizzly 

Inches from Bigfoot near 
Sleeping Giant Mountain

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mogollon Monster Update Bigfoot Activity

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Arizona Sasquatch Hot Spot Contributor Field Research

Mogollon Monster Update Bigfoot Activity

James Gibson (RMSO Contributor) writes RMSO
 What states in the American West are the Squatchiest, in your experience and understanding?

  I watched your videos on Nevada's Jarbidge backcountry. Neat. I know of the area from my camping, backpacking, trout fishing and (some) hunting in our Western U.S. As in the Bauman incident in Montana that Pres. Teddy Roosevelt wrote of, there are examples of aggressive and deadly Bigfoot behavior, historically (Native American accounts) and recent. While Bigfoot needs protection by law, I believe, as Grizzlies, Cougars, etc. have, do you believe evidence shows a propensity for territorial displays that may be violent?

Jarbidge Bigfoot Investigations

Famous Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Encounter

 James Gibson continues
 Are you all at RMSO familiar with Mitch Waite and his research in the Siera Ancha Range of Arizona's Mogollon Rim? Photos of the area attached.

James Gibson
 I am attaching a photo of a 17" track that is approximately 2+ times wider than my 12.5 size wide boot. The track was following a daytime sighting (my own) and my camp amigo's night sighting. We have audio from at least two Sasquatch in our camp. These visited while we slept.

 The area we were in is where Mitch Waite researched in the Sierra Ancha Mountains of Arizona, on the Tonto National Forest, and we did camp in his exact location (featured on Finding Bigfoot with the IR imagery of Sasquatch in ice cooler).

 Prior to this trip, I was not wholly with the "Woo" discipline of Sasquatch research. I am definately now understanding the "cloaking" aspect such folks profess is real. Also, other dynamics of "Woo" I witnessed. I might send you a report on the experiences.

RMSO Responds
 Good looking track, toes show up well for the camera on the first track photo.

James Gibson
 I estimated the track at 11" width. My boot is 12.5 size and is 5" wide. This implies to me it is a toe-kick marker(territorial?) track that isn't indicating full heel extent. At 11" width, it might be 22" length "bigfoot" adjusting off average proportions. That is a true giant running around in the Sierra Ancha Range of Arizona's Mogollon Rim region. Amazing. Perhaps 10 to 12-foot tall alpha male Sasquatch. It must weight over 1000-pounds. Neat. 

 Had one sighting in the Sierra Anchas and many woodknocks, plus several vocalizations. And, a pine cone toss at me. As well, we recorded audio of a few Sasquatch in our camp. These were speaking in low, deep voices, as we slept.

 I was with tow others. We are at Mitch Waite's Rose Creek research area. The two others are Chuck Jacobs and Kevin Kehne (wildcard behaviorally, I found)

Beautiful area. Thanks for the photos and update of your expedition.

James Gibson
 I had a sighting in the daytime of what I estimated at 7'6" height. It left a finger and some hair marks on my truck that was covered with dust from the roads to Rose Creek. Here are the photos of that. Plus, I have finger prints from my drivers side window. Photo attached.

James Gibson
 Also, I would note that among dozens of woodknocks, I heard vocalization at 4:00-AM that sounded near identical to the St. Louis County, Minnesota "Oooo" wolfish howl. It was not a wolf. It was approximately 1/4 to 1/2 mile distant on a mountain to the N.W.

 Date of sighting was 12/19/18 at approximately 3:00-PM. Date of the howl was the 20th at 4:00-AM.

 The large track was found by us on the morning of 12/20/18 above and south of Rose Creek in the Sierra Ancha Range within the Tonto National Forest.

P.S. The RMSO is my favorite Sasquatch information source. You all keep on Squatchin', I will keep on watchin'....and will continue always Squatchin' too.

James Gibson
Report from Sasquatch expedition on Rose Creek in Sierra Ancha Range of Arizona.  This expedition took place in the camping area used by Mogollon Monster researcher Mitch Weite.

Dec. 19th - Within one hour in camp, a pine cone was observed thrown toward me while seated in camp.  This was followed by sighting of approximately 7'6" Sasquatch moving north to south only 30- to 40-yards from camp.  I moved to the front of my Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, in the direction of where the Sasquatch at disapeared, and a finger track mark plus arm hair brushings were found in the dust covering the truck's hood (note photo).

Dec. 20 - 11" x 22" Sasquatch track found over camp near Rose Creek (note photos).  Finger prints found on truck's drivers' side mirror (note photo).

James Joseph Gibson of Pima County, Arizona, USA

Dec. 21 - As I emerged from my truck shell at 3:00-AM from resting of the night, an audible grunt noise was heard from behind nearby berry bushes along Rose Creek, approximately 25-yards away.   At 4:00-AM, a large howl off the mountain slopes to the northwest sounded like the St. Louis County, MN Sasquatch vocalization audio recording.

From Dec. 19th to 22nd - Many dozen woodknocks heard.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

New Mexico Bigfoot Evidence Photos of Tracks, Stride, Cast, Structure

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Tim Anderson writes RMSO
March 5th

Found these prints in northern NM yesterday

RMSO responds
Thank you for showing us the second one showed up very well.

More Photos from Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson
Look at the structure we found and a print I cast this is in northern NM

Good work casting the prints..Do you think the tracks had anything to do with the structure. Or rather any prints close to or in the structure area?

Tim Anderson
Two different locations about 20 miles apart. No prints around the structure, we could sense something was around, our German Shepherd was scared and wouldn't leave or side.

March 12th
Tim Anderson sends more photos

Tim Anderson
We found these prints over the weekend it looks like it was left when the snow was melting.

Good find.

March 31st
Tim Anderson sends more photos

Tim Anderson
Here a print I found yesterday in northern NM

The knife is eight inches long and the shooting stick is about 42 inches long.
It appears to be one creature walking through the area.
Prints were probably made when snow was receding.

I used the shooting stick to measure the stride, one print is left foot the other is the right.

According to your 8 inch knife these footprints appear to be between 14 to 16 inches in length.
The 2nd to last footprint photo reminds me of a deep impression I found in Utah April 2012.