Sunday, June 30, 2019

1100 Pound Monstrous Grizzly Killed in Utah 9 FT 11 IN Tall

 Believed to be largest Grizzly ever recorded in Utah.
Old Ephraim was wanted by ranchers around the Logan area 
claiming the monstrous grizzly bear was killing their cattle & 
according to records killed 15 sheep in a single night.

 Below is Old Ephraim's monument 
same height as he was at 9 FT 11 IN. 
Kelly standing next to monument at 5'7" 
is dwarfed in size by the height of this giant bear

 Frank Clark from Malad, Idaho 
tracked, trapped & then killed Old Ephraim wanted by many ranchers
 for killing & harassing their live stock.

Many say there isn't enough food resources in the forests of North America to support a species of primate as large as Bigfoot. Seemed to be enough resources for a nearly 10 feet tall Grizzly Bear.
Old Ephraim's Grave sits in the middle of a Sasquatch sighting hot-spot & we have stumbled upon his remote grave twice over the last 8 years tracking down Bigfoot sighting locations in the Mountains near Logan.

More Giant Bear Below

Several Photos of Giant Montana Grizzly 
Ransacking a Shed

Four Athletes Lucky To Be Alive 
After Brutal Grizzly Bear Attack | Interview Video Included

 Alaskan Bear Like Beast | Full Documentary

Scientists Find Largest Bear on Earth Over 14 Feet Tall

Indian Canyon Bigfoot

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"Bigfoot squared off staring at 
three trucks of people pulled off the side of the road"

 RMSO returns to Indian Canyon 9 months after Kelly spotted a Bigfoot during a major forest fire. 
 On the way back from a week long Grand Mesa Colorado Bigfoot expedition RMSO was diverted up Indian Canyon by authorities. Near the summit Kelly spots a Bigfoot squared off staring at three trucks towing boats pulled over from across a narrow gorge.

Bigfoot Expedition to Indian Canyon

Video below is Kelly trying to get the 
Bigfoot he just saw on video

Indian Canyon Bigfoot Observed

(Jack Osbourne's recent episode of his television show Portals to Hell does an interview with a man that saw a 7 to 8 foot tall Bigfoot at the mouth of Indian Canyon. The man states he could not catch up to the creature on his horse.)

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cop Frees Bigfoot From Fur Trap

Cover photo link:
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Man Frees Bigfoot from Fur Trap Recalls Incident
 After Becoming a Police Officer

Cop Frees Bigfoot From Fur Trap

T.T. writes RMSO
 PLEASE keep my name confidential and COMPLETELY understand if I am not believed.

I was 17 in 1990 and Squirrel hunting in PA and I hear a painful sounding grunt and whimper like a deer would make and could hear what sounds like struggling so thinking it was a deer caught in the bushes or whatever I went to where the noise was. Again COMPLETELY understand if I am not believed.

I saw a 4ft tall Bigfoot caught in a metal trap, the kind that's just a metal bar that the hillbillies use not ruin the fur. I turned to run as my legs were now jelly as I was terrified. but it let out a soft cry that would have made a serial killer feel bad. I was heartbroken over the noise and I am a hunter and later became a Correctional Officer and then currently a Cop, so I am not the sentimental bleeding heart type BUT I am not a monster and truly care for people.

Anyway so I set down my single shot 20 gauge shotgun and went over and walked over to it and it was a quiet sad monotone crying sorta how a dog cries in pain not a yelp but a whimper is the best way I can describe it. So I get on my knees to free her. The trap was twisted around the tree and she could not get a grasp. ALSO I say her because SHE turned her whole body and face away from me as I was doing it. At the time I thought in fear but 20 plus years of dealing with abused woman I now believe it to be from shame. I don't know why my fear was gone. I just felt sad and heartbreak. 

 I was able to free her and she walked 10 ft and turned to me and just stared into my soul for about ten seconds and it was calming and comforting. She turned and walked away.

This encounter kinda killed a part of me and destroyed my belief in anything I thought was and is possible. I am a part of a small minority of people who truly know that people don't live in a world they believe they do. That sucks as I feel apart of my innocence was stolen not by her but by the trappers. Its good to be blind to this stuff as now ANYTHING becomes possible. UFO's.. Ghosts..etc.

She looked like most bigfoot pictures you see and cant remember much features BUT can remember exactly how I felt.

Thank you for listening and I understand any skepticism as I am a Cop. But I just wanted to be heard and now want to forget it again.

RMSO responds
Heart wrenching encounter.
Yes will keep you anonymous. Is it OK if we use your 1st name when we blog post your encounter?
Or initials of TT?

Do you recall details of her appearance?
Color of hair, how thick or long it was?
Thickness of body to height ratio?
Her face or eyes? Human like, ape like or something in-between?

And sorry to bring it up.
How bad was her injury?

T.T. responds
Just TT please.

Medium auburn hair looked kinda greasy looking like if you haven't washed your hair in a while. very thick and felt like dirty bear fur.

Don't want to describe face because it looked humanish and I don't think its accurate but close enough to not feel dumb for saying it. Lighter brown with black patches. But not human shaped more like an ovalish ape face.

She was thick but not fat. Her legs were thinner and her foot looked humanish but like a monkey. It was black with minimal hair around the ankle and the toe tails seemed dirty but not long and rounded.
Felt like the touch of the bottom of a dogs paw.

No visible blood, some hair rubbed off and a scrape. She could have pried it off but the way it was twisted around the tree she couldn't reach. I had some issues opening it myself due to my hand shaking a little being 17. I wasn't scared as I said I felt comforted form some reason. Nothing supernatural just the comfort of knowing u are doing the right thing and whatever happened after she was justified as far as she knew it wasn't my trap.

Her eyes were black BUT at that distance hard to say as they kinda were hypnotic like two people who just went through something traumatic who spoke silently understanding and gratitude through simple look.

I will not give any location but state as I don't know who follows you looking to do harm to them. I know you are fine and should understand. 


What part of Pennsylvania or as close to the location you are willing to safely divulge?
I know you want to keep these creatures safe, but we like as close as we can get to map Bigfoot populations across North America.

Big Mountain is what it's called... Seriously! The area was next to a stream and in between two hills was a flat with a giant oak tree in the middle. I was coming to hunt for squirrels. It was early October so the leaves were just starting to fall.

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Helicopter Log Crew Harassed by Sasquatch

Devils Hole Sasquatch 
Growls at Hunter Near Pete's Cabin

Marquette Bigfoot Captured on Camera 
Near Au Train Falls Michigan

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Rare Giant Squid Filmed in US Waters

Cover photo from link at bottom of article

 An amazing video of rare giant squid filmed in Gulf of Mexico has captivated viewers across the internet as the video goes viral.

 Biologists have described as "the most amazing video you've ever seen."

 NOAA expedition scientists said they spotted the giant cephalopod about 100 miles southeast of New Orleans, La.

NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) researchers estimated the juvenile giant squid to be around 10 to 12 feet long. An expert with NOAA National Marine Fisheries Services confirmed it to be a giant squid species.

The NOAA research team used a stealth camera system named the Medusa used for deep sea exploration. Researchers describe the system to be unobtrusive.

 This was the fifth deployment of this research machine. It uses red lights that are invisible to most creatures that live in the deep ocean. Its also a quiet research machine. This machine was baited with an electronic jellyfish imitating the deep sea Atolla wyvillei jellyfish.

 This is not the "monster" giant squid that everyone talks about. At around 12 feet in length it is a juvenile of this giant species of squid.

More on this amazing discovery & video
 click on the source link below.

Here Be Monsters: We Filmed a Giant Squid in America's Backyard

Monte to Mt St Helens Bigfoot RTD

Checking snow levels to service game cameras
in a Bigfoot sighting hot-spot

Monte to Mt St Helens Bigfoot RTD

Below are Bigfoot videos discussed during 
Bigfoot RTD above

Provo Bigfoot Video Investigation

Lone Peak Bigfoot Video

Volume Boosted Bigfoot Vocalizations
Mt St Helens

Original Footage Bigfoot Vocalizations
Mt St Helens

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bigfoot Shape Following Hikers St Helens

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upright black Bigfoot shape appears to be 
actively moving & hiding from hikers

During Video Editing
(In The Shadow of Mt St Helens 
Searching for Bigfoot)
Noticed directly behind group
a black animal/creature 
peaking at them close to the ground from 
behind a very large tree.
Thought maybe a black bear.

Went back to the original footage to take a closer look 
& noticed movement captured of an upright black 
Bigfoot shape that appears to be actively moving 
& hiding from hikers on our left/rear side.

Cropped, slowed & zoomed in on this 
black Bigfoot shape for a better view 
so you can see for yourself.

The low, black tree peeker is 
in this section of video also.
 Did not point it out, pay attention to see if you can find it too.

Breakdown Dark Bigfoot Shape Following Us
In The Shadow of Mt St Helens

Original Video Below

In The Shadow of Mt St Helens
Searching for Bigfoot

Mt St Helens Bigfoot Basecamp
Captured Some Amazing 
Bigfoot-Style Vocalizations

Bigfoot Vocalizations Boosted Mt St Helens

Original Bigfoot Vocalization Footage Below

Vocalizations First Night Bigfooting Mt St Helens

Two of many Bigfoot reports below
That motivated us to search Mt St Helens

Bigfoot Family Take Fisherman's Catch Mt St Helens

Fisherman Snags 7 Feet Tall Kalama Bigfoot

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Side Step Yeti Video Breakdown

Breakdown Video of Russian Yeti Bottom of Article

 This has always been a favorite Bigfoot (Yeti) video
Especially after finding Bigfoot tracks in
 Sasquatch Canyon doing a side step hopping lateral movement just
 as the Russian Yeti does on video.

Side Stepping Bigfoot Tracks 
in Sasquatch Canyon

Below is a video of a creature stalking us at night 
at the same spot we documented the footprints in the video above

October Bigfoot Sasquatch Canyon

ThinkerThunker Breakdown of 
Russian Yeti Video

Friday, June 14, 2019

Arizona Bigfoot National News

This photo has been in National News
Navajo Nationalism Facebook Page claims it is a 
young Bigfoot spotted near Wheatfields Arizona

Un-cropped photo can be seen from 
the Facebook source below

The color of the Bigfoot in the photo is often described by Arizona witnesses.
A large percentage of Arizona Bigfoot sightings are reported in the 
Tonto National Forest along the vast Mogollon Rim. 
Locals call it the Mogollon Monster (Arizona's Bigfoot).

More on the Mogollon Monster Below

Campers Harassed by Mogollon Monster at Knoll Lake

Scout Wakes to Bigfoot Standing Over Him

Woman Describes Troll Like Bigfoot in Arizona

Girl Panics When Bigfoot Steps Towards Her Near Flagstaff

Top Sasquatch Videos from Provo Utah

Cover photo from next video below
Email your Bigfoot sighting to

Many Bigfoot Sightings Captured on Video
In North Utah

Squaw Peak Bigfoot Video near Provo Utah

Provo Bigfoot Video Featured In
Bigfoot in National News All Month Long

Lone Peak Bigfoot Video

Logan Canyon Bigfoot Video

Provo Bigfoot Video & Investigation

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Rogue Sasquatch Enters Home in Oregon

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Bigfoot Terrifies Woman after Entering Her Home
Written report below video

Rogue Sasquatch Enters Home in Oregon

Original Source Link:

Darcy Writes RMSO
Hi Kelly, I enjoy your posts. I have had a couple glasses of wine, so I feel brave enough to talk to you. :) First of all, we are somehow related. My grandmother was a Shaw. Maybe we can figure that out sometime. The reason why I am sending you a message tonight is I have a dear, old friend from high school who has quite a story.

 She lived in rural Rogue River Oregon in the early 90's. She told me about MULTIPLE experiences with Bigfoot. To make a long story short, it entered her mobile home (a door didn't lock), and they sat and stared at each other down the hall while she held a shotgun.

 I have encouraged her to document her encounters. She said that she wanted to, but just hadn't gotten around to it. She is a professional woman and I think that she isn't quite sure that she wants to share. I am one of few people she has discussed it with. I am a lifelong believer. I spent my Summer's up at Shaver Lake as a kid. I grew up listening to and seeing my Aunt show and talk to us about it. I was an Adult when I realized that not everyone though the same. Thank you for your time. I am not quite sure where to go from here, but am open to suggestions.
Best, Darcy

Wow! Thank you for relaying that to me.
Did she describe in detail how it looked?

 Yes. She had quite a few experiences. In the beginning it was about her walking her dogs. They were large dogs. She knew something was following them. The female would split, but the male would stay with her. Herds of deer would huddle right up next to her trailer, she felt as if something was stalking them.

 She was alone a lot, as her husband was gone at work. Then one day the chains she had her dogs on were broken and they were gone. She would often get an uneasy feeling and told (her then) husband that she felt she needed protection.He got her a gun.

 She woke up one night, and couldn't sleep. She started towards the hallway and it was standing at the other end of the hallway. She slowly picked up her gun, and that they just sat and stared at each other. He was massive, and would have had to turn sideways to get down the hall to her.

 She wasn't sure how long it lasted, but I am sure that she got quite a good look at him. Even though she was scared shitless, she said he didn't seem threatening. She felt more like he was curious. She felt that if he tried to come at her a shot from the gun would not have brought him down. Eventually he turned and left. She moved.

I hope that made sense. She got the gun before the dogs were taken. I suspect he didn't like the alarm system.  She is an honest, sweet woman. I believe every word. Something that I noticed was it seemed that he was quite loud sometimes, , but very quiet others.

Its the kind of thing that we would talk about on a night like tonight. 2 old girlfriends chatting on the phone with a couple of glasses of wine. I got the feeling she wanted to share, and knew that it was important to do so. But at the same time, I think that she was worried about being judged.

She is quite successful in her field of work and well some people would think that you are nuts. I personally wouldn't care. I am 48 years old, screw em. But I think that she cares quite a bit what people think of her. I live in Southern California and have had plenty of people laugh in my face when I talked about it.

OK wow I would of crapped my pants. Interesting encounter. This is only one of a small handful that I have heard about a Bigfoot actually coming inside a home! Amazing.

Reminds me of the following Bigfoot sighting report in Oregon. A woman home alone & Bigfoot standing right at the door.

Myrtle Point Woman Sees Bigfoot From 10 Feet Away

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Rogue River Bigfoot Takes Fisherman's Salmon