Thursday, May 30, 2019

In The Shadow of Mt St Helens Searching for Bigfoot

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Bigfoot Action
Knocks, whoops, paralleling movement heard. 
15 inch long by 8 inch wide footprints found.
Pay attention something dark Bigfoot shape was 
following RMSO Timestamp 4:26 thru 4:30

In The Shadow of Mt St Helens
Searching for Bigfoot

Break-down Of Dark Bigfoot Shape 
Following Investigators

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ape Canyon Exploration For Bigfoot

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RMSO version of a Podcast
Bigfoot Dirt "Round Table Drive"

Exploring Around Ape Canyon Bigfoot RTD

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Perimeter Setup Bigfoot Base camp Mt St Helens

Vocalizations First Night Bigfooting Mt St Helens

Fisherman Snags Kalama Bigfoot by Shoulder

Horse Camp Bigfoot RTD between
Mt Adams & Mt St Helens

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cache Valley Bigfoot

Cover Photo Link:
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Bigfoot Trackway in Snow Wellsville Mountains
Cache Valley Bigfoot

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Cache Valley Bigfoot

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Brigham Bigfoot Frightens Grouse Hunter

Monday, May 20, 2019

Sasquatch Growls Through Window Shakes Trailer

Art work by Robroy Menzies
Video below written report
"The Bigfoot shook the trailer, growling through my window"

Sasquatch Growls Through Window Shakes Trailer
Snowcreek Writes
RMSO I had a close encounter with a Bigfoot 3 years ago in May of 2014. It happened in a mobile home park I lived at the time in a small town called Gazelle in Northern California by Mount Shasta. I wasn't home all by myself when it happened. The encounter happened two nights in a row. The Bigfoot shook the trailer, growling through my window, and bumping the trailer really hard.

Crazy. Did you get a good look at it? If so did you see facial features, height, color etc.?

No I did not look at it. I was very scared. But the person that was with me at home went outside and he saw something very tall walking towards the property behind where we lived. After the second night that it happened, the next day I saw scratches on my window and my friend found hair on the electric pole next to the trailer. The hair was orangeish brownish gray. It was a big chunk of hair. Before all of this happened I read up on Bigfoots to know their behaviors and where they like to hide. There has been times I heard their sounds in that area before the close encounter happened and after.

You remember any other details or have any more experiences we would like to hear about them.

A few months before that close encounter happened I was home all by myself. It was around 8:00 pm in the evening it was still light outside. but starting to get dark I heard a growl outside near my window. Then that was it. The year before in the summer time one night the trailer shook, but not too hard.

Bigfoot Growls Through Window Shakes Trailer

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Appalachian Bigfoot Caring For Lost Children? Kentucky Toddler Found Alive!

 22 month old toddler goes missing 7 PM Mothers Day May 12th 2019 evening then found 3 days & 3 nights later by rescuers searching for the little boy.

 Reminds me of a similar incident in neighboring North Carolina over 4 months ago where a 3 year old toddler was missing for three days and claims a bear carried him and kept him warm at night.

 More about 22 month old toddler rescued May 15th 2019
 in Kentucky on ThinkerThunker video below

Bigfoot Snatching Children? Kentucky Toddler Found Alive!
Jan 25th 2019 Toddler Missing Three Days 
Found & In Good Health

 North Carolina toddler Casey Hathaway found alive, in good health after 3 days missing in sub freezing temperatures. Some of the coldest North Carolina temperatures since 2012

Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes said "According to Casey he spent two days hanging out with a bear."

RMSO opinion post
Bears usually hibernate during the worst & coldest times during the winter & no credible reports of them caring for lost children.

North Carolina was experiencing some of the coldest temperatures there since 2012. Cold enough to freeze surfaces of lakes & ponds. Sounds like the worst part of Winter for North Carolina. Was this really a bear that should be hibernating caring for this lost three year old boy?

 Was it Bigfoot that cared for this toddler for two days?
There have been reports of Bigfoot helping lost children.

Another report of Bigfoot helping a lost child below.

Idaho Bigfoot alerts rescuers to lost boy's location

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Bigfoot Checks Out Fisherman on Video

Cover photo from next video below
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Sasquatch Captured on Video Watching a Fisherman

Bigfoot sighting reports at well known fishing locations 
may suggest fish is part of a Bigfoot diet.

 A large primate head peaks out quickly to observe the fisherman
& then disappears as fast as it appeared.

Bigfoot Quickly Checks Out Fisherman

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Kalama Sasquatch Snagged by Fisherman

Fisherman Snags Kalama Bigfoot

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Big Clackamas Sasquatch 9 Feet Tall

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"The big male then stood up (maybe 9 feet tall), 
and we looked each other in the eye for a bit"

Big Clackamas Sasquatch 9 Feet Tall

(After watching next video below "Perimeter Set up Bigfoot Basecamp Vocalizations Mt St Helens")
Gene B. writes RMSO 
 Many years ago while with a friend and his son, we were hiking in the Spring time to a fishing spot, high in the Cascade Mountains. Up the Clackamas River.

 These Sasquatch were in northern Oregon, South of Mt. Hood, the last town being Estacada.
On the way... at first I thought we had come across a couple bear, so I made a voice sound to get their attention! That is when I right away noticed they were not a bear.

 This Sasquatch sat up from a sound asleep fetus position and tapped his mate on the shoulder and still kneeling she sat up. They were about 15 to 20 feet away from me. The big male then stood up (maybe 9 feet tall), and we looked each other in the eye for a bit, then I guess he was satisfied, turned as his mate stood up and they never looked back as they walked on down the mountain side and were gone.

 These Sasquatch were white skinned with long brown silver tipped hair.
(circa 1960)
Perimeter Set up Bigfoot Basecamp Vocalizations Mt St Helens

RMSO responds
Thank you for reporting this to us. If you recall any additional details please elaborate.

 There are many Bigfoot sightings near Mt Hood & along the Clackamas River.
Here is a video of one of our Clackamas River Bigfoot Expeditions in Oregon.

Clackamas River Bigfoot Expedition & Sightings

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Rogue Bigfoot Enters House Terrifies Woman

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Limberlost Bigfoot Three Sisters Oregon

Cover photo link:
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"a large dark figure going up from a clear cut
 it had large shoulders, long arms"

Limberlost Bigfoot Three Sisters Oregon
Les R writes RMSO
Hi my name is Les R***
 We were camping at Limberlost camp ground in Oregon cascades. The day started just fine but by evening things started to happen.
 All the birds became silent, the screaming followed by wood knocks, and that scared the shi* out of us.(We were the only people in that area.)
 I went and got the shotgun out of the car and sat it beside me in the tent.
We left in the morning and planned on returning.

 When we returned to the campground it was full so we camped across the road in a rock pit. We were talking next to our friends truck and he pointed to a large dark figure going up from a clear cut it had large shoulders, long arms. It stuck out its arm and pulled itself up the hill from the clearcut to the top of the hill in just a few steps.

 Sorry not very good at putting words together, but these are from the 1980s

RMSO responds
 Thank you for the report. I like this area you were in. 

Les R
 It was covered in long dark hair, its shoulders were at least 4 feet across & stood 7.5 to 8 feet tall,  long muscular arms. I seen only the back of the creature. I measured the height of the trees on the clear cut and they ranged from 4 to 5 foot tall. My friend reminded me that just before the sighting he smelled a strong scent of wet dog.
 This is near The Three Sisters Oregon area. We have done several Bigfoot expeditions into this area because many Bigfoot sighting reports are documented there.

 Recently returned from a Pacific Northwest Bigfoot expedition at another volcano 
Mt St Helens. We heard & recorded Bigfoot vocalizations the 1st night camping there.
Maybe the same types of vocalizations you heard?

Disappointed the 1st evening to hear gunshots. We thought these people camping not too far from us target practicing were going to scare off any Bigfoot that may be in there area. However vocalizations started off and on for over an hour.
Perhaps the gun fire provoked the vocalizations. 

Vocalizations Recorded Mt St Helens
Bigfoot Expedition

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Perimeter Set up Bigfoot Basecamp & Vocalizations Mt St Helens

Artist Rendition
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Washington Bigfoot Expedition & Reports

Bigfoot Basecamp Perimeter Set-up & 
Vocalizations Mt St Helens

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

St Albans Sasquatch

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"It was leaning on a beech tree staring at me,
its face looked somewhat human a bigger forehead & cone shaped crown"

St Albans Sasquatch

Doug writes RMSO
 I have encountered two Sasquatch in the last 7 years here in Maine. One in Bingham and the other in St. Albans.
RMSO responds
 How far was it from you, were you able to see anything like height, color, size or face description etc.?
It was about maybe 75 feet from where I was. It was leaning on a beech tree staring at me. All I got to see was the fur color was not tan but not dark brown either. Its face looked somewhat human but a bigger forehead and cone shaped crown.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Vocalizations Filmed Bigfooting Mt St Helens

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Bigfoot Expedition to Mt St Helens
1st night just before dark vocalizations recorded

Vocalizations First Night Bigfooting Mt St Helens

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