Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Artist Recreation of Deadwood Sasquatch
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Aggressive Sasquatch in Ghost Town on Border of River of No Return

 After reading the three Bigfoot sighting reports by 5 witnesses in 24 hours we had to go to Deadwood.
Because of the Bigfoot sightings surrounding this location we already knew it was a Bigfoot sighting hotspot. It is surrounded by The River of no return wilderness, Challis National Forest & Salmon National Forest. Twice the size of Yellowstone National Park. Over 4.5 million acres of untouched primitive forest for a Bigfoot to live un-molested by man kind.
Prolog on location of the Bigfoot sightings.
Helicopter Log Crew Harassed by Sasquatch
1st Bigfoot sighting
2nd Bigfoot sighting
Location of 3rd Bigfoot sighting
Full Bigfoot expedition to Deadwood October
Next 3 videos full Bigfoot expeditions to Deadwood
Hike to Logging Boss Bigfoot sighting
Bigfoot Investigation of Deadwood at Night
Drive to Deadwood
Search for Bigfoot in Deadwood from the air
Drive from Cascade to Deadwood

Friday, October 23, 2015

Aggressive Sasquatch Like Creature Hunting People in South Montana

Cover is an artist rendition
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  For over a century an aggressive Wild-man creature has been stalking the woods of South Montana. Descriptions of the creature most would consider to be Bigfoot.
 Reports of it attacking & occasional killing people have been passed around by Native Americans & early settlers.

 Recent missing persons & deaths under mysterious circumstances brings up the question. 
 (Is a deadly descendant of a Wild-man or Bigfoot stalking the remote Montana wilderness?)

Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter in the Bitterroots

Sasquatch Tracks & Structure at Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Location

Chief Joseph Bigfoot near Famous Bauman Sasquatch Location

Bear Mouth Montana Wild-man Attack

Bigfoot Takes Food from Montana Cabin

Modern day Baumann report

Search for South Montana man, found dead of unusual circumstances.

Late President Teddy Roosevelt's report of close friends deadly encounter with a Wildman.

Expedition & discovery of Bauman's deadly Bigfoot location

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gamecams Relocated to Recent Bigfoot Encounter

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After a recent Bigfoot sighting by an archery hunter RMSO collects game cameras in the area & move them closer to the new Bigfoot sighting location.
Cameras collected at night in order to get them moved to the newest sighting ASAP.

Collecting Game Cameras at Night to Move
To Recent Bigfoot Sighting

Here is a small example of what RMSO finds & experiences in this Bigfoot sighting hot spot.
Local ranchers have told RMSO they believe these canyons are haunted.

Sasquatch Canyon 17 by 7 inch Bigfoot shape foot prints in snow

Eyeshine October Sasquatch Canyon Expedition

In the same general area RMSO filmed the foot prints in the snow, something runs up the mountain & hides from RMSO investigators. Derek points out the subject in the video below.

Sasquatch Canyon Suspect Bigfoot Break Down of Video

Two Sets of Bigfoot Trackways Sasquatch Canyon

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sasquatch Canyon Bigfoot Expedition with Conner Shaw

40 minute Bigfoot expedition video in to one of RMSO most productive research locations. We service game cameras & take a good look around Sasquatch Canyon.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Wild Dolphin asks Divers for Help - Video Included

We are surrounded by many very intelligent creatures with empathy & understanding here on our planet. No reason to speculate about intelligent life forms on other planets. They already live with us  here on planet Earth.

Wild Dolphin asks Divers for Help

Unexplained Creatures Below

Sasquatch, Strange Creature &
Lake Monster Captured on Camera

Many Different Sasquatch Like Creatures on Camera
in Several Bigfoot Sighting Hotspots

Amazing Opeepeesway Lake Bigfoot Video

It looks like Chewbacca!

The young boy exclaims it looks like Chewbacca!

Bigfoot sighting report from the East gate of Yellowstone.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Eyes of Creature Stalking RMSO Sasquatch Canyon

We Smell & Hear Something Walking Around Us in Sasquatch Canyon

 It was disturbing when we returned home from this Bigfoot expedition to find eye-shine very close to us at the same time we could smell & hear something walking around us.

Half Speed Highlight Clip of Creatures Eyes Stalking RMSO

Full length Bigfoot expedition of creatures eyes stalking us

Derek's breakdown video of the eye-shine

Friday, October 2, 2015

Plans for two supercolliders, China could be the collider capital of the world.

The 27-kilometre Large Hadron Collider at CERN could soon be overtaken as the world's largest particle smasher by a proposed Chinese machine. 

For decades, Europe and the United States have led the way when it comes high-energy particle colliders. But a proposal by China that is quietly gathering momentum has raised the possibility that the country could soon position itself at the forefront of particle physics

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Farmer Uncovers Wooly Mammoth Bones near Chelsea Michigan

Michigan Has a Lot of Bigfoot activity & Used to Be Home to Mammoths

A farmer near Chelsea made a startling discovery Monday night:
Bones of a woolly mammoth possibly butchered by 
early human hunters thousands of years ago.

Full story

Bigfoot Activity in Michigan

Indiana Bigfoot Captured on Camera 
10 Miles From Michigan Border

Michigan Bigfoot Captured on Video near Cave & Waterfall

Sasquatch on Video Crossing Michigan River
Carrying Infant Bigfoot

Teddy Roosevelt & Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter Bitterroot

The Teddy Roosevelt Bigfoot Story

 One of the most famous Bigfoot encounters in history.
President Teddy Roosevelt writes about his friend Bauman & his deadly Bigfoot encounter in the Bitterroot Forest along the boarder of Montana & Idaho.

It took several expeditions over several years for RMSO to find the stretch of canyon Bauman was trapping, when his partner was killed by what many today believe is Bigfoot.

On location of Bauman's encounter.
Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter on Location

More on Roosevelt & the Bauman/Bigfoot incident.

Expedition to Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter Location

Sasquatch Tracks & Structure at
Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Location

Chief Joseph Bigfoot
 #MontanaBigfoot #IdahoSasquatch
People like ourselves have existed on earth for vast periods of time, going back many millions of years.
Over the past two centuries, archaeologists have found bones, footprints, and artifacts showing that people like ourselves have existed on earth for vast periods of time, going back many millions of years. But many scientists have forgotten or ignored these remarkable discoveries. Primarily because they contradict the now dominant views about human origins and antiquity.
Michael Cremo is interviewed about his archeological discoveries and the cover up of the scientific community. Cremo gives several examples of archeological evidence that has been suppressed by the establishment in the name of “scientific conformity”.
Michael A. Cremo is researcher in the history of archeology. He is a member of the World Archaeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists. Cremo is the principal author of the book Forbidden Archaeology, a comprehensive historical survey of archaeological anomalies.