Sunday, July 26, 2020

Girl Shrieks At White Oregon Bigfoot

Cover photo is an example & not the Bigfoot witnessed
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Girl Shrieks At White Oregon Bigfoot
L Bella writes RMSO
After watching the following video.

White Bigfoot Spotted Boulder Utah

L Bella writes
The white bigfoot I believe is an extremely elusive  creature. I would not believe it if I hadn't seen one with my own eyes.

 It was in Washington county, Oregon around 1978-1979.
I was 6 yrs old at the time. It was mid day and I spotted it walking down a hillside around 100 ft away I'm guessing.

 It had to be 7 to 8 ft tall and walked fully upright, covered in inches long white hair from top to bottom. I let out a shriek when it registered in my brain what I was looking at.

 It turned to look at me and we both looked at each other for a second then it turned back towards its direction and continued walking.

 I jumped on my bike frantic with my friend who I later found out had not seen it. The experience of witnessing something like this is profound and it has stayed with me. What was it?! Why didn't my friend see it? 

 Then again, if it is such an elusive creature, I'm certain that it has a good reason to be, as us homosapians have the worst track record concerning how we treat other species. When you think about it that way, I hope we never find it. May it forever stay hidden in the wilderness.

RMSO responds
Appreciate hearing about your sighting and experience.

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Monday, July 20, 2020

Desolation Wilderness Sasquatch

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Bigfoot sighting reported hot spot, 
two encounter locations visited & research at the locations
 West of Lake Tahoe near the Desolation Wilderness.

Desolation Wilderness Sasquatch

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Monsters That Terrorize The Seas Surrounding North Carolina

Source Link:

Up to 20 feet long a bony fish predator. (Late Cretaceous) 66 to 72 million years ago.
Lived in ancient oceans along the U.S. East Coast. 
Fossil evidence found in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and New Jersey.

 Terrifying boned face & head, this maritime monster was able to spear & impale victims with large spear like fangs, then easily rip prey to shreds with many long sharp teeth. Truly a terror for anyone on the dinner list.


Up to 58 feet long reptile predator (Late Cretaceous) 66 to 82 million years ago.
Fossil evidence found all over the world. North America, South America, Europe, Africa, West Asia & Antarctica.

 Found nearly all over the world during the Late Cretaceous this giant sea monster may be one of the most terrifying aquatic predators of all time. A full grown adult would of been at the top of the food chain in any era. Eating it's fill of fish, turtles, shark and whatever else it decided to eat.


Over 40 feet long lived 230 million years ago & ancestors over 20 feet long hunt & terrorize rivers, marshes & ocean shore lines today.
Perhaps the most successful giant predator of all time.
 It is estimated that crocodiles and alligators kill about 1,000 humans world wide per year.


Up to 59 feet in length and up to 23 tons (Cretaceous) 93.5 to 112 million years ago.

This terrifying creature hunted on land & sea. It would use its tail like a crocodile to swim, staking, killing & consuming prey in rivers, swamps, lakes, ocean reefs & shore lines. This monstrous beast was a menace to everyone


Up to 59 feet long with razor sharp teeth. Big & thick, built for ripping, tearing and breaking bone. Bite force up to 40,000 pounds.

Lived approximately 3 to 24 million years ago. People still report modern day sightings of this gigantic ferocious looking predator.
The Great White Shark is a modern day ancestor with lengths over 20 feet. The Great White hunts and roams the oceans today, with an occasional attack on humans. Most attacks on people are thought to be mistaken identity, such as a seal or sea lion.

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Videos Resemble Ancient Creatures

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Man-Like Creature it began to Sniff at Her

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Sasquatch Skinwalker or Dogman

Found on Unexplained Mysteries YouTube Channel

They call it "clearest images of dogman ever taken"
Other cryptids come to mind such as Bigfoot, Sasquatch & Skinwalker.

Someone Has Just Taken The Clearest Images of
Dogman Monster Ever Taken

RMSO searches for Bigfoot in Sasquatch Canyon near Skinwalker Ranch.
The ranch is famously known for paranormal, ufo & dogman or skinwalker type activity.
RMSO often wonder if dogman, skinwalker and sasquatch are a related phenominom

Two Years Of GameCamera Sasquatch Canyon 77 Structure

Sasquatch Canyon Eyeshine Near 77 Bigfoot Structure

Sasquatch Canyon Eyeshine Full Expedition Video

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Giant Sasquatch Ozark Mountain Bigfoot

Artist Rendition
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"it towered over a 9 foot bush on the side of my house & 
made very strange sounds, scary as hell" 

Witness wants to remain anonymous & comments on blog article 
(Mendocino Bigfoot Upper Body Was Massive With A Skunky Musky Smell) Link:

Giant Sasquatch Ozark Mountain Bigfoot

 Anonymous writes RMSO
 I had a bigfoot in my yard when I was living in Elk Ranch Arkansas in the Ozark mountains.
It was so big it towered over a 9 foot flower bush on the side of my house. It made very strange sounds, scary as hell. 

 I am not scared of much but because my wife was in the house. I got a large gun and sat up till daylight to protect my wife and the house, this thing could have ripped me apart and I am a big man. 6'2" and 375 pounds. But the thing was every bit of 10 to 11 feet tall.

 The noise it made was scary as hell. I lived there for many years so I knew the sounds of mountain lions, bear, wild hogs. Nothing like this thing. It was 20 times louder than any bear or lion.

 I never told my wife about it till we moved from there. I sold the place and got out due to being blown up in my yard by the electric company there.

 But some things you never forget. The huge silhouette of a giant Bigfoot and the blood curdling sounds.

 I was just relieved to sell the place because that thing could have came back and done anything.

RMSO responds.
Thank you for reporting your encounter and experiences living in the Ozarks of Arkansas..
I know that parts of Arkansas are famous for the history of  Bigfoot sighting reports and encounters.
Of coarse I always think of the "true" Bigfoot encounters recreated in the famous movie Legend of Boggy Creek.

 Your report reminds be of a Sasquatch Canyon Bigfoot encounter where the two witnesses saw the creature sneak up behind a willow bush and peered at them over the it. I investigated the location & the creature had to be 9 to 10 feet tall to look over the willow at them while they were sitting around the camp fire.

Campers Stalked by Bigfoot
 in Sasquatch Canyon