Thursday, February 27, 2020

Bigfoot at Kannah Creek

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Grand Mesa Sasquatch Tracking Kannah Creek Bigfoot

Viewers asked for a breakdown on a section of video filmed during a Bigfoot expedition. 
At a Colorado sighting hot spot along Kannah Creek.
Slowed & Stabilized section in next video below.

Kannah Creek Bigfoot Breakdown
Stabilized & Slowed

Full Kannah Creek Bigfoot Expedition

Highlights Kannah Creek Bigfoot Expedition

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Limestone Lake Bigfoot

Zoom & Crop

Sasquatch Captured on Camera
 by Boaters at Little Limestone Lake
Malcolm Writes RMSO
What do you think that is behind my friend, picture was taken at Little Limestone Lake Manitoba.

RMSO responds
Looking at the original photo & then the zoomed in. Is rather creepy.

Yup Creepy
They got on a canoe right after this picture.

That creature looks like something out of the walking dead more so than I would expect a Bigfoot to look like.

Yeah my buddy was freaking out about it, when I showed him.

The guy in the picture?

That's him and his wife.

How long ago? Or when was the date this happened?

This month on August 12th (2018)

Thanks for the info.
Were you the 1st to spot this in their photo?

I've seen 4 bigfoot in my 36 years, they are amazing species.

My location I've seen bigfoot.

So awesome
So my question.. Does the creature in your friends photo look like a Bigfoot to you or similar to any of the four Bigfoot you have saw in your life? Is this Little Limestone Lake near any of your sighting locations?

The red pin is the lake.
I'm the blue dot.

Thank you for spending the time familiarizing me with all of this.
Is the creature in the photo similar to any of the Bigfoot you saw?

I've seen 1 females 2 males and 1 was too far to know the gender
3 black hair and 1 Auburn color hair.
The one in the picture looks old and having skin problem. I'm thinking? Bc it has less hair on his head but you can see hair from the neck down.

Appreciate your opinion on this photo.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Feather River Bigfoot twice the size of a large human

Artist Rendition
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Giant Sasquatch Encountered in Plumas Forest

Feather River Bigfoot 
twice the size of a large human

Robert Lackey writes RMSO
 Hi Kelly, I grew up in CA and when 12 or 13 started helping my father with the family business of trapping. Loved to hunt and fish all my young life, worked my way thru college with the CA Dept. of Fish and Game and then later in life for the US Forest Service for 14 years give or take. I loved outdoors.

 In Sept of 1993 I worked in silviculture for the US Forest Service, Plumas NF and my job this morning was to meet a contractor and show him a contacting up for bid, but he did not show up. So I proceed to a place called Watson Ridge, just North of Feather Falls in the Plumas NF. It drains into the Middle Fork of the Feather River which is wild and scenic area. I arrived at a clear cut named the mountain lion cut at 11:30. Wanted to see the mountain lion that lived there, I took my lunch into a small patch of brush and quietly looked over my 5 acre clear-cut. As my lunch ended 30 minutes later I had seen nothing and started packing my lunch box when I heard a large branch break. Sounded like a cow stepping and I did not even look up.

 I was there to count trees in the clear-cut by walking 120 yds, using a tape measure, count how many trees there were in a 20 ft. diameter circle. I walked out and counted my first plot and then started towards my second plot. As I get about 20 yds. from the edge of the clear-cut, I heard another large limb break and instantly looked up the hill. About 40 yards away thru a small opening in the brush was a leg. All that was visible was the back of the leg from the knee down to the ankle.

 The sun was shining direct on this portion of leg and I could clearly see red hair about 1 1/2 inches long around the leg. On the inner 1/2 was a denser fur. As this creature started walking up the mountain away from me, I watched the calf muscle flex up and down. It was awesome how large it was. This was my only view which was it's left leg from the back of knee down. Eventually I could see all the way up to the butt (about 65 yards away) and it seemed well portioned to a human. Hair all red. Then for a brief moment, I could see all the way up to the shoulders. The shoulders were very large and clearly bigger than a human. My guess is twice the size of a large human. The hair all the way up it's body to the shoulders was red. Some a little closer to brown.

 As it moved into the brush, mainly tan oak, I thought the sighting was over, but just above the tan oak was a small opening and in it a dead tan oak bent over so that the 6" diameter end was facing me. The creature/bigfoot/what every you prefer to call it step out and bent down a little to lay it's left arm on top of the tan oak. As it did, the end of the tan oak moved down about a foot. The tan oak was about 5' 6" to 6' off the ground.

 As it stood there looking at me (110 yards away) it was mostly in the shade, however a part of the left shoulder was in the sun and all the left arm. The left elbow was colored black. It looked like a black soft leather. I was confused at how a creature with such red hair could have black skin.

 I cannot tell you how long this part of the encounter lasted. I clearly remember thinking it was checking me out as much as I checked it out. I could not see it's face or the front of it's body and never did. After it setting on the limb for half a minute, it just turned and lifted up, took two steps into the forest and I never saw it again.

 Clearly the details of my encounter ensure me that it was not a hoax. The detail of the muscles and body, awesome encounter. I never felt fear. It was never aggressive and I never smelt a strong smell. I've been left wondering how many more encounters I have had without knowing about it. I have also had a few unexplained experiences in my life that I look at completely differently now.

RMSO responds
Hi Robert, appreciate hearing about your encounter along with the details you recall of the sighting.

 We had a similar experience at Palisades, Idaho. June 2012.
After finding bigfoot shaped tracks & hearing vocalizations. We zoomed & started snapping photos down a thick vegetated wash where most of the vocalizations were coming from.
 Captured the creature below partially hiding behind a tree watching us, part of its left arm is in the sun, however the rest of it is in the shadows.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Neanderthal Remains Found Over 70,000 Years Old

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Newest Neanderthal Skeleton is Actually Really Old

A 70,000-year-old Neanderthal skeleton found in 
the foothills of Iraq has been described as 
"a truly spectacular find"

An amazing find in the Shanidar Cave, 
remains of ancient hominids.

 A crushed skull, both scapula and both hands, were found at Shanidar cave north of Baghdad.
Analysis suggest the skeleton to be more than 70,000 years old. According to tooth analysis it may be a middle age or older adult.

 There are also remains of ten more Neanderthal found in the cave. The skeleton was placed in such a way to suggest these ancient Neanderthal people buried & honored their dead relatives & friends.

  Source link at top of article with more to see. Video, photos & descriptions of these intelligent ancient Neanderthal.

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Monday, February 17, 2020

Sawtooth Sasquatch Redfish Bigfoot Investigation

Artist Rendition
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Sasquatch Active Hot Spot in Sawtooth Mountains

Sawtooth Sasquatch Redfish Bigfoot Investigation

Hiker Faints As Bigfoot Reaches To Him

Bigfoot Activity Hot Spot Sawtooth Mountains

Sasquatch Problems River Of No Return

Bigfoot Circles Hunters Tree Stand
River Of No Return


Sunday, February 9, 2020

Warm Lake Bigfoot Carrying Deer Carcas

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"witnesses believe it was a Bigfoot carrying a deer carcass 
slung over its shoulders & dragging a 2nd one behind it"

Warm Lake Bigfoot Carrying Deer Carcass

 Land stake owner near Warm Lake, Idaho claims
 He & hunting partner were taking a break when they heard screaming coming from the ridge ahead of them. "CC" wasn't sure what the sound was, his partner thought it was a deer in distress.

 They scanned the ridge across the valley from them and saw movement. Looking through binoculars he was shocked by the size of the figure. He used his cell camera that had a cracked lens and snapped a photo of the creature before it finished carrying the deer over the ride and out of sight. 

 Both witnesses believe it was a Bigfoot carrying a deer carcass slung over its shoulders. They also think it may of been dragging a 2nd carcass behind it.


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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Yacolt Sasquatch Feigns Aggressive Display

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Yacolt Sasquatch Feigns Aggressive Display
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Kalama Bigfoot Snagged by Fisherman

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Lightning Quick Bigfoot

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Smokey Mountain Bigfoot North Carolina

Artist Rendition
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"30 yards away it stepped out, 
paused for what seemed forever then walked away"

Smokey Mountain Bigfoot North Carolina

Shawn B. writes RMSO
Thanks for including me in your group. I live in Ky and as a truck driver I love Montana. My sighting was as a young boy of 9 in Fontana North Carolina. Never spoke of it much as my parents assured me it was a black bear. I know what I saw. Interested ever since. I have been on a few pages. Looking for real encounters and believers not people who make fun or degrade people for what I like to think as being Blessed to see what very few do. Thanks

RMSO responds
We would like to hear the details of what happened and what you saw. On this thread or you can email us at

Shawn responds
Well we were on Vacation in the Smokies. Rented a Cabin. We took our dirt bikes. That morning we, my Dad Mom and Brother were walking a trail Everything was normal. My brother stepped on a Green Snake and yelled. We all came to see it. 

 As we walked away I was in the rear. I was watching the snake to see if it would get off the trail. Just to the right of the trail I seen it looking around the tree. It was hugging it. 
 It stepped out paused for what seemed forever then walked away from us and the path. 

 By the time I filtered it all I could do was holler for my dad. I told them what I saw and of course the bear was logical. Never seen a face. It was big. I was a child so how big it really was I can not say. Height wise.

 I remember it had a stride to its movement. Never made a noise that I remember. If I were to guess we had walked probably 30 yards away before I seen it. This is only the 2nd time I have told this publicly. I never really could explain what it was so I just kept it to myself.

 Over the years and hearing many stories and documentaries I am comfortable talking about it. Plus I was young and I always thought no one would ever believe me. There it is. I was not scared when I saw it. Shocked would be more the term to use. Never seen anything like it again. Or before that day.

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Shawn joined & commented on
 Montana Bigfoot Project Facebook Page
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