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Boaters Find Bigfoot Tracks on Yadkin River near Game Lands South of Mocksville, NC


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"don’t know what’s more scary:
Bigfoot or some huge guy out here hunting pigs barefooted"

Boaters Find Bigfoot Tracks on Yadkin River
near Game Lands South of Mocksville, NC

Cody D writes RMSO
Randomly ran across one of your posts and reminded me of this strange encounter.

 A few years back in the foothills of NC we ran across some tracks. It was 50 degrees that morning and these were found on a small bank on the river that was miles from the nearest boat ramp. Also miles from the nearest homes. There was also a smaller set of track that seemed to be on its tip toes. Both tracks led into the water. There was no signs of a boat that had pulled up on the bank and it has poured raining gone day before.


My buddy said I don’t know what’s more scary: Bigfoot or some huge guy out here hunting pigs barefooted.

It’s worth noting I’m 6’2” 240 lbs with size 12 boot. I took my boot off and pressed hard into the sand and as you can see whatever it was was much bigger and heavier than me. Crazy.

Also have heard woods on wood knocking and lots of random trees falling while hunting over the years. Weird stuff.

I can assure you though this is not something we did as a joke or a prank. We were taking some hunting gear down to the river to be picked up by boat as opposed to walking it out and that’s how we stumbled across them. Strange stuff

RMSO responds

Do you happen to have any more photos? I see a partial track ahead of the one you are documenting. Even if they aren't as nice it would be good to see more of the trackway.

What part of NC and what was the name of the river?

Cody continues

 I can check but don’t believe so. I pulled those pics from my instagram post like 4-5 years ago when it happened. The only tracks we saw though headed right into the water. I only posted that one track cause it was the most definitive as far as outline.

The foothills and the Yadkin river out near the game lands south of mocksville

Hell they say black panthers don’t exist in NC either but I saw one of them with my own eyes about 10 years ago while leaving hunting in the evening on the side of the road. 

What I don’t get with the whole Bigfoot thing though is how no one can seem to get them on a trail camera. Seems like they would but the footprints we saw just don’t make sense for someone to be out there on a cold morning barefoot and being that large. Could happen I guess just not normal at all.

RMSO continues

The creature has been captured on gamecamera several times. (Several Videos Linked Below Article) 

Less often than the rare hand held camera video or photo. Many researchers including our team believe the reason is, the creature can see the infrared trigger beam & then avoids the areas they are in.

Cody responds

Well I imagine if they can smell and are as almost as smart as us they can hear, smell and see us coming and know if we set one up. 

Trust me I was a non believer but ever since I saw that track it’s made me question things especially the sounds I’ve heard out there. 


Using trail cams for the last 12 years. They give off a lot of scent themselves. You can smell the plastic, electronics and the batteries especially when they are new. And the sasquatch more than likely have a nose as good as a bear or a blood hound. And so they may avoid them from smell alone


That doesn’t surprise me one bit and kinda what I’ve though.  I know if I’m 240lbs whatever it was was a lot damn bigger than me based on how deep that print was compared to mine. Def wouldn’t want to cross paths with one without a gun.

It almost seemed like they were running from us cause the track was fresh like we pushed them across the river. 

In all the other places I’ve hunted I’ve never heard the wood on wood knock though. Almost like they were trying to scare us off or something.

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