Sunday, January 29, 2017

Firefighter Bigfoot Experience After Finding Bigfoot Tracks in Snow

Sasquatch Tossing Boulder
Maybe Same Bigfoot That Hurled a Log

Firefighter Bigfoot Experience After 
Finding Bigfoot Tracks in Snow

JBT writes RMSO 
 Hello, I have a story to tell that I've been holding on to for a while. I've seen your videos on Youtube and I think its worth sharing my story.
 I'm the kind of person that seeing is believing. I have always been outdoors my entire life and have learned to tune in my outdoor mountain environment. I love getting as far out from the city as I can where I feel at peace.

 I worked for the forest service for 5 years as a wildland firefighting. I used to train almost every day in the off season by hiking with a 50 pound pack up XXXXXX XXXX trail in Spanish fork utah to get ready for the season. I've hiked the trail for 4 years and was very familiar with the trail.

 I was hiking up the trail in early march after a fresh snow storm the night before that brought 2 inches of snow. About 8:00am on a crisp cold and calm morning I started hiking and I noticed there were some big foot prints in the snow. I know this trail very well and I know there isn't many people that hike during the winter. I was starting to realize wnt by print that the person was bare foot. When I notice that I really started to examine and study the print. It was very wide but only about 2 inches longer than my foot which is 12 inches. I thought this was very weird and got me thinking. Why would a someone be barefoot this time of year. I noticed the prints just didn't look like normal human footprint. The print was wider and the big tow looked miss shapened or deformed. Anyways I kept hiking my usual hike still looking at the prints thinking this is eary and don't know what to think of this. 

 I hiked about 1.5 miles up and the prints move off the trail and up a steep and rocky mountain side that lead in thick pines. Here's what I was thinking is that in a seasoned fit experienced hiker that does this for a living. To me it didn't look fun hiking through that terrain. I started realizing this had to be a wild animal and yes I started thinking sasqautch.

 I sat there on a rock to rest and think about this situation when I heard a huge boulder come down from the cliffs above me. It really startled me. Then I heard a deep beating noise that seemed to pass through my body. This was nothing I have ever heard before and I honestly felt like my life was being threatened. I started to put my pack on to get out of here and another huge boulder came crashing down. I was scared at this point and started running as fast as I could down the trail. I think I got the best workout I've ever got. I could have won a gold medal. 

 On a more serious note I knew that what happened was completely out of the ordinary and new something or someone did this. In other words this did not happen naturally by mother nature. I've now had a few years to think about this. I believe it was the everyone has been seeing. I really want him to be found and I want science to recognize that they do exist and not everyone is crazy. Anyways if you need more from I can be reached at XXXXXXXXXX thanks

Bigfoot Sighting South of 
Firefighter Bigfoot Ordeal

Sasquatch Hurls Log at Deer Hunter Manti-La Sal

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Manti-La Sal Bigfoot Investigation

Friday, January 27, 2017

Snow Print Wax is a good product to cast Bigfoot tracks in the snow

Plaster & Dental Cast are perfect for casting in the earth however it is almost worthless for casting tracks in the snow.
Plaster & dental stone heats up while it is setting up melting the snow & distorting the track you are trying to preserve.
Snow Print Wax
Order from the link below.
Video below.
When we found this track way of bigfoot foot prints in the snow we had no way of casting them. With Snow Print Wax we now have the ability to cast bigfoot tracks if we ever come across them in the snow again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

8 FT Tall Red Brown Bigfoot Terrifies Brigham Hunter

Artist Rendition
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 When he reached me he was out of breath and bleeding all over from those thorns. Kenny was shaking and crying. I had to keep telling him that I saw it run away when he fired the

I would say it was 7-8 feet tall, dark reddish-brown hair with a white cap. The distance was about 500-600 yards away and closer as it came towards Kenny.

8 Feet Tall Red Brown Bigfoot Terrifies Brigham Hunter

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Source link to report from witness

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Owyhee Skinwalker Idaho

Artist Rendition
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Kuna Residents Plagued by Skinwalkers

Owyhee Skinwalker Idaho

Abrina T & Jesse writes RMSO 
 Hey guys liked the stories. My GF saw this "Skinwalker Sighting Report Utah".
 And showed me, as it reminded her of stories she's heard from me, so she's makin me tell you here...

 My name is Jesse btw ...I have had 3 encounters in in the Owyhee desert where my brother myself and 3 other friends were headed back to Boise from a bonfire/party in the desert when we started seeing something running back and forth on the road ahead of us we were doin about 45 ben (my bro)was driving and it was stayin ahead of us at the edge of our headlights when one of the girls was like whats that... my brother was like it's a coyote, he and i were leaning forward over the dash tryin to get a better look, i was saying no its not a coyote its to big when the chick was like no next to us... we were like what and looked out the passenger side when we could see 2 more running along side keeping pace...mind you 45 mph... when one basically lunged toward the car hitting it mid side between the doors. it was not a coyote it had a very humanish face and kinda sparse pale hair. needless to say many screams and profanities were had and ben stomped the gas to get us out got up to about 65 with them hangin with us for a little bit before they broke off.

 Second encounter was in Kuna Idaho on the outskirts of town at our house, ben and i had a bedroom in the basement when we had one WHO-ing out side our window we sat up when we heard it, it was very distinct sound ill never forget like a person with a high voice pretending to be an owl... we got up lookin on our tiptoes peekin out trying to see who it was when we saw something pale lowslung to the ground moving quick with kind of jerky disjointed movements we could see it moving on all fours quickly across the back yard thenwe lost sight as we sat there trying to process what we saw suddenly we heard it again very close right next to the window we jumped to my bed across the room and were balled up under our blankets eyes locked at the window we saw it leaning down into the window well its eyes were large owl like it glanced in a second or two then it was gone... it came back over the next two nights then no more.

 The third was in the foot hills above Boise at an area called table rock.... myself and several friends were up drinking when we heard a woman screaming ... we jumped up and headed toward the sound cautiously as tablerock has a lot of broken ground (goffer holes and boulders) aswell as a cliff, as we moved threw the brush i could see a guy in all camo crouched by some sage brush near the origin of the screaming (my first thought was we were stumbling on a rape in progress) so i moved stealthily up on him incase i needed to subdue a possibly armed individual... but as i got within a few feet of him we heard the scream again... at this point he glanced around and noticed me less than a couple of feet from him which.just about made him jump out of his skin (lol) i was like whats up? he glances back the way of the scream and says coyoties...if you have never heard a coyote it becomes very clear very quickly why they are called tricksters because they can sound very human which is why skinwalkers probably move as them so frequently... (a coyote scream can draw the unwary from thier fire into the dark where they can get mobbed by the pack) as we sat there listening suddenly a large rock crashes threw the bush between the two of us and almost hits two more friends that were moving up the trail to our position... we all exclaimed stood up, me and camo.guy stood up instantly kicking on flashlights just intime to see a naked someone turn and jump/dive over a bush they looked concentration camp thin...hairy dirty almost feminin like an old woman we ran up to look over the ridge by this time about 6 of us scanning the dark with flashlights worried some old lady with dementia was lost up there but just over the ridge it drops away into a stone quarry and their was no one to be seen... google map table rock Boise you will see the area i talk of! hope these offer some insight and i hope your going well armed in the darkness...they are stealthy, strong, fast and intelligent so be very very careful it got us to leave our fire and almost walked 6 of us into a hole.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Donna Hamrick may have filmed Bigfoot in West Virginia

Screen shot of possible bigfoot from her cell phone video.
From the YouTube channel of Donna Hamrick.
It appears Donna may have filmed the elusive Bigfoot with her cell phone camera.
Donna had a bigfoot sighting in the woods behind her house November of 2015 according to her BFRO report.
7 months later around June of 2016 she may have captured the same creature on cell phone video.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Willamette Oregon Bigfoot

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His Eyes Glowed the Moment It Stood Up
with It's Face in My Headlights

Willamette Oregon Bigfoot

Cambria writes RMSO
 Unfortunately this isn't a recent sighting, but like I said above, it forever changed how I feel about the BF issue. I know that they are among us in the mountains.

 This sighting happened in the winter of 1992. I was traveling from Mt.Shasta to Portland and we decided to take the back way (I15 to, I believe, highway 97, to highway 58) We had just passed the Willamette Ski Resort and had to pass a small bridge over the first creek or small river after the resort. I was sitting in the drivers side as It was my turn to drive and it was just after the sun went down in the mountains. My daughter and husband at the time were dozing.

 The BF was standing on the right side of the road and It looked as though it had come from the creek (or small river. I can't remember what the name of it was, but it was the first bridge over water after the Willamette resort) as I could see it perfectly step up from the side of the bridge and then stand up to full height.

 At first my brain registered it as a brown bear. But as it stood up to full height my brain panicked. I immediately registered it as BF. His eyes also glowed the moment it stood up with it's face in the light of my headlights, like a cat's eyes glow. Nothing came to mind, other than " that's a BF". It was perfect, it was huge and I was scared. I increased my speed and never looked back.

 Years earlier my grandfather had built a house at the base of Mt. Shasta up from town. He took in a scared camper one night. The camper came knocking on the door in the middle of the night in a terrible fright. He told my GF that a BF had terrorized his camp and followed him to my GF's house. He asked for refuge for the night which my GF gave him.

 I trust that my GF had told me the truth about the story but thought the camper had imagined a BF, instead of a large animal. Thus I was a fence sitter.

 After my own sighting though, I feel the man was telling the my grandfather the truth. The BF that I saw was brown. Definitely brown. I didn't notice any variation of color, except for the face, it was a lighter color. The eyes were large and in the dark, with the glow of the light, I am sure they looked bigger than they actually were. The details of the rest of the face are a blur after all of these years, but the eyes have always stayed with me. I am 5 foot and he was the largest humanoid/animal I have ever seen. It put me in immediate panic to see something so large that my car was passing so close to. When I say that it changed the way I think about things, I mean it. Now, anything is possible.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Scientists Pinpoint Recurring Radio Blasts Outside of Milky Way Galaxy

For the 1st time Scientists have been able to pinpoint radio blasts outside of our own Milky Way Galaxy.
The fast radio bursts "FBR" are short lived yet powerful radio waves.
The detection of these radio bursts have opened up a spawn of different explanations, from black holes, extra-terrestrial intelligence to pulsars.
The 1st radio wave blasts were detected from The Parkes Radio Telescope Australia in 2007.
This FBR is unique because it is recurring & cannot easily be ruled out as some kind of a one time cosmic explosion. Other explanations must be explored.
These recurring radio blasts have been pinpointed to FRB 121102 Galaxy over 3 billion light years away.
More on this cosmic discovery in the LA Times and the BBC News