Monday, January 9, 2017

Bigfoot Spotted Willamette Ski Resort Oregon

Cambria writes to us at RMSO
Unfortunately this isn't a recent sighting, but like I said above, it forever changed how I feel about the BF issue. I know that they are among us in the mountains. This sighting happened in the winter of 1992. I was traveling from Mt.Shasta to Portland and we decided to take the back way (I15 to, I believe, highway 97, to highway 58) We had just passed the Willamette Ski Resort and had to pass a small bridge over the first creek or small river after the resort. I was sitting in the drivers side as It was my turn to drive and it was just after the sun went down in the mountains. My daughter and husband at the time were dozing. The BF was standing on the right side of the road and It looked as though it had come from the creek (or small river. I can't remember what the name of it was, but it was the first bridge over water after the Willamette resort) as I could see it perfectly step up from the side of the bridge and then stand up to full height. At first my brain registered it as a brown bear. But as it stood up to full height my brain panicked. I immediately registered it as BF. His eyes also glowed the moment it stood up with it's face in the light of my headlights, like a cat's eyes glow. Nothing came to mind, other than " that's a BF". It was perfect, it was huge and I was scared. I increased my speed and never looked back. Years earlier my grandfather had built a house at the base of Mt. Shasta up from town. He took in a scared camper one night. The camper came knocking on the door in the middle of the night in a terrible fright. He told my GF that a BF had terrorized his camp and followed him to my GF's house. He asked for refuge for the night which my GF gave him. I trust that my GF had told me the truth about the story but thought the camper had imagined a BF, instead of a large animal. Thus I was a fence sitter. After my own sighting though, I feel the man was telling the my grandfather the truth. The BF that I saw was brown. Definitely brown. I didn't notice any variation of color, except for the face, it was a lighter color. The eyes were large and in the dark, with the glow of the light, I am sure they looked bigger than they actually were. The details of the rest of the face are a blur after all of these years, but the eyes have always stayed with me. I am 5 foot and he was the largest humanoid/animal I have ever seen. It put me in immediate panic to see something so large that my car was passing so close to. When I say that it changed the way I think about things, I mean it. Now, anything is possible.

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