Sunday, January 29, 2017

Firefighter has Bigfoot experience after finding Bigfoot tracks in the snow

Email sent to RMSO from JBT
Hello, I have a story to tell that I've been holding on to for a while. I've seen your videos on Youtube and I think its worth sharing my story.
I'm the kind of person that seeing is believing. I have always been outdoors my entire life and have learned to tune in my outdoor mountain environment. I love getting as far out from the city as I can where I feel at peace.
I worked for the forest service for 5 years as a wildland firefighting. I used to train almost every day in the off season by hiking with a 50 pound pack up XXXXXX XXXX trail in Spanish fork utah to get ready for the season. I've hiked the trail for 4 years and was very familiar with the trail.
 I was hiking up the trail in early march after a fresh snow storm the night before that brought 2 inches of snow. About 8:00am on a crisp cold and calm morning I started hiking and I noticed there were some big foot prints in the snow. I know this trail very well and I know there isn't many people that hike during the winter. I was starting to realize wnt by print that the person was bare foot. When I notice that I really started to examine and study the print. It was very wide but only about 2 inches longer than my foot which is 12 inches. I thought this was very weird and got me thinking. Why would a someone be barefoot this time of year. I noticed the prints just didn't look like normal human footprint. The print was wider and the big tow looked miss shapened or deformed. Anyways I kept hiking my usual hike still looking at the prints thinking this is eary and don't know what to think of this. I hiked about 1.5 miles up and the prints move off the trail and up a steep and rocky mountain side that lead in thick pines. Here's what I was thinking is that in a seasoned fit experienced hiker that does this for a living. To me it didn't look fun hiking through that terrain. I started realizing this had to be a wild animal and yes I started thinking sasqautch.
I sat there on a rock to rest and think about this situation when I heard a huge boulder come down from the cliffs above me. It really startled me. Then I heard a deep beating noise that seemed to pass through my body. This was nothing I have ever heard before and I honestly felt like my life was being threatened. I started to put my pack on to get out of here and another huge boulder came crashing down. I was scared at this point and started running as fast as I could down the trail. I think I got the best workout I've ever got. I could have won a gold medal. On a more serious note I knew that what happened was completely out of the ordinary and new something or someone did this. In other words this did not happen naturally by mother nature. I've now had a few years to think about this. I believe it was the everyone has been seeing. I really want him to be found and I want science to recognize that they do exist and not everyone is crazy. Anyways if you need more from I can be reached at XXXXXXXXXX thanks

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