Friday, May 29, 2020

Bighorn Sasquatch Crow Tribal History of Bigfoot

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Bigfoot Throws Trees at 
Crow Tribesmen in Bighorn Mountains

Bighorn Sasquatch Crow Tribal History of Bigfoot

Wraps his tail writes RMSO
 I've been interested in Big Foot since I was a kid and lived in the state of Washington for about a year. I heard about Big Foot while there.

 We returned home to my reservation. I would think about the stories I heard in Washington. During my high school years, I asked our elders bout any Big Foot stories. I was surprised that we have stories about them. Even a couple of places that are named after encounters with Big Foot.

 I don't like sharing publicly about the stories but think the stories should be told to preserve them. I like to share them but not sure how. I people get ridiculed when they talk about them. For this reason, usually don't like talking about it. I see people's post about their encounters and feel I should share some of these stories.

 Let me know if you would want to hear them. I could share some of the stories just to keep them from being lost.

RMSO responds
Would love to hear about them and willing to keep you anonymous when we post them publicly on our blog.

Wraps his tail responds
OK, how do we start?

Please email them 1 at a time when you have time to

Wraps his tail continues
OK, I'll start with how got interested in these stories. I'm a member of the Crow tribe and live a few miles outside of Billings, Mt. We moved to the state of Washington on the Makah Indian Reservation in 1974. My dad took a job there as a cop. We moved there when I was a fourth grader.

The town is called Neah Bay. Its the furthest point west you can go on the coast.

My Makah friends and I often played at a beach on the bay side. It was close to where we lived. A Makah elder heard from her grandson that we like to play at the beach and go up into the heavy timber. The timber is above the beach and across the main entry road to Neah Bay.

 She saw me at school and called me over. She told me not to go into the timber anymore. She said we could get lost or get abducted by some large hairy beings. She said their history talks about  children being taken by these beings.

 She shared a story of seeing three of them one night, raiding her trash cans, at the edge of her yard. She lived in the country and was alone at the time of incident. She said they're out there!

 I thanked her for the warning and told her that we will not go into the timber anymore. The story stuck with me ever since that time. 

 Fast forward to when I was about 15. I was riding with my grandfather to our tribe's buffalo pasture in the Big Horn Mountains. We took a break from the rough rocky road to eat.

 It was near a place called "where they seen a being". I only knew the Crow name. I never really thought about why it was named that. I got curious looking at the high point of "where they seen a being". I asked my grandfather why it was called by that name?

 He said a large hairy being was seen there by Crow hunters at the bottom of the canyon. He said the incident likely happened in the early reservation period... 1890s? 

 The hunters were on horseback and coming out of the canyon. On the trail , they ran into the being. The being was very large and hairy. He said it roared at the hunters and ran straight up the canyon wall. The terrain is steep. You almost have to crawl to go straight up the wall.

 It made it up to the top and went crazy. I roared and pulled up small pine trees with the roots. He threw the Christmas tree size trees down at the hunters. He said the thing was strong to throw trees almost to where the hunters had stopped.

 The hunters decided to detour around the point where the being was standing. They decided on a separate trail that went below where the being was located.

 The being stood his ground. They finally made it out of the canyon several miles above the normal path of the trail.

 Recently, I happened to sit next to an elder from one of our communities. He knows many of our oral stories and our tribal history. I asked him about "where they saw the being". I asked if he knew why it was called by that name?

 He told me exactly the same story as my grandfather did. But, he added one interesting detail. The hunters watched the being run up the steep slope, they noticed it had a braided pony tail on the back of his head. WTH.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

St Helens Bigfoot Hand Chewed By Cougar

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sasquatch Canyon Giants

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