Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Its good Bigfooting manners not place a game camera where people want to enjoy recreation

Mark asked on Jarbidge Expedition Video.
Kelly, do you have any trouble with people stealing your cameras?

My Reply.
Knock on wood, no haven't had that trouble. Lost 4 game cameras over the last 7 years, all of them chewed on by animals. I try to place them in bigfoot sighting areas that have minimal human traffic, yet ideal for animals. If I notice I am seeing people using the area, I don't place them or I move the cameras. Is good manners not to place a game camera where people want to enjoy recreation.

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Reward! 12 Pounds of Bigfoot Scat for Information to Help Ted Kyzenski Find Missing 74 Pounds of Bigfoot Poop!

Looking for Robert XXXXXXXX. Little sissy stole 74 pounds of Bigfoot shit from my storage facility. Figured I could get some of my YouTube friends help me locate this worthless puke. I'm offering 12 pounds of Bigfoot scat from my 1983 Northern California spring expedition. This is an excellent sample of Bigfoot scat so thanks for any info.

That's terrible. Did you report him to the police?

#BigfootPoop #SasquatchTurd #BigBigfootPoo