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HillBilly Beast Attacks | Bigfoot Documentary


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Full Episode of Monsterquest - HillBilly Beast Attacks!

From HISTORY YouTube
MonsterQuest: HillBilly Beast Attacks! - Full Episode (S4, E2) | History
HillBilly Beast Attacks | Bigfoot Documentary

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Saline Bayou Sasquatch Near Wagon Road Walking Into Swamp


Artist Rendition
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"Over 7 feet tall, humped over a little bit, huge,
really wide shoulders, wide hips & it was really thick"

Saline Bayou Sasquatch
Near Wagon Road Walking Into Swamp

Robert writes RMSO
A friend and I was  working on his dad's dairy farm redoing fence that had been torn down. Walked around a bend and it was walking down a old wagon road. Had black and brown scruffy hair. Really wide shoulders wide hips thick body. 

 We were young and we took off running. Looked like a giant hairy man. You could tell it was strong just the size. We had been in the woods since we could hunt and never seen anything like it. We were about 40 feet from it it just walked towards the swamp. We took off running. 

 A deer hunter told me he was hunting and it was foggy and couldn't see and something roared or hollered but he said it made his chest vibrate and everything went silent said soon as fog lifted he ran to his truck. 

 I never went back to that spot it scared me so bad. I had bad dreams for awhile still haven't been back and I'm 60. I carry a  45 on my side because I'm disable now but think a 45 would have just made it mad. Told our friends at school next day and they just laughed and I never said anything else about it. Wasn't a bear I've seen them. But it didn't run it just walked off. No cell phones back then. But I would take a lie detector test. I remember it like yesterday. 

RMSO responds
Hi Robert
Appreciate hearing from you
What state or location did this occur? 
What year and month do you recall it happened?
Can you give a height estimate of the creature?

Robert responds
This  happened in Louisiana.  Probably in the late 70s. I remember it was hot but still in school.  It was probably 7 feet tall if not taller, it was kinda humped over a little bit walking through the woods. It was huge had really wide shoulders and wide hips and it was really  thick.

  I know it was 500 pounds if not more. I live in Saline LA. the little town is swamp all around with little creeks running into a few bigger ones. Then you have the sand hills. Back  then there was big woods now they cut the hardwood and plant pine trees. 

 But it looked like a giant hairy man but it was big enough to probably pull you apart  or beat you into dust. We took off running, it just walked away. There was a few deer hunters run out of the woods. Bienville Parish  is were it happened. 

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Friday, February 25, 2022

Men & Horses Surrounded by Several Screaming Sasquatch South Slope Mt St Helens


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"one screamed sounding kinda like an 
air raid siren for a seemingly long time"

After watching "Huge Helens Sasquatch Terrifies Hunter" video
 A witness writes RMSO
Men & Horses Surrounded by Several 
Screaming Sasquatch South Slope Mt St Helens

Kelly H writes RMSO
 I grew up near mt st helens and several years after the eruption we camped with horses on the south side of the mountain up the hill from ape caves. 2 friends and i had our own tents and our own horses and yes we each had guns. 

 Not to long after we all secured the horses for the night and retired to our individual tents we had went to sleep when all hell broke loose. Multiple bf had surrounded our camp and were screaming grunting and growling louder than you could imagine. There were at least 4 or 5. 

 I grabbed my .44 magnum and sat up just outside my tent expecting an attack when i noticed the other 2 friends doing the same with their weapons. Fortunately we never had to shoot but they werent 20 ft from us then one screamed sounding kinda like an air raid siren for a seemingly long time. 

 When it was done they moved on grunting and growling scaring the crap out of us. I figured the tied horses would be gone but to my amazement they were still there shaking like they were terrified. I hunted this mountain all my life as did my friends and they werent bears werent elk bugeling or any known game animal. Thats not the only experience but was the scariest

RMSO responds
Hi Kelly, did any of you get a look at any of the bigfoot surrounding your camp vocalizing?

Kelly H responds
Just shadows and blurred movement. It was dark and i was already asleep prior to this. Ive saw brief flashes of them before in other encounters. Once one jumped across the trail in front of me from one fairly high bank to the other side without touching the trail. This experience however seemed the most threatening or aggressive may be more accurate.

RMSO responds
Appreciate the additional details. A woman had a sighting at near by Mt Adams. She saw the creature moving lightning fast crossing the trail too.

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Greenbrier Sasquatch


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Bigfoot Captured on Game Camera in 
Greenbrier, West Virginia Breakdown Video

Greenbrier Sasquatch

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Elm Creek Sasquatch South of Texaco Oklahoma & Texas Boarder


Cover photo depiction of creature described
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"7 feet tall 450 pounds, 
way bigger than any man I’d ever seen"

Elm Creek Sasquatch
South of Texaco Oklahoma & Texas Boarder

Steve writes RMSO

My name is Steve, I’m 53 years old & I live in Texas. I was an avid outdoorsman, we grew up camping, fishing & hunting (both archery & gun). In the off season I would hit the small lakes camping & fishing as often as possible. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m more comfortable in the woods than in town, something about the outdoors just seemed to make sense of everything else. 

This sighting occurred in Nov. of  2017 somewhere around 10 o’clock  in the morning right at the state line between Oklahoma & Texas. South of a small town called Texola Oklahoma. 

I am a pumper in the oilfield & my route wells at that time straddled the state line between Oklahoma & Tx. This particular day it was snowing pretty hard here , there was around 3 or 4” on the ground & was really coming down . I really enjoyed cold snowy days like this although we couldn’t do much work in them, it gave you time to ride the back roads along your route looking for deer & any other critters out running around. 

Actual photo near sighting location with wild boars
(Possible bigfoot food source)

 I was headed to a well out in the middle of nowhere on a horseshoe shaped lease road about 5 mi. south of town. The horseshoe shaped road ran east to west & had 4 of my wells on it. It was about 1.5 miles wide from the north side to the south side with several deep draws in between it , pretty rough rocky country covered in mesquite trees, scenery oak, plum thickets & lots of cactus. I'd been watching a nice whitetail buck out there for the past few yrs & he hung out in a draw right beside my well at the southwest end of the lease road. 

 I got to the well & checked it out got back in my truck & sat there searching the draw for the buck I’d been watching. After a few minutes of looking with no sign of deer  I circled the well & headed  back out of the location. I carried a notebook on my dashboard that I wrote down my weekly well readings in. 

 As I reached for the notebook slowly driving forward I noticed something walking on the ridge ahead of me, it wasn’t completely skylined , it was below the top of the ridge about 30 feet or so moving east along the ridge. At first glance I thought to myself who’d be out here walking on a cold snowy day like this, as I’d never seen anyone out there on the lease other than the occasional ranch hand feeding cattle or a co-worker. There was one way in & one way out on the lease & mine were the only tire tracks on the road driving in. While writing my readings down in the notebook my mind was telling me something was off,  that figure walking was way to big to a man & it wasn’t walking like anything I’d ever seen before. 

 I was around 200 yds away driving slowly  towards whatever this was walking along the ridge. As I got closer I started to stop & my brakes made a squeaking sound , it immediately turned & looked my way. It didn’t turn its head, it turned its whole body my direction and squatted down facing me.

 A feeling came over me that I’d never felt before, it was something deep inside me like a “kill or be killed” feeling it’s kinda  hard to explain. I knew what I was looking at wasn’t a man , the chest of this thing was twice as thick as any man I’d ever seen before. The arms were to long , with the forearms being longer than the bicep portion. It was covered in a khaki colored hair ,kinda like the color of carhart coveralls about 3 or 4” long. I could see through the hair in spots, the skin  was ashy grey colored like ashes in a fire pit. The bottom of its hands, feet & parts of its face weren’t hair covered. It looked about 6.5’ or  7’ tall,  450 pounds or so. It wasn’t overly massive but was way bigger than any man I’d ever seen. It didn’t really have a neck , just a slightly pointy head stuck on a very thick heavily muscled body. I couldn’t see or don’t remember all the facial features just dark eyes, slight brow ridge , partly hair covered & that grey colored skin. 

 It still bothers me to this day just writing this email & thinking about it. That feeling that overcame me I can’t explain , it was like what I was looking at was pure evil & I needed to get away from it. Mr. Kelly I don’t like to say this but if I’d had my rifle I would have put a bullet in it. Every hair on my body was standing up & screaming at me to get away from that thing, whatever it was. I’ve never felt that way before or since. It’s been 5 yrs now & I haven’t been in the woods, I quit everything outdoors that I loved.

I transferred out of that area & work a different route now.

I think of it every day, my heads on a swivel when out working & I carry a large handgun everywhere I go, I do have my ccl.

 I lost a lot that day Mr. Kelly & wish it never happened. I have several thousand dollars worth of outdoor/camping gear just sitting around collecting dust, I’m getting better & intend on getting back out this yr but will always carry a gun. There’s more to the story but right now I don’t feel like writing it. It helps talking about it to others but I can do without the ridicule. Feel free to contact me anytime & I’ll finish telling you my story Mr. Kelly. I’m not comfortable with my story getting made public,  I’ve talked to my family & a few friends about it & maybe someday I’ll feel different but for now I’d like to remain anonymous and keep my location hidden. 

Well I reckon I’ve kept ya long enough  & I’ll let ya go. Y’all stay safe out there Mr. Kelly that feeling that overcame me tells me these things aren’t to be messed with.      One of y’all’s biggest fans! 

RMSO responds
Hi Steve,
Creepy encounter, and that is a normal trait for the creature to crouch down hoping not to be seen when it figures out someone is around.
These creatures are rare and sightings even more rare.
You may go the rest of your life without seeing another one.
Appreciate hearing from you.
If you happen to have any photos of what the area looks like please send me one.

Actual photo near sighting location with wild boars
(Possible bigfoot food source)

Steve Responds
 Mr. Shaw, I continued moving towards it & got probably within a 100 yds or so of it.  When I stopped my truck again,  3 deer came running up from the bottom of that deep draw & ran right in front of me.  I’ll never forget the deer , their eyes were open so wide I could see the whites of them. Their necks were stretched flat out & their tongue’s hanging out like they had been running for a long time. After the deer ran by me I looked back towards the ridge & the creature was walking away from me over the ridge. It covered that distance in 3 steps & disappeared over it. 

The way they walk looks really unnatural their knees never lock they are always bent. It stayed leaning forward to as it walked to like it was using it feet to pull it ahead instead of how we kinda pole vault when we walk. What also struck me as odd was While looking at whatever it was , it would stop moving until I looked away then it’d start moving again. Like at that distance it could see my eyes & tell when I was looking at it.

 As I mentioned earlier the distance between the horseshoe road was around 1.5 miles across some deep rocky mesquite covered draws. I took off out of there around the road driving pretty dang fast & when I reached the other side the deer once again crossed in front of me still running for all they were worth. Everyone says they never travel alone, looking back I believe the it had been running them deer towards the head of that draw where there was a pinch point that bottlenecked by a large cedar tree. The cedar tree would make a perfect blind to ambush something as it came by. What’s chilling is I stopped right beside that cedar tree before heading down the draw to my well to scan for deer Never really paying attention to that tree right beside my truck, if something was hidden there in it I would of never seen it. 

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Edible Winter Sasquatch Encounter | Clayton Bigfoot Podcast


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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Yamsay Mountain Sasquatch Tracks In Driving Snow


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 "we both saw the huge footprints in the snow 
crossing from the lakeside of the road to the uphill side"

Yamsay Mountain Sasquatch Tracks In Driving Snow

George writes RMSO
 I am a native Oregonian born in Klamath Falls but have lived in Grants Pass since I was a year old. My Bigfoot experience ironically happened shortly after a earthquake rocked Southern Oregon. Klamath Falls suffered the worse repercussions of the earthquake and many mobile homes were rocked off the pier blocks. Many injuries occurred from the piers coming through the floor of the mobiles. 

      This earthquake showed how vulnerable and unprepared the state was to protecting lives and home should another quake occur. My good friend Tommy at this time made a special trip up from the bay area to make resident owners aware of the earthquake systems available that his father perfected and patented.  They had  installed many of these systems  in the San Francisco / Oakland area where he lived. He ask if I wanted to ride to Klamath Falls with him and earn some extra money helping him bid potential jobs. He had already scheduled with  homeowners who were interested in his  product. I was to crawl under these units, take measurements with him and help with removing then  replacing the vapor barrier while he went over details with the homeowner. We had 3 clients that day.

The last mobile we bid it started to snow and as we wrap up the job and reattached the vapor barrier underneath the mobile we were amazed how hard it was snowing and how fast it had accumulated as we crawled out from underneath the mobile. 

 Tommy drove his 2 wheel drive Toyota Hilux pickup on the trip and we had roadside snow but bare pavement on the way over the cascade mountains on highway 67 Lake Of The Woods route to Klamath Falls. But now at least 4 inches was on the ground in Klamath and we knew the mountain pass was going to be a white knuckle drive back over the Summit to Medford. 

 We had decided we best go to the Les Schwab we passed going to the job and get a set of tire chains as now it was white out conditions and chains surely would be required by the time we reach the summit if it kept snowing like it was. This stop proved to be in vain as Les Schwab was sold out when we got there and precious daylight would soon be gone. 

 Cold and tired we we decided against staying in a motel and maybe being snowbound in Klamath for a day or more we opted to go for it and waste no more time as we approached the summit a big rig jackknifed across both lanes and the State Police were turning everyone around and closed the highway.

  As we gas up the truck we ask the service attendant if he knew of a motel close by we told him our situation and he informed us that the only way out of Klamath Falls was Brown Mountain Road a two lane road from Keno to Lake of the Woods. As daylight was fading we were riding the 4 wheel rigs tire tracks that were in front of us. We were amazed how well his truck was handling the packed snow. The blazer in front of us let off the accelerator when the vehicle ahead of him bogged down leaving them both unable to move up the road. 

 We both saw what was happening and Tommy said I'm passing them. Quickly he crossed into the other lane and by keeping the pedal to the metal we had made the summit and was elated we made it over the summit in his 2 wheel drive, while 4 wheel drives sat stranded in the ditch. As we headed downhill a pickup came up on us like a bat out of hell passed us and we were amazed at how hard it was snowing when we reached the end of Brown Mountain Road and stopped to turn on Lake of the Woods road that followed the lakeside till it merged into Highway 67.  The truck ahead of us turned off Brown Mountain Road and his taillights faded fast in the white out conditions. 

 I told Tommy can you believe how fast the snow filled in his tracks, we couldn't even see the tracks the truck made. Then it happened, we both saw the  huge footprints in the snow crossing from the lakeside of the road to the uphill side. In an  amazed tone he ask me "did you see that?" I said "yeah" he said "should I stop?" I said  "f*** no" he ask "what was that, those footprints were big Rory I should have stopped" I said " if you did we would have never got going again and been stranded" he laughed a can't believe what we just saw type of laugh and said "I'm glad we both saw it that's good enough for me" then he ask "you going to tell anybody" I said " no" he said " then I'm not either" and it was our secret for many years. I only talk about it if people ask if  they believe in Bigfoot. 

RMSO responds
Appreciate hearing from you.
What year, month or how long ago did you and your friend see these bigfoot tracks? Can you estimate the size or width of the tracks?

George responds
1993  the footprints at the time we thought to be at least over two of our shoe size put one in front of the other  maybe a size 28 human  I'm a size 11-1/2 myself and the width was  7 inches I'd have to guess.

 I got the  route wrong it was on dead Indian lake road just before highway 140 I said 167 but that was wrong highway 140 runs from Medford to Klamath Falls  Oregon. Quake was in Late September of 93 but we bid the jobs the middle of November. 

 It is my thought if Bigfoot is real they could hole up in the Lava caves that surely speckle the cascade magmas on top. There is such a scenario that occurred at a place called  The Natural Bridge the Rogue River flows through lava tubes disappears for about a 100 yards the flows out the  other end. These tubes are huge  and the  result of  growth timber covered  in cooling magma on the fringe of the flow then many years later rotted  in capsuled timber is forced out by running water leaving a hollow chamber in the igneous rock. This wood explain how the hide so well. Maybe the quake displaced them and they were forced to wander the landscape for easy food and a place to hole up.  

RMSO responds
Two shoe sizes would put the tracks around 20 inches in length.
I agree they had to be fresh if it was actively snowing hard. Other wise they would have filled in.
Sounds like you two had missed seeing a large bigfoot by seconds or minutes.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Devils Hole Sasquatch Growls at Hunter Near Pete's Cabin


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"The last growl seemed more threatening, 
so I decided making distance was my best bet"

(Written Report Below Video)
Devils Hole Sasquatch 
Growls at Hunter Near Pete's Cabin

BL writes RMSO

Hi,  I had a sighting around 2016 near Mantua Utah. There appears to be enough activity and sightings around here that maybe it is possible to actually find one and get good footage. For the record, I don't necessarily believe that Bigfoot exists. I have gone to great lengths to explain away what I saw. I can give u location and story if u r interested.

RMSO responds

 Hi BL, we have been searching around that location because of some bigfoot sightings reported in that area. Appreciate hearing from you.

Old abandoned shepherds cabin known as "Pete's Cabin"

BL writes

I don't want my name going public. I was sitting at Pete's cabin during the elk hunt, spotting for elk. I had been there for several hours and I was getting restless. I decided to leave the cabin and I started off down the ridge in an easterly direction. To an area that I have not been in before. 

 I had went about 100' when I got the feeling I was being watched. I stopped and turned, sure enough, there was a spike by two elk on a ridge 375 yards away. I sat down and watched the elk for a good amount of time, hoping a bigger one would show up. It was past mid-day at this point. I decided that I would take a shot at this elk. I steadied and took the only shot that was available, a head shot. 

 There was no indication that I had hit the elk but I went to check for blood and sign. When I got to the location where the elk had been I found no blood. I cut for sign for twenty minutes. I followed the elk tracks for about 50 feet, no blood. I took a break to think things over. I decided because of the time of day and my earlier shot that I probably blew everything out of there and I was going to call it a day. I planned to head down the west side of the ridge that I was on and take a trail that I know out the bottom to the main trail. I was no longer in hunting mode at this point. 

 I was just trudging along with my head down. I was going through scrub oak that had a good understory that was about six feet tall and the taller trees were about 15 feet tall. Out of the corner of my eye I detected movement. As if something was picking acorns out of the top of the taller trees. Like a left arm retracting down from the tree top, and a body turning and crouching. 

 I stopped and focused my attention to the area. I could see a large black shape obscured by the shorter oak it was about twenty feet away from me. The animal appeared to be crouching and I could see part of its head and one eye clearly. I was confused about what was going on. What I thought I was seeing don't exist yet there it was plain as day in front of me. 

 I watched the animal for a while. It didn't move, I didn't move. I got my wits about me and I decided to attempt to scare the animal. I yelled hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, while clapping. The animal responded with a growl. I tried scaring it several more times with the same response. The last growl seemed more threatening, so I decided that making distance was my best bet. 

 I turned and headed back up the ridge for aways then I headed west and circled around the area. I dropped down to the trail at the bottom and headed for the main trail. Once I hit the main trail I jogged for about a mile before slowing my pace. At this point it was just getting dark but still light enough that lighting was not needed. At some point i came into cell service and I got a text from my hunting buddy (he did not join me that day) so I called him and I told him the story. He didn't believe I word I said, other than I took a shot. 

 Now since I am a skeptic here is the explanation that i came up with of what I saw. I saw a moose standing on its hind legs browsing out of the top of the trees. When I came up it dropped down to its four legs and turned toward me. It growled at me when I attempted to scare it. But I was close enough to have saw moose ears. This explanation seems unlikely also.

This is a poor drawing of what I saw

RMSO responds
It appears to me that your sighting was across the canyon from Old Pete's Cabin?  I actually filmed a moose there.. I doubt you thought it was a moose that you saw otherwise you would not have contacted us?

BL responds
Yes across front Pete's cabin. I have seen several moose in the area. And no I don't think it was a moose. With out using the word Bigfoot I can't explain what I saw.

Appreciate hearing from you. We keep an eye on that area because of a history of sighting reports we have received along with reports sent to BFRO

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The most BELIEVABLE alien encounter

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Prospect Sasquatch Video


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Urban Bigfoot Sighting Captured on Video

From Russell Stark YouTube
Bigfoot in Brooklyns Prospect Park / Urban Bigfoot Sighting
Prospect Sasquatch Video

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Horned Beast of Bahia | Famous Abduction by Sasquatch


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Horned Beast of Bahia | Famous Abduction by Sasquatch
From Unexplained Mysteries YouTube
This Mountain Hiker revealed The Truth About What He Encountered 
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From YouTube channel Cryptozoology News

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Sasquatch in Kettle Moraine Wisconsin | Matt Moneymaker Asks Public To Look For Bigfoot


Bigfoot in Wisconsin BFRO asks public to watch for Sasquatch

Sasquatch in Kettle Moraine Wisconsin
Matt Moneymaker Asks Public To Look For Bigfoot

 Per Matt Moneymaker Feb 18, 2022 Twitter post
Anyone in or near Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin please keep an eye out for Bigfoot.
Kayla Casper's photograph of bigfoot tracks in the snow must be compelling for the founder of BFRO & Finding Bigfoot TV star to ask for the publics help.

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

UK Man & Son Encounter Bigfoot Creature With Human Like Face Yesterday | Jubilee Sasquatch or Escaped Gorilla


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Face to Face Encounter with Jubilee Bigfoot

UK Man & Son Encounter Bigfoot Creature 
With Human Like Face Yesterday
Jubilee Sasquatch or Escaped Gorilla

Ilyas writes RMSO

 I have been skeptical about cryptozoology, but my son and I were walking at about 5pm yesterday as it started to get dark from Jubilee river in Windsor UK. We would normal see deer running in the bushes and that is exactly what we thought we were seeing behind us. 

 First we heard something walking through the bushes but couldn’t see anything and we thought it must be a deer. But as we walked along the path the noise was getting louder there also was a peculiar smell too. We carried on walking and but the bushes were getting louder and louder close to us. 

 We both stopped and stood still we could see the back of what we assumed was a deer going through the bushes and then it stood up and looked straight at us it was no deer!! It looked like a large gorilla with a almost human face! 

 My son screamed and this thing just jumped through the bushes like they were not there and in a matter of seconds it was in the tree line and gone. I looked for escaped animals or anything like that online but found nothing. Also I am very surprised that I saw an animal like this in my area! This must be a first in UK ? It was dark brown with light brown patches heavy hair on shoulders and head and legs,

 Face seemed to be tan medium size nose  but wide a Huge mouth but is was closed all the time. Piecing eyes seemed dark color and there was an odor pungent.

I know people won’t believe me and I have not told anyone but my immediate family. Please could let

me know if other sighting have been made.

RMSO Responds

Although rare, there have been other sighting reports of bigfoot like creatures in the UK. Many describe a neanderthal looking creature.

Were you able to estimate the height, width or weight of this creature?

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Ilyas writes

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Height I would say between 6’0 and 6’5 my son is 6’0 and it seemed taller than him but very wide at the shoulders a very muscular build, it also had a round stomach. Weight I would say at least 20 Stones. If it wasn’t for its face I would thought it looked like a gorilla standing tall.

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My son and I are just trying to get answers for what we saw. 

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