Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mission Sasquatch Video Zoomed in Breakdown 2nd Sasquatch Discovered


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British Columbia Bigfoot on Video Analyzed
Mission Sasquatch Video Zoomed in Breakdown 
2nd Sasquatch Discovered

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Giant Sasquatch Stood-up & Locked Eyes with Me

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"It was inches away from the window. 
The bedroom window is 8 ft up from the ground"

(written report below video)
Giant Sasquatch Stood-up & Locked Eyes with Me

Justin Myhre writes RMSO
My name is Justin, I'm 47, born & raised in central Wyoming. 
My first two encounters still give me nightmares to this day & they happened in April of 1993 and June-July of 1996. I get sweaty palms, gut is wrenched & the hairs on my neck raise everytime I mention these encounters. 

 To this day, I get petrified of going into the woods or anywhere near them. I will not camp along rivers or lakes and if I do, I make sure that there are other campers close by, while having atleast bear mace with me & my car within 5 feet of my tent. 

 We are taught that these things aren't real but I know better! To make it short, in my first encounter, I was fishing at this pond near south Billings, MT. along the Yellowstone River. And I share these locations because others need to know that these beings are there!!!

  While fishing, I heard some splashing coming from my left & across the pond near this foot bridge that I was sitting near. I shrugged it off. I heard it again, looked up and I about crapped myself. 

 This giant stood up up out of the water, from about 70-75 yards away, looked right at me and this damn thing locked eyes with me & it was never bothered that I had seen it. It didn't run, yell, or anything other than locked onto me & casually walked into the tree line, at every few steps, it would look at me over it's right shoulder. I started to gather my things, & walked out backwards to the parking lot. 

 This other guy showed up & I tried telling him what I just saw, & his reply was, "I see them alot". I was bewildered, intimidated, scared & was beside myself in disbelief. (I've been close & petted a male African Lion in a cage...no fear like with this thing, & I've seen a Great White up close, nothing like this thing when it came to fear). 

 The next day after the ridicule that I got from family & friends, my brother and a friend went with me back to that pond. They were giving me crap of course. Our friend who was about 6'8 ended up having to raise his hand, while standing on a stump, next to where this thing walked past & we measured it to be 9ft tall & over 4ft wide at the shoulders. It was auburn in color, a cone shaped head, long hair in certain places, a flat like face, darker in color, long arms, great physic, and it would have towered over both Shaq O'Neil and pro wrestler "Big Show" Paul Wight in whom I've met both. My brother & friend weren't laughing after I pointed out some foot prints, measuring about 20" long by 9" wide with five foot strides. 

  My second encounter, just near the Rez. & Mountain Man site of my hometown of Riverton, Wyoming, also while fishing, involved me & my step dad coming across a den that was dug out under the side of a dry river embankment. I seen footprints in the mud, maybe 16"-19" each, my stepdad blew it off, I knew better and reminded him of what I saw in MT. He said it wasn't real. 

  I instantly started scanning the trees, which were sparce, and sure enough I spotted an all black one from about 80-90 yards away, swaying from behind a cottonwood tree. Needless to say, my stepdad then just became a believer. 

  Two nights later, several of us heard it yell during the 4th of July, from maybe a hundred yards or less and at about 300 yards from were we saw it & the den. 

  Then a few nights later, being woken up to the neighbors dogs going crazy, these huge black l fingers were reaching thru my bedroom window. It only opened a few inches from bottom to top, being a mobile home. And just like with the den was this smell that was like trash & feces.

  I got my ex gf up slowly & onto the floor, I then stood up, and there it was. It was inches away from the window. It simply pulled it's hand back, turned around and walked away. The bedroom window was about 8 ft up from the ground.  

 And later the next spring, I went down there with my mother, she wanted to know more, but the footprints in the snow & mud, with those feelings in which we both got at the same time was our last time near there. 

 Growing up, my Grandad, who was a WWII Army Vet, his rancher friends, my mothers friends, and even a retired WYO. G&F Warden warned me and my brother about these beings, especially near the rivers. That's the Big Wind & the Little Wind , & they join in Riverton, WY, where we seen it, and from Dubois WY. due west of Riverton by three hours, to Boysen Reservoir, which is about 15 miles N.E. of Riverton, all within the Wind River Range, which is their backyard. 

 I've sensed their presence while trying to fish near Springfield, MO. & out along Stockton Lake north of Springfield. The feelings of dread & of being watched just overwhelm me sometimes. Myself & a group from this church I used to attend, came across the same odor that I smelled at that den & at my bedroom window while at Stockton Lake near this thick brush. And while going up the Little Sac River from Stockton with a friend, was a section of dread & fear of these things. He never said anything, I asked, he said nothing. 

 Then this last June, me & my wife went through N.E. Wyoming, & sure enough, not far from the town of Buffalo, at this camp site, even though it was full of about a dozen 5th wheel campers, just off of the dirt road, we saw a few "X" structures with atleast 40ft pines stripped of their branches. We left! 

 I grew up in the great outdoors, used to hunt, still go fishing. I know that these beings are very real, very intelligent, very methodical. They are far more superior than apes. I will not accept the nonsense that Matt Moneymaker or respectfully in what Jeff Meldrum have to say about these beings. 

 I appreciate what you guys do and for sharing people's encounters. I do not promote just anyone because no one is a know it all on the topic of sasquatch. But I listen very carefully in what a few do have to say about these beings, in which are Steve Isdhal and Scott Carpenter. We must learn from each other, and we must never hand evidence over to the Govt' or to Moneymaker because of how they treat those who have had encounters. And personally I cannot accept that sasquatch are some type of alien creature, bur personally I believe that they are half human but of the fallen angels. That's just my beliefs, take it however. I thank you guys, edit if you wish too, take it however you want to. You are very welcome to contact me by phone if you wish to.

RMSO responds

I read your encounter, sighting and experiences. I had a feeling they would be in Dubois. Did an expedition out there last June. 

I have also explored south of Billings around Bear Tooth etc...West of Billings also hiked the Crazy Mountains of Montana after receiving a bigfoot sighting report from there and the 411 investigation in that area.

Appreciate hearing from you, these sighting reports are very important to our group. It lets us know when and where the creatures live, travel etc..

Justin Responds

Hey Kelly. The first one was along the Yellowstone River just south of Billings. I believe it's called Riverfront Park, which isn't even one mile south of town. There are two ponds, a wooded area and of course the river. 

 Then my second was at the Mountain Man Rendezvous Sight southeast of Riverton where the Little Wind and Big Wind meet. There are also two ponds and a heavy wooded area, it all borders the Reservation. I've heard of other encounters near Riverton at the north of what was the train bridge, up to Boysen Reservoir, the Wind River Canyon, then going back west towards Dubois and ranches near Lander, and all through out the Reservation. 

 I know that's thousands of acres but these things do go through the Riverton area along the two rivers. But it really surprised me that in both locations of my encounters, just how close to civilization they took place. Thank you for your interest and help Kelly. I do appreciate it.

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Squamish Sasquatch Video British Columbia


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Bigfoot Video near Squamish British Columbia

Squamish Sasquatch Video British Columbia

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Alberta Sasquatch Video Proof

Ben Matine Sasquatch Video

Limestone Lake Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Bigfoot Captured on Video by Ontario Boaters

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Video of Bigfoot Tearing Up Trail Camera at Bedding Spot


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Sasquatch Bedding Location Trail Camera Not Welcome

After finding a Bigfoot track Steven O'Neil places a game camera in what he believes to be the creatures bedding spot. Below is a video of the camera being tore up purportedly by this Bigfoot

Sasquatch Apparently Does Not Like Game Cameras
Video of Bigfoot Tearing Up Trail Camera at Bedding Spot

Strange Creature Captured on Gamecam 
in Flatwoods of Kentucky

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Face to Face with Neanderthal Holstein Bogs Bigfoot


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"Help, help! I was just in the bog & was pursued by a Bigfoot!"

Face to Face with Neanderthal Holstein Bogs Bigfoot

"Full Translation Below Original Report"

 Interview with Tom and online translation. 
Hopefully people fluent in German can shed light with any misunderstanding from myself & Tom.
Appreciate everyone's patience,  definitely a language gap. 

Translation to English at bottom of German report
Tom writes RMSO
Hilfe hilfe !! Bei mir in der Region  Ostholstein  in Deutschland  wurde ich eben in einem moor von ein big food verfolgt  ich habe  etwas pfeifen gehört  und bin hin gegangen dan lief es auf mich zu ich weiß nicht wo ich mich melden soll oder was ich machen soll

Using online translation Kelly responds
Sure we would like to hear your Bigfoot sighting report from Germany

 Is macks me skary !!!!!!

OK what happened, what did you see? Did you see enough of the creature to give us a good description?

Ja habe das ding hier etwar 2 Sekunden  gesehen  mit meiner Taschen  lampe dan bin ich gelaufen  !!  Langes schwarzes verfilztes fell mit eingen stellen ohne fell und es hat ekelhaft gestunken wie ein totes tier und große augen und riesige hände so 1,90 meter bis 2,10 meter groß

Kelly trying to respond in German using online translater
OK so rock es wie ein stinktier> Hast du irh Gesicht zu sehen? War es Mensch orger Affe suct wie? Wie hat ihre Begegnung enden? Haben Sie laufen, hat es weg gehen weg? Hat es irgendwelche vocalizations machen? Hat es bei lhnen aussehen direkt?

Ich weiß nicht wie ein stink tier riecht . Es roch wie ein verwesender Kadaver.  
Ja es sah etwas aus wie das  eines Neandertalers . Ich weiß es nicht . Ich bin gelaufen bis zu meinem dirt bike und dan weg so schnell es ging 

Was ist vocalizations ?

Vocalizations sind Klange, es mit seinem Mund oder Stimme machen kann

Ja ein schrecklichens geräusch

War das Gerausch wie ein Knurren oder ein Schrei? Oder is es etwas, das Sie beschreiben?

Es war ein schrei

Tolle. Waren Sie zuruck, um zu sehen, wenn Sie irgendqelche Bubspuren oder etwas finden kann?
Es war eih schrei translated to English it was a hoot? Maybe bad translation?
Es war eigh screi ins Englische ubersetxt Es war ein Schrei? Vielleicht eine schlecte Ubersetzung?

Ne das trau ich micht nicht noch mal da war mal ein 2×2 meter großes nest aus schilf
Ein schrei 

OK ehrfurchtig, hoffen, dass Sie auchtun. Kingt beangstigend.

Ja oder solte ich es jagen ? 
Mit einer falle 

Thank you. I will post this report.

Translation to English Below
(Apologize for the choppy sentences. He was reporting in German. I was having to translate to English & may cause a little confusion in the report.)

Help, help !! In the East Holstein region in Germany , I was just in a bog of a big foot I have pursued  after hearing a whistle. Went out and it ran up to me. I do not know where to report.

Yes the thing here etwar two seconds have seen with my bags dan lamp I walked !! Long black matted fur like a dead animal and big eyes and huge hands as 1.90 meters to 2.10 meters tall with eingen filters without fur and it has disgusting stink.

I do not like a stink animal smells . It smelled like a rotting carcass . It looked somewhat like that of a Neanderthal . I dont know . I ran up to my dirt bike and dan away as fast as he could.

 A terrible noise lichens.

After asking if he has been back to find foot prints of the creature Tom responds.

Ne I trust micht not again there was even a 2 × 2 meter large nest made ​​of reed

Tom is an outdoorsman. He does a lot of fishing. This encounter has scared him and sounds like he does not want to return to the part of the bog where this creature came up to him.

If we get any more information on this sighting in Germany we will make sure to post these updates.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Cascade Bigfoot Vocalizing Foothills Oregon


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Oregon Sasquatch Vocalizations Captured on Video

Cascade Bigfoot Vocalizing Foothills Oregon

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Rouge River Sasquatch Take Fisherman Salmon

Rouge Bigfoot Enters Home Terrifies Woman

Oregon Camper Goes Missing Bigfoot Hotspot

Three Bigfoot Suttle Lake

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wicked Yellow Glowing Eyes Ohio Sasquatch Growls Showing Canines


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Bigfoot Shows Canines to Crappie Fishermen
Wicked Yellow Glowing Eyes Ohio Sasquatch Growls Showing Canines

Jeffery Lilly writes RMSO

 I decided this past week to tell my story at 48 I can't take it to my grave so with all the new evidence and research out there I decided to let it go so others could put it out there I'm giving you my story and the permission to tell it to others keep up your good work!

 On a fishing trip with my dad Jeff Sr, and uncles Mike and Rocky back in the 90s to a buddy of ours Tom. We were up on his land absolutely perfect layout up there on the border of Indiana and Ohio.it was a beautiful late September day still warm but chilly at night we decided to have one last go at it and  nightfish up on toms mountain for bass and crappie.

 We'd never fished it all night but that was the plan we arrived to the top after a good 45 minute hike straight up the mountain we hit lake 1 lake to a good 100 yards up higher but lake 1 was better, your in a bowl kinda and a ridge over on the left sits high and keeps the wind off the lake. Runs all the way down from high to low ending at lake 1, the fish were biting great the cows were over on the left as always drinking and laying in the mud to keep cool. It was warm that day and we had a good feeling about the night as well to be good and it was until about midnight the fish shut down and the cows got up and flatout got outa there and headed up the mountain to lake 2.

 About 45 mins later we heard something moving towards us off the ridge from the backside of us but thought nothing of it, moving slowly but evasive definitely defensive and methodical but yet coming towards us. We kept on fishing not thinking anything else of it, it was nature and that's what we took of it but nothing was biting and about an hour later I thought well I'm moving to the left side I knew of a hole over there 5 ft deep and knew a few big ones layed on that spot so I grabbed another pole and the minnow bucket and the lantern and made my move over that way slowly.

 As I made my turn around the bend I shined my light over that way and put it right on something so beautiful crouching down and its right arm in the lake cupping water out with it's hand it knew it had been spotted at this point and slowly turned it's head over it's shoulder to view me and as it did it began to growl a low curdling growl with an opening of its mouth I see 4 canines and a bunch of regular teeth as well as a set of wicked yellowish glowing eyes as well it was very dark only light was the one lantern we had and I had it in my hand, I was frozen and couldn't move or talk let alone think at this point traumatized in shock and really taking the moment all in. I slowly began to hear my family whispering jr. what is that u see, is that a deer? I gain my composure and all at once yell. "Hit the mountain now!"

 We all bolted towards the edge, flying like the wind. What did I just see? I was running hard but yet didn't feel fast enough, down the slope branches boulders everywhere. I passed my dad and uncles in no time they'd had a head start by a few seconds because I had been at the turn they were at the edge, fishing right behind them was the way down. I get out in front  and tried to keep the light up so we could all see where to go but we ended up bunched in and we all tripped and we all tumbled and rolled off the ground.

 Getting back up only to do it a few seconds later yet again scared to death was an understatement. It felt like forever getting to the bottom, we finally got to the car each one of us hands on knees sucking for air at this point asking one another what the hell did we just see jr. 

 I slowly caught my breath and told them you know what we seen there is no doubt I know what I seen and you all were only 20 feet away from me we all agreed to keep a pact a secret didn't want people up on toms land hunting for it, as well as have Tom being mad at us for letting it out my uncle telling him later what we seen he'd had an idea all along why you think no-one night fishes here, he told my uncle Mike we were in the right place at the right time that night. Down wind and or that was just the way it worked up there it seemed/ the cows rolled out at midnight and then this. Then deer at dawn, did this thing come down for water ? Probably it had been a warm day, or did it come for both water and then lie in wait for deer at dawn for a chance to ambush food? well never know we never went back after that night (feel free to tell my story you have my permission JDL

RMSO responds
Wow that is an amazing encounter.. Did the creature ever stand up or leave the location while all this was happening?

 Jeffery writes
It happened within 2 mins and No it didn't even stand up. I think it was just as  shocked we were there honestly  it came off that ridge and hadn't a clue we were there. The lakes edge was 3 feet tops from the woods all my info on height and weight was estimated but I can say I'm 5 8" and it was 4 foot at least in crouching position all muscle beautiful cinnamon colored fur I remember the feeling of being hopeless going down that mountain like it could grab anyone of us if it wanted to at anytime. But that climb ends at about a 80 degree angle then flattens out to lake 1 then on the north side another climb starts up on a 60 degree angle to lake 2 then flattens out so once we hit the edge u couldn't see the lake anymore like I said right place right time setup was perfect wind from west to east we were down wind the whole time I don't think it had a clue we were even their all we were using was minnows for bass and crappie.

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Pennsylvania Forest Creature Video


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I question the authenticity of the following footage.
Appears staged, incomplete minus the actual video sound.
You be the judge.

Strange Creature Captured on Video in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Forest Creature Video

Bigfoot Captured on Video Below

Skunk Ape Florida Sasquatch

Massive Sinks Sasquatch Video

Lone Peak Sasquatch Video

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Twin Sisters Sasquatch Vocalizations Video


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Twin Sisters Bigfoot Expedition Vocalizations Recorded
Twin Sisters Sasquatch Vocalizations Video

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Mad Mountain Bigfoot Stirs Campfire

Lime Creek Bigfoot Encounter

Amazing Bigfoot Expedition Bailey Colorado

Friday, March 12, 2021

One Minute Video Sinks Sasquatch Walking


Sinks Sasquatch Video Below
Full series of evidence found investigating this amazing video

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One Minute Video Sinks Sasquatch Walking

Sinks Bigfoot Video & Investigation

Bigfoot Track Cast During Sinks Sasquatch Investigation

Epic Beaver Bigfoot Tracking Sinks Sasquatch

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Freeman Bigfoot Picking Up Infant Sasquatch


Cover is from famous Paul Freeman Bigfoot Video
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Original Paul Freeman Bigfoot 
Video Stabilized

Clip below it appears to pick up an infant Sasquatch.
This may be the reason the Bigfoot came out into the open,
giving Paul an opportunity to film this elusive giant. 

Freeman Bigfoot 
Picking Up Infant Stabilized & Zoomed

Freeman Bigfoot Investigation
Tracking Sasquatch

Soldier Hunting D.B. Cooper 
Punched by Bigfoot

Monday, March 8, 2021

Video of Bigfoot Walking Up Hill Pacific Northwest


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Hikers captured amazing footage of 
Sasquatch walking up hill & away from them.

Video of Bigfoot 
Walking Up Hill Pacific Northwest

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Huge Chico Sasquatch 
Lips Curl Into Scariest Smile Ever Seen

Carson River Sasquatch Video
 Climbs Tree

Sasquatch Captured on Video
 by Ontario Boaters

Massive Sinks Sasquatch Video

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Yowie Video Australia Bigfoot 1936


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Australia Calls Their Bigfoot "Yowie" Captured on Camera

An image study bring facts to life regarding features of the 1936 Yowie photograph.

(Unfortunately this video was recently removed & photo above 

of the Australian Yowie is all that is available currently)

Australia's bigfoot the yowie in 1936 photograph

(not paradolia)

Yowie Video Australia Bigfoot 1936

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Georgia Sasquatch Captured on Gamecam

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

8ft Tall Sasquatch near Red Bluff


Cover photo link
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Large 600 Pound Sasquatch May Have Been Female

8ft Tall Sasquatch near Red Bluff

Jack Bennett writes RMSO on FB
I have seen Bigfoot in 1997 on highway 36 in California. Was with my wife and kids, it walked right across the road as I came around a bend.  I am a hunter so I know it was not a bear. I knew exactly what it was, I believe and know for certain that Bigfoot exists.

RMSO Responds
Day time or night time sighting.. Any estimate on size, weight or girth?

Jack continues
Early  morning, around 6:30, size easy 8 ft , weight maybe 600  ,believe  it was female, because  it did have what I believe  were breasts,  highway  36 back in 97 was not traveled  that much was coming  from  Willits  ca  going  to Redbluff ca , two lane rd lots of forest.

  Had a Toyota pickup brand new it was quiet. When I came around the corner it was walking  across the road. Maybe two steps it was across the road. I slammed on my brakes, backed up. On the other side was a small field,  had a few big redwood trees. I lost track of where  it went, got out of the truck and could smell it. After I left I was trying to figure it out, where did it go? I now know exactly what it did, it was behind the tree, no doubt it was the color  of the redwood tree.

Amazing encounter. What color was she?

Jack writes
Like I said same color  as the bark on a redwood  tree ,redish brown. I was in my early 30s back then, now I am 58. Still remember that day as clear as a bell and yes it was amazing, me and my wife of 41 years still talk about it.

Still hunt the Sherman pass where a road camera on the pass captured a Bigfoot in the snow climbing the mountain here in California. You should be able to see it on YouTube , that is a Bigfoot for sure.
Sherman Pass Bigfoot

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Bigfoot Jumps from Tree & Runs to Cover

Grandma Slams Bigfoot with Car

Sasquatch Growls Through Window Shakes Trailer

Monday, March 1, 2021

Mountain Road Bigfoot Window Peeking


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(Written Report Below Video)
Motorist Spots Sasquatch Looking in House Window

Mountain Road Bigfoot Window Peeking

Christopher Jones writes RMSO
Back in about 2008 or 2009
About 2:00 AM I turned left off of MT. Rd. on to XXXXXX . in North Ogden Utah. A movement caught my attention at the 2nd house on my left. A young Bigfoot was looking into a window. 

 It turned and saw me. It quickly turned around and ran pass my headlights on the van I was driving. It ran very fast about 10 feet in front of me across to the house across the street and into heavy brush. I think there is a creek or canal behind that house. 

 I had found a police flashlight on the road a few mornings before, so I grab it of my Cup-holder and turned it on and watched it run into the brush. It ran faster than a deer. It was brownish and somewhat blonde too. I always felt like I was being watched several early mornings up in that area. North Ogden Pass is very close by.

RMSO responds
Were you able to estimate the Juvenile Bigfoot height or weight?

Christopher continues
His height was about the dashboard level of the utility van I was driving.
I would guess his weight was 200 or a little more.
I couldn't see his genitals, but I knew it was a male.

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Trout Farm Raided by Sasquatch Ogden

Elk Horn Sasquatch Intimidates a 
String of Residents East of Coalville

Sasquatch Spotted Watching Campers 
near Bald Mountain Pass

Chalk Creek Sasquatch Confronts Hunters & 
Harasses Ranchers Homestead

Bigfoot Spotted 
Leaping Two Lane Road North Ogden Divide