Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Remarkable Events Sasquatch Canyon

Epic Bigfoot Expedition in context. 
The month leading up to this expedition ,our findings on return expeditions.

1st video is Epic Bigfoot Expedition. 
The team agrees is best day Bigfooting
80 minute video.

Month leading up to Epic Expedition.

Brody & Kelly find the largest footprint found to date.

Weeks after the Epic Bigfoot Expedition 
Mike & Kelly hear something walking around them, 
smell rank body odor & capture its eye shine on a IR night vision camera.

Couple months later 
Jenny & Kelly find Bigfoot track snow.

Full length expedition, find tracks in the snow, 
hear conversations on ice & snow covered cliffs. 
Something runs up mountain, hides from them.

Breakdown of creature ran & hid from team near 
bigfoot shaped footprints in the snow.

Week later come back with Brody to 
check the mountain side where this creature ran & hid

Two weeks later another follow up with Derek, Jenny & Kelly
Find 19 inch tracks in the snow.