Monday, February 20, 2017

Bear Wallow Bigfoot

Cover from next three videos below
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Creature Captured on Video While
Documenting Fresh Bigfoot Evidence

  Strong signs of  recent Bigfoot activity. 
Foot prints & a tall gray/brown creature running through the forest. 
A viewer pointed out the subject above in the direction creature ran.
 It looks interesting, have no idea if it had anything to do with
what flashed between trees as it ran away.
Found some impressive structures & 
cast a large, deep, Bigfoot shaped track.

Slow & stabilized section of viewer found anomaly
bigfoot shaped sitting in the branches of a tree. 

Screen shot photos viewer pointing out of 
bigfoot shaped anomaly sitting in branches of a tree.

Full Epic Bear Wallow Bigfoot Expedition video

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Mogollon Monster & Flagstaff Bigfoot

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Sasquatch Startles Driver as It Prepares to Cross Road
The Mogollon Monster & Flagstaff Bigfoot
Phillip M writes RMSO
 Seen one preparing to cross the route 89 north from Flagstaff to the reservation one summer evening, right after sundown. The "creature," was standing very still near a tree trunk trying not to be noticed. Jet black, 8 to 10 feet tall, and at first I thought it was a horses tail blowing in the light mountain breeze so I slowed down, and turned on my halogen full beam lights.

  Then, thought is this a bear, but realized it was standing to up and was too tall to be a bear! When I scanned down again, I noticed huge dark skinned colored fingers under the jet black 5 to 10 inch strands of of matted shiny hair! I could not see the feet, since the grass was knee high, but the upper body was clearly displayed. I even was able to see the huge fit body and enormous upper body muscles on the arms, like it could scale a 45 degree wooded mountain or kill a deer by running it down and breaking its neck for food. As I got closer, I realized the enormous size and strength this creature had, and its intelligence to using the dark to hide in plain view!

 I freaked out and took off on 89 North near the Volcano national park turn off near by. This happened before the two road 89 was made, when it was a single two-way single road going North from Flagstaff, during a drought season in the summer.

 This creature was more thinking being and less ape animal to me, that was more reason to take off down the road. This area is known for deer crossing, so that is why I think it frequents this area waiting for prey.

 It could not have grew this large, and maintained the strength it had eating nuts or plant life alone, it needed a high protein source, like deer or other large mammal! The creature I saw was not like the famous California film reel creature, but very fit, tall, and looked more like a male, with its face covered in long hair.

 I guess it pushed its hair over it face to hide its eyes and to better hide in plain view. I was lucky to see this creature, since it blended in so well in the dark, and near the tree trunks while it stood still. The only reason I seen it was the slight curve in the road and the headlights of the car hitting directly on the creature and the trees.

 When the wind or breeze blew, it moved the tall grass and hair, but not the fingers and then I thought it was a horse's tail or a large mammal of some type. Then I just blasted the road with my high beam lights, and there it was in plain view. A vehicle was behind me and coming both 100 yards or more. I am usually cautious in this area since I don't want to hit a crossing deer.

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Sasquatch Startles Driver as It Prepares to Cross Road

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trucker Looks 10 FT Tall Bigfoot In The Eyes Christmas Tree Valley

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Several Truckers Report Sasquatch in Same Valley

Trucker Looks 10 FT Tall Bigfoot
In The Eyes Christmas Tree Valley

William h. writes RMSO
 One time long ago ( 1990) I was going to Christmas tree valley about 70 miles east of Portland Oregon, there is a weigh station for trucks just before the exit to cascade locks, I was talking to the weight master who called me in to the station building (he was bored) I told him where I was going and he said to get off at the next exit, and go south on the big hill

  I was only going 20 mph on packed snow and out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving on the side of the road, this Bigfoot stopped right on the road in front of me, it was very tall as I was eye to eye in a international eagle truck (10 foot off the road) it looked right into my truck and took off down the hill. 

 When I finally got to the bottom there was a truck stop called wild bills, I went in and sat down in the restaurant. The waitress came over and asked if I saw a ghost, I said no but you wouldn't believe me if I told you. She said try me, so I told her. She said everybody driving up there sees it.

RMSO asks
Amazing. Do you have any details on the description of the creature? Color, what was the face and eyes like? Thanks for sharing your encounter.

 William continues
It was at least 10 feet tall, I was driving a cab over tractor truck, that was a very high truck setting in the drivers seat I was 8- 9 feet off the ground. Look at the first remake of the planet of the apes, the (good ape) this is a dead ringer. 
 I had a experience in Wyoming (was a trucker for 12 years) back to Wyoming, I was going from Toledo Ohio to Alberta Canada, the interstate was just finished on hw84 ,nothing as in way of fuel stops food etc, it was desolate, winter real cold, well as my luck goes my air buzzer for low air pressure (brakes), just before I left 2 days ago, the mechanic said he changed the water filter for the air system , well they lied, now I'm stopped on the side or the road, I get my coveralls on and grab a fuse (to heat the air line up) I'm laying on the side of the road heating the air line up to melt ice inside the lines, with a flair that s bright enough to see from space probably, all of a sudden i hear footsteps in the crunchy snow, it was defiantly on two legs, it was then the ice melted and the buzzer went off, lol i was in the truck with t my coveralls on but thats ok, I was getting out of there, I know what I heard.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dr John Bindernagel Discusses Vancouver Bigfoot Trackway

Dr John Bindernagel & Kelly Shaw from RMSO
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Expert Presentation of Sasquatch Trackway
Found in Vancouver British Columbia

Bigfoot biologist
Dr John Bindernagel Discusses Vancouver Bigfoot Trackway

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Logan Canyon Bigfoot Video

Sasquatch Tracks Found During
Logan Canyon Bigfoot Video Investigation

Large Wads of Hair near Bigfoot Tracks

Friday, February 10, 2017

Kalispell Bigfoot Evaro Montana

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Woman Observes Evaro Sasquatch for Nearly Five Minutes
Investigation video below sighting report

Bigfoot Sighting near Reservation Evaro Montana

Bigfoot Expedition Kalispell Montana

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Montana Expedition Photo

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chaka Style Bigfoot Photo Circulating Again

Original with Deer near Sasquatch Subject Below

Anyone know the back story for this Chaka style 
Bigfoot photo circulating?

Real, not real? What is it?

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Smoky Dome Mountain Bigfoot


 "I later went up to see if there were any tracks and unfortunately it was too grassy. 
 I did try to cover the same ground as the walking figure and at a full run, it still took me nearly a minute to cover the same ground the figure had in 20 seconds. 
 I don't know what it was I saw that day, but it no human being."

Forest Workers Observe Smoky Dome Bigfoot

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Welches Sasquatch Breaks Into Home

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More Than One Reported Bigfoot Home Invasion in Oregon
Another Report on Video Below Article

Welches Sasquatch Breaks Into Home

Robin writes to RMSO
It all began 37 years ago , I was 14 years old ! We had moved to Welches, Oregon the previous year before. It was just my Dad and my brother and my stepmother... She was nine years older than my brother so they did not get along well. So in time she got my father to believe the worst in him . One day upon returning home from school my father had just came home off the road . She convinced him that my 15 year old brother was a drug dealer. Which was not true, but my Father loved her and chose her over my brother and called the police who in turn took him away ! We were close, very close, because each-other is all we really had !  When he was gone , I was very lonely . I began to walk out in the woods after all my chores were done, sometimes walking our dog who was pregnant " Sunshine", she was a black lab. Not quite a small dog !

         There were times I'd felt that I wasn't alone. Not sure why I knew I wasnt, just always sensed more ! One day I heard  a twig snap . I started searching with my eyes but never saw anything ! Then as time passed I thought it was rude being watched  all the time and started talking to that unseen presence.  I knew for a fact when it was there , because my dog would come running and about knock me off my feet shaking like a leaf !, staying pushed up against my leg , it was as if she was trying to get into my skin to avoid this presence ! She would wine and stare at something I could not see , kinda spooking me a little with her warning ! She'd let up when I'd get her home but was scared until we hit the perimeter of our yard. I'd get mad and tell the presence ," Now see what you have done !?" ,Scaring my poor dog to death !
              There was one night where I heard something at my window that sounded like a loud heart beat ! I ended up moving over away from the window bed onto the twin bed on the other side of the room because it scared me! It was loud and just kept beating right there . It happened so often that I ended up staying on that side of the room for the remainder of my stay there  curtains closed , also leaving my door cracked open... Not like most teens wanting privacy ! 
           As time went on , my new baby brother was born . She started making me responsible for him as she started a job bartending in Gresham, Or.. One morning I got up and went to school as usual on my own after making my breakfast and lunch for school. When I returned home I found out she hadn't returned home the night before and my brother was purple from screaming so long threwout the day . I didn't know exactly what to do because I'd never really been responsible for him except for after school till she returned late after I'd already gone to bed. I was terrified to leave for school after that without checking to see if she was home. This continued for months like this and  home life did not get better ! It got to where she wasn't coming home for days on end so I started missing school. I was an A and B+ student so this weighed hard on me.

 I enjoyed being in the woods more and more ! She became irritable more daily. One day she told me to pack my bags, we were going to visit family in Oklahoma then go onto Arkansas where she and my father would be legally married ! So we left the next day locking down the house . We were gone over 2 -1/2 weaks as I recall. Upon returning home I unlocked the front door and entered to a mess ! Broken consel television( which was new )that had a plant threw it ! Plants were distotroyed threw out the house . Looking into her room which was open made my heart sink, somebody had broken in and distroyed her and my father's room .Whoever had done this had broken in threw their bedroom window. Didn't even try opening the window, just crawled in threw the glass where they had left hair and small amounts of blood in the glass.  In the floor lay her clothing all twisted into something like a nest with hair all over in it and a large amount of excraments in the center...A photo had been mashed in the floor which lay with broken glass , that photo was of her ex husband that she would pull out of the drawer and set on the table next to her bed when my father would leave to go driving his semi long distances. I truly hated that photo . I felt like she was cheating on my father by setting that up next to her bed, so I was happy to see it crushed but had never told anyone about that picture.... Upon looking into my baby brothers room all I saw was a plant tossed into the floor, nothing else disturbed ! My room was untouched , not even the bag of chocolate sitting on my dresser ! All exactly the way I had left it ! My heart fell into my stomach because I knew at this point I would be blamed somehow ! I had told not a soul.  The kitchen was untouched as well as the bathroom. I found this unusual .

               I went out to where my stepmother was getting things out of the truck trying to get my brother prepared to come into the house. Telling her someone had broken into the house. She dropped everything she had except for my brother and entered the house as I followed... As I had expected she started screaming at me , "who'd you tell" ! Nothing I said mattered... She said I was a lier, that I'd told friends ! Wrong ,Well that's to all the babysitting ,chopping wood , tending the garden and house cleaning , I'd no time for friends to even tell ! She yelled for me to go get my brothers bottle which was in a diaper bag left in the truck upon our arrival . Abliging her I set out for the truck, reaching into the back seat for the diaper bag and I felt someone behind me, so I turned while standing up and there he was !!! Three feet from me, looking at me. It was like he was happy I'd returned... I knew from that first glance , he was the "one" from the woods...He was not there to hurt me . He was beautiful. Long dusty brown hair all over his body ! Soft brown eyes." No "strange eyebrows either , they were normal ! He had used some sort of sharp instrument to cut his hair back away from his chest area . The hair on his arms were long and flowing like that of a jacket made by an Indian ! He had no real smell like most say. He smelled of earth and outdoors , not stinky ! I knew it was male by the way its shoulders were built like a football player !The  hair on his face was nothing like any photos I've seen, it flowed from below his eyes gently getting longer until reaching like a man's beard, then became long but was also ripped  clear his chest area ! His hair looked soft, kinda silky ! He was young to be so nieve to confront any human I believe now that I'm older. He stood way over 6ft. Because I had to look up at him and I was about 5 ft. then...He did not stand there with a threatening stance, he just seemed to be glad I'd returned, and without any dought I knew this was who I'd talked to for the last year that would never come out from his hiding places.At that persise moment I understood why ! We held each other's gaze for what seemed an eternity but may have only been seconds then the call came from the house yelling my name and "where the heck was my brothers bottle "? Since I did fear her, I looked towards the house as he did and out of the corner of my eye I saw him slip away below into the brush from which he'd come. I used to think about what made those tunnels in the fireweed brushes but never would have imagined something as large as he could move into those! ....As I realized where he'd gone, I ducked down and looked into the space that looked like a large rabbit hole in the brush and that is when I saw his hair that had been ripped and left behind.

           From the house came again the angry yell, so I reached back in for the diaper bag and returned to the house... She had called the police reporting the breakin. I told her what I'd seen in the yard and she'd told me that no fantasy  of mine was getting me out of trouble because she knew my friends had done this ! The police came, took photos while shaking there heads saying if nothing was stolen then they'd never catch who'd done these atrocities to us ! The next day I was playing with my brother trying to help keep the peace since her mood was raggin on, when trying to teach my brother patty cake I slapped my skin on my knees which in turn scared him and he began screaming ! I kept telling him it was okay when she came running into the living room from her bedroom and slapped me across the face as hard as she could saying I'd never hit him again ! I ran into the woods as usual to what I called my crying rock which was a large boulder in the middle of the forest. It was a very strange thing to see sitting there ! Strange marker like Mount hood had tossed it there a thousand years ago because there were no others like it out there ! Upon my arrival I noticed something baby blue draped over the rock . Then some high heel shoes with a few other items I don't quite remember what they were . I knew he'd done that for me ! All the tears I'd had built up suddenly were gone and replaced with a smile of understanding ! It was the wedding dress she'd worn in that photo with her ex husband, the picture that I so hated finding on her bedstead when my father was out of town and her party shoes as well, when she'd leave me alone babysitting my baby brother ! This was our private secret which until this moment I've never told another living soul.. I never saw him again, but knew when he was there always ! I've always wanted to return but he's probably long gone by now ! He forever changed my life by showing himself to me which made it much easier for the next encounters I had. None were anything like this one thow. Just seen them from a close distance. If you have any questions, please ask but please don't ridicule me for telling you what is truth, I've had enough to last me a lifetime for telling my story ! 
Sign; Robin g.

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