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The Mogollon Monster & Flagstaff Bigfoot

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Sasquatch Startles Driver as It Prepares to Cross Road
The Mogollon Monster & Flagstaff Bigfoot
Phillip M writes RMSO
 Seen one preparing to cross the route 89 north from Flagstaff to the reservation one summer evening, right after sundown. The "creature," was standing very still near a tree trunk trying not to be noticed. Jet black, 8 to 10 feet tall, and at first I thought it was a horses tail blowing in the light mountain breeze so I slowed down, and turned on my halogen full beam lights.

  Then, thought is this a bear, but realized it was standing to up and was too tall to be a bear! When I scanned down again, I noticed huge dark skinned colored fingers under the jet black 5 to 10 inch strands of of matted shiny hair! I could not see the feet, since the grass was knee high, but the upper body was clearly displayed. I even was able to see the huge fit body and enormous upper body muscles on the arms, like it could scale a 45 degree wooded mountain or kill a deer by running it down and breaking its neck for food. As I got closer, I realized the enormous size and strength this creature had, and its intelligence to using the dark to hide in plain view!

 I freaked out and took off on 89 North near the Volcano national park turn off near by. This happened before the two road 89 was made, when it was a single two-way single road going North from Flagstaff, during a drought season in the summer.

 This creature was more thinking being and less ape animal to me, that was more reason to take off down the road. This area is known for deer crossing, so that is why I think it frequents this area waiting for prey.

 It could not have grew this large, and maintained the strength it had eating nuts or plant life alone, it needed a high protein source, like deer or other large mammal! The creature I saw was not like the famous California film reel creature, but very fit, tall, and looked more like a male, with its face covered in long hair.

 I guess it pushed its hair over it face to hide its eyes and to better hide in plain view. I was lucky to see this creature, since it blended in so well in the dark, and near the tree trunks while it stood still. The only reason I seen it was the slight curve in the road and the headlights of the car hitting directly on the creature and the trees.

 When the wind or breeze blew, it moved the tall grass and hair, but not the fingers and then I thought it was a horse's tail or a large mammal of some type. Then I just blasted the road with my high beam lights, and there it was in plain view. A vehicle was behind me and coming both 100 yards or more. I am usually cautious in this area since I don't want to hit a crossing deer.

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  1. You're not far from the truth saying the Flagstaff Bigfoot maybe The Mogollon Monster for in the Verde Valley there have been giant remains found to match the legends perhaps giving Bigfoot some substance afterall...

  2. I grew up in Arizona, lived there from 83 to 94, during that time I was a boy scout and we went on several outings to various locstions all over Arizona, including the Mogollon Rim for the Mountsin man rendezvous 2 times, also the White mountain Apache reservation, previous to living in Az. I lived in Washinton and Oregon, my first experience was in the Olympic national forest, at a place called lower lina lake and again at upoer lina lake both on the same trip , I believe that it was following our boy scout troop out of curiosity as I feel I saw the same one in both places, even our scout master, had a feeling we were being stalked by something that kept just out of sight. I have spent a great deal of time in the woods and mountains hunting and fishing and I have heard things and saw things that I cannot explain and when I tried only met with ridicule, I fully believe there is something out there, I also think that some people are more likely to see one if they have an open mind.

  3. What year was this? I lived in Flagstaff 1983 to 2019. Moved to Colorado January 2020. I assume you saw it near Sunset Crater. So intriguing.