Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Large Footprints in Snow Sasquatch Canyon Creature Runs From Researchers

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Huge Bigfoot Tracked in Sasquatch Canyon

Large Footprints in Snow Sasquatch Canyon 
Creature Runs from Researchers

Sasquatch Canyon Bigfoot Tracks in Snow Video

 Creature Running Up Mountain & Hiding Near Track-way in Snow

Full Track-way Discovery Expedition Video

Follow-up Expedition Week After Track-way Discovery
 More Footprints & Ground Nest Discovered

Large Hand-print Another Track-way in Snow
 Two Week Follow-up Expedition 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Scientific Study Bigfoot Skeleton

Cover from next video below
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Sasquatch Science & Study of the 
Elusive Giant Known as Bigfoot

 Dr Jeff Meldrum's team enlarges a Neanderthal skeleton then 3-D prints it. Creating an 8 foot tall Bigfoot size skeleton.
This project may answer some questions about Bigfoot & certainly will create more.

Bigfoot Captured 3-D Printing a Bigfoot Skeleton (History)

More Bigfoot Below

Bigfoot Captured on Camera near Winter Road Ontario

Bigfoot Characteristics of 
Ontario Sasquatch Captured on Video

Adygea Sasquatch Captured on Video

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vocalizations Sasquatch Canyon

Artist Rendition Cover Photo
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Vocalizations on Video & Bigfoot Sightings in Sasquatch Canyon

Video of Sasquatch Canyon Vocalization
Vocalizations Sasquatch Canyon

Campers Stalked by Bigfoot Sasquatch Canyon

Structure at Bigfoot Sighting Location

Derek's 1st look of Structure at 77 Bigfoot sighting location

Eye shine video near structure during night investigation

Eye shine video a couple of miles away from 77 Bigfoot sighting

Bigfoot track way in snow near eye shine incident

Breakdown of Creature Hiding from us Near Footprints found Above