Monday, March 30, 2020

Black Canyon Sasquatch Gunnison River Bigfoot

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An RMSO podcast driving through a 
Bigfoot sighting hot spot of the 
Gunnison River & surrounding canyons.
Below the (Bigfoot RTD) are 
Bigfoot videos discussed during the Round Table Drive.

Gunnison River Sasquatch (Bigfoot RTD)

Bigfoot videos below discussed in 
Bigfoot Round Table Drive

Bigfoot Near Gunnison River

Orchard Mesa Bigfoot Peering Over Shed

Montrose Bigfoot Shot Through Window

Kannah Creek Bigfoot Highlights

Kannah Creek Bigfoot Full Video

Camper Hides From Bigfoot Twin Peaks

Hunters Harassed by Bigfoot Carson Lake

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Big Creature Walking Down County Road NW Georgia

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Johnny B. writes RMSO
 February 16, 2019: While visiting a friend in Northwestern Georgia last year, I photographed a big creature walking down a county road. I was a mile away and zoomed in as much as I could, but the photo didn't turn out very good.
 The locals say very nonchalantly it's a Bigfoot. They told me if I don't believe it, go to the Bigfoot museum in Blueridge (Cherry Log GA) and show them the photo. I was in disbelief that there was a Bigfoot museum so close (less than 20 miles) to the sighting. Same thing at the museum, it's a Bigfoot.
 When I figures out the location of the Bigfoot in the photo using Google Earth and Google maps, I realized there were 3 homes right there. I figured it was a hunter in a gilley suit.
 Last fall visiting Georgia again, I got to meet the wife of the guy that owns those homes, I asked if he was a hunter and if he had a gilley suit. Yes to being a hunter, no to the gilley suit. She said her husband had passed from cancer, and February 16, 2019 he was so sick with the cancer he would not have been able to get out of bed. She did say she hears some god awful screams in the woods behind her house. She said she couldn't imagine what would be making those screams.
 Now I'm kind of obsessed with getting a better photo so I can believe.
RMSO responds
Agree, this photo can be interpreted as just about anything.
Be cool if she could ever get recordings of those screams.
What town is this part of Georgia closest to?
How tall would you estimate the creature walking on the county road to be?
Johnny B.
 Ellijay Georgia. My friend that was visiting there happened to be friends with this lady. I found that out when we went to visit her after her husband passed away.
 I'm not sure how to estimate how tall it was, I wish that I had gotten the telephone pole in the photo. I would have been able to guesstimate.
 The owner of the Bigfoot museum asked me if it was walking, yes it was, that is what made me notice it. I ran inside and got my camera, didn't have time to change lenses, tried to get a video but I didn't have it in automatic mode, so before it got out of site I snapped the photo. I had to lean against the deck post to stabilize the camera because I was shaking.
 At the Bigfoot museum the owner had me point out the location on a map, there are a few pins nearby he said were from other sightings. One more photo is attached, you can see how far away I was. It's the original photo before using the digital zoom. This road can only be seen from where I was when the leaves are off the trees.
More Georgia Bigfoot Below
Bigfoot Captured on Game Camera

Monday, March 23, 2020

Georgia Bigfoot on Game Camera

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Adam Garrett writes RMSO
I live in Habersham County GA this is what 
my trail cam caught about a year ago!

Zoom Head and Face

Georgia Bigfoot on Game Camera

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Moose Lake Bigfoot Gamecam

Kennedy Lake Bigfoot Photos on Gamecam

Large Flying Orbs on Gamecam Bigfoot Hotspot

Manitoba Bigfoot Photo

Bigfoot in Deadwood Video

Bigfoot in National News All Month Long

Jasper Bigfoot Filmed in Canada

Lone Peak Bigfoot Video

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hunter Harassed by Sasquatch Missionary Ridge

Artist Rendition
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Putrid Wet Blanket Smell Alerts Camper to Giant Bigfoot

Hunter Harassed by Sasquatch Missionary Ridge

KL Hood writes RMSO
Grew up in the mountains of Southwest Colorado I've heard stories through the years and had an encounter myself on Missionary Ridge north of Durango. In 2009.

 RMSO responds
Received a bigfoot sighting report on Missionary Ridge a few years ago. Would like to hear the details of your 2009 encounter on this thread or email us at

 KL Hood emails RMSO
My Name is Keith Hood.
It was mid September 2009. Bow season. I had hiked in off missionary Rd and made camp close to missionary ridge in a small clearing.

That night sitting by the campfire the occasional smell on the breeze was putrid, only way I can describe it like a wet blanket with dead skunk in a pig wallow. Didn't think much about it, elk beds get pretty rank and just assumed there was one close by.

I settled in and went to sleep about 8:30/9:00 pm, during the night I wake to a grunting noise and could hear it breathing. I assumed it was a bear, I yelled to scare it away and could hear sticks and twigs breaking as it moved off. 

 Didn't hear anything for about a half hour, thinking it had scared off. I was about to go back to sleep. I heard what sounded like a child whine or whimpering and something brushed my tent. I thought for sure it  was a bear smelling my food.

 I yelled, grabbed my flashlight and quickly opened the fly on my tent. I saw the back of an upright creature moving away, it was approximately 8.1/2 to 9 foot tall with long black/brown fur no more than twenty feet away. It was moving as if it was on skates, it almost glided as it disappeared into the darkness crashing through the trees and the smell, I had been smelling was pervasive.

 For the next couple of hours I had things bouncing off my tent, sounds of limbs being broken off trees and what sounded like gibberish in the trees to the south and east of me. As soon as the sun began to rise I packed up and left as fast as I could. I felt I was being watched as I hiked back to my truck.

RMSO responds
Gibberish to the south and east of you. Sounds like there may of been more than one harassing your camp site.
 Appreciate hearing about your encounter. How long did you observe the creature as it moved away from you? How wide would you estimate it to be at the shoulders?

KL Hood
I observed it for 3 maybe 4 seconds and it was 3 to 3.1/2 feet wide. It took a second for me to focus, I'm sure of what I saw. I think they wanted me to leave too. I was a sceptic even though I've heard stories all my life, now I believe.

Another Missionary Ridge Bigfoot Encounter Below
Missionary Ridge Bigfoot Visited Our Camp

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Sasquatch in Saguache Creek on Pass to
Gunnison nearly 7 Feet Tall

Camper Hides From Bigfoot Twin Peaks

Bigfoot Scares Women Animas Forks

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Nordegg Bigfoot Face Video

Cover photo from next video below
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Robert Ross Trapping in Nordegg Alberta Canada
 shot video footage of a dark figure hiding behind a tree. 
Many suspect the creature filmed to be the elusive Bigfoot

Nordegg Bigfoot Face Video

More Bigfoot Faces Below

Bear Wallow Bigfoot

Bigfoot Watching RMSO

October Bigfoot in Sasquatch Canyon

North California Bigfoot

Bigfoot Accidently Filmed in James Bond Movie


Adam Bird from Bigfoot Believers Only YouTube Channel 
highlights a Sasquatch shape moving & hiding in the
 James Bond movie "A View To Kill"

Sasquatch in James Bond Movie?

More Bigfoot Accidently Captured on Video Below

Bigfoot Slow & Stabilized Lost Creek

Bear Wallow Bigfoot Stabilized & Slowed

Dark Bigfoot Shape Following Hikers

PacWest Bigfoot Stabilized

Sasquatch Canyon Bigfoot Breakdown

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Several Photos Bailey Bigfoot Peeking Through 8 Foot Window

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A string of screen shots from a video filmed in Bailey, Colorado 2017.
The window was 8 feet from the ground.

Scott Yeoman shared details on social media.

The video was on a computer that burned up in a house fire.

Here is the owner of the screen shot photos story.

  So we(my wife and I) bought 11 acres of land in Bailey Colorado, we built a foundation of cinder block that is 3'6" above the ground. The land is mostly hard pack dirt and large rock which I shared a video of when we bought it. After we moved a modular home there we lived off and on there for 2 years while we got it ready for permanent residency.

 In August of 2017 we were finishing the interior of the back of the house and I came into the living room and caught a whiff of a VERY harsh odor in the room. It smelled like rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement. 

I caught a glimpse of something moving outside the window from the corner of my eye. We have had bears visit pretty regular but they tried to get under the house, not in it. But when I seen the figure by the window I thought a bear had some how climbed up to the window.

 I take a lot of wildlife pictures because they literally come up to the outside of it like a mule deer, elk, bear, haven't seen any mountain lion, and other small game. I have a few feral cats all over my property but they aren't mine. But they hang out a lot

 Anyway... I saw the top of the head and that caught my attention. It moved closer and I seen it eyes were freaking huge and it scared me because bear eyes aren't that large or far apart. I always have a camera handy to get a good shot of the elk that come extremely close to the house. When I realized it wasn't a bear. Fear struck me hardcore. I used a cheap kodak sport digital camera for taking pics and for the most part it makes fast action pictures/video. It was on the end table next to my recliner approximately 6 ft from the window. When I pointed it at the window it stopped swaying and closed its eyes as if it was a child.. "You cant see me if my eyes are closed".
 So shaking and trying to video at the same time I moved back a step and it slowly moved from one side of the window to the other. It was seriously about a 10 min video but it was on a 1" x 1 1/2' and card which had to be downloaded on my computer. It didn't make any attempt to enter the house or run away.

 About 8 minutes in my wife came into the room and asked me what I was doing. I told her there's something outside and it ain't no bear. When she looked over my shoulder she screamed "what is that thing!" And ran back to the bedroom. I stopped the video, went to the closet and grabbed my 40 cal off the closet shelf.

 When I turned back around, it was moving away from the window. I wasn't going to shoot at it if it tried to get in which it didn't do. I went to my wife who was freaking out and tried to answer her bombardment of questions and after reassuring her that everything was ok.

 She called the sheriffs department and they sent 3 deputies to check out the property. Their conclusion was most like a bear or other wildlife. Until I showed them the playback. When they reviewed it two of the three were impressed and the third was like its a bear.

 Anyway the rest of the night was uneventful and peaceful other than my panicking wife. She ended up having my daughter and her husband come get her and took her to Golden for a couple of days.

 I down loaded this video on my computer at my mothers house because she has internet access and I didn't. Long story short my mothers house burnt down on a fire we had out here last year.

 We have seen it at a distance every now and then in the darkness by the fire light, not the body, but eye shine. And that's pretty creepy too. But haven't   had any incidents of a destructive nature so I decided to just be cautious when walking the property. I do carry my .40 cal always outside... Just incase. But haven't had to pull it from my holster. 

 I see signs where he's broke branches on tress that I cant reach on a 6' ladder. And occasionally he'll move things around. Most signs we see were always after we left and came back home. There's the story behind the photos... I hope people can find something in here to benefit them if they are dealing with one too.

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Orchard Mesa

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Conners Pass Bigfoot Nevada

Southern Utah Bigfoot Association
Found some bigfoot shaped tracks on 
Conners Pass in Nevada.

 Tom Bennett was unable to rule out human activity 
due to the age & quality of the tracks in his video below.

 RMSO often expeditions near this part of Nevada because of the history of multiple bigfoot sightings that date back to pioneers, ancient natives along with recent bigfoot sighting reports.

Are these Bigfoot tracks in Nevada?

More North Nevada Bigfoot Below

Aggressive Group of Sasquatch Encountered
Tsawhawbitts Mountains Nevada

Nine Foot Tall Bigfoot Pulling Branches
From Aspen Tree Jarbidge Nevada

Shoshone History of Bigfoot Jarbidge Wilderness

Pioneer History of Bigfoot Jarbidge Nevada

Three Trackways of Bigfoot Jarbidge Wilderness

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Temagmi Bigfoot Captured by Ben Matine

Cover from next video below
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 While on the run Ben Matine followed the old rail lines 
Northwest of Temagami Ontario when he captured this 
stunning photograph of Bigfoot on Island Lake.

Temagami Bigfoot 
Captured by Ben Matine

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Manitoba Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Castlegar Sasquatch Communicating with 
Another Bigfoot Captured on Video

Fisherman has Close Encounter with Sasquatch
 near Pink Mountain British Columbia

Jasper Canada Bigfoot Video

Kennedy Lake Bigfoot
British Columbia

Limestone Lake Bigfoot

Baskatong Lake Bigfoot

Alexis Creek Bigfoot Pacing Under Window

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sasquatch Coal Creek Canyon

Cover photo from next video below
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Above screen shot is all that remains 
of Coal Creek Canyon Bigfoot Video
It has mysteriously been removed from YouTube
Coal Creek Canyon Colorado Bigfoot

20 Yards from Bigfoot at Red Rocks Park

Animas Forks Bigfoot Frightens Women

Miner Encounters Silverton Bigfoot

Camper Hides From Bigfoot Twin Peaks

Carson Lake Bigfoot Harasses Hunters

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Bigfoot Stealing Livestock Georgia

Image from Legends Beware YouTube Video
 (Bigfoot Stealing Livestock?)

 North Georgia rancher captures amazing video near his ranch while investigating missing livestock. He may have filmed the culprit responsible for some of the missing ranch animals.

From Legends Beware YouTube
Bigfoot Stealing Livestock?

The Squaw Peak Bigfoot video on the following blog post shows similar fluid, natural standing movement for sasquatch, uncharacteristic of a human standing up from a sitting or squatting position.

Top Four Utah Bigfoot Videos

Similar Bigfoot Incidents Below

Bigfoot Eating Hogs

Livestock Injured By Huntsville Bigfoot

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Massachusetts Bigfoot Sprints After Wood Knock

Cover from next video below
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Sasquatch on Video Running for Cover

Massachusetts Bigfoot 
Sprints After Wood Knock

More Juvenile Bigfoot Below

Baby Sasquatch Running Around

Two Juvenile Bigfoot Mt St Helens

Mother Bigfoot Carries Baby Sasquatch Into Cave

Zoom & Cropped

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Bloody Bucket Sasquatch

Cover Photo Link
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Three Bigfoot Traveling Together 
in the Willows of the River Bottoms

Three Bigfoot Bloody Bucket

Territorial grove of snapped aspen where a cop & two hunters each had crazy bigfoot encounters implies this acre grove is a territorial marker of some kind.

Bigfoot Approaches Cop Then
Terrorizes Two Hunters & Dogs

Bigfoot Territorial Grove


Monday, March 2, 2020

Baby Sasquatch Running Around

Cover from next video below
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Young Bigfoot Captured on Video

Baby Sasquatch sighting

More Juvenile Bigfoot Below

Mother Bigfoot Carries Baby Into Colorado Cave

Young Bigfoot Strange Jerky Movements

Cop Frees Little Bigfoot From Trap

Two Juvenile Bigfoot Mt St Helens

Juvenile Bigfoot Stalking Fisherman

Bigfoot & Apes Eat Rotten Logs For Same Reason

Little Bigfoot Of Sumatra

Smeja Kills Juvenile Bigfoot