Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bigfoot Sighting on Mt St Helens Bigfoot Expedition

Jorge Omar
I just Feel  the Longer One Can Stay Out There the Greater the Chances of Encountering Them
And i Have Been Alone all This Time.
Thank You Mr Kelly!!
Will Keep it Rollin Out Here!!

Kelly Shaw
Agree with you. Longer in the field better your chances. I wish I could do it full time, especially when there is less snow.

Jorge Omar
Im Back in The Canyon
The Snow just Started to Fall,
This is my Fourth Consecutive Night up Here,
Everything is Super Quiet,
I Have a Strange Feeling Right Now,
Cant Tell What it is but in a Matter of Minutes all Sound Disappeared around my Loc.
Im Inside my Car so Ill be as Safe as It can Be,
Will Have to Wait till the Morning to Look Around..

Im Praying For 👣 🙂

Kelly Shaw
Understand. Good luck and stay warm.
Jorge Omar

Mr K!

Still No Sign of Them :

To Much Snow and no Footprints
I Walked over 10 Miles today and Not a Trace.

I know This Area and I Know they Still Move Thru This Canyon
But Cant Tell When They Do
Ill Have to Come Back when The Snow Melts

On September 12th of Last Year Right at XXXX Creek a Spotted 2 juveniles or I Should Say they Spotted Me
That was the Last i Saw Them..

From XXXX Creek its Only a Few Miles to XXXXX Lake and its Pristine Woods with No Houses No Farms Nothing but Woods

I Got a Feeling They Breed in The Area But at This Time Still Lack Hard Evidence.. P😅
Kelly Shaw
Keep up the good work. Bet it is cold and wet.. That was a good snow storm. If you get a chance take a few photos of the landscape covered in snow that would be cool. I no longer take for granted the expeditions where I find evidence because it is so rare even in really good areas like where you are now. Exciting. I enjoy your updates Jorge.
I would like to hear the details of your juvenile bigfoot sighting. Sounds interesting. How it happened? How close you were from them? Did you see details? Color, size, face or expressions? Time of day and so on?
Thank you for the updates of your expedition.
Jorge Omar
Sorry For late Reply I got Back Home Last Night and Just Dropped Dead of Exhaustion!
I was Out There a Total of 5 days.

Yeah I can Share with You,
On The early evening of That Day i was

On My Way out of The Area after Having Camped out since Saturday of That Weekend

After Not Having Seen or Heard Nothing the Whole time i was Tired and Decided it was time to leave
So i Packed everything
And was walking on the Trail that Takes you From XXXXXXXXX Falls back out to The Road when I stopped by the Creek to Fill up my Watter Bottle

I was Kneeling Down Filling my Bottle when I Straight out Felt A Strong Look from across the Creek just past a slight Bend

It was Defenitely getting Dark by that Time it Happened Right After 6:00 or 6:15. Because i Remember looking at The Time after it Happened

I Didnt Hear Them because of The Sound of the Creek

There He was the Taller of the Two Looking Straight at Me
I Froze and i Could Feel His Incredibly Powerful Gaze
Seconds after the Short One came out From Behind the Rock that was The bend or a slight Turn of the Creek and Was Totally Surprised to See me
The Way the Shorter One reacted made me Believe He had Never Seen a Human Before
Where as the Taller One Didnt Move Nor Even Blinked
He just Stood there Scanning Me i Could Say
The Approximate Distance was a 150 to 200 Feet from the spot from where i was Standing
I was unsure as to Whether they Where Looking to Cross the Creek or if They where there to Drink Water from the Creek
I Looked into my Pocket where i Had my Phone and The Taller One Looked down and Began to Walk away into the Woods heading South Southwest towards the Canyon South side
Seconds after the Little One followed right Behind the Taller One

But I Remember that the Little One did Stop after he had Taken a Few steps and Turned to Look at me for A last Time as if He Wanted to Figure Out what I was.

He was Defenitely More Curious that the Taller One
Wich lead Me to believe it Was the First Time he had Come across a Human

Didnt hear Any Sound Coming From Them so I couldnt Say How They Sound like But Im Sure they Can Communicate or They Understand Each others Moves

It Happened Fast
Once they had started Walking Away i Thought about Crossing the Creek and Chase after Them

At That Moment I Realized that they could Be More larger Ones Nearby and at The Time wasnt Sure Wether they Were Dangerous Or Not

The Description is Large Upper Body heavy Built Hairy only I remember that their
Face wasnt Completely hairy
The Nose Fore Head Mouth and Part of Their Cheeks was Hairless
Dark Skin No Doubt about That
Kelly Shaw
Interesting. Appreciate hearing about your sighting and encounter. Love the photos, beautiful location.

Jorge Omar
I cant Tell how Old They Were but If I compare them to Humans i can Say The larger One was a 15 to 18 year Old Man and The Shorter One a 10 to 12 year Old Kid

Kelly Shaw
Good comparison.

Jorge Omar
Thank You Mr Kelly!
Will keep My eyes Open and the Camera Rollin!!

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