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It did a weird body turn & looked up at us "Head to toe reddish brown thing"

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Buckland Sasquatch Encountered by Men Searching for Lost Cell Phone

It did a weird body turn & looked up at us
"Head to toe reddish brown thing"

I've had  a couple things happen to me. Its hard to share because I don't want to be called crazy. The first happened  with my friend and we both saw it. The 2nd I was alone super early up American fork canyon because I lost my phone the day before up there. I didn't see anything but from what happened scared me so bad I had a hard time trying not to panic.

Did you get a look at it either time? Where was your first incident?

The first time me and my friend saw it. We were looking down at it from about 200 yards. It might sound weird but it was by Buckland flats up bountiful canyon. It was in early 2004. Not sure if you been there but in the summer it has alot of outdoor traffic. We went up in the fresh snow playing in his truck. I'd like to tell you over the phone to give you great detail so you can really understand

We saw it for about  8 seconds. The clouds were so  thick  we had about no visibility 90 percent of the time. They cleared for about 10 seconds when we looked down in the draw and saw it. I'm will never forget it. I'll never forget my buddys look in his face asking me if I saw it.

t's hard to tell you exactly how it happen before. Which  is whats freaks me out more. The 2nd time was alot different. I didn't see anything. I went up American fork canyon jeepin on a Sunday with friends. We did the forest lake trail. I lost my phone somewhere. The next day I called my boss and said need to go look in a few places where we stopped. ( phones arnt cheap  these days) I didn't want to take my Tacoma up the trail of the fear of breaking something. So I walked. This was at 5 to 6 in the morning. I walked up the trail to where  we first stopped to hang out and let some jeeps go buy.  I was looking around on the ground and I heard a huge loud crack. It sounded like someone swung a bat into a telephone poll. It happens just once. Then I could hear something moving. It sounded like around 50 yards away.

I'm a hunter I know sounds. It was to heavy to be a deer. All that went through my head was what would have made the loud knock. Truthfully I panic. I started walking back down the trail walking backwards. I could here something moving through the trees. Staying  with me but in the thick trees. It did this until I hit the turn in the trail that changed directions. I have never been that scared in my life in the mountains. I still refuse to camp at that lake. When my friends ask why I make up an excuse. I went home and Google all the sounds moose and big horn sheep make. Nothing sounds like the sound I heard.

Sorry i am not a good writer.

I was where the circle is. The line is where whatever it was followed me from.

Thanks for listening. The few I've told laughed at me. The bountiful canyon incident I have alot more detail that make me know it was not a person playing around.
I don't want my name mentioned I get harassed enough at work for telling a couple people. I would show you the exact places it happened. Not sure how many people contact you like this nut it was hard for me to. I watch your you tube channel and it's taken me awhile to share. I'm scared of the mountains being alone now.

I almost contacted the utah sasquach guy. Then I watched his videos. I don't believe him. You guys seem like good people. Can I ask where sasquach canyon is so i never camp there with my son not knowing? I dont want anymore things like this to ever happen to me.
The loud wood crack is interesting and may be bigfoot activity. I am interested in your 2004 sighting. The one that you say you & your friend saw it. Can you be more detailed on that one? Color, height, did you see the face etc..? Yes we get sighting reports all of the time. Several a month. Seems we get at least one American Fork Canyon Bigfoot sighting report submitted to us almost every year.
Yes I'm happy to go into more detail. Have you been up Bountiful canyon before? The canyon starts right under the B on the mountain for bountiful high

O.K. that is where you had your sighting in 2004?

No that's where the canyon starts. It was at buckland flats about 6 or 7 miles up the canyon.

But yea in 2004

I'm not good at writing so i hope this make since. My friend and I are bountiful locals. When it snows we have always gone up to see how far we can go up the canyon. This was back before the national forest put a hat in at buckland flats. Had to be in February or March. It was a really foggy. You couldn't  see 10 feet from the truck. We came to buckland flats where to the left is a big pull off for r.v. and parking. If you turn left it goes to where the old ward canyon comes up from the jeep trail at the bottom. We where the only tracks in the fresh 8 inches of snow. We turned to the right to just be the first tracks in there. No atv tracks no vehicle tracks. Then we turned out and headed up the canyon about 1/4 mile farther. It was still a white out. We came  around a little curve and for the first time the clouds broke for about 10 to 15 seconds. We looked down into the meadow about 150 to 200 yards below us. We saw a reddish brown head to toe covered thing. It did a weird body turn and look up at my friends black truck. Then as it turned and walked up this small hill as the clouds/fog rolled back in. At the same time we both look at each other with big eyes asking if we both saw it. I went back after the snow melted months later because I wanted to stand where it did. It made the little hill look easy. It was walking up it faster in fresh snow then I could in the dirt.

Not much after we say it we had to turn around because we hit old snow from the either snow fall. We talked about it as we went back down. Trying to tell ourselves it was a guy. But nothing made since. We were the first tracks in the snow. We drove down in all the places you can park. No four wheelers, no nothing of any sign that anyone has been there. We both didn't work on this weekday because of the weather. We did landscaping then. I know it was around 8 AM

So cool bet you saw a squatch that day. Appreciate hearing about your encounter along with the wood knocks in American Fork.

The truck was where the little dots are.

I don't think the 1 wood know wood have scared me so bad it i didn't start looking into bigfoot after we saw the one. Thanks for listening. It feels good to tell someone
I've read in the last few years they knock 3 times to communicate. I'm not a researcher but that day up American fork canyon i heard one. I don't know much but if there was a few of them together. Maybe it knocked to say hey here comes a human. I was alone at first light on a Monday with no one around

I'm sorry  should have read it before I sent it to you. My auto correct changed alot of words. I'm sorry

No problem autocorrect screw up what I type and send all of the time. Understand.
One knock is most common. If they do a second knock its usually ten to 20 minutes later.
I cringe when people knock three times trying to communicate. Bigfoot in my experience never does that. Usually it is simply one loud knock.

Wow I did not know that. I think I got a little camping post traumatic stress from the American fork canyon experience. Even though I never saw anything. Something was pacing me but staying just out of sight. I have done this jeep trail one time since then. I'm scared to get out of my jeep even to go pee.

Thanks again for listening. My son is asleep so now I get to go listen to Rocky mountain sasquatch on you tube. Have a great night

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