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Proof Patty is a Real Bigfoot | If You Have Proof That Disputes, Please Provide a Link


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Best attempts to poke holes in the authenticity of the
Patterson Bigfoot video always fail miserably
& raises the fact, Patty is the real deal.

ThinkerThunker Video proves
Scientifically Patterson Bigfoot is real
Proof Patty is a Real Bigfoot
If You Have Proof That Disputes, Please Provide a Link

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Sasquatch Running Through Frame
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Provo Bigfoot on Video

Club Security Chased by Sasquatch

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Club Bouncer Runs From Bigfoot

Club Security Chased by Sasquatch

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Wild Man of The Snake River

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Montana Sasquatch Filmed While Wood Knocking
Face of Bigfoot on Camera

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Over 150 Respond When Asked "What was Sasquatch doing when you spotted the creature?" | Details of Each Bigfoot Report Included


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Over 150 People Respond With Bigfoot Sightings on RMSO FB Bigfoot Public Page

When asked "What was Sasquatch doing when you spotted the creature?" 

Witnesses respond with the following comments.

Dennis S.

They were running up a hill and ran into an old barn. that night I saw something looking in my window. This was in 1980 on my parents farm in Iowa.

A week after we saw what we saw, the Des Moines register printed a story about a big foot sighting in eastern Iowa.

Brad B.

Drinking water from lake

Sara F.


Stephanie L.

There was one that ran across the field at Grief Point elementary school in my hometown of Powell River (BC)

Paula E.

Standing over my tent, sniffing and huffing really loud. Could see the shadow of him on the tent. When we screamed and banged on tent he made these huge noises I've never heard before and cant even describe. You could hear it from far away as he moved back into the woods.

It was a mixture of roaring, growling and huffing. I've never heard anything like it and it was so loud.

Luc B. responds to Paula E.

I had the EXACT same experience (minus me banging on tent)

Beau O. responds to Paula E.

I've had one reach in my tent for me... I slapped the tent & told him NO GO AWAY

Beau O.

It crossed the road in front of us.... hunting deer

Hayward P.T.W.

Watching me.

James W.

Standing on the back deck looking into the window. Second time we met in the backyard 10' feet apart. Third time tree peaking. Georgia sasquatch

Jeanelle L.

Juvenile jumping from behind a tree and back and Mom standing behind a bush partially blocked by a tree. Just before dark so just black shapes.

Susan B.

Crawling up out of the veRy shallow ditch alongside the road I was driving on.

Caught my eye because he appeared to be a person dressed head-to-toe in black — on a DARK, dark night 😯, aNd, this oddly-dressed person was ON HIS HANDS & KNEES?!? CrAwLiNg up out of a maybe one-foot “ditch?” 🧐

Made no sense.

Of course, then standing & stepping DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF my oncoming car made even less sense.

And then he just STOOD there. In the middle of the road. While I tried frantically to brake. 🀦🏻‍♀️

Rural Madison, Wisconsin.

Ralph H. responds to Susan B.

Susan B. I had one run across in front of me panic break to stop right in front of him running. He turned ran down side of the paved road off into the darkness. I had stalled out the van and restarted it and chased him down running along side the road so I drove on the wrong side of the road right beside him. I clocked his speed at 28 mph. He seemed interested in looking in the window while running this speed so I turned on the dome light so he could see me driving. He was excited to see my feet using the brake and gas and looked up in the window at me with an excited smile. He was a nine foot tall very human looking as far as teeth, ears, nose and facial features. His feet appeared 18 inches long and up close the hair did not seem as thick as when viewed at a distance. So I could see his muscles working in his legs and arms as he ran very strong and constant steady speed. It was 2:00 in the morning in North Carolina I was out looking for a place to park and sleep needless to say I could not rest after leaving Bigfoot in the dust. A few miles up the road I came to a steak house with a dumpster near the woods in the parking lot. I figured he was running as if on a mission when I first pulled up along side him, when I saw the dumpster I discovered his mission.


Standing watching me at 2 am while working dispatch on break listening to Barry White on my iPhone 3 at a treatment plant

Tammy P.

Stalking the same deer that we were stalking.

Dennis M.G.II.

He was with Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon

Joseph S.

Running towards me

Between Fort Collins and LaPorte CO

I worked in Loveland, but that day I was coming home from Front Range Community College, it was a wild and long encounter.

I lived in LaPorte by that time, and the Sasquatch ran into the foothills behind my little neighborhood. I watched it run for a mile or so, huge strides, and at a timed speed of up to 40 mph.

Dave R.

Throwing water at me

He was standing knee-deep in a slew down in the bottoms

John C.

Tree shaking, tent slapping and rough prints going up a hill in E central IL, never did get a sighting tho.

Todd L.

Crouching out of the rain under a lean to shelter

Jack H.

Just looking from the edge of the woods

Carin C.

Peeking at me from behind a tree (Eastern Townships, Quebec)

Craig S.

Guarding his family and getting a drink

Penny C.A.

After being discovered, ducking behind some wild plum bushes. I was 7, my aunt was10-11. She saw him first. I couldn't see it and began making fun of her, but she told me..."just wait, you'll see it." And, sure enough...up from the bushes with that rock star hair/head and with what looked like a smile on his face--1/2-2miles from the Lampasas River in Central Texas.

Second--time (same location, I was 20) messing with my feet at the foot of my bed. There were two. One was a child/baby?)

Jonathan P.

walking across a field on the other side of the river. watched it for several minutes

Brenda E.P.

Looking in my grandparents window at me.

Charle N.

Walking down the side of a gavel road like he was hitch- hiking. I was thinking about picking him up!

David S.

Knocking trees down coming toward me

I got out of woods in a hurry and didnt go back for over a year

Aubrey S.

Watching me and my cousins plant trees 🌲

Terry M.

Walking around our cabin

Gayle H.

Looking at me through the window as the embers were dying down in the fireplace and the grandfather clock rang out 2am. I was about 9 or 10 reading in bed (as usual) and scared sh!tless! Happened in mid 1960s on Long Lake, Washburn County, Wisconsin. I was visiting my grandparents at their cottage in a wooded area on the bay.

Matthew B.

Watching me

Larry L.

Growling. He was behind a bush at dusk and if I had a gun the outcome might of been different.

Bonnie C.

Just past Beaver Mountain in Utah...was on a high ridge traversing some shale, all the while stayed upright! Was moving very fast!

Michael G.


Edwin M.

Watching me and my son

Mark R.

I heard growling from behind a treeline, smelled the funky smell, and had rocks thrown at me. This is in Kansas mind you.

S.E. corner.

Jeff S.

Leaping from a bluff.

Xjaviair D.

I had a couple of run ins with the Ohio Grassman, the first encounter was at Rock Fort lake, it threw rocks and growled at me until I left the spot it was hiding, the second encounter was at another local park in that area and happened to walk right into him within about 20 feet which spooked us both he ran one way and I went the other got in my car and didn't stop till I was at the store at the bottom of the mountain.

Katheen R.M.

Squatting and digging through our outback burn pile. Then it stood up and walked towards the neighboring farm

Dianne A.

Walking past my back door at dawn

Rolland M.

Walking past my back door at dawn

nspected the carcass after 3 weeks cleaned to the bone and in two separate pieces( the head cleanly removed and everything taken that could be used.) Bones intact 2 weeks later everything removed as if with tool or possibly nails, with lots of predators and scavangers around. Nothing messes with a Squatch kill.

Carl M.

Walking through snow!

Buddy S.

Running across the road and then another time screaming at my hunting buddy and I from the ridge above us.

Daniel P.

Was hiding in a bush on the side of the road, as got within 6-8 feet he started growling at me. So I walked to the other side thats when I heard it speak its language. And yes it sounded just like the stuff you hear in YouTube.

Peter C.

Just after it slammed the side of the wood chip trailers I was standing on just before midnight. Second was standing still just off the highway after lunch. Third was a chance sighting in the early morning walking past where I was

Ryan S.

Imitated my whistle. Didn't see it. Can't say it wasn't a hunter. No vehicle I remember, low snowline. No indication of anyone around early season

Debi J.

The one I actually SAW was running down into a creek bed but we've seen their shadows go by our tent on several occasions. We put ourselves in those locations for that very reason, tho. πŸ’œ

James H.B.

Coughing and gaging like he was dying! But when he realized we were there he got very quiet and then tore out of there like a freight train!

Kathy W.

Sitting in the bush. Saw him in a photo when I got home.

Dave L.

Crossing the road.

Finrobin M.

Sitting on a cliff edge arms wrapped around his knees

Looking down into the rock cliff valley of Mt St Helens

Before eruption

The reservation I came from N C W



activity almost daily

I have a lil secret to draw them in

Right to the backyard

Neighbor cut everything in sight

Did you see BF????

His response.


So my trick works

Diane H.

Just sitting enjoying his forest before he has to hide his family again from people

Vivian L.S.

Possibly foraging

Charlene R.

Sitting, thinking

John C.

3 different ones was trying to hide, by standing perfectly still And the other 2 was watching me as I was watching them. The last and by far the biggest was trying to hide itself in a thicket, which it did

Rob H.

Standing still, in the hope I wouldn't notice it I believe.

Jerry R.

Checking albows

Lance L.

I think hunting

Mary L.

Which time?

Steve N.

Crossing the road

Rosemarie K.

Watching me by a tree as I woke up from a nap on a big rock on my mountain I use to hang out on. It was a peaceful encounter.

Larry B.

Walking in the edge of the timber on top of a recently logged unit.

Sandra B.

Screaming at my camper

Todd S.

Was crouched in a tree . Then leaped out of the tree

Jen H.

Kicking leaves, breaking sticks.

Rob W.

Threw rocks the size of basketballs at us, followed us no matter which way we walked, and had the most evil red eye shine I've ever seen on any animal this side of hades

Rick D.

Looking at me thru the fork of a tree

Katrina T.P.

Crossing the road

Thomas E.

It was crouched near a small outflow stream into the main river, and it was washing three fish that it caught , I crouched a ways away about 40 feet and watched it until it scowled at me. The thing was all grey I think very old.

I was about 8 years old.

Paul B.

Looking into our bedroom window, at night. Moonlight shining behind, it. Was a Yowie

Bonnie B.

Looking at me, looking at it.

Adam W.

Staring at me over a camp fire.

Doug C.

Walking thru woods..about 15' from my Field edge. Eating Potatoes..squatted.. Digging

.then rose to walk by my Father. Then thru 1\4 mile Field.

Second Time..U.P Michigan..came.up River Bend. Strait to My Brothers Stand. Then West along Field just inside like Big Bucks..came out about 30yrds from My Stand to Field Edge..Huffed.. 200 deer a Nite in Field of Potatoes..walked Swiftly to other Side. Heard Callings for about 25 minutes then Faded Northern of Field.

Frank B.


Kathy P.

Walking across a country road in front of me

Ricky B.

Following a turkey down a creek bed

Roger W.

He was watching a boy scout campfire. Skits, laughter, yelling, echos, scouting talks.... about 350 scouts and adults gathered around 2 bonfires on rock pedestals in the darkness... I had just left the campfire bowl towards the end of the program, and had moved about 50 - 60 yards away to play taps... I was waiting for the flashlight signal to start playing, when I got the feeling, someone was looking at the back of my head. (you know the feeling... you turn around or look up, and catch the "looker" right in the eye? ) Thats what happened. He was standing right behind me between two trees, a hand on each. swaying back and forth between them. He was close enough that I knew he could just reach out and grab me. He wouldn't have to take a step.... I was frozen in fear... Then the flashlight signaled, And I put that trumpet to my lips, and blew the first note of taps in his face, and he Bailed up the mountain like a shot out of a gun. Camp Steiner, Uinta mountains, N.E, Utah, 1976

Billy W.

Bending down trying to look into my tent.

Mathew J.A.

Staring at me

RMSO Responds to Mathew J.A.

pissed off looking face I recall the 1st time for you

Sean B.

At sunrise on a bluff above me below the dam at the Hetch hetchy outside Yosemite as i fished below. It just sat on a bolder and watched.

Darlene M

Kicking back!

Joel R.

Foraging.. In peace, at peace just doing its thing in nature. The second time, I spooked it and it ran. Broke though 3-5” wild vines in Michigan while running. The third time, I don’t know…found tracks in the snow. DNR friends and wildlife enthusiasts couldn’t identify the tracks. Weirdly, it only had 4 identifiable toes not 5? Latest sighting was not by me, but friends floating on the river in proximity of where we live over the last year. I’m sure you my have seen it on YouTube.

Tessa H.

Standing right in front of me 50 yards away.eye to eye..meanwhile I was frozen in

he second time it was about the same

Ryno R.

Knocking on my window

Larry P.

Standing behind a tree on a deer hunt. He was in a valley and i was about 100 yards above him.

Shannon P.

In a ditch rocking in fetal position raising one hand to me and my dad. He fell hard in a ditch we think he got hurt but didnt get out to help it due to we felt unsafe the bigger ones in the corn.

Jack S.

Checking his Fishing Trap along the river.

Matthew N.

Watching me at a fire..

And squatting by the crick I figure grabbing a frog or something

Shawn T.

Chasing or pushing 5 elk away and running after them . And I think intentionally running in front of me . I’m surprised he didn’t run me over.

Don F.

Screaming at me from behind some maple trees

James H.

Washing its face in a swamp

Luke C.

Looking at me looking at him

Carol G.

Watching me

Grosst D.

First 2 times watching deer in a field, 3rd time standing in the middle of a dirt road about 6-8 miles from where we seen it the first 2 times

Ray B.L.

Was watching us fish at night from the brush line. Got mad everytime we went to get brush for our fire. Red eyed and huge. Let out a roar and we loaded up and left. Forgot our bucket of fish

Shawn D.

Standing in the middle of the road

Michael A. responds to Shawn D.

mine also

Buddy B.

I was only 10 years old it whistled n threw rocks at us me n my two cousins I had a flashlight n shined it at it I'll never forget those eyes glowing red that was enough we turned n ran back to my cousins house this was 1967

Sherri H.

Herding me in the right direction.

Becky M.

1st time standing in a paddock in front of a shead watching me. His head was above the 7 to 8 foot high shead roof.

Ray B.L.

Cut across the tree opening. Young muscly male with short black shiney hair

Maya B.

My first sighting was when I was maybe 10? I came up on a dome type den while exploring (I was raised by wolves and heathens πŸ˜†) there was a baby inside (no not a bear) then got a weird smell and the hairs stood up on my neck and I booked it out of there. We were camping for summer at a place called Bigfoot meadow (named by natives) in teepees because my mom's bff is Native American.

Don B.

Walked across a stream above us as we were fishing...high Sierras

Diana J.

Just walking down a game trail behind our home

Randy C.

Hiding behind a tree almost laying down while watching me. Another one years before was looking thru my bedroom window

Gloria C.

Sitting on the ground, relaxed and looking around.

Peggy H.

Standing on top of a hill

Marcia W.

Just chillin

Pamela Y.

Walking behind the car I seen the silhouette of his shadow !it was a full moon ! I was sitting in the back of a station wagon up against the corner looking out the back window and I smelled something it's really hard to describe it wasn't a skunk then I hurt heavy footsteps and I seen a shadow walk across the back of the station wagon Into the Woods ! In Florida we called those skunk Apes in the Ocala National Forest Area

Lonnie J.

Hunting deer, and or stalking a large buck that particular day….

Kim G.


Dean M.

Digging out a cave in a snow field.

Tony R.

Trying to cross a state Highway

Brenda S.

Standing off beside my porch looking at me while I was looking at him

Becky N.


Karen L.SM.

Looking in our RV windows

Greg P.

The big one was throwing rocks and pinecones at us while the smaller one was trying to get back to the bigger one, we will always remember that night of fishing it was one crazy night.

Larry W.

Feeding the little one

Michael W.

Passing thru my camp at 10:30 pm

Charlissa H.

Looking at me

Katherine P.

Haven't a clue but I could smell it.It was pretty horrid.

Lauren V.

First time he was looking through the window at me sleeping in the back of our suv while camping and then continued to circle us for what felt like hours by Fontanelle Dam in Wyoming. There was no moon or ambient light so I could see only a figure but it was so huge it had to bend down to look in the window and I was scared πŸ’©less. Second time a small one was holding on to a tree and moved between that tree and another following us riding horses up in Logan Canyon just outside of Garden City. This one was a rust color and small, maybe 5 feet. Pretty sure there were other times that I didn’t realize what was going on, I just thought something was “off” like being watched or shouldn’t be where we were camping up in the Big Horn Mountains and Hoback Canyon.

Gary B.

Find out what was on the other side of the road

Brandonut F.

Crossing road...

Was a dirt road but crossed it in one step

Zabrina C.

Sitting and enjoying the same lake and mountain view I was looking at.

Jason N.

Looking at me . But it was A Yowie in Queensland Australia

Shonna L.M.

Walking in the ditch beside the road.

Chris L.

Walking across rt 17 somewhere in Georgia August of 1980

Chris M.

Eating leaves off the top of a sapling.

Jason B.

1st time - just standing around until we disturbed them.

2nd time - running across a rural highway

Dean M.

Walking sniffing for food

Denise B.

On Lake Quinault late August night in 1966 . They were moving about the trees in moonlight at lakes edge with small and large members talking strange jibberish language. We were camping in our Rv off season on trip north.

Ruben C.

Walked across the road in front of me. Then turned its body and watched me as I passed by

Jeremy B responds to Ruben C.

Same thing when I saw one

Rhonda B.

Watching with out being seen.

Dave B.

It was on a mission to get away from a group of hunters doing a deer drive. Never broke stride the entire time I saw it. Even when it saw me it just continued on its way. Not running, just walking at a hurried pace.

Grand Rapids Minnesota

Jeremy J.R.

Crossing the road

James B.

Don't know exactly what he was doing . Probably fishing. He was in the middle of a small river . Took off as soon as he saw me

Kay K.

Out side. Oxford

Jeremy M.

Walking next to our camp

Lucinda KD.W.

Running very fast, just a blur, all he left was one very nice footprint before disappearing… poof!

Joey H.

I came around the corner on a quad and it was squatting with its back to me looking at a footprint in the ground and dove into the bush to its right

Rich O.

throwing rocks at me

Diana W.

Mine was a juvenile looked like he was petting my dog. Lol

Todd J.

The one I saw, jumped up from behind a snowbank, and took off it for maybe 4 seconds

R Woody F.

Picking cattails out of a high mountain lake in Oregon.

Frank S.

He was hiding behind a tree, poking his head out to look at me. He was mostly Grey

Arnold J.

Watching me in my tree stand

Mark L.

Scoping out the neighbor's dog.

Brian H.

Washing its hands and feet at the rivers edge...

Brent B.

Watching us from a bush of Saskatoon berries

Janice C.

Looking in my window

Cover Photo Link To Bigfoot Video

Michigan Bigfoot Carrying Infant Sasquatch Across Cass River

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Doctor Shot & Killed Bigfoot 1847 Documented


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Bigfoot corpse from 1847

Doctor Shot & Killed Bigfoot
1847 Documented

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Manitoba Sasquatch at Limestone Lake
Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Sasquatch Raids Logging Camp

Aggressive Group of Sasquatch
Encountered in Jarbidge Wilderness

Strange Creature Captured on Gamecam

Five Creepy Creatures Captured on Camera Some are Baffling


Cover photo from next video below
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Some Weird Others Mawkish | Unexplained Creatures on Video
Five Creepy Creatures Captured on Camera Some are Bafling

More Creatures Captured on Camera

Manitoba Sasquatch on Camera at Limestone Lake

Top Five Bigfoot Photos on Video

Marquette Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

New York Sasquatch | Bigfoot Documentary


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Bigfoot Spotted by Several People
around the Adirondacks

From HISTORY YouTube
MonsterQuest: BIGFOOT IN NEW YORK (S2, E12)
| Full Episode | History
New York Sasquatch | Bigfoot Documentary

More Bigfoot in New York

9 Feet Tall Adirondack Sasquatch
With Two Smaller Bigfoot

Garrison Bigfoot Video
with Infant Sasquatch Piggyback

Large Sasquatch
along Mohawk River, New York

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Sasquatch Encountered at Wooded Rest Stop


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Sasquatch Encountered at Wooded Rest Stop

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Another Sasquatch at Paul Freeman Location
Bigfoot Captured on Video

National News
Washington Bigfoot Thermal &
Utah Sasquatch Video

Yreka Bigfoot Caught
Leaning Out from Behind a Tree after Vocalizing

Dark Bigfoot Shape
Following Hikers Mt St Helens

Montana Sasquatch Filmed While Wood Knocking
Face of Bigfoot on Camera

Friday, July 22, 2022

ThinkerThunker vs Expedition Bigfoot Patty Size Analysis Video


Cover photo from next video below
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Expedition Bigfoot Tried to Present a False Narrative
Regarding the Patterson Bigfoot Video

ThinkerThunker vs Expedition Bigfoot
Patty Size Analysis Video

More Bigfoot Captured on Camera Below

Umatilla Sasquatch Captured on Video

Michigan Sasquatch on Video
Crossing Cass River

Michigan Sasquatch Captured on Camera
on Near Marquette

Manitoba Bigfoot Captured on Camera
at Limestone Lake

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

30 Bigfoot Photos on Video | Many Remain Unresolved


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30 Bigfoot photos on video many remain unresolved
Bigfoot Sighting Photo Compilation Video by BlueBear

30 Bigfoot Photos on Video
Many Remain Unresolved

More Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Large Texas Bigfoot on Video
Crossing Road

Shaver Sasquatch Captured on Camera

Michigan Bigfoot on Camera

Michigan Bigfoot Captured on Video
Crossing River

Weird Primate Captured on Gamecam | Minnesota Bigfoot


Cover photo from next video below
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Unfortunately the video was changed to private
Fortunately we have the above
screen shot from the video

Minnesota Bigfoot &
Other Strange Creatures on Trail Cameras

Weird Primate Captured on Gamecam
Minnesota Bigfoot

More Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Georgia Sasquatch Captured on Gamecam

Strange Creature Captured on Gamecam 
in Flatwoods of Kentucky

Sasquatch Running Through Frame
on Oklahoma Game-camera

Marquette Bigfoot Captured on Camera

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Reddish Brown 7 Foot Asian Wildman | Bigfoot Documentary Hubai Yeti


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From HISTORY YouTube

MonsterQuest: PROOF OF 7-FOOT "WILDMAN" (S2, E14) | Full Episode | History

Reddish Brown 7 Foot China Wildman | Bigfoot Documentary Hubai Yeti

Bigfoot Captured on Video Below

Logan Canyon Bigfoot Video

Canada Sasquatch Cell Phone Footage

Russian Yeti Photos High Resolution

Michigan Sasquatch Video Carrying Infant Bigfoot

Monday, July 18, 2022

Comprehensive Case for Sasquatch Video


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Bigfoot Documentary
Exploring Evidence & Existence for Sasquatch

Comprehensive Case for Sasquatch Video

More Bigfoot & Unexplained Creatures

Strange Creature Captured on Game Camera
in Flatwoods of Kentucky

Montana Sasquatch Filmed While Wood Knocking
Face of Bigfoot on Camera

Bigfoot in National News

Devils Hole Sasquatch
Growls at Hunter near Pete's Cabin

Arkansas Bigfoot Wounded In Arm by Hunter Surrounded by Sasquatch


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Hunter Is Surrounded By Bigfoot Group After Shooting One!

Arkansas Bigfoot Wounded in Arm by Hunter Surrounded by Sasquatch

More Arkansas Bigfoot Below

Bigfoot Spotted in Fouke AR Maybe Fouke Monster

Dequeen Sasquatch Tear Hogs Ears Off

Baby Bigfoot Photo Menke Arkansas

Ouachita Sasquatch Filmed at Night Arkansas

Utah Bigfoot Filmed by Mountain Hiker


Screen shot from video below
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Utah Bigfoot Filmed by Mountain Hiker

More Utah Bigfoot Below

Sinks Sasquatch Video

Lone Peak Bigfoot Video

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Cloud Giant Bigfoot Shape Creature Casting a Shadow


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Trick of light & shadow or real giant being?
Cloud Giant Bigfoot Shape Creature Casting a Shadow

Videos of Bigfoot Captured on Camera 

Marquette Bigfoot Captured on Camera 
Near Au Train Falls Michigan

Top 5 Sasquatch RMSO Bigfoot 2020

Large Texas Sasquatch On Video

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Cherokee Legends of Appalachian Giants | Documentary Investigation


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From HISTORY YouTube
America Unearthed: Legend of the Appalachian Giant (S3, E3) | Full Episode | History
Cherokee Legends of Appalachian Giants | Documentary Investigation

More Bigfoot & Giants

7 Feet Tall Nantahala Female Sasquatch North Carolina

Smokey Mountain Sasquatch Female & Youngsters

Two Suggs Sasquatch Double Bigfoot Sighting

Bigfoot In National News | Bigfoot Caring for Lost Children

Marquette Bigfoot Captured on Camera Near Au Train Falls Michigan


Cropped screen shot from Original photo below
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May 30th 2022 at 8:30AM

Rodney Zoom on Original Bigfoot photo

Full witness report below video including photos

Marquette Bigfoot Captured on Camera 
Near Au Train Falls Michigan

Rodney Sends The Video Posted 08/04/22
Michigan Bigfoot Captured on Video
near Caves & Waterfalls

Rodney P. writes RMSO
I think that's where he was headed in that cave it was right across from the falls I know these are screenshot but I just got a glimpse of them I was doing a video he was right across the falls

RMSO responds
Any more photos?
What happened , what did you see? 
Would like to hear any pertinent details about your sighting or encounter?

Rodney continues
I think that's where he was headed in that cave it was right across from the falls I know these are screenshot but I just got a glimpse of them as I was doing a video he was right across the falls

That's how far away it was autrain  and Marquette

I gather the bigfoot looking subject is a screen shot from a video? 

Yes, it was.
One of these days I got to go back I know where he is excited that I got something like it was all by accident

How many seconds are you able to see him in your video? Does he move at all in the video or does he hold still?

I was taking the video falls I was going up to them the bottom and I seen him just a little glimpse but I didn't recognize it till after I got home, it was only maybe a second. Maybe next year I go back up there cuz I know where it was but I got across the fall and it's actually kind of thick up there
I just thought it was a good picture

Here's another picture that a guy took and to me it's in the pine tree across the falls but mine was down a little bit but it's the same falls

You ain't going to killit are you?

No, we have no intention of harvesting nor hurting this creature. Our group is no hurt nokill.
Our goal is to get clear open video footage of the creature. 

Thank you so much

Wondering if you heard anything that day that may have been bigfoot related like vocalizations and wood knocks or saw anything else. Like tracks, structures or territory snap offs?

I seen the rock structure that I sent you but I was a little bit confused before I got up to the waterfall other than that no
It might not even notice I was there cuz it was like 2 to 300 yards away
Yeah I wish I could show you the video but it's like six or seven minutes long it won't let me send it

If you figure out how to cut out the clip of interest then it may be short enough to send.

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Unidentified Creature Captured on Gamecam in Kentucky


Cropped from original Gamecam photo below video
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Kentucky Creature on Trail Camera
Remains Unidentified

Unidentified Creature Captured
on Gamecam in Kentucky

Lance B. states
I'm NO outdoorsman/wilderness person, so forgive me,...but I had a friend send me a weird picture from a trail cam. Can you please provide me your thoughts???? My friend has no idea,.. what is this???

Photo dated 07-03-22 at 9:30PM
Source: Public Group post on Facebook page (BDIL)
RMSO asked
Lance Hello, where or what state was this gamecamera image captured?

Lance responds
It is in Adair County, Columbia, KY, in the Flatwoods area.

Own over 20 trail cams that I keep in the field year around in several states.. The texture, muscles and IR color of the suspect reminds me of a mountain lion. However this thing does not have a mountain lion tail and the ear does not look like a lion, unless it lost half of it in a fight.

 Interesting.. If you all figure out what it is or obtain any more evidence please share it with us.

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