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Grand Canyon Bigfoot

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Huge Hairy "Person" Looking at Runners from Side Canyon
Grand Canyon Bigfoot
B.G. writes RMSO
I went on a backpacking trek in the Grand Canyon back in the early 1990's with some buddies of mine as a way to get away to the outdoors before my soon to be born son was to arrive. On my second day in the canyon, hiking along Hermit's Crest Trail, facing east, I was jogging with one of the guys, a friend who was a surfer from England, while trying to make some time up as the rest of our group had left us behind because of our surfer buddy's badly aching knees. While we were jogging, I started to go into a trance state (I have practice transcendental meditation since I was about twelve years old) and although I was not purposely trying to get into a higher state of consciousness, there I was finding myself there.

Anyway, as I was jogging along, I started to see Shiva, Goddess of Destruction manifest in front of me but who was at least a hundred yards ahead of me. The weird thing is, I never believed in such deities. But, there she was, dancing in front of me, and she was so beautiful with all this golden light emanating out from her in every direction. I continued to jog as I started to describe what I was seeing to my British friend. He said that he didn't see her, but that he was curious and wanted me to keep giving him details about what I was experiencing. 

After about a minute or so, she faded away and left me curious myself as to why that particular deity would manifest in front of me. Right then, as I was wondering these things, I heard a very stern voice speak into my right ear very, very clearly. It demanded to know why my friend and I were in "his" canyon. I was really, really shocked. But, I was also calm and remained calm. I knew the voice was Native American...I could hear it in his accent...and just his demeanor.

I responded to him by saying that we came here to enjoy the amazing canyon and it's landscape and that we were there to heal ourselves of physical and emotional imbalances. I asked him who he was as well. He responded by saying, again...quite sternly and in an authoritative voice, that he is the Eagle Spirit who guards and watches over the canyon. Honestly, I could FEEL his presence all around me.

Once again, I told my buddy what was happening to me and asked if he was feeling anything or seeing anything out of the ordinary, as I was sort of blinded with all this gold light flowing around me everywhere, even coming out of the ground and from the cliffs surrounding us. He said that he did feel some sort of presence all of a sudden and that he heard me talking to this entity, but did not hear the canyon spirit himself.

Then, as we were still jogging along the trail, my buddy got really close to me from behind and stopped me as he started squealing. I mean, literally, he was either scared or freaking out. I didn't know what was wrong with him. He was pointing ahead of us and stabbing his finger up and towards a side canyon which was quite a ways away from where we were. I asked him what. I mean, what did he see? He finally calmed down enough to finally verbalize what he was saying. He swore that he had seen some huge, harry person or thing looking at us...and said that it dipped down below the edge of this berm into this side canyon. I wanted to run to that location and he wanted to run in the opposite direction. And he is this huge, tall, muscular long-haired (at that time anyway) surfer dude who worked as a bouncer at a night club in San Francisco at that time. This was like I said, way back in the early 1990's. 

Anyway, I never got to see this creature that he claims to have seen. But then, he seriously did NOT want to go investigate and I did. But when he showed me where he believed he had seen this thing...it really was quite a ways away from us and from where the trail lead to along the canyon. Later on that evening, when we finally caught up with our other buddies, we had just kept our mouths shut about our strange experience...mine and his. But apparently, our other friends ended up asking us if we had heard any strange whoops, screams and what they thought were yells earlier in their trek that day. Then we both opened up and told them what we both experienced. None of us could shut after that during the entire trip which as about a four day trek through the canyon.

Anyway, it's a strange story and I don't go around telling everyone because of the ridicule and laughter it evokes from the less open-minded people out there in the world.
Thank you for letting me share.

Keep posting those videos. Because I totally believe in what you are doing. Be safe as always.
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Amberish Red Eyes Mt St Helens Bigfoot

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Washington Sasquatch Towers Over Loggers Truck
Amberish Red Eyes Mt St Helens Bigfoot

Brother wants to be anonymous writes RMSO
Hi, I do enjoy watching your bigfoot stories!
 I would like to tell you of my brothers experience as he too was a logger, or lumberjack. This took place back in the late 60's. He and his buddies had finished up their jobs and were loading up all the equipment for the day of cutting trees. It was in the Mt St Helens area in Wash state. They all jumped into the truck started making their way down the mountain when a big black thing jumped out unto the dirt road. It stood there with amberish red eyes looking at them for some odd seconds then took one step out of the road in to the tundra. Now my brother told me they had to slouch down in their seats and bend their necks to look "UP" at the creature! I to this day will never forget that story. I am 63 and my brother is 69, and from time to time he and i discuss that night he saw sasquatch he believes it was he also shakes when telling that story.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Young Idaho Bigfoot Strange Jerky Movements

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Juvenile Sasquatch Jumps in Front of Boy on Log 
Young Idaho Bigfoot Strange Jerky Movements
Troy writes RMSO
Let me start by telling you I have always been a avid outdoorsman or a fanatic. I couldn't get enough of the outdoors, hunting and fishing were my life. For the last three years my back has been slowly dissolving and twisting in me making it impossible to climb the mountains.

#1 I believe was in 95. A friend had just bought a new Remington 870, we went down to the Snake River bottoms at Rose Pond to shoot the numerous starlings. Just east of the pond, while leaving in the twilight a low rumbling growl came from a skunk berry bush. This was a growl you could feel as well as hear. Of course we stopped in our tracks, we could not see anything in the quickening darkness. We started out again a moving faster when another growl came from the bushes and then what really scared us was a stick that was thrown at us. We made our way out,one walking out backwards to keep a eye on what was behind us. This creature herded us like a couple of cows. Growling, throwing sticks, shaking bushes- making us go where it wanted. We finally came out on a old road by the archery range and ran back to the truck. This happened in mid to late August.

#2. This happened a week or two after the previous encounter. There were 7 of us that night, the same friend, his brother, myself and four girls. Tracie, Shauna, Becky and the fourth I cannot remember. There was a full moon and the night was just perfect. We could hear a strange chirping coming from the east side of the archery range and decided to wander along the old roads to see if we could see what it was.

 With the moon we did not need flashlights, it was that bright other than the shadows. As we were walking I was telling my cousin Tracie about the growling encounter not long before and a real creepy feeling overcame us. The chirping became numerous, more than one and really picked up as we came to the river bank and started following the gravel road along the bank. Halfway down the road there was a small ash tree, in the middle of the road were patches of wild Daisies growing about 2 ft tall. Under one of these patches there was a movement ahead. It appeared to be a very large beaver

 There was one girl way out in front and I was chuckling at about what was going to happen as she walked into the beaver and got scared. We were 40 feet away, she had to have been 15 when this beaver was suddenly on two legs. It tried to go across the road, hesitated, turned around and jumped into the river. There was no mistaking what we seen, humanoid, long arms, very quick, hairy but the moonlight just wasn't enough for detail. The chirping at this time was very numerous and close from the thick brush. We hurried down the road and to the vehicle. This really shook us up, a couple of the girls really scared and crying and even now to this day I don't stay in that area when it starts to get dark.

This was not a big Bigfoot. 4 feet tall, was thick in body I would guess about 150-200 lbs. no neck visible but did have the sloped head viewed from the side. It ran funny also, not like a person besides being very quick it had a strange gait, almost a jerky movement. There definitely was no tail, hair along lower arms and legs seemed longer.
Unfortunately this area has undergone major changes. What once used to be wild is now a walking path, atv trails everywhere and even a campground.

#3 this happened in 04 at the Iron Creek Campsite along the Little Lost River. The strange part of this was the overpowering stench that awoke me at 430 am. I awoke in a fear accompanied by shuffling outside the tent. My little kids were sleeping in their own tents right next to us, that was what scared me. My dogs were all cowered under the inflatable bed and I could not find  the flashlight.  I filled the wood burning stove with tinder and as soon as the smoke started out the pipe it left. Then all the dogs in camp started barking. This was a large camp since it was a family reunion, we were on the very edge of the group. Apparently it visited a few other trailers and tents as well with several people telling the same story. It even pulled down on a trailer waking up my cousins when the trailer swayed.

#4 this occurred 25 miles further to the north west at a place called Loristica Group Camp in October. We were hunting elk at the time when in the third and fourth night that same smell awoke my partner and I at 5 am. We could here it outside the tent as well. What was strange about this is it took a knife and silverware along with a handful of geodes we had left on the table.

#5  in 06 in a small canyon chocked with quaking Aspen and pine next to the Blackfoot Reservoir. We were hunting elk in October when my friend awoke me whispering there was something outside the tent. I lit the lantern to see a hand close over the tents corner pole above his head. Shook the tent then was gone through the trees. The hand was outside the tent I didn't see the actual hand only the way it closed over the fabric. It would be like being inside a bag of chips as somebody wrinkled it up in their hand. We found no tracks in the morning but we didn't look to hard either.

#6 this experience was more of the frightening kind for me because we were all alone miles from anybody. South Hills south of Twin Falls Idaho. This is a strange forest with really little water at least we're we camped. We pulled down into a little basin off a marked forest road that was just beautiful. A pine forest with no signs of anybody ever camping there before, people had cut wood but it had been some time ago. The first night made I made a fire catching the ground on fire around the fire pit. It finally burned out leaving a nice big fire piffle us.

 We left early in the morning to go to a archery tournament and came back that evening. As we sat around the fire that night a wailing sound came off the high ridge above us. It followed the ridge getting closer and wailing like a siren as it came. The dogs went into the tent and I told my wife to get the only kid there into our tent and I would stay up watching the fire. At this time all hell broke loose below camp, loud chirps from several different animals, trees being struck and just a ruckus. I believe it was a threat display telling us to leave the area this went on for about 20 minutes then just a sudden quiet. I stayed up most of the night adding logs to the fire and occasionally shining the flashlight around camp.

 The next morning there were a few scuffed areas that could have been tracks but nothing definitive. My son though started hitting trees with the shovel, I did not notice the answering knocks at first until he said something to me about it. Sure enough he would hit a tree and a loud knock would answer him from the ridge. We started to have a creepy game with it and discovered that hitting a tree about 6 feet up create the loudest knock and a better response. The wife wouldn't have nothing to do with it and we had to pack up and leave that morning.

This is a wild place, people don't camp except in big group camps and believe this is one area that could really have potential for someone brave enough to fool with these things.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Idaho Drone Video Location was a hoax by hardpack101

 We stopped a hoaxers cash flow. His 8 year YouTube had been struggeling before his hoaxed video. He knew as soon as that hair was put under a microscope his scam would be revealed. It was our investigation that forced him to fess up. Happy we stopped his hoax from making money for years to come.
Here is Hardpack101 email statement about admitting to the hoax.

JASON mcclung

to me
I did not want you to spend money on hair sample testing.   We did not make the nest i promise you that... idk what made that. 

JASON mcclung

to me
Im sure the hair came from the costume. I would have felt aweful if someone spent 2 grand on my costume. 
The following is a screen shot of the Bigfoot in the Drone Pilots video and a YouTube link to this footage that we investigated.
YouTube comments from the fraud himself.
This video was made out of fun and it was very fun!! I'm sorry you spent all that time and energy trying to fool your "followers" . You were trying to cash in on this video buddy. I told you from the very beginning NOT to investigate the property. There was no planted "evidence" . You made everything up in your own mind. You were the one hoping to get a "cash flow" by being the first EVER to find real evidence of a "bigfoot". Keep dreaming... Sorry you look like an IDIOT!!!! but hell you sure made a few thousand people laugh their asses off. Sqwatch on!! LOL
View all 6 replies
Kelly an Jenny never look like idiots.. the only idiots in this whole thing are you and your friends for trying to pull one over on everyone, if Kelly an Jenny wouldn't of went there and looked you would of never admitted you hoaxed the whole things.. so, so much for who is looking like an idiot...hahahaha                       
Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization
Tell the FAA hi for me scam artist. I ruined your cash flow cornering you into a confession. You knew the hair was going to blow your fraud fool.  Here is your email admission stating you knew you were busted
.JASON mcclung  to me I did not want you to spend money on hair sample testing.   We did not make the nest i promise you that... idk what made that. JASON mcclung  to me Im sure the hair came from the costume. I would have felt aweful if someone spent 2 grand on my costume.  
I saved you 1000's of dollars and now I kinda wish I would have let you do all your testing... You owe me a thank you.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Gorilla Looking Bigfoot in King Canyon

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Sequoia's King Kong Stomping in Camp & 
Grabbed His Foot Through the Tent

Gorilla Looking Bigfoot in King Canyon

Frank writes RMSO
Hi my names is Frank im form L.A. I have all ways wanted to tell my story but never had any one that would believe it ,but my cuzn Tony that was with me...hear it's is like I said my name is Frank and I'm 32 years old male. Me and my family have been camping in sequoia ever sense I could Remember.

 My earliest memory's is like around 1992 I was in second grand all my family goes out around summer time to sequoia king canyon camping ..every single year . We all ways stayed at the camp ground "Stony creek" my family's favorite spot for many years .

  I had couple of experience there ,like I said the earliest experience I had I was in second grand ,all the adults set up camp and all the kids go out to play in the woods ,I was running trying to hide from my cuzn and ran far in to the trees I hid behind a tree waiting for my cuzn to find me in heard sum thing moving like 30 feet away ,when I looked I seen a big gorilla looking thing behind a tree looking at me.! I froze in place then ran fast as hell . I was screaming told my cuzns didn't believe me the oldest was like 13 didn't believe me that was my first time...

 Every year after that never seen anything. Till like 2002 - 2004 I'm not sure what year it was ,I do Remer that the forest by Yosemite was on fire for like 1 week straight .everyone in sequoia was not able to have camp fires that year ,at all or you would get a fine . It SUCKED that year ,we stayed in a camp site named "princess "  .I was like 16 years old at that time my cuzn was like 19 he was drinking that night with all the adults having a good time made the best of it .when we first got there we decided that we wanted to live dangerous we pitched a 2 person tent like 100 feet out from our camp site on the out skirts where it became forest all ready .any way that night we could here branches braking in the woods ,but we never thought nothing of it because so many other are all out there gathering wood camping you know just populated with campers .

  Any way that night me and my cuzn went to our tent to sleep that night . My cuzn got sick and threw up out side of the tent before he went in to sleep ,I know genius hu.any way. I threw dirt all over it and went to bed like 12 am. And that's when it happen like 2 hours latter I was awaken by 2 giant vibration foot steps 1 2 3 4 5 steps I heard coming closer and closer .the way I would describe it it would be like in jurassic park when you see the cup rippling, I felt that on my back! .

 I slowly turned to my cuzn and shook him awake and covered his mouth with out making a noise as soon as I woke him it's like right away he felt that vibration to walking up I will never forget get that feeling in my head I thought to my self this is no bear ! It sound massive !  Like in my head I would say like only an elephant would be big enough to make the floor vibrate like that ,as if what ever it was it wanted to see if any one was in there or would wake up make noise but we didn't silent we stayed covering each others mouth scream deep in side only ! Terrifying!

 When it got close it's like it was waiting for a sound from inside but nothing 20 seconds latter I felt a blunt rounded warm thing touching my foot that was against the tent wall Rember it was a small 2 person tent .I felt it go from the bottom of my foot going slowly up word .if it was a bears nose I think I would feel it breathing or side 2 side movement on my foot like a dog but no . It touch my foot and went slowly up my foot until I couldn't handle the fear I jumped my foot back and went aww fast and low like I heard a slight grunt like when a fat person get up from crouching but a sound so deep and massive I knew what ever it was it could just jump on the tent and smash up like I said it sound and felt like there was a elephant out side the tent then we heard it walk a way from the tent but not as loud as it came we still felt the vibration but could not hear the stomping like when it woke me up...and that's it.

 The next morning I didn't think to look for tracks or anything cuz I thought it was a bear but something in the back of my head says no I will never forget the foot steps coming towards me boom boom boom boom boom, no lie ......only after wacthing your video's and show and documentary I know that was big foot I saw and I felt touching me that night.......I feel better being able to get that out ,like I said in sequoia king canyon. Where the giant red woods are ..Stony creek and princess camp sites California..thanks  for listening and I know there up there. ..

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