Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bigfoot Sighting Reported Mt St Helens

Hi, I do enjoy watching your bigfoot stories!
 I would like to tell you of my brothers experience as he too was a logger, or lumberjack. This took place back in the late 60's. He and his buddies had finished up thier jobs and were loading up all the equipment for the day of cutting trees. It was in the Mt St Helens area in Wash state. They all jumped into the truck started making their way down the mountain when a big black thing jumped out unto the dirt road. It stood there with amberish red eyes looking at them for some odd seconds then took one step out of the road in to the tundra. Now my brother told me they had to slouch down in their seats and bend their necks to look "UP" at the creature! I to this day will never forget that story. I am 63 and my brother is 69, and from time to time he and i discuss that night he saw sasquach he believes it was he also shakes when telling that story.

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