Friday, July 22, 2016

Bigfoot may eat rotting log material for the same reason gorilla do

The team of RMSO have found on a few occasions what appear to be large 19 inch bigfoot sized track ways of footprints near torn up, ripped apart logs.

One occasion a rotted log propped up on a stick & obviously ripped apart.
Video below of the 19 inch long tracks along with propped up log.

If the diet of bigfoot is similar to that of other primates, perhaps they may be eating more than the grubs, termites or other insects in these rotted logs.

According to a new study by Cornell University researchers, gorillas do eat rotting log material. The researchers observed 15 gorillas of different ages and gender as they engaged in wood-eating activities. After the animals were gone, the researchers collected wood samples from stumps and logs that the animals consumed as well as those they avoided. They also collected samples of other things the gorillas ate.
Full Cornell University report 

Rotted log torn apart & propped up near a set of 19 inch long footprints in the snow.

Full expedition with the log and 19 inch track way of bigfoot shaped footprints.

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  1. Intersting. I new Bigfoots grubbed old logs. In addition ot looking for bear claw marks I can also consider if any of the wood might be missing.