Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dianes Screen Shot of Bigfoot Shape Found Moving in Deadwood Video

 Zoomed Screen Shot of Bigfoot Shape

Diane Fountain messaged us with screen shot below.
Diane writes "When you watch it on a big screen tv and frame by frame, it changes."
Original Screen Shot Circled
Video Screen Shot From Time Stamp 30:49

Watch Original Video Below
RMSO Returns to Famous Bigfoot Sighting Hotspot Deadwood

RMSO Statement
Watched the section of video Diane screen shot several times.
The Bigfoot shaped subject appears to move & hide as we walk in its direction.
However unable to confirm if Bigfoot shape anomaly isn't an illusion of light & shadow.
If it was a Bigfoot we did not see it while there.
Very interesting find.
Thank you for messaging us the screen shot Diane.

 Diane Found Video From The Blog Post Link Below

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