Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Possible Game Cam Sasquatch Kennedy Lake Vancouver Island

Without a follow up photo our team is on the fence about the Bigfoot shaped head, face and eyes in the photo. Thanks for sending this in, even though it is inconclusive. Very interesting to speculate what may of triggered the camera & what is in front of the game camera?
The slideshow video we made using Pat's photos reduced the quality of the photos. We included copies of each photo he sent us from Vancouver Island to give people a better idea of what Pat is seeing in the photo.
Hi, I have an interesting pic from my stealth cam I would like you to see. I live in Nanaimo, British Columbia and my trail cam is in a place near Kennedy Lake near the west coast of Vancouver island. I sent this pic to a few well known researchers from BC. John Bindernagel, Thomas Steenburg, Lee from BCSO and a few the pic tere is a large face triggered infrared and a deer in front above it...let me know where to send? Thanks Pat

Here is pics triggered on the night recently on Nov. 29th /2015  from my trail cam. (cam had incorrect settings on night shot, should read 'PM' and year 2015)
My buddy Jeff is in the shot in daylight as I aimed my cam and placed in a tree on a approx 6 ft bank in a tree, closer to this small creek. FYI he is 5' 10" tall.

I circled the exact location of the face /head of this possible Sasquatch .The  face is looking back toward cam ...
 I approximated the height at 8-9 feet judging by the daylight pic. 

My cam is a Stealth and is 5 meg resolution. It is pixelated when you expand the shot,  but there is enough to make out the deer's left ear (partial right) nostrils,eyes etc... FYI seems the deer is looking to it's left.

It is a rather odd situation in this shot as the deer is seemingly suspended by it's front legs.
Let me know your thoughts on this.


Enlarged section of where the head, face & eyes should be

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