Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mythical Primate the Bili Ape (Giant Lion-Eating Chimp) "Officially" Discovered in 2003

Thousands of people report seeing a Giant 8 foot tall primate in North America.
What will it take for Bigfoot to be "Officially" Discovered?
Bili Apes can grow to a giant 6 & 1/2 foot tall, over 200 pounds.
This sub species of Chimpanzee was always considered a myth, up until 1996.
When Karl Ammann, a Swiss photographer and anti-bushmeat campaigner, first visited the region in 1996, he was looking for gorillas, but instead discovered a skull that had dimensions like that of a chimpanzee, but with a prominent crest like that of a gorilla. Ammann purchased a photograph, taken by a motion-detecting camera, from poachers that captured an image of what looked like immense chimpanzees. Ammann also measured a fecal dropping three times as big as chimp dung and footprints as large as or larger than a gorilla's

In 2001, an international team of scientists, including George Schaller of the Wildlife Conservation Society and Mike Belliveau of Harvard University were recruited by Karl Ammann to search for the elusive Bili ape, but the venture came up empty.
After a five-year-long civil war ended in 2003, it was easier for scientists to conduct field research in the Congo. The first scientist to see the Bili apes, and also recruited by Ammann, was Shelly Williams, PhD, a specialist in primate behavior. Williams reported on her close and chilling encounter with Bili apes, "We could hear them in the trees, about 10 m away, and four suddenly came rushing through the brush towards me. If this had been a mock charge they would have been screaming to intimidate us. These guys were quiet, and they were huge. They were coming in for the kill – but as soon as they saw my face they stopped and disappeared."[7]
"The unique characteristics they exhibit just don't fit into the other groups of apes", says Williams. The apes, she argues, could be a new species unknown to science, a new subspecies of chimpanzee, or a hybrid of the gorilla and the chimp. "At the very least, we have a unique, isolated chimp culture that's unlike any that's been studied", she says.[6]
The Bili forest of the far northern part of the Congo lives a band of very large chimpanzees that have very unique characteristics, qualities & behaviors.
The local stories in the surrounding regions talk of a massive ape like creature that kill & hunt lions, catch fish along with howl at the moon. Local hunters also mention an animal that looks like a cross between a gorilla & a chimpanzee. An animal according to the stories, is not affected by poison darts as the other apes are.
Video of large old Bili Ape Males

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