Sunday, May 1, 2016

Biologist Missouri Bigfoot Encounter

 You give very informative information on the subject, as I have had my own encounters in America. The most unnerving encounter happened in Branson, Missouri. I enjoy your expeditions. I really enjoy when you go in Ape Canyon, I think that is what it I s called. 

  I am British and recently found out that I have Leaukemia. So, I appreciate what all of you do and having limited mobility from S.P. it limits my range. There is some woodlands behind housing complex, where my husband and I will be living, which I can take at my own pace. I have three certificates in Science. They are in General. Environmental, and Biological. I am a microbiologist, but also am an Environmental Scientist and have skills in General Science. 

 My husband has collected specimens for me to analyse. I may be limited in some ways, but make up in others. I love the areas that you cover. I could never study those areas for specimens relating to Sasquatch. I think you should have your own tv programme to get support for what you do. All of you are very experienced, and good at what you do.

  I HAVE seen a Sasquatch, and had experiences with them. The profound one was at Branson, Missouri. It walked three times around our caravan which was seven feet high and we heard it breathing loudly going around the caravan. I saw it's legs and that was enough for me I must have been 14 years old. The creature must have been eight to ten feet tall. That is just an estimation based on how breathing sound was heard on top of the caravan. That was the most terrifying encounter.


  1. When did this encounter happen

  2. When did this encounter happen. Not much of a report or details.