Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Bigfoot smelled like a Moldy Dead Dog


Richard writes RMSO
I was hunting Archery in a Tree stand across from me was tree swing back and forth . No wind . I looked with my binoculars the tree was about a 50 footer swaying . the next day I talk a walk over to the area ,Large vines hanging from the tree , like it was perfect for kids to play on .The land is posted for more then 70 years , I think it was 2 weeks later I was looking in that area for a place to put a tree stand because the deer had a trail . Thats when I found it . Thanks so so much for looking .Their are no kids in this area , I know CHARLIE MADE THIS .

This is all new for me . I Told my best friend and he just shakes it off, My wife has smelled him few times ---. Now He smelled like a MOLDY DOG DEAD ONE at first that night of the sighting LOL .But when I hit him with a mag flash light at 15 yards -USED A NIKON RANGE FINDER , He did not smell. So ???I guess they can make this smell with urine ? , LOVE YOUR VIDEOS . TNKS FOR YOUR TIME . No one to talk to but my son who had his walk in O Charlie shut his eyes and frooze when my light hit him. Then took a human like side step to his right behind a tree . I could not sleep for 3 weeks . Dogs it took them 3-4 weeks to go out in the yard at night again .

LOCATION EVANS CITY Pa . My sons girl friend was using the back roads to drop the kids off she spotted some thing black standing on 2 feet , She stopped the car to look and notice it was huge and taller then me .I AM 6 4 . She said it was acting lost moving back and forth looking frustrated . THEN IT TURNED ITS HEAD AND LOOKED AT HER. She said it had a human like face . She got scared and did not want this thing to come get her. ---that was what she said- She thought about turning around to look again but she got spooked , ---I THINK SHE GOT THE AFTER SHOCK AFTER YOU SEE ONE YOUR BRAIN CAN NOT ADJUST TO WHAT JUST HAPPENED. She does not believe in that kind of stuff but she said , I THOUGHT IT WAS A BEAR STANDING BUT IT WAS WALKING AND ACTED HUMAN THEN IT TURNED TO LOOK AT ME AND IT FACE LOOKED HUMAN LIKE. I told her welcome to the club , LOL This happened last week and TURKEY SEASON OPENED THIS WEEK, She says it was a bear or a bigfoot but it had a human face , WOW . PEACE OUT.

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