Saturday, May 7, 2016

Witness brings us to the spot where he seen a Bigfoot. Did we spot the same Bigfoot watching us?

Witness brings us to the spot where he saw Bigfoot 3 days prior. Checking out the footprints of this Bigfoot in the spot where he saw it standing, then walking over the ridge. I noticed a shape across the draw that seemed to stand out, blacker than usual, kind of human shaped.
With my naked eye all I could see was a dark shadow that stood out because it was blacker than the rest of the shadows. I zoomed in with the camera to check it out with the view finder. I still couldn't see it because of the sun glare. The sun was directly behind me. I kind of shrugged it off at 1st as just a dark shadow or a burnt stump.
  When reviewing footage that night It stood out and its face was moving. The lips the eyes blinking etc... We went back a couple of days later at the same time of day to see if we could recreate this with shadows or find a burnt stump at the location. Nothing , no stump, this black shape could not be recreated. May have been the same bigfoot watching us investigate its sighting 3 days prior.
Stabilization Breakdown
Filtered Breakdown
Full investigation & interview with the witness

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  1. Well from what I see an what large prints you have found I would say you all was being watched I can clearly see his or/her face in the video.