Monday, May 16, 2016

We were frozen in awe the creature looked to be about 8 feet tall

Dear RMSO,

My name is Patrick and I am writing you today about a bigfoot encounter I had with 2 of my friends in the summer of 2009 at my buddies uncle's house in North Ryegate, VT. It was late one night and my friends and I were spending some time in the office watching videos on the computer. The office was toward the back of the house and about 15 yards from the office room window were two sheds one for firewood and the other for tools and yard supplies. We had the window cracked open and heard some rustling around in the leaves. My friend Kyle grabbed a flashlight from the kitchen and returned to the office. My friends Mike and Kyle were crowding the window and I was toward the back. Kyle began scanning the yard for the noise we had heard thinking we may see a deer and they simultaneously saw a large animal standing upright next to the shed. It took me a second to see it myself but I budged my way in between them and was shocked, the animal appeared to have one arm reaching toward the top of the firewood shed, which was about 10 feet tall, and the creature looked to be about 8 feet tall itself. We were frozen in awe at the site of this animal and Kyle held the flashlight in place for what felt like 2 minutes. The creature at one point turned toward us and its eyes reflected the light. We decided to immediately back away from the window because it was terrifying. We had the light and monitor off and were crouching by the door whispering to one another about whether it could have been a bear or not. I was still facing the window and Kyle and Mike facing me. About a minute after backing up from the window I saw the shadow of a head pass by the window which was about 7 to 8 feet from the ground. They didn't see it but I began to freak out and took off through the house, into the garage and up the stairs to the loft where we had been staying. From the garage we turned the front and back yard spotlights on and were awake all night scared out of our minds. The next day we were riding our bikes down a dirt road about 5 minutes from the house. We stopped to take a break and had just gotten off of our bikes when we heard what sounded like a boulder or large log drop and smash the ground, whatever it was was close enough that I could feel the ground shake because I was closest to the noise. Immediately after whatever hit the ground we heard an ear piercing roar. Flight mode kicked in and I don't think I've ever ridden a bike faster in my life. The slam and roar sounded extremely close and it was the middle of the day but we didn't see a thing.

What motivated me to write about the encounter in Vermont was 2 experiences I had recently in Easthampton, Ma the city I currently live in. A month ago my friend Alex and I set up a camping spot about a mile into a densely wooded area near my house. We decided that night to have a fire and some drinks at the spot. About an hour after we started the fire we heard what sounded like something on two legs walking toward us from the darkness. At first we thought nothing of it. A few minutes later we heard it take a few steps closer. It continued to walk in our direction in that pattern take two steps or so and wait a few minutes. We were a mile into the woods off of the road and it was about midnight but my first thought was that it must be a person watching us. We began calling out to it saying "whoever you are make yourself known" but got no response. I began tossing sticks in the direction of the noise and continued to yell but still no response and kept hearing whatever it was walking in the general area of where we had last heard it. I turned my flashlight on but saw nothing took a few steps off of the trail where we had out fire set up but saw nothing. The hairs on my neck began to stand on end and whatever it was sounded to be at least the size of a human. We weren't comfortable with the idea of being stocked so immediately took off toward the road. I can't think of any animal that wouldn't have responded to us yelling and throwing things at it never mind being that close to a fire. About a week ago we decided to go back out to have another fire. As soon as we got back to the spot we heard a repetitive whooping howl coming from deeper within the forest. First time I had ever heard a howl like that and it was eerily incredible. It continued for about 30 seconds and after it stopped we both agreed that it couldn't have been a dog or any other local animal that we could think of at the time whether it be coyote, bear or even fox. It was very distinct. Shortly after the howling stopped we heard the same movement just off the path in the exact spot as previously and didn't stick around much longer after we heard a stick snap under the feet of whatever was moving around. What's interesting about the whole situation is that I've lived in this city most of my life and traveled those woods many times and have never had any experiences like that before but large portions of the woods have been taken down recently in preparation of building new housing developments. If it was a bigfoot then I feel that the recent removal of trees and construction have aggravated it or them.

Those are my experiences with what I believe to be Sasquatch and although in the more recent encounters I didn't see anything what I said is 100% true and not fabricated at the least.

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