Friday, May 6, 2016

Large scrawny 7' hominid hairy cloth-less human like creature dashing fast diagonally across in front of my van

Greetings, i see i caught your interest in my actual Bigfoot sighting. This is - Jimxxx X. off Google. You folk's wrote on what i posted on Bigfoot on someone's post there.
Anyway,  here's what exactly happened:
Mom and i were traveling back from Redmond Washington via hwy 5 through Oregon to California on aug 7 th, but I'm not totally sure as i misplaced my info. Anyhow,  i took the wrong turn of near Grants Pass and i finally founded the onramp and continued southbound at about 6:40 pm... We decided it was time for a cigarette,  but Mom was digging in her purse as i was entering a wide bend on the hwy and -- there it was!  I see a large but scrawny 7'+ hominidal hairy clothless human like creature dashing fast diagonally across in front of my late safari van approx fifty -75 feet away... it seemed to have a very coordinated body - even though it looked scrawny, it had dark brown fur w reddish Brown streaks here and there,  and the telltale short neck! Right then i knew it could only be Bigfoot!  I was screaming at Mom look,  mom Bigfoot ran access the hwy did you see it! Sadly she didn't see it. Anyway,  i forgot to mention i damn near clipped it as i braced myself for a impact but i saw it's body barely pass my front end of van! And get this,  its upper body was atleast as high as my vans Window! I believe it's thigh and torso was at my lower window line! This prob makes it more closer to 8' tall.  I kept driving as we were pretty spooked.  I was also extremely excited and jotted down land marks, sign posts etc. .i know exactly the location.  If you're interested in visiting the location I'd need compensation for my time or appearance.  Let me know if you're interested and make me an offer.  Note: this story REALLY happened,  and I'm willing to take a lie detector test if needed. Jim from OR

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