Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bigfoot was standing 10 feet away... Id say he was 8ft tall

Rog~ writes RMSO
Hi folks!
I came across your videos ad have really enjoyed them.... I had an encounter with a big foot in the Uintas in the late 70s. I was face to face with one 10 feet away... Id say he was 8ft tall, ad standing between two trees behind me... It made No effort to conceal himself.... There was a 300 scout, boyscout campfire going on about 100 to 200 yards away.... I think it came to watch the show!

Im intrigued by the level of activity you've been able to document.... My home is in Salt Lake, Id be interested in going up the canyons and particularly rough hollow for the backpacking alone! looks like beautiful country...

I expect to pack into Cuberant Basin in the Uintas this summer... its recognized by many as another hot spot, Perhaps youd like to join forces sometime! I think I would~ Clearly your outdoors savy...
Best regards! Rog~

Hi Rog.
 Nearly half of our Bigfoot expeditions take place in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. Your sighting is one of dozens in those mountains & surrounding areas. 

Photos from recent Bigfoot expedition to the Uinta Mountains


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