Sunday, March 27, 2016

Colorado Campers Watch Bigfoot Mother Carry Baby Sasquatch to Cave

S Anderson writes RMSO       
 The one I saw was in Colorado I was 11.
  I saw a what I thought was a mother Squatch and a baby so I squat down on the lower side of the cliff toe on the exit road from a window or Cave.

 I was up on the eastern side of the cliff looking down obviously the larger female creature start trying to get her baby up into a cave on the cliff so they couldn't be seen.

 On there right in the bushes next to me it was about 3 feet high they just started shaking like something was laying down scaring the crap out of them.

  Then when I was about 15 me and my buddies went camping for the summer a couple days Sean and Greg.
 we are at the base of Mount mad. at 2 just to the left of it bar trail will go up a couple of zigzags and then there's a slight trail that goes down off of our trail and you'll see a little watering like pawn breakup of boulders trickling down into it.

 we camp there that night and let the campfire die down.
 I saw my buddies are asleep, I woke up and there is a huge man silhouette like thing standing over and it was stirring the fire up a little bit more.
 I woke my two buddies up and he could tell it was a furry animal because of the silhouette you know it wasn't the human clothing and as soon as I woke them up and they made a sound I tried to stop them it turned and then the next thing I know we're all sitting up at the back of the tent, but it's now morning and it been couple hours so something sure startled the crap out of us to where we all passed out.
  next morning my buddy Sean didn't want to leave the tent. we got up and leave the tent the next morning
  he moved to Harlem New York where his mother live because he didn't want to be in the mountains so if you want any more email me.

RMSO Follow Up
We could not find a Mad Mountain in Colorado. However after further research it appears there is a mountain near Bailey Colorado that locals have nick named Mad Mountain. Bailey Colorado is a Bigfoot sighting hot spot with a long history of Bigfoot sighting reports. So we did a Bigfoot expedition to the area.
Amazing Bigfoot Expedition Bailey Colorado


  1. Where in Colorado?
    I saw one between Durango and silverton

    1. This is all of the information he was willing to give us at the time. "Colorado" Some want to protect the locations for the bigfoot security that may live there.. Would like to hear all the details of your sighting Brome. On this thread or you can email us at What time of day, what time of year? How did it happen? What did you see? How long did the sighting last? Etc..