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Bigfoot Sightings Near Susanville CA

Bigfoot Sightings Near Susanville CA
Sighting report submitted by Bobby Reich

Here are my and my dads stories. My first one didn't happen there
Encounter #1
My first experience we were camping near Eagle Meadows, it is just past Strawberry, CA. This was aprox July of 1976.
I was 12. The spot was a spot we camped in many times right next to a nice stream. We had 3 campers and me and my
dog in a tent. The moon was bright that night, not sure if it was full but it must have been very close to it.
Not sure of the time, but it would of been the early morning hours. I heard heavy foot steps coming off either
the hill or coming down the road coming off the hill that passed our camping spot. You could hear the lava rock
in the road crunching and the heavy foot steps, bipedal. it headed towards the creek. you could hear the river
rock shift as it walked down to the water. then it picked up a rock and hit another in rythem of 3 then a pause
for about 10 seconds then again. it did this about 3 times. them it got up, crossed the river rock shifting again
then it was heading towards my tent. I was froze with fear, couldn't move and it was getting closer. The back of
the tent where the moon shown on it you could see the shadow of the big tree the tent was placed by. The bigfoot
crossed into that wall casting its shadow on the wall. I could see from about the chest down. arms swaying, very
noticeable hair all over. Needless to say I terror. It did not finish going across the wall of the tent,
but shot straight out. My dad came out with his gun and I made him check to see that it was gone before I opened
the tent and ran to the camper to stay the rest of the night. We left the next day. no one believed me, said it was
probably a bear, but it wasn't. No tracks could be found of anything.
Encounter #2
aprox Aug 79 or 80 On buck hill at Pittville Rd and Bridge Creek Camp, I was walking down a hill in very dense young trees, black as night in there,
luckly only about 50 yards deep. before entering this you have to walk through some heavy tall manzanita. after
getting about 1/2 way through the dense trees I heard someone mumbling words like totally disgusted talking to himself
like the tazmanian devil on the bugs bunny show)
walking across the path I had just crossed but in the manzanita. what sounded like words were not anything
I could understand and i could not see what was talking, but their were no other people in my zone hunting or that
would be in that spot. I know it was a bigfoot. I was walking from North to South it was walking from West to East
I come to understand later was what the called samuri chatter
Encounter #3 Aprox 2 miles E of Pittville rd and Bridge Creek
walking down a hill doing a drive with 2 others I walked out of a bunch of tall large trees crossed
a small grove of tall manzanita that opened into a clear cut that was about 150 yards long 60 yards wide. on my
left was tall trees and on my right was tall trees but only about 20 yards deep that opened into another clear cut.
I got about 1/3 the way down the clear cut hugging the trees on the left. When something growling behind me.
not just any growl this was deep and vibrating very low pitched. I turned around to look and scanned the manzanita
but saw nothing. and I moved away from the trees to the center of the clear cut. on high alert as I could feel
I was being watched. I then saw my Uncle in the other clearing walking down. so I finished the walk down.
I hunt bear and know what they sound like and this was not a bear
Encounter #4 Aprox 2 miles E of Pittville and Bridge Creek
I was a Jr. in high school the date was mid Aug. 1981. Archery season for deer. My Uncle, My future bro-in-law, and myself
had come back up to this zone to hunt 3 more days before season had closed. We had already hunted here for 2 weeks just a
couple of weeks at the start of the season. During our opening season hunt I found and old tree stand by a water hole and
wanted to sit on it, but couldn't during the opening of the season as I rode up with someone and didn't have a way to get
to the stand. So I decided to wait until we came up at the end of the season when I would have my ATV with me. So fast forward
to the 2nd trip there. My first day on the stand was uneventful, saw deer come in, birds, squirrls, chipmunks etc.. the 2nd day
just before getting to my treestand while on the ATV I brushed up against some buck brush and ran a thorn into my pinkie
knuckle. I made it to the stand got up there and tried to cut it out with a knife, but ended up pushing it deep into the
knuclke and could no longer move my finger so couldn't use my bow. So had to go back to camp and wait for the others to
take me to the hospital to get it surgically removed. Ended up cutting it out and my finger was in a splint. Ok 3 and
last day on the tree stand. The part you have been waiting for. Let me explain the area so you can get an idea of what was
around. The tree stand was 5 feet off the road, build between 4 medium sized trees, so it was a pretty good sized
platform. Right in front of the stand was the pond it was about 20 ft wide and 30 feet long, mucky water. In from of that
was a clear cut running East to West, aprox 200 yards long, then the clear cut hit a small hill and went up it I would say it was about 150
ft. The clear cut was aprox 100 yards wide. I sat in the tree stand facing West, the stand was at the right corner of
the clear cut about 20 ft from the right side The right side was thick trees about 25 yards deep beyond that is more clear cut.
On the left side was Thick trees. Behind the tree stand was a road running North to south and on the other side of the road
was thick trees that went about 100 yards and then dropped of and a 45 degree angle to a lake a couple thousand feet lower.
I parked my ATV about 100 yards down the road to he left of the tree stand. I walk to the stand, but decided I had better
releive myself before getting into the stand. I walked into the woods behind the tree stand as I figured no deer would
come from that direction due to the big drop off at the end of the woods. I walked about 35 yards into the woods did my
business and buried it and then walked back to the stand and climbed the tree. I turned around and sat down just as the
loudest, angriest, roar came from where I was just at. This was no bear, or mountain lion. I have hunted bear and know how
they roar. This roar was like a lion on steriods. It vibrated my body. I was petrofied and couldn't move. I eventually
got enough to turn around and look. barely looking over my shoulder, but I could not see past the trees I was sitting in,
I could only see the road. I was shaking, Frozen in place, no animals were making noise anymore, it was dead silent.
About 15 to 20 minutes went by and I was still scared to death. The it did it again, this time it was at the thick trees
to my left just before it went up the hill, I could see nothing in the trees. Though I knew I was being watched I could
feel it. Still dead silent in the woods. Apox 30 mins, (a life time) went by and I got a glimps to my left near my ATV of
something tall and black run across the road towards the direction of the last roar. That's how I know their was more
then 1 of them. I got no more then the glimps in my prefrial vision. This was about 3 to 3:30 in the afternoon. I knew
I could not stay in this tree forever and did not want to be there come night fall. So I waited until about 1 hour after
the last roar and got out of the tree and ran for the ATV. I did not look into the woods as I ran. I got on the ATV
got the hell out of there. I have never been back there and I never go alone into the woods anymore.
Encounter #5 Aprox 2 miles E of Pittville and Bridge Creek
I had just graduated high school so this was Mid August 1982. The setting Archery season. This siting was about 1 mile
North of where I ran into 2 of them in 1981. The setting We were on a logging road that had been cut into the side of
the mountain. The same road that ran along the tree stand I sat in the year before and met 2 angry bigfoot. We were
headed south on the left side their was about 5 to 10 feet of ground before it dropped off at about a 45 degreen angle
down to a lake a couple thousand feet below covered in younger and older trees and manzanita. On the right was about a
6 foot bank then manzanita with the occasional small tree, it was an old burn area growing back the manzanita was about
5 feet high. My sister and I were in the back the truck. Bows on the cab and we were watching for deer. I was on the driver
side watching down the hill, she was on the passenger side watching up the hill. My dad was driving the truck, I can't rmember
who was in front with him. As we were driving along we were coming up on some tall trees growing up next to the road
and branches were hanging over on my side, so I was going to have to grab my bow and prepare to either move or up my
arm up to brush away the pine branches so they didn't swipe me. At that point on my side of the truck I was just having
small trees may 15 to 20 feet high and manzanita. At about 30 yards from the tall trees, about large group of them thick
dense area, I glanced over to see if I needed to put my arm up or move out of the way. But when I started to look back
down the hill my eyes caught Mr bigfoot dead in the eye. He was standing about 5 to 10 feet off the road on my side. He
was by the tall trees, but behind a smaller one about 15 feet high. He had the top of the tree pulled to the side so he
could see what was coming down the road. All I could see of it was the head and right shoulder. Part of the tree top he
had pulled over to see us was covering his chin, another limb was covering the area between his head and shoulder, but
his shoulder was so wide it stuck out past the limb about a foot. I could not see the cone on the top of his head, it
was like he had his head slightly tipped backwards and big eyes like he was in shock or surprised to see us there.
He was shinny black. Black eyes with no white, I could see nosterals but couldn't make out the nose, I could not see
the lips or make them out, could of been obstructed by the branch. He skin color on his face was black just like a
gorilla. His fur was about 3 inches long on his shoulder, but seemed shorter around the face. If you watch the Patterson film you
see that Patty had fur coming across her face under her nose and lip, this one didn't the face was just skin. It was
just like how a gorillas face is laid out. Any way we locked eye for a few seconds. and I looked backed down hill. I'm guessing
because I was not believing what I am seeing. I quickly looked back and got a glimpse of what I thought was a baby jumping
off it. The tree that it was standing behind was rocking back and forth. right beside it a few feet away was another
tree about the same size. So when I looked back I got a glimpse between the trees of a body, part of the upper arm, and
part of the upper leg and back but it was like it was jumping to the ground off the big one. But the big one was gone and just
the tree top swaying back and forth. I was in shock of what I saw and backed up against my sister and looked straint ahead
I did not want to be on my side of the truck when we passed that tree any second. I did take a quick sideways glance
when we passed it. Their was about 10 feet between that tree and the tall trees. It was a narrow clear about 40 feet deep
and ended in tall manzanita. Their was nothing there. (thank God). After listening to many many bigfoot stories and watching
shows. I have learned that bigfoot and get down on all fours to run fast. So I have come the conclusion that what I thought
was a baby bigfoot jumping off the big one, was in fact the big one going down on all fours to get out of there. What I
saw on all fours was black, but the back was silver just like a gorilla, the silver ran down the entire back and about 3
inches onto its side. I have to mention about 50 yards back from here as we were driving. On my sisters side looking up the
hill I saw a spring I guess you could call it. The bank on her side was about 6 feet high and about 2 - 3 feet from the
bank I saw what looked like a water hose turned on. It was water squirting up from the ground about the same size
around as a water hose would do and about 8 inches high. The water was not running over the bank so it had to be going
straight back into the ground. I think that bigfoot was going there to get a drink when we surprised it. This was the
last time that I have ran into a bigfoot.
My Dad and grandfathers Encounter
My dad and grandfather in the daytime. while driving back to camp from a store run in Susanville. They were
about 1 mile from camp on Pittville Rd. My dad spotted something moving through the trees, not dense
trees, but sparse young trees. He stopped the truck and looked. he said it was about 6 ft tall tan / buff colored
bigfoot about 200 yards out walking diagonal from him. He said it was exactly like the Patty film but going the opposite direction, he said
, he said when it turn to look and him he punched the gas peddle and got out of there. He and the other men went and looked
for tracks the next day, but the ground is way too rocky and they didn't find any.This was in Aug of 77 archery season. This is almost word for word what you described in your video. I thought it was my dads story until you got to the date it happened
My cousin lives up there and has also had encounters in Aug
We are going up scouting there in 1 week to find a new campground since they blocked off Bridge Creek from camping, I plan on filming my encounter spots

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