Monday, March 7, 2016

Nick Crow from Finding Bigfoot contacts RMSO for Logistics on Deadwood

Nick Crow from Finding Bigfoot contacts RMSO for Logistics on Deadwood
Hello Kelly, 

My name is Nick and I'm a researcher with the Animal Planet series, "Finding Bigfoot." Our show is in the researching phase for our upcoming season. Which means we're looking for new episode possibilities and locations. 

I'm emailing because I was hoping to speak with you about your research and any areas of heavy activity. Especially I'm interested in the Deadwood encounters you've been reporting on recently. 

Shoot me an email when you can and we can open up a dialogue. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!
Nick Crow

RMSO Responds
Hi Nick,
 Sounds interesting. I would like to help you out. What do you have in mind? Out of around 90 Bigfoot sighting locations in the Rocky Mountains my team has found 3 locations where we often find Bigfoot evidence like foot prints, hand prints, structures and vocalizations. All three are in the Uinta Mountains of Utah.
  Deadwood was a very interesting sighting location being a Ghost Town and of coarse 3 sightings by 5 witnesses in 24 hours. Unheard of in the world of Bigfooting.

 Let me know what you have in mind.

Take care

"Nick contacted RMSO March of 2016"
Following video peaked his interest in the location.

Deadwood Bigfoot Expedition. Ghost Town Bigfoot Sightings

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