Monday, March 14, 2016

Ranchers Set Bigfoot on Fire

Video of Terry's Bigfoot Report

Original report sent to RMSO below
Terry writes RMSO
When my mother was a teenage girl, her family got jobs working on a cranberry ranch . They were there for about two months and stayed in cabins with other workers. Sightings of a Bigfoot were reported around the area. It was rumored that it killed a native american woman years earlier. While there, my mother had her tonsils removed due to being very infected and wasn't working. So, she went on many fishing trips to the nearby river. On one trip, she had a grizzly bear chase her. She narrowly escaped. But on another trip, she ran from something far more dangerous. She was fishing and keeping eye for more bears to run from. And again more bears showed up but, paid no attention to her. Suddenly, they smelled something foul and ran past her in a panic. Then she heard an unearthly growl coming from the nearby woods. She left before it came into her view.
During the day, she was the only person in the cabins while everybody else was at work. From time to time she would hear someone drag chains and hit the cabins with it. She told everybody about the weird noise but no one took it seriously. Her older sister, Betsy, just got a new little dog and tied it by their cabin. It didn't last a couple of days. It's remains where unrecognizable to them. It was beaten to a bloody pulp by those mystery chains. No one heard the poor little dog’s demise..
A couple of nights later, my mother, some of her siblings and bunch of other teenagers left to the movies. On the way back, the truck they were riding in broke down miles from home. By then, it was the middle of the night with a full moon. The gang of teenagers were almost home when they remembered that they were coming upon a field that a very bad tempered bull was penned. They silence themselves and walked cautiously though the field. The kids were almost though until they came heard the bull grunts and stomps. Then they sighted the bull. He was in the mists of a fight that he could not win. He was charging a giant hairy biped and it caught him by the horns. The bull tried to toss it but it was to powerful. It easily snapped the bull's neck and turned it's attention toward the group of kids. My uncle frank ( the oldest sibling) and some of the older boys got out their knives and formed a wall. He told the girls to run fast as they can to the camp and the guys would walk backwards to hold off the giant. The camp was nearby and it's lights could be seen from the distance. The hairy giant began to follow them. The yelling and screaming of the kids woke up the locals. It stopped and walked back into the wilderness.
More days passed without incident until a night. The hairy giant decided to moved on it's desire. It was dark and almost bedtime for the girls. Nearly all the men were congregated in one cabin, playing cards, drinking, and smoking. My mother, her sisters, grandmother and great grandmother were all in one cabin that night. Suddenly, they heard noises around the cabin. Great grandma and one of the older sister were sitting by the fireplace. The youngest sisters ran and hide under their beds. My mother was standing in the middle of the cabin while her sister, Betsy, stood beside the door. She wanted to get even with that monster that killed her dog. So she had a wooden baseball bat in hand and was ready to unleash her fury. The six foot door shattered suddenly to reveal the attacker. All that was visible at first was the middle of the chest and downward He slowly bent over to get in. His face was like that of a native american. Betsy let loose her rage and hit him in the face until the bat broke with no effect. Then,one of the older sisters and great grandmother threw hot coals and burning wood at him. They lit his chest and family jewels on fire. He screamed so loud people from miles away could hear him. The men in the nearby cabin heard him and quickly opened the door to find themselves trapped inside. The giant placed a huge boulder to completely block the door. My grandfather and another relative was in a cabin next to my mother's cabin and saw the burning giant running from the cabin. He grabbed his six shooter and shot him point blank range with no effect. Incidentally, there was a group of men looking for the hairy giant. They were on the hunt for it because of all the dead livestock. The posse chased him though the night with their dogs. The dogs tracked him into the nearby mountains but were all killed when they caught up to it.. The men lost it's trail without the help of their dogs. Mom and the rest of the family left the camp the very next day.

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