Monday, March 7, 2016

Jim J reports Bigfoot activity in Southeast Oklahoma
Jim J writes RMSO.
Great video once again and I also believe that these x's are territorial markers, because during my first violent encounter with bigfoot I was unknowingly camping about 50 yards from a large x formation. The next day was when we found it and thought it was strange that this thing was there and speculated that the BF must have put it there. In the forests of SE Oklahoma I have also found these x's where a creek meets a river, so I sometimes wonder if they have a double meaning such as a territorial marker and also a river crossing, because where the creeks meet the rivers it washes in gravel and makes a low water crossing in many locations here. I have also found tree bows, where they bow a flexible  tree and put a log on the end to keep it bowed. We don't get enough snow in Oklahoma to weight down trees and bow them like you guys up north, so whenever I see a bow I know it's from BF. I have learned that this means look in this direction or the direction where the top of the bowed tree is pointing. Many times I'll find a tree bow pointing at or tucked under a snapped fallen tree. It's speculation, but I believe the snapped tree means go this direction and the bow is put there to communicate or get the attention to look over here, here is the log pointer and the path or road to go. I suppose they do this tree bow to help distinguish the tree that they snapped from one that fell from natural causes. I have also found teepee structures and have learned from reading the Kiamichi Giants website and the research Timberghost screen name has done, that these teepees mean food or feeding area and that they find deer bones scattered around the area. I noticed in your videos your BF's interestingly make the same type tree structures. It definitely shows these creatures have a universal language and I'm beginning to believe that there is an ET connection to these creatures and their movement is being directed from UFO's. I think I told you about my violent encounter and that I was hunting this creature or creatures with an assault rifle and was chased by a ufo after driving out of the hunting area. Apparently they followed me home from the air, because I live 50 miles from the location and started having ufo's flying over my ranch and also had some BF's banging on the side of my house and one actually put his fist through a piece of plywood that was on the side of a window unit air conditioner. I assume that they were trying to send a message to back off with my hunting and I did, but it was only because I hurt my shoulder and was unable to shoot my rifle. Another interesting thing I've found since hunting these things is footprints that seem to appear with no trail of prints leading up to it. I recently found a snapped tree pointing at a cow feed storage bin, which is one of their food supplies around here, and there was 2 prints by the snapped tree, but no prints leading up to it, which makes me come to the conclusion that this thing was lowered down from the air. I have since been reading and discovered that witnesses have seen these bigfoots being lowered or beamed down from ufo's in shafts of light. My new belief after these experiences is that there are Bigfoots on the ground which are permanent residents that someone from another world is placing here and they also have these creatures on board their ufo's and they direct the movement of the ones on the ground and help out with some type of BF breeding program that's going on. The question in my mind, is what is the purpose for this? Are we under some type of secret invasion and once these entities breed up a big enough army of these giant creatures, are they planning to takeover the earth like the giants did in the days of Noah? As I'm sure you know firsthand, they are doing their best to stay hidden right now, but I wonder if this is just while they breed up their army, similar to a covert military operation. Anyway thanks again for the great video and it looks like I got carried away and ended up writing you a book about my experiences. Take care

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