Friday, January 27, 2017

Snow Print Wax is a good product to cast Bigfoot tracks in the snow

Plaster & Dental Cast are perfect for casting in the earth however it is almost worthless for casting tracks in the snow.
Plaster & dental stone heats up while it is setting up melting the snow & distorting the track you are trying to preserve.
Snow Print Wax
Order from the link below.
Video below.
When we found this track way of bigfoot foot prints in the snow we had no way of casting them. With Snow Print Wax we now have the ability to cast bigfoot tracks if we ever come across them in the snow again.

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  1. Hi RMSO - thanks for the snow wax casting tip! If you ever break your favorite print cast, you can use alginate to re-create the original print, then recast from the "new" impression.