Thursday, September 20, 2018

Soldier Hunting for D.B. Cooper Punched by Bigfoot

Location Video Report
Soldier Punched by Bigfoot Hunting for D.B. Cooper

Written Report Below
DL Writes RMSO

Hello, I do not know how to start this account, but here it goes.Back in 1972 I had just return from Vietnam and was station with the 3rd Cav at Ft Lewis,WA.I arrived in Oct 27,1971. About a month later the D.B.Cooper case happen (you know the guy that jump from the airplane with some $200,000). 

 Well in February of 1972 we were(3rd Cav, 3rd Squadrom) assign to the FBI and we were taken to the mountains in southern Washington state along the Columbia river. We spend a little over a month searching those mountains for this guy(D. Cooper aka D.B.Cooper). 

 Well during the 3rd week we were around the 6500ft to 7000ft altitude searching, during our search we had found some some dead bodies in different state of dis composition at different location in our search area. During the 3rd week my squad was assign to the far left side of the line we were about 4 to 5 meters apart it was foggy that day. We had started to search around 8 AM and had been transported to an area around 7000 ft, I was the squad leader and during our search that day I found some strange structures in the forrest, weird logs that had been place in very strange position some broken small trees about 4 to 7 in in diameter which had been broken at about the 7 or 8 ft high.I did not mention anything because it was not relevant to our search. 

 Now we continue searching and moving west along the top of a cliff which was running almost parallel to the Columbia river. It was close to 11 am and it was very cold. The fog had gotten a bit heavier and there was a lot of brush and small trees from a few ft high to around 12 to 16 ft. Then there was a moment that I had to walk thru some heavy brushes and we got kind of separated to about 5 to 6 meters apart from the next man to my right. As I fought my way thru the brush and small trees I came to a small opening about 20ft wide I could not see my right hand man but we could talk to each other as I cross the opening   

 I notice to my front left a dark section on the vegetation in front of me, but with the fog I could not tell what it was and I just continue, as I approach the dark area I started to smell something rotten and nasty, I thought it was probably a dead body and move closer to take a look, the closer I got the stronger the smell became. I mover to the left some and started to approach the dark spot when suddenly I notice it move and step in front of me. 

 I look and that thing was huge I could see dark brown hair but did not see the head until I look up I mean up. This thing was about 11 to 12 ft tall and had a human face, I froze in place and tried to call for my companions but I could not utter a sound. This thing suddenly move with such speed forward and hit me with one arm and send me stumbling about 10 or 12 ft to the left, I try to  get control of my body but I was to close to the cliff and fall down some 30 or 40 meters. I scream as I fell and was lucky that the rest of my squad heard me. It took them some 2 hrs to get me up from the lower section I was hurt, damage my back and left leg, and was send to Ft Lewis, military hospital.

Now what I saw I never told a soul, this thing was no animal that I ever seen, it look so human like, but so so big and muscular. It had hair all over its body except for part of its face and hand, as I can recall his arms had less hair than the rest of his body. What I remember the most was how huge and muscular this thing was. A couple of days back I was watching a video on youtube when I saw the same face and I realize that what I had seen was a Bigfoot. I have been in combat and been in ambush but I have never been as scare as I was when I encounter this thing that morning back in Feb 1972. Just needed to tell someone. I have never ever mention this to anyone. I thought I had seen a bear but I know what a bear looks like, and was afraid to mention anything for been ridicule and probably be force out of the service. Thank you for this opportunity to tell someone. Pls do not mention my name.PS. I send and earlier msgf but could not finish it so this is part 2 of my story.

SSGT, US ARMY Retired  

RMSO responds

This is Kelly Shaw from Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization
Our team web designer Derek Wright forwarded me your Bigfoot sighting report.
I am excited to hear from you & will keep you anonymous as you requested.

We feel these reports are an important tool in learning more about these elusive giants.
I know it was a long time ago & so if you dont recall some of the stuff I ask then I completely understand.
What color was the face & hands?.. What did the face look like? How about the eyes?
Did it make any kind of a vocalization as it knocked you over and retreated?

Did anyone else see or hear anything unusual on your patrol?

Appreciate you taking the time to send us your report.

Take care

DL responds


As I mention in my email it was foggy that day and got much more foggy by the time the incident happen. We were on line from left to right about some 200 soldiers and about 3 to 4 meters apart. By the time this happen I think that my closer soldier on my right was probably about 6 meters away, we had reach a patch of terrain which was heavy with tall samplings and brush. So I can really tell you if anyone else so the thing.

To my best recollection as I started to get thru the patch of heavy brush I notice a foul smell something like rotten eggs or trash that been expose to the sun for about 6 to 8 days. I saw something dark to my front and a bit to the right but I thought nothing of it. I did not feel scare for I had soldiers to my right and I could hear them and talk to the closest one but could not see him.

Now as I recall the smell suddenly got so strong it make me feel nauseated, I made a comment to Tommy who was next to me on the right and just as I finish saying I saw the thing move toward me very fast I had no time to react. What shock me the most was its size and muscular build, if I do not mistake it was kind of brown or dark brown with some streak of grey hairs on his upper torso by the time I raise my head up to see him all I could see was his black eyes and teeth which to this day remind me of a person, I cant recall more of his face for it was a complete surprise and foggy. As for sound all I heard was like a hard breath as he hit me and passed by my side. As I fell down the ravine I did not pay attention to nothing else except trying to keep my body from been hurt more than it did.

But the impression of his eyes and his muscular features is what has stay with me all my life as well as that smell. I have never smell anything like it ever or since. If I'm not mistaken his hair was kind of long like some 3 to 4 inches and his arm at least the one he hit me with had less hair, his hand was huge and very little hair and the skin tone was much lighter kind of light brown something like that.

But man, that body was huge I'm 5'9" and he tower over me for at least 3 feet and was easily double my size at the chest. His punch if we can call it that was so strong that I lost my ability to breath normal for a few minutes plus add to that the fall it was at least 10 to 15 min before I was calm enough to start processing what had happen. I know it was not a bear for I have gone hunting at MT Rainier , Mt Hood, Spokane, Yakima and many time fishing and hunting at Mossirock (excuse my spelling) by the damn and in the mountains. So I know what a bear can do and not do.

I know that this happen very fast and just a few seconds, but after been trained as a Long Range Recon or Field Intelligence at FT Benning and having spend 16 month in combat in Vietnam my observation skill were in tip top shape at that moment ( I had return from Nam just over 5 month earlier). Now you ask about the eyes as I said they were black by that I mean I did not notice any white on them like we human have.

Ah yes I almost forgot I think he had a scar on his right side of the face which went from the side of his right eye to almost the chin for I can visualize that part of his hair in the chin had a separation. (like when one have a scar that crosses the bear. and it was not fresh. As far as if someone else saw or hear anything I cant say for I never mention it to anyone and noone said anything to me not even Tommy who was the closer soldier to my right!

Well that is all I can recall at the present. If I remember something else I will contact you again.


  1. why didnt you ask him what persons bigfoot he seen that took him back to that day?

    1. That has been asked. If he recalls & I can find the video I will let you know. Personally I am interested in the video that reminded him of his own encounter

  2. I noticed no one questioned him about the bodies found and did they file a report on the bodies?

    1. From what I understand FBI headed up this man hunt and recruited the military for help. To answer your question from what I understand the FBI was 100% involved with this.

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