Thursday, May 12, 2016

On the night the creature visited us we sang a song that we made up

This is my story , it happened a long time ago. I was a young women in my twentys. I was living and working in Durango Colorado , so was my friend. We had a base camp, that we returned to every night to build a campfire and cook. This camp was only accessible by private property and a locked gate. The area was called Missionary Ridge. We each had our own vehicles, when our work day was over we came back to this private camp that we had created. My tent was built for rugged camping , it was a 5 person Army tent all canvas. This base camp was located behind a exclusive children's camp that had horses. The camp was all locked up and everyone had returned home after a summer of fun. We had the privilege of being in this remote area because my friend had worked for the owner to the camp as his wrangler that summer. The days were growing colder, I knew we would soon take a motel . The creek water was freezing . After we ate we sat around the campfire drumming and playing guitar .

We did the same things every night. We fixed dinner over blazing camp fire. After dinner we played guitar ,sang songs, and I had a drum I loved to play. On the night the creature visited us we sang a song that we made up. This may sound crazy but it is the truth we sang about animals that were struggling with extinction. Then we walked to the tent with a flash light. Once we entered the tent, we wasted no time in getting into our sleeping bags, it was bitter cold. The same second we turned the lights off , that's when it began . The sound was mournful and long and very loud. It did not stop , it was almost pitiful . We both wondered if it was injured. We were terrified . Because we were boxed in. This creature was between us and the tent. The injured sounds morphed into indescribable noises. I felt my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. I was afraid that the creature would hear me. We wanted to run to our vehicle but it was between us and our cars. We were also paralyzed ,

Not much to say the creature left sometime in the night . We got out as soon as morning light came. This experience changed my life. I stopped living on the edge of wilderness or in . Before its visit to my tent I traveled and lived in isolated places , I camped often . I have tried to figure out its abilities. I was left thinking a certain way. At some point I had to ask myself why I believed that . It all goes back to that night. Then I had to ask how do I know or think that . None of its message was comprehensible . It might be able to telepathically give people messages. Well Kelly that my ending ,not much but it is absolutely true. Have a great time looking, it might choose you to talk to. 


I sent the story on Sasquatch a few minutes ago. I wanted to add some details I left out. When it was outside our tent, we were frozen , unable to move. We were Not able to move while the creature was speaking . I tried to decipher this creatures message. My friend thought it spoke in rhythm like the music we were singing . It did seem to have some type of rhythm but not a very good sound. Also it was able to make vocals that were deafening . We never heard it come or leave. We did look for tracks as we were getting out as fast as possible the next morning. The ground was very hard. The creature never messed with our honey or left out food on a stump. The year was 1979, I was 29 years old. We took a motel by the month on the west side of the town of Durango. This campsite was a boxed in area, only one way in and one way out. We knew this creature was huge because of the noises it made. No human can copy this creatures vocal abilities. This is why you know who has come to your tent


  1. while i was growing up we were told about sasquatches, i was told if you go ooking for them you may never ever get a sighting, one night i was with my stepmomster at her trailer on our family garden property, it was already dark out and we had let the dogs roam outside for a bit before we turned in for the night, all of a sudden the dogs starting barking and yelping like they were protective and scared at the same time, i ran to open the outer mudroom door and they all flew in like something was going to attack them, i could not see anything but slammed hte door shut and locked it, then went inside and closed and locked that door, meanwhile my nephewsone (i am a foster parent) look out the front window and saw something huge walking through the front yard/driveway area, he said it looked like a BIIIIGGG man, he said it took 5 steps to cross the compound. i got the chills down my back and when i ooked of course it was gone, the next morning i went to look and the ground had frozen a few days before so we did not see any tracks i posted to my facebook page and the next day our uncle came to see if we were ok, just glad i didnt see it but my boy i call him the lucky one

  2. Amazing experience. Thanks for telling us about it.

  3. It must have related to your song about earth, animals. Great story