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Human Monster | Southern Idaho | Bigfoot Attacks Skaters


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Human Monster In Southern Idaho
Deseret News 1902 News Paper Archive Report
Salt Lake, Utah, Jan 27.
The Deseret News tonight prints the following special correspondence from Pocatello:

"A Letter from Chesterfield, Ida., January 14, contains a startling rumor of having been visited by an eight-foot all-hair covered human monster, while a party of young people were skating on Potneuf river in the field of John Gooch.

 The creature showed fight, and flourished a large stick and giving vent to a series of yells attacked the skaters, but in being slow of movement, they re-gained their wagons and got away in safety.

 "The beast was at least eight feet high, covered with long reddish brown hair, the face was hidden by immense bushy whiskers and no part of naked skin was to be seen except a small spot above the eyes.

 "Measurements the following morning showed the tracks to measure 22 inches long by seven broad, with imprint of only four toes. The stockmen report having seen similar tracks along the range west of the river.

 When last seen the monster was trekking westward.

 The people feeling unsafe while beast is at large, have sent 20 men on its trail to effect its capture.

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