Monday, March 7, 2016

Jenna has Bigfoot sighting in Scare Canyon

Hi there. I just commented on your monte Cristo youtube video and you commented back saying you\'d like to hear my story. Well, I\'m emailing it to you because it\'s a bit long for youtube comments. Lol.
My name is Jenna and back is 2006 my husband and I were taking a weekend and scouting for deer in the mountains. We drove up Monte Cristo to ant flat road and after a few hours in the mountains, we stopped in a place that I\'ve only ever heard called \"scare canyon\". It was a neat little area with a grove of quakies  and a stock pond about 100 yards away. We had about an hour of daylight left so We set up camp for the night in the grove of trees. We slept in the back of our pickup so setup was pretty easy. We built a small fire to cook dinner and sat around until it got pretty dark. (It was a full moon, so it wasn\'t super dark). We had our heeler dog with us and she was sort of exploring and roaming around just outside of the fire light. Well, I started to get an uneasy feeling sitting around the fire so I climbed into the bed of the truck and continued talking with my husband. About 10 minutes later our dog starts running around the fire (still just outside of the light) like crazy. She was wimpering and crying,running and jumping. It was weird because she has been around big game before and it never bothered her. Anyway, she comes running out of the darkness and jumps into the bed of the truck, she curls up behind my back and she is shaking like a leaf. I hurry my husband into the truck and he reluctantly gets in. He falls asleep pretty quickly. The dog always sleeps on my feet, so she was curled up near the tailgate. I was just dozing off when I felt her shift and sit up. She started to growl very low. I told her to lay down but she continued to sit there and growl at something. About 5 minutes goes by of her growling and I sit up to see what it is. I look towards the dirt road (about 75 feet from us) and there in the moonlight stands this HUGE animal. At first I thought it was a moose, but he would have had to be standing facing me. As I watched this thing (for what seemed like and hour, but was only 2 or 3 minutes) it starts to walk downhill towards the stock pond. I panicked because it was huge! !
 I laid back down hoping it wouldn\'t come hear the truck, when I sat back up a few minutes was gone. I estimated it to be between 8 and 9 feet tall. Extremely wide shoulders and thick. I could see Some muscle definition in the bright moonlight. I tried waking my husband but he wouldn\'t. If my dog could talk, I swear she could tell you more details! Haha.
RMSO Reports Jenna's Bigfoot sighting near the location

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